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Making the Big Transition, Then and Now 



^^ VoL 17 No. 2 









President's letter 

Thanks to all who responded to my 
letter inviting suggestions and 
observations to consider in drafting 
a plan to guide Mary Baldwin for the next 
10 years. We have received hundreds of 
responses! Whether you sent your thoughts 
by mail, e-mail, or through our Web site, I 
am delighted that you joined the conversa- 
tion, which we've called "Composing the 
Future of Mary Baldwin College." Your voic- 
es could not be more important to me — and 
to the Strategic Planning Task Force of stu- 
dents, faculty and staff meeting regularly on 
campus in Staunton this academic year. 

We are preparing a first draft of the 
strategic plan, based on the harmonious 
themes of consensus we heard throughout 
the responses from all parts of our Mary 
Baldwin family. The programmatic strategic 
plan will be complemented by a long-range 
financial plan and the development of a 
comprehensive master plan for our campus 
environment and facilities. 

As I mentioned in the letter, our effort 
has three main underlying themes as we 
review where the college has been and 
where it might go: put students first, fund 
the future, and establish a national pres- 
ence. In this magazine, you can learn about 
how we strive to put students first — and 
how, 130 years ago, a young woman about 
the age of some of our PEG students 
viewed her experience at what was then 
Augusta Female Seminary. Yes, a lot has 
changed since then. Yet, in the best ways, 

much has not. Then, as now, we put stu- 
dents first. 

Also in this magazine is the annual 
report on contributions to Mary Baldwin. 
Funding the college's future is truly funda- 
mental as we go about defining our future 
as we want it to be. We must strengthen 
our financial foundation, raising the overall 
rate of annual giving and building a bigger 
endowment. As our philanthropy summary 
shows, many of you have given to Mary 
Baldwin. Reunion classes have been con- 
spicuous in their generosity. All of us 
associated with the college are deeply grate- 
ful. You are, indeed, funding the future. 

Just one example of the need to fund 
our future is the Staunton campus itself. 
Students, current and former, stress the sig- 
nificance of its beauty in their decision to 
come to Mary Baldwin and in their endur- 
ing memories of undergraduate life. Our 
remarkable, historic collection of neoclas- 
sical structures requires plenty of care and 
tending, inside and out. Beyond routine 
maintenance is the need for periodic reno- 
vation, performed according to a carefully 
constructed master plan. 

Our strategic plan will ensure that we 
continue to unite and enrich our entire 
Mary Baldwin community, and that we will 
enhance the personalized, transforming lib- 
eral education that promotes lifelong 
learning. No one knows better than you the 
lasting benefits of a Baldwin education. No 
one deserves to feel prouder. 


When President Pamela Fox arrived on campus last July, one of her first priorities was to lead us 
through a strategic-planning process. In February, your Board of Trustees reviewed the progress of that 
initiative, which continues to involve every interested constituent of Mary Baldwin. We applaud each of 
you who has taken the time and initiative to contribute your thoughts and experience. We are tremen- 
dously impressed by the honest assessment of the present as well as the realistic and exciting vision 
for the future of Mary Baldwin that is evolving. We eagerly await the final recommendations of the 
Strategic Planning Task Force and encourage each of you to learn more about it and follow its progress 
at (just click on the "strategic planning" icon). Your comments, which you can submit 
online, are appreciated and valued. 

Claire "Yum" Lewis Arnold '69 
Chair, Board of Trustees 

GEORGE GRAVES ggfaves@mbc edu 

GRETCHEN NEWMAN gnewman@mbc edu 

DAWN MEDLEY dmedlev@mbc edu 


Gena Adams '89 

Alice R Arauio 

Brenda L Brvant 

Jeffrey L Buller 

Lvnn Gilliland '80 

George Graves 

Carole Grove 

Diane Kent 

Dawn Medley 

Gretchen Newman 

Lydia J Petersson 

Judith L. Shuey 

Frank R Southerington 

Nancy F. Krippel 

Sue McDowell Whitlock '67 

The Mary Baldwin College 

Magazine is published three 

limes a year by the 

Office of College Relations. 

Maty Baldwin College, 

Staunton. VA 24401 

© 2004 All rights reserved. 

Mary Baldwin College does not 

discriminate on the basis of sex 


(except that men are admitted only 

as ADP and graduate students). 


race, national origin, color, age. 

disability, or sexual orientation in its 


educational programs, admissions. 

co-curncular or other activities, and 

employment practices. Inquiries 

may be directed to the Vice 


President for Business and Finance 

PO Box 1500. Mary Baldwin 


College. Staunton. VA 24402. 

phone. 540-887-7175 






>v i^m' 


'- 't- 


n < 





On the cover 

Eugenia Gunn. once a student at 
Augusta Female Seminary. Mary 
Baldwin College's predecessor, as 
she appears later (in a photo in the 
college's archives), after her marriage 
to Joseph S. Davis. Excerpts from 
her letters home during her time at 
the secondary school for women, 
revealing her impressions of lite as a 
student 130 years ago. begin on 
Page 10. Related articles, about MBC 
archives and making the transition to 
college and beyond today, follow. 

Frank Pancake, Former Faculty and Staff Member, Dies at 87 

Elizabeth Pfohl Campbell, Former Dean, Dies at 101 

MBC Professor Lands Federal Grant To Improve Teaching 

History in Schools 

Mural Shows Record Keeping Through the Ages 

24 Hours: Writing, Rehearsing, Performing 

Eugenia Gunn's World: Augusta Female Seminary 1874 

Bill Pollard: Caretaker of MBC's Past 

Sure, College Can Be Tough. It's College. But Help IsThere. 

From Maui to the Valley, No High School in Between 

In the Swim: Jennifer Kukia '04 Is a Leader Wherever She Goes 

Sports Highlights 

Brooklyn Beckons Myers '72 To Claim Place in Pnnt 

Read All About It 


4 News 

22 Faculty and Staff Highlights 

26 Mary Baldwin College Gift Shop 

31 Alumnae/i News and Class Notes 

50 Alumnae/i in Action 

Frank Pancake, Former Faculty and Staff Member, Dies at 87 

By Dawn Medley 

Frank R. Pancake's 17-year teaching 
and fund-raising career at Mary 
Baldwin College was an important part 
of his lifelong service to country and 

Pancake, 87, associate professor 
emeritus of political science and former 
director of planned giving, was associ- 
ated with the college from 1969 to 
1986. He died September 23 of heart 
complications at the Staunton home he 
shared with his wife, Grace-George 
"G.G." Pancake. 

A Staunton native who returned to 
the city to teach at Mary Baldwin after 
a long career in the U.S. Air Force, 
Pancake was remembered by the col- 
lege community as a passionate teacher 
and a gracious friend. 

"He was a political science pro- 
fessor who lived out the idea that 
politics begins at home," said MBC 
trustee James D. Lott, dean emeritus 
and professor of English emeritus, 
who was one of Pancake's colleagues 
in the early 1970s. "He was totally 
committed to the well-being of 
Staunton and its citizens," said Lott. 
Pancake graduated first in his 

class at the Virginia Military Institute 
in 1938, returned in 1950 as a pro- 
fessor, and was quickly promoted to 
commandant of cadets. Later, after 
graduation from the National War 
College, he resumed active duty, 
highlighted by service at the 
Pentagon and the Panama Canal. 

As a pilot, Pancake earned a 
Bronze Star for his service during 
World War II. He retired from the Air 
Force in 1966 as a colonel who was 
vice commander of Southeastern 

Pancake received his master's 
degree from George Washington 
University and his doctorate in foreign 
affairs from the University of Virginia. 

As impressive as his military 
career was. Pancake was most 
familiar to many in Staunton for his 
civic service. He was mayor two 
years, a founding member and former 
president of Historic Staunton Foun- 
dation, an elder at First Presbyterian 
Church, and a trustee of the 
Woodrow Wilson Birthplace. 

Pancake's height and military sta- 
tus sometimes made him imposing to 

students at first, Lott said. His easy 
sense of humor and ability to 
draw on his non-academic experi- 
ence for lessons and examples 
quickly helped students warm to 
him, though. 

Pancake was an enthusiastic 
tennis player and promoter. He 
brought in prominent officials to 
oversee Staunton's invitational 
tennis tournament, and he would 
hit balls with the Mary Baldwin 
team — ranked one of the best on the 
East Coast at the time. 

Pancake's college work shifted to 
the Development Office from 1979 to 

Former Mary Baldwin President 
Cynthia H. Tyson said the respect 
Pancake earned through his commu- 
nity service translated to respect for 
his work at the college. The trips 
Tyson made with Pancake in her first 
few years at the college to recruit 
donors convinced her of his enthusi- 
asm and energy for raising money for 
the school. 

After retirement. Pancake was a 
familiar face on campus, faithfully 
attending Commencement and open- 
ing ceremonies and practicing his 
serve on the tennis courts. 

In 1987, Pancake received the 
college's Algernon Sydney Sullivan 
Non-Student Award. One student 
and one non-student are chosen for 
the award each year for their 
unselfish service, noble character, and 
spiritual qualities. 

"As I talk to people who knew 
my father, I have been trying to figure 
out what made them love him so 
much," Pancake's son, Richard 
Robbins Pancake, said. "I realized 
that it was that, for all of his fame 
and experience, he was always 
approachable. He always had time to 
talk to you." 

Contributions in his memory can 
be made to the Frank R. Pancake 
Memorial Fund at Mary Baldwin 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

Elizabeth Pfohl Campbell, Former Dean, Dies at 101 

By Dawn Medley 

Elizabeth Ptohl Campbell — former 
Mary Baldwin College dean, educa- 
tion pioneer, founder of one of the 
country's most respected public-televi- 
sion stations, and widow of a 
prominent civil-rights lawyer — died 
January 9. She was 101. 

Campbell grew up in Salem, North 
Carolina, earning a bachelor's degree 
from Salem College and a master's in 
education from Columbia University's 
Teachers College before serving as 
Mary Baldwin's dean from 1929 to 
1936. In just her mid-twenties when 
she started in the position, Campbell 
worked with Martha Stackhouse (later 
Grafton) to establish a student govern- 
ment association and wrote the first 
official student handbook, which 
included the college's Honor Code. 
During her last year at Mary 
Baldwin, Campbell (then Pfohl) met 
Edmund Campbell while attending 
the unveiling of a portrait of his 
father, Mary Baldwin Board of 
Trustees Chair H. D. Campbell. The 
couple married in 1936. 

The dean's courtship with 
Edmund Campbell, a lawyer and wid- 
ower with two young children, 
involved letters from Staunton to 
Campbell in Washington, where he 
worked. Elaine McCarrick, acquisi- 
tions and budget coordinator for 
Grafton Library, said her father, 

Fit/hugh Elder, was often the messen- 
ger who carried the dean's letters to the 
train station after his dates with the 
Mary Baldwin student Elder later mar- 
ried, Genevieve Benckenstein Elder '41. 

The 1936 Bluestocking was ded- 
icated to the dean — who is also 
noted as the "champi- 
on stone skipper" in 
the volume. "Wherever 
she is in years to come, 
she will remain in our 
hearts as the embodi- 
ment of the thing we 
hold closest to us — 
the Mary Baldwin 
Spirit," the dedication 

In 1948, Elizabeth 
Campbell was elected to 
the Arlington school 
board, becoming the 
first woman to serve on 
an elected school board 
in Virginia. She led the 
board for two of her 
three terms. As a school 
board member, 
Campbell voted to inte- 
grate Arlington schools 
following the U.S. 
Supreme Court's 1954 
ruling in Brown v. 
Board of Education, 
but her efforts were 

During that time, 
her husband fought 
and won the case 
against massive resis- 
tance to racial 
integration of Virginia's 
public schools. Campbell 
stood by his decision, although 
they both knew he would likely 
never work again in Virginia. 

Campbell began the journey 
toward launching WETA in 
Washington with an appointment to 
the Greater Washington Educational 
Television Association board in 1956. 

A year later, she became the president, 
and in 1961 WETA received its license 
and went on the air. Under Campbell's 
leadership, the station grew from low- 
budget beginnings to one of the most 
visible and important in the country. 
From the station's first program, 
"Time for Science," in 
the 1950s to some of 
today's best-known pub- 
lic affairs shows such as 
"The NewsHour with 
Jim Lehrer" and 
"Washington Week in 
Review," Campbell made 
sure that educational 

'Don't look 

backward or 

clutter up your 

life -with regrets 

and resentments. pubUc-affairs program 
r, • mine was front and 

Put into your 

work all that 

you have 

of interest, 


hope, faith, 


and love.' 

center. Campbell 
remained involved with 
WETA until close to her 
death. She never accept- 
ed a paycheck during her 
long association with the 

Campbell accumu- 
lated many honors for 
her public service. She 
was named 

"Washingtonian of the 
Year" by 

Washingtonian maga- 
zine in 1978, won an 
Emmy, and, in 1999, 
was named in the 
"First Ladies Salute 
First Women" by then- 
First Lady Hillary 
Rodham Clinton and 
the National First 
Ladies Library. 

On the WETA Web 
site, Campbell is quoted 
about her work ethic: "Don't 
look backward or clutter up your 
life with regrets and resentments. Put 
into your work all that you have of 
interest, enthusiasm, hope, faith, 
determination and love." 

For more about Elizabeth Pfohl 
Campbell, go to 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spnng 2004 

New MBC Operation 
To Open in South Boston 

By Dawn Medley 

Mary Baldwin College's latest regional offer- 
ings will be in South Boston, extending the 
college's presence in southern Virginia. 
Classes will begin this summer. 

Mary Baldwin's Adult Degree 
Program will "fill a void" for bachelor's 
degree courses at the Southern Virginia 
Higher Education Center, said Nancy 
Krippel, Mary Baldwin College dean of 
adult and graduate studies. The center 
offers associate's degrees through commu- 
nity colleges in Danville and Southside 
and master's degrees from nearby 
Longwood University. 

"There are students already enrolled 
at the Southern Virginia Higher Education 
Center who would like to continue their 
education there," Krippel said. 

Mary Baldwin will offer undergradu- 
ate majors in history, English, sociology, 
psychology, religion, philosophy, and a 
combination of psychology and sociology 
to help students prepare for teacher licen- 
sure. To address the statewide teacher 
shortage, courses in South Boston will 
focus on the requirements for certification. 

Students at the South Boston center 
will be able to take classes online or 
through independent or group tutorials. 
Students who live in the Southside region 
will also be eligible for tuition assistance 
through the Virginia Tobacco 

"The selling points for our adult pro- 
gram are the one-on-one contact and the 
fact that our graduates get a true Mary 
Baldwin College degree," Krippel said. 

Other MBC regional operations are in 
Roanoke, Richmond, Charlottesville, and 
Weyers Cave. The college has closed its 
Northern Virginia center to redirect 
resources where most effective. 

For more information on MBC in South 
Boston, visit the Southern Virginia Higher 
Education Center's Web site, www.svhedu-, or call that center at 
434-572-5440, or contact ADP headquar- 
ters at Mary Baldwin at 540-887-7003 or, 
toll free, 1-800-822-2460. 

MBC Professor Lands Federal Grant 
To Improve Teaching History in Schools 

By Lantana Hoke '04 

The two months that history professor Kenneth W. Keller spent writing a 
grant application have paid off in a big way. The veteran faculty member was 
instrumental in landing one of the most significant awards in memory, 
notable for its size and its connecting Mary Baldwin to area communities. 

The nearly $700,000 U.S. Department of Education grant will allow 
high school teachers in the Shenandoah Valley to work with Mary Baldwin 
professors to increase their knowledge of American history and improve their 
teaching of it. Teachers from Staunton, Waynesboro, Roanoke and Augusta 
County will participate in workshops hosted by MBC faculty over three 
years, learning teaching skills and techniques. 

Keller said the workshops will generate "enthusiastic and convincing 
American History teachers." He said the grant also is an opportunity for 
Mary Baldwin to create "dynamic linkages" with surrounding communities. 

The grant is a part of a nationwide effort to improve the teaching of 
American history in schools. It will be used to "link together our nation's his- 
tory teachers with 
professional historians and 
other experts," said U.S. 
Education Secretary Rod 
Paige. "Teachers who have a 
deep and vast knowledge of 
their subject are better able to 
inspire their students, to fully 
engage their minds, and to 
imbue them with a lifelong 
taste for learning." 

Facilities on the MBC 
main campus and in 
Staunton, Roanoke, and at 
the George C. Marshall 
Museum and Library in 
Lexington will be used for the 

workshops. The program will be working with significant Virginia historical 
sites such as the Booker T Washington National Monument, Thomas 
Jefferson's home Monticello, and the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace and the 
Frontier Culture Museum, both in Staunton. 

The benefits extend well beyond those that the high school students and 
teachers will receive. Mary Baldwin's History Department will hire a new fac- 
ulty member who will assist with the workshops as well as teach 
undergraduate classes. The department will expand its curriculum, develop- 
ing new courses. MBC's Master of Arts in Teaching students will gain 
practical experience from the program. 

Several full-time and adjunct MBC professors will take part in the work- 
shops. Faculty from several departments, including economics, political 
science, art, and health care administration, will be involved in directing and 
teaching the workshops. Museum educators and other history professionals 
will also be working with Mary Baldwin. 

Professor Kenneth W. Keller 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

MBCTo Help Increase 
The Number of Teachers 

\Liry Baldwin College is one of two 
independent colleges in Virginia joining 
public universities in the commonwealth 
to smooth the way for community -col- 
lege students to transfer to four-year 
institutions and become teachers, reduc- 
ing a shortage. 

For years, Mary Baldwin has 
worked closely with Blue Ridge and 
Piedmont Virginia community colleges, in 
particular, to advise students so that the 
academic credit they earn can be readily 
transferred to MBC and count toward 
teacher licensure. This approach is being 
expanded statewide among participating 
institutions that include private Virginia 
Union University and state-supported 
James Madison, George Mason, 
Longwood, Old Dominion, Radford, 
Virginia Commonwealth, and Norfolk 
State universities. 

Because of looming retirements, 
the number of teachers in Virginia — 
as in the country — is expected to 
decline just as enrollments rise sharply. 
Urban and rural schools face the great- 
est shortages, as do subject areas that 
include math and science. 

SunTrust Bank Creates 
Scholarship at MBC 

A new scholarship funded by SunTrust 
Bank Foundation will offer a junior-year 
business major at Mary Baldwin College 
$5,000 over her last two years of under- 
graduate education. 

"We wanted to help a student in 
our market enter a financial career 
after school," said Greg Godsey, 
SunTrust 's market president for the 
Augusta-Rockbridge area that includes 
the college. 

Jennifer Young, a business adminis- 
tration major from Natural Bridge, 
Virginia, will receive the first scholarship 
for the 2003-04 and 2004-05 school 
years. Young will receive $2,500 for each 
of her junior and senior years. Applicants 
must maintain a minimum 2.5 grade 
point average and come from the area. 

SunTrust Bank has a long history of 
contributing to Mary Baldwin, including 
an annual gift for general college use and 
other contributions for special projects 
such as the new Center for the Program 
for the Exceptionally Gifted. 

Godsey said the foundation's deci- 
sion to name an individual scholarship 
this year was an effort to encourage stu- 
dents to apply for positions at SunTrust's 
Western Region headquarters in Roanoke 
and pursue work in a financial field. 

Business Week Recognizes 
MBC, Other Colleges 
For Prepaid Tuition Plan 

In its annual list of what it deems the best 
products. Business Week has praised Mary 
Baldwin College and other independent 
institutions for sponsoring what the maga- 
zine called an innovative program that 
guarantees set tuition rates into the future. 

The Independent 529 Plan allows 
people to prepay tuition at current rates 
and secure the price for years or decades 
ahead at some 200 institutions. Started in 
September, it is the first so-called 529 
plan — which refers to a section of the 
Internal Revenue Code — by a group of 
private institutions. 

"Participation in the plan is a win- 
win for Mary Baldwin and those saving 
for college," said David Mowen, associ- 
ate vice president for business and 
finance at the college. "Mary Baldwin 
wins through greater exposure to a 
large pool of potential students. 
Individuals saving for college win 
because they lock in current tuition 
costs, and they realize tax benefits 
attributable to 529 plans." 

Certificates are bought for a set 
amount to fix tuition rates from the 
year of purchase until redeemed at a 
participating institution. They must be 
held for three years before used and 
can affect students' applications for 
financial aid. 

Mary Baldwin is one of nine Virginia 
colleges and universities in the plan, 
which also includes institutions such as 
Princeton and Notre Dame. The plan is 
detailed at 

Haunted Halls? 

Mary Baldwin College's possible super- 
natural inhabitants were featured in an 
article in the September/October issue of 
Blue Ridge Coimtry magazine. The fea- 
ture included reported sightings by staff 
members and students. 

Supervisor of Support Services 
Wanda Thayer listed an assortment of 
unusual events she attributes to a ghost 
she named Richard. Thayer said the 
image of Richard she saw looked like a 
soldier, and he does harmless things like 
misplacing documents and calculators 
and floating papers out of cubby holes. 
Students in Mary Julia Baldwin's former 
room in McClung Residence Hall also 
reported unexplainable activity. 

Former students Carrie Grace 
Morgan '00 and Kelley Clemens '03, 
Associate Director of Strategic 
Communication Morgan Alberts Smith 
'99 and Security Officer Jim Jackson also 
contributed to the article. 

MBC Magazine 
Wins CASE Award 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine has 
won a Special Merit award for maga- 
zine-publishing improvement m the 
latest annual competition for Distnct III 
(Southeast) of the national Council for 
Advancement and Support of Education. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

MBC Student Senate 
Is Dressed for Success 

The Mary Baldwin student Senate is 
dressing better these days. 

The Senate has started requiring 
members to wear casual business or 
Sunday attire to meetings. In years 
past, senators wore "suits and their 
pearls," says Victoria TenBroeck, 
Senate president. "We want to bring 
back tradition and keep Senate a 
place of dignity and business." 

The policy, in keeping with the 
professional environment of meet- 
ings, means senators may not wear 
sneakers, jeans, sweats, hats, T-shirts 
or flip-flops. Senators who don't 
comply will receive only one warning 
before "disciplinary action" is taken. 

Mary Baldwin's Senate has long 
been an important aspect of student 
life. Its members, elected by the stu- 
dent body, attend meetings each 
Tuesday and handle a variety of cam- 
pus issues, including administering a 
budget for student activities. 

As for sanctions against sloppy 
senators, TenBroeck thinks the vocal 
warning she issued at the first Senate 
meeting this year will be enough. 

Seniors To Do Research 
For Marshall Scholarship 

Senior history majors Sarah Gooch 
and Marie Wisecup are preparing 
papers for competition in the George 
C. Marshall Undergraduate 
Scholarship program. 

Gooch, Student Government 
Association president, and Wisecup, 
along with other students chosen 
from Virginia colleges and universi- 
ties, received $250 from the 
Marshall Foundation and full use of 
the Marshall Research Library in 
Lexington for the project. The 
author of the winning essay will be 
awarded an additional $500 after 
presentations in May. 

Gooch 's paper will focus on the 
images of women in World War II 
propaganda. Wisecup's essay will 
explore the diplomatic impact of 
missionary work in China. 

Scholars are asked to write 
about a subject involving diplomat- 
ic and military history or political 
affairs from 1898 to 1960 — the 
dates of George C. Marshall's pub- 
lic service. Marshall, an Army 
general, secretary of state, and orig- 
inator of the Marshall Plan, 
received the Nobel Peace Prize in 

Black Doll Project 
Celebrates Sixth Year 

Students in Andrea Cornett- Scott's 
freshman orientation class gathered 
and purchased close to 200 black baby 
dolls to distribute to area children this 
winter, marking the sixth year of par- 
ticipation in the service project. 

Cornett-Scott, dean of African- 
American and multicultural affairs, 
began the project when she started 
at Mary Baldwin. It has evolved 
into the primary service activity 
during the fall semester for the class 
of about 25. Students ask faculty 
and staff, church groups and family 
members for donations of dolls or 
money to purchase dolls. 

The project's goal is to provide 
young African-American girls in the 
community with dolls that represent 
their physical characteristics as a way 
to encourage self-esteem. Students 
also experienced the difficulty of find- 
ing black dolls at local stores. 

The dolls were distributed before 
Christmas, but for many of the 
women, the object was not just to 
give younger girls a toy. "It's about 
giving them something they can iden- 
tify with," Shontae Alston '07, told 
the Staunton News Leader. 

UVa Graduate Students 
Credit PEG for Head Start 

Former PEG students Jennifer K. 
Wolf, Aviva Dove-Viebahn '01, and 
Isabelle L. Stanton '03 were high- 
lighted in an article in the University 
of Virginia's Top News Daily as 
some of the school's youngest grad- 
uate students. 

The Mary Baldwin alumnae are 
setting benchmarks as the youngest 
students at the university to win 
awards and instruct classes. 

Wolf started in the PEG 
program in 1998 and transferred to 
UVa after three years. At 17, she 
was the university's youngest 
Harrison Undergraduate Research 
Award recipient for her study of 
infectious diseases at the molecular 
level. Dove-Viebahn, 20, received 
her master's degree in art history in 
2003. Stanton, 17, and 14-year-old 
prodigy Gregory R. Smith are the 
school's first mathematics graduate 
students under 20. 

VWIL Cadets Help Open 

Air and Space Museum Annex 

The marching band and color guard 
of Mary Baldwin's Virginia Women's 
Institute for Leadership were the 
only college ensembles invited to 
perform at Appreciation Day 
December 6 for donors to the $311- 
million Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, 
the new extension, at Washington 
Dulles International Airport, of the 
Smithsonian's National Air and 
Space Museum. 

The band played the national 
anthem as dignitaries, museum offi- 
cials, and more than 11,000 donors 
looked on. The color guard, with 
the fife and drum from the band, 
presented the colors. 

The huge center's display, 
supplementing exhibits at the 
museum's building on the Mall in 
Washington, includes the space 
shuttle Enterprise, a high-speed 
reconnaissance jet, a prototype of 
the Boeing 707, and the B-29 Super- 
fortress Enola Gay, which dropped 
the first atomic bomb. 

The platoon leader for the band 
is Cadet Capt. Stephanie Long; the 
drum major is Sgt. Mei-Ling Fye. 
Cadet Capt. Christine Fischer com- 
mands the color guard. 

To learn more about the Stephen 
F. Udvar-Hazy Center, which is 
named after its major donor, go to 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

VWIL Students, Alumnae 
Run in Marathons 
In Ohio, Washington 

To stay in top torni, three students 
in the Virginia Women's Institute tor 
Leadership ran in the U.S. Air Force 
Marathon in September and four 
alumnae completed the U.S. Marine 
Corps Marathon in October. 

Class of 2006 cadets Tania 
Cheng, Amy Enz and Kelly Pecotte 
participated as a relay team in the Air 
Force race in Ohio. The students were 
joined by a fourth member, instructor 
Capt. Kristin Galloway from the 
Virginia Military Institute, and each 
ran a leg of the 26.2-mile course. 

The marathon was a first for 
Cheng and Pecotte, but they plan to 
train to run a half-marathon next 
year and a full marathon the follow- 
ing year, Cheng said. 

"Even as members of a relay 
team we could see that running a 
marathon is serious business, which 
is both a lot of work and a lot of 
fun," Pecotte said. 

Class of 1999 graduates Allyson 
Hatfield, Kristin Ohieger, Trimble 
Bailey Spitzer and Kimberly 
Primerano completed the Marine 
Corps Marathon in Washington, 

Alumna, Daughter Featured 
In The Wall Street Journal 

Anne L. Janas '69 and her daughter. 
Sterling Fennell Eason, were profiled 
in a column by Wall Street Journal 
writer Joann S. Lublin last fall. In the 
weekly column "Managing Your 
Career," Lublin highlighted the pair's 
unique relationship as business 
mentors to each other in their careers 
in New York City. 

Janas, vice president of magazine 
publishing company Hachette 
Fillipachi Media U.S., and Eason, a 
creative director at the global event- 
marketing agency Jack Morton 
Worldwide, encourage each other's 
professional pursuits and are close 
friends, the column noted. 

MBC President's House 
Undergoes Restoration 

The President's House at Mary 
Baldwin, a historically and architec- 
turally significant Colonial Revival, has 
been updated and restored, thanks to 
the ongoing support of alumnae/i and 
others for the overdue project. 

Designed and built in 1916 by 
Staunton's T.J. Collins & Son, the 
three-story house on Cannon Hill was 
used by the superintendents of 
Staunton Military Academy. Mary 
Baldwin acquired it in the mid- 
Seventies, purchasing the SMA campus 
after the academy closed. 

Renovation included modernizing 
outdated bathrooms and kitchen, 
improving plumbing, repairing porch 
and roof, and installing air conditioning. 

The President's House is often the 
setting of events for the college and the 
community. The Augusta Garden Club 
featured the dwelling and grounds as 
part of its Historic Garden Week Tour 
last year, as did Historic Staunton for 
its 2003 Christmas tour. 

Former U.S. Olympic gymnast 
Dominique Dawes urged Mary 
Baldwin students to "be originals," not 
copies, during the college's seventh 
annual Smyth Leadership Lecture 
September 23. 
Dawes, a recent 
graduate of the 
University of 
Maryland, was 
the first African- 
American to win 
an individual 
event medal in 
gymnastics by 
earning a bronze 

in the floor exercise in 1996. She also 
earned a gold medal as part of the US 
team in 1996 and a bronze in 1992. The 
Silver Spring, Maryland, native used her 
life and humorous anecdotes to inspire 
students to chart individual paths. 

The first step in leading? 
Leading yourself. 

Whatever your goals, wherever you are in life, the 
Women's Institute for Leadership Development at 
Mary Baldwin College can help you define your future 
and feel good about it. With the assistance of faculty 
and staff, put together a plan for living, a plan for life. 
Share wisdom about your journey with other WILD 

Come to our beautiful, peaceful, hilltop campus for a 
residential experience that could change your life. Are 
you an alumna? Why not reconnect with MBC? 
Adult Degree Program student? Indulge! 

Find more information and registration materials — 

go to 

send e-mail to 

or call our Adult Degree Program office 

at 1-800-822-2460. 

V V j['CiI> 


June 20-24, 2004 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

Mural Shows Record Keeping Through the Ages 

By Lantana Hoke '04 

The hallway leading up to 
Man- Baldwin's Office of 
the Registrar in Wenger 
Hall has been treated to a 

A mural by senior art major 
Jennifer Southerington, depict- 
ing record keeping over the 
centuries and incorporating 
some familiar faces, covers a 
wall along a flight of stairs. At 
the bottom of the stairs, a pre- 
historic cave-painting scene 
portrays the earliest documen- 
tation. The next section of the 
mural shows Egyptians creating 
hieroglyphics. As the stairs 
ascend, the mural progresses 
through time, illustrating a 
monaster}' filled with volumes 
and manuscripts and then the 
college's Grafton Library'. 

Among those shown, in the 
garb of much earlier times, are 
.VIBC faculty- and staff, includ- 
ing Lewis D. Askegaard, dean 

of institutional research, associate dean of the college 
and registrar, and members of his staff: Nancy Keaton 
Jan Galvin, Trudi Huffman, and Sharon Philips. 
Southerington also painted her advisor, Paul Ryan, 

Jennifer Southerington with pages from her comic bool< 

7^ jl 





WS~ y^mM- 




ri^'f '■ 1 







associate professor of art, and 
other key Mary Baldwin figures, 
including President Pamela Fox. 
Southerington is the daugh- 
ter of Frank R. Southerington, 
professor of English and direc- 
tor of the college's master's 
program in Shakespeare studies, 
and Theresa K. Southerington, 
professor of theatre. She painted 
her parents — and their cat, 
Bailey — into the mural in the 
monastery scene. 

The staff seems to like 
Southerington's work. "I think 
it's very creative," said 
Askegaard, who has the role of 
an Egyptian scribe. "What 
could be more boring than a 
registrar's office? We figured 
the mural would be just the 
thing to brighten it up." 

Southerington has won 
Prophecy Magazine's first 
Student Graphics Novel 
Contest. Her work will be 
published by Sequent Media this spring. After gradua- 
tion, Southerington plans to pursue a career in art. "I 
want to create comic books and do book illustrations 
and covers," she said. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

24 Hours: 




By Lantana Hoke '04 

In Mary Baldwin's Fletcher 
Collins Theatre in Deming 
Hall on a Saturday night last 
fall, audience and cast alike 
counted down the 10 seconds 
to 8 p.m, when the plays pro- 
duced by the University Wits' 
24-Hour Theatre Project were 
scheduled to begin. The count- 
down marked the end of a busy 
24 hours and the start of four 
original short plays put on by 
students in the college's 
Shakespeare studies master's- 
degree program. 

The 24-Hour Theatre 
Project ambitiously incorporated 
the entire theatre production 
process into a single day, with 
four teams of writers, directors 
and actors. For the project, par- 
ticipants created scripts, learned 
lines and rehearsed, gathered 
props and costumes, and finally 
performed their works in the 
black-box theatre. The 
University Wits is an indepen- 
dent organization composed of 
students in the Master of 
Letters/Master of Fine Arts in 
Shakespeare and Renaissance 
Literature in Performance pro- 
gram. The members of the Wits 
spent the summer planning 
events, and the 24-Hour 
Theatre Project was their first 
production of the year. 

"I think the plays were a 
huge success — lots of variety, 
funny, sensitive, smart, "said 
Colleen Sullivan, founder of the 
Wits and its artistic director. 
"The directing was phenomenal, 
the acting superb." 

To judge from reactions, 
the audience agreed. The plays, 
all very different and humor- 
ous, were fun for the audience 
and the Wits. Between each 
play, while members of the cast 
rearranged the minimal set, 
actors bantered with the audi- 
ence, asking both silly and 
serious trivia questions. Correct 
answers were rewarded with 
chocolate and coffee. 

The actors, writers and 
directors did little to prepare 
other than be ready at the start 
of the 24 hours. However, "it 
took a lot of preparation on the 
production team's part," said 
Sullivan. "We worked out all of 
the logistics — how to choose 
the teams, where to stage the 
plays, procedures, etc." 

Friday evening, the 
University Wits gathered to draw 
names out of a hat to determine 
roles: who would write, direct, or 
act. The students were then 
divided into four companies. The 
writers gathered in the Deming 
computer lab, and at exactly 8, 

began to type their scripts. They 
were given a 10-hour time limit 
and several prompts: They had to 
use the phrase "stewed prunes" 
and end their plays with a 
rhyming couplet. "Deming was 
abuzz all night as the writers 
typed away or paced," said 

The plays showed a marked 
variety in subject and theme. 
Among the four was the self- 
examining Brilliant, a play 
about playwriting, which, 
appropriately, explored the trials 
of the playwright. The Jason's 
Jammin' Chamberpots company 
featured the Wits' academic 
advisor Frank Southerington, 
an MBC English professor and 
director of the M. Litt./MFA 
program, as the title character 
in The Good Marquis. All the 
plays were "bold, mature, and 
insightful," said Sullivan. 

Sullivan said the Wits under- 
took the 24-Hour Theatre 
Project "to build and strengthen 
the students as a community and 
to challenge us in unbelievable 
ways." The University Wits also 
wanted "to prove we could do 
it," she said. Their goals, said 
Sullivan, were "to showcase the 
incredible talent we have, enter- 
tain, and simply to have fun and 
generate some good vibes!" 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 


'I was in a crowd of 

girls today & we got to 

talking about writing 

home. Two of them 

had not written in 

three weeks; two not in 

two weeks & one not 

in a month. Janie and I 

had written several 

times in a week. I don't 

see how girls can help 

writing home. I could 

not even if I wanted.' 


Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

Eugenia Gunn's World: 

Augusta Female Seminary, 1874 

By William C. Pollard 

Mary Baldwin College Archivist 

The phone rang on a September morning. It was the kind of call that archivists dream about 
but seldom receive. The caller asked if Mary Baldwin College would like to have the letters 
her grandmother wrote to her family from Augusta Female Seminary — which became Mary 
Baldwin College — in 1874. My response was immediate and enthusiastic: yes! Without cer- 
emony, Stella Davis of Albany, Georgia, presented the letters of Eugenia Belle Gunn to the 

Eugenia Gunn was the oldest child of Mr. and Mrs. John McKenzie Gunn of Cuthbert, 
Georgia; she had two sisters, Leila and Gertrude (who attended August Female Seminary 
despite Eugenia's objection), and one brother. 

Her father was a successful general merchant whose invoices proclaimed "Everything 
that MAN or WOMAN wishes to buy for the LIVING or the DEAD — but WHISKEY." He 
made regular buying trips to New York City by train and visited his daughter en route. His 
wife supervised the education of their four children and the running of a large antebellum 
mansion that was the scene of much of Cuthbert's social life. 

The 30 letters written by Eugenia Gunn give us a rare personal view of life at Augusta 
Female Seminary. They contain references to courses studied; to fashion; to girlish delights 
and woes; to Jedediah Hotchkiss, Charlotte Kemper, and other faculty members; to a scan- 
dal; even to a quarrel with Mary Julia Baldwin, who oversaw the seminary at that time. The 
following excerpts introduce a young woman who is enthusiastic, impulsive, sensitive, and 
charming. Davis, now deceased, gave the college a remarkable family treasure for which we 
are deeply grateful. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

On being content 

I am just as well contented as 
anybody ever was in this world, so 
much so that the other Sunday when 
Mr. Baker [W.E. Baker, Presbyterian 
minister] mentioned in his sermon that 
nobody was ever satisfied with their 
share of worldly goods. Miss Agnes 
[Agnes McClung, head of the Boarding 
Department] told him that she always 
thought that too until she knew me, 
but she really believed that in me she 
had found one person perfectly 
contented. She said she accounted for 
it by the fact that I always did my 
duty. Quite a compliment to me. 
Certainly from a very unexpected 
source, as Miss Agnes never troubles 
herself to flatter anybody. (March 5) 

On her birthday 

Monday — seventeen today — good 
morning to you all. (June 1) 

On church 

I went to Church this morning as 
usual , heard a poor sermon, as usual , 
came home and slept all the afternoon, 
as usual . . . . Since writing the above I 
have been to Church and heard a 
sermon just 60 minutes long, and as I 
am very tired & have to get up so early 
in the morning I will bid you "good- 
night." (Feb.l5) 

Today it is dark, gloomy and 
raining. We could not go to Church 
this morning so Mr. Richardson [W.E. 
Richardson, chaplain] preached to us 
in Chapel. He generally preaches very 
good sermons, better at least than Mr. 
Baker's, but this morning I did not 
hear any of it for the rain had such a 
soothing effect that as soon as I got in 
the Chapel I laid my head on the desk 
and slept the whole time. I really 
enjoyed my nap very much and feel 
quite refreshed, so much so that I felt 
courage enough to write you a real 
long letter on this unwieldy sheet of 
paper. (April 19) 

. . . went to hear a very celebrated 
minister preach. I did not hear him 
however, he talked so low no one could 
hear him. (May 29) 

On Commencement 

Really Mother I don't want you to 
give yourself much trouble about my 
raiment, for I don't care; the only thing 
I care much about is my Commence- 
ment dress. I do want that to be pretty. 
(March 5) 

I dread Commencement this year 
very much. I'd give anything for a medal 
& I'm not going to get it, for I don't 
stand the slightest possible chance for one 
in any thing. What about your 
coming? Do you think you will? 
(April 29) 

I have a great piece of 
news to tell you, to wit: my 
Commencement dresses 
were received last night. 
They are both perfectly 
lovely. I never saw two such 
pretty dresses in my life. I 
won't attempt to tell you how 
they are made. I know I would 
fail utterly in the attempt and 
beside you will see them very soon 
yourself. My white dress is trimmed 
very handsomely in lace. The blue silk is 
trimmed very exquisitely in the same 
with a bunch of daisies and forget-me- 
nots on each shoulder, more on the left 
however than on the right. ... I never 
had such a nice birthday present in my 
life as the one I received two days before 
my seventeenth birthday. It was so 
generous and kind in Father to get me 
such handsome dresses. I certainly did 
not deserve such kindness... 

If I was only going to get a medal or 
honors at Commencement, I might need 
them, but somehow I don't feel as if I 
deserved them. I am sure of my certifi- 
cates that is one good thing. (May 31) 

[Eugenia was awarded a gold medal 
for Improvement on Organ.] 

On fashion 

Miss Baldwin made us all wear our 
uniforms [mode-colored, or gray, 
Empress cloth with matching cape, black 
hat with black and white plumes, and 
black gloves] and we came away nearly 
melted. (February 22) 

Eugenia Gunn 

This afternoon I sat down & 
recovered twelve of my buttons, and 
put some new protector in the skirt and 
mended the plaits in several places 
where they had come untacked. Now 
wasn't I extraordinarily smart? 
(January 20) 

You asked in one of your letters if 
white sailor waists would be worn this 
Summer. I am sure I don't know, not 
having heard anything to the contrary 
I suppose they will. I wish you would 
make me two or three white linen 
aprons. ... I send you my 
picture. You did not ask me 
for it but I am conceited 
enough to think you want 
it. It is tolerable good and 
I hope you may like it. 
My hair is just long 
enough to friz [sic] nicely. 
I have only frizzed it once. 
I put it up at nine o'clock 
Thursday night & took it 
down early Friday morning 
and it is frizzed as much as it 
was when I first took it down. I 
never saw any thing stay in like it 
does. I think by putting it up once 
every two weeks I could keep it frizzed 
all the time but I don't intend doing it. 
(February 4) 

You asked me something about my 
Spring clothes. I haven't an idea on 
subject not having heard anything 
about the Spring fashions. I don't care 
for anything as handsome as the grena- 
dine you spoke of. I'd like to have my 
dressing as inexpensive as I can and 
will be satisfied with what I have, with 
some muslins or lawns [a very fine, 
thin fabric]. I would like a pretty lilac 
lawn. . . I haven't seen a real nicely 
dressed child of Gertrude's size since I 
have been in Staunton. (March 5) 

[P]ut up a little package...& send 
by mail. ..a pair of spring gloves, one 
or two ruffs &c some sort of a necktie. 
I think my uniform would be relieved 
by some Spring ribbons. Please put me 
in about five yards of black velvet. . . I 
want to use it for a walking hat this 
Spring. (March 25) 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

I want a fan, a parasol chain, and 
a parasol, any style that is fashionable. 
If navy blue parasols are being used I 
would like that color. I also need a new 
comb and brush. About the lace jacket 
Mother ordered I had rather have that 
than a colored one. (April 14) 

When did you tell Miss Flynn 
[milliner] to send me my hat? I have 
not heard from her at all, although I 
wrote to her a week ago. (May 7| 

I am almost melting while I am 
writing &: the sun is streaming in. I 
wore my black grenadine and came 
near melting. This is the first pretty 
Sunday we have had this Spring and 
was really amusing to see the "dikes" 
[elegantly dressed students] that went 
from the Seminary today. There were 
only twenty one gray dresses and ten 
black and white striped silks. It almost 
amount (sic) to uniform. The rest of us 
had on either black or white. Even 
Miss "Jary Mulia" was out in a new 
silk. (May 10) 

I do want you to bring my new 
muslin with you at Commencement. It 
is plenty warm for it now though I can 
get along very well without it. If you 
have time please have me a new corset 
cover made the size of the last. Those I 
had last summer are too small. I'll need 
a new corset too. (May 29) 

On flowers 

The lovely flowers you sent me 
were received today and oh! they are 
so beautiful. I think these kept better 
than the others, only one of the Japon- 
icas was bruised and some of the buds 
are beginning to open beautifully. I 
could not appreciate anything more to 
save my life. It almost seems like a 
glimpse of home, and I kissed them 
every one, for I knew your dear hands 
had been on them all. I cannot thank 
you enough for them. They have given 
me so much pleasure, ten thousand 
times more than you will ever know 
unless you are away from everybody 
you love and who loves you, and 
received some precious token of love, 
like flowers. (February 27) 

I am much obliged to you for 
sending the bouquet to Mrs. Russell. 
By the way, please fix up some 
flowers like you did my last ones and 
send them to Miss Nellie Hotchkiss 
]student], care Maj. Jed Hotchkiss 
[teacher], Staunton, VA. She would be 
perfectly delighted for she loves 
flowers better than any body I ever 
saw and there are so few, almost none 
here. It would do me as much good to 
see her enjoy them as to have them 
myself and please put a real nice 
bunch of violet roots in. Nellie would 
be so pleased. I have never seen a 
sweet violet in Staunton. If it is not 
too much trouble please send the 
flowers. (March 5) 

On friends 

All of Mrs. Hotchkiss' family send 
love as also Miss 
Kemper [Char- 
lotte Kemper, 
teacher], Bettie, 
Callie, Janie, 

[students]. The 
latter is in a 
terrible humor 
tonight. I really 
feel worried 
about her. Some 
times I fear she is 
a little crazy. 
Bettie gave me CallieGneve 

her picture the 
other day &: 

asked me to send it to you and Father 
with her compliments.... I also send you 
a picture of Callie Grieve. She is not 
pretty, but more so than that picture. 
(March 5) 

I am so delighted that he [father] is 
coming that I can't walk straight. 
When I read the letter saying he was 
coming I commenced to cry & cried 
for half hour almost before I could 
make Janie understand what was the 
matter. I don't think I ever was so 
surprised and delighted. I believe I 
have gained five pounds since 
yesterday. I think some of the girls 
believe I am crazy. I can't begin to 
contain myself. (April 7) 

On health 

I am sorry that you were so uneasy 
about me, for I am sure that you need 
have no fears about me, for I do assure 
you that I am perfectly well, and 
haven't even got a cough. The Doctor 
gave me something which cured my 
cough entirely. I never felt better or 
merrier than I have for the last two 
days. (January 16) 

I know we will enjoy the walk if 
nothing else. We have been having very 
warm weather but for the last two days 
it has been clear &C cold just right to 
make one feel buoyant and cheerful. I 
certainly envy you and Mrs. Clarke 
[mother's friend| your horseback rides. I 
think one would do my whole system 
good though I know you won't think it 
needs doing good when I tell you how 
much I weigh. 
Guess how 
much? I know 
you never 
would guess as 
much as it is so 
I will tell you. 
137 lbs avoir- 
dupois. Ain't 
that a heap? I 
yesterday with 
my hat, cloak 
and furs on. I 
don't think I 
look any larger 
than I did when 1 left home but I 
certainly am solid. (January 25) 

I am sorry you all were troubled 
about my cold. It is a great deal better 
now in fact almost well. I think my 
spell of nettle rash has done me a 
great deal of good. I have gotten over 
it now and feel much better since. 1 
have not had headache at all like I 
used to have it and my complexion is 
certainly much clearer and prettier 
than it was before. . . Tell Mother not 
to give herself any uneasiness about 
my changing my thick clothes for thin 
ones. I promise her that I won't do it 
until Miss Agnes says I may which 
will not be before May or June. 
(.March 17) 

Janie Austelle 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spnng 2004 

I am perfectly well now. I haven't 
had "Nettle Rash" in over a week and 
have been improving as rapidly as I was 
falling off about two weeks ago. I never 
saw any thing do any body as much good 
as the tonic I have been taking has done 
me. (April 7) 

On Hotchkiss family 

Yesterday evening Miss Baldwin let 
me walk home with Annie Hotchkiss 
[student]. I got there just before their 
dinner. I went to dinner and enjoyed it 
ver\' much. They treat me like one of 
their own daughters. At the dinner table 
we got to talking about Cook Books. 
Mrs. H. asked me if I had ever seen Mrs. 
Hill's Cook Book. I then told her how 
much it was used down home. She said 
that nobody up here used it and it had 
never been bought here. Said she had seen 
it advertised and had tried both here and 
in Richmond to get it, but could not. It is 
a very nicely bound book and one that 
she would appreciate. Won't you get one 
down home and send it to me by mail? 
(January 16) 

Don't trouble yourself. I have no idea 
of "wearing out my welcome" at Mrs. 
H's. (March 30) 

On letter writing 

This is the fifth time I have written 
home this week and of course as nothing 
unusual has happened I have no news. 

I was in a crowd of girls today & we 
got to talking about writing home. Two 
of them had not written in three weeks; 
two not in two weeks & one not in a 
month. Janie and I had written several 
times in a week. I don't see how girls can 
help writing home. I could not even if I 
wanted. Good night, with much love. 
(January 20) 

Sunday again! And with it my accus- 
tomed letter to you. (April 19) 

As I very often write home on 
Tuesday night I thought perhaps you 
might be disappointed if you did not 
hear from me on Friday so I sent you the 
"Postal." (April 29) 

On Miss Baldwin 

Miss Baldwin is suddenly developing 
a great love for birds, fish and flowers. 
She has five canaries, three red birds, a 
gold finch and a mocking bird and 
several gold fish. The front porch looks 
beautiful today with the birds, fish and 
flowers. Her flowers are pretty and green 
but are not blooming nicely yet. 
(February 22) 

Nothing in particular has passed 
between Miss B. and myself. I thought 
you knew that I had hated her nearly all 
this session, and I never have anything to 
do with her more than I can help. I think 
the further apart we are the better it will 
be for both of us. I think she is the most 
whimsical person I ever saw. Christmas 
she allowed the girls to see gentlemen 
without permission from home, and now 
she won't let them do it with permission. 
Nellie Hotchkiss told Mr. Effinger 
[Staunton resident] what Father had said 
about my seeing him if Miss B. consid- 
ered him a gentleman. So yesterday he 
wrote a most courteous note to Miss B. 
asking if he might call & she wrote back 
"The young ladies will not receive 
gentlemen." . . . Miss B. said today that 
she considered him a perfect gentleman 
but for reasons of her own could not let 
me see him. She told me that of her own 
accord, I would not ask her anything to 
save her neck. I think she is in her dotage 
anyhow. I guess you will think I am in a 
bad humor, but indeed I am not. I never 
was in a better, but when I get to talking 
about Miss B. it is hard for me to stop. 
(April 7) 

I have just had a talk with Miss 
Baldwin which came very near being a 
real quarrel. You know when you were 
here she refused to let Janie go to the 
Hotel to dinner with us. Well this 
morning Mr. Mcllhenny from Columbus 
asked Miss Baldwin to let some of his 
daughter's friends go to the Hotel with 
him. "Certainly" she said. She excused 
them all three from a whole day's school 
to go down there. I heard the girls 
talking about it and got just as angry as I 
could be at the partiality and expressed 
myself very freely on the [subject] to 
some girls standing right at Mrs. 

Harding's [Mary Harding, matron] 
door. She heard every word I said and 
repeated the whole thing to Miss 
Baldwin, who sent for me to come to 
her office. Perhaps she thought she 
would frighten me, but she certainly 
was "barking up the wrong stump." 
She told me that she was not accus- 
tomed to being called unjust or partial 
by her pupils, and that she would not 
allow such thing. The reason she did 
not let Janie go was because it was 
Sunday. If it had been any other day she 
would have let you take as many girls as 
you or I wished. She told you that she 
never allowed the girls to go to the 
Hotel. She said she had perfect confi- 
dence in you but its being Sunday was 
the only thing that kept her from letting 
Janie go & several other remarks of a 
like nature. I told her it was a matter of 
perfect indifference to me now. This 
time six weeks I would have left the 
Seminary for good any way. Six was not 
long. I certainly do hate Miss Baldwin. 
She is a monomaniac on the subject of 
flowers, birds and gold fish and little 
dogs. In addition to the birds she had 
when you were here she has a "Java 

Robin," Bavarian Cardinal, 

Goldfinch, Parrot and several others 
whose names I don't know. One of the 
girls asked her today to have blinds put 
on her window & she said it was too 
expensive. Still she don't [sic] think 
anything of pay [sic] twenty or thirty 
dollars for a bird, a newfoundland or a 
terrier. I am not willing to have my 
sisters come here. (May 7) 

On her namesake 

I have worn my old black alpaca all 
out at the bottom, so today I thought I 
would take it to a woman who lives near 
here to fix. ... I found that she had had 
an addition to her family, a daughter, 
now three months old. She brought in 
the baby & told me there was my name- 
sake. I thought of course she was 
funning, so she opened the Bible & 
showed me where the child had been 
christened Eugenie Gunn. I asked her 
why she named the child that &; she 
made this reply, "Because I think you are 
the loveliest person I ever saw, and I will 
be perfectly satisfied if my daughter is 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

exactly like you, last & least I think it is a 
pretrv' name." So you see if I am way off 
from home I have got a namesake. Have 
been so much moved by a person to 
whom I have never given anything, 
except what I try to give everybody, kmd 
words, and respectful treatment. Eugenie 
Gunn jr. is really the prettiest baby I ever 
saw and I really am obliged for I think 

Mrs. L though ver\' poor is an 

honest Christian woman. (March 5) 

On social life 

Last night they had some tableaux 
and pantomimes at the Deaf, Dumb, and 
Blind Institution, free and all the schools 
were invited. Miss Baldwin took us. The 
entertainment was very good if it had not 
lasted so long. It commenced at half past 
eight and held on until half past one. I 
never got so sleepy in my life. It was after 
two when we got to bed and I did not 
feel at all like getting up at six. I never 
saw such a stupid looking set of girls as 
we have been today. I don't think Miss 
Baldwin will carry us any where else 
soon. It don't [sic] pay. We went in April 
and staid [sic] until May. (May 1) 

On studies 

I send my report. I am very much 
pleased with it. I don't see how it could 
well be better. I got the best marks in the 
classes on Elocution & German Exer- 
cises. I will try and explain the remark 
"Ranks in the First Class." About two 
months ago Miss Baldwin notified us that 
she was going to arrange the school in 
"Grades" according as we stood in our 
classes. Putting those who were perfect in 
all their recitations during the entire 
month in the first grade, those next best 
in the second &C so on down to the fifth. 
Of course she does not require us to get 
10 on Elocution or Exercises. If she did 
no one would ever get there. There are 
six other girls in the first grade. All the 
grades are arranged on a large piece of 
cardboard and hung in the Chapel. 
(January 20) 

I don't know what Miss B. will do to 
fill Miss Kemper's place if the latter goes 
to China. Her brothers don't think that 
she has fully decided what she will do. 
She sends a great deal of love and says 
tell you that I am never any trouble to 

anybody. I think I can get on splendidly 
with the knowledge I will have of the 
organ after this year. Mr. Ettinger [Joel 
Eninger, teacher] says I am getting on 
nicely. I certainly do like it. (January 25) 

No doubt you will be surprised at 
my being up so late at night but I guess 
you won't be so very much so when I tell 
you that I am going to have my examina- 
tion on Physiology tomorrow. I thought 
until this evening that we were going to 
have it Monday so have not been 
studying up very much on it. Of course 
when I found out we were going to have 
it tomorrow I had to study some and 
have just finished two thirds of the book. 
The other third I think I can get over in 
the morning as I intend to commence to 
study at five. I am going to have an 
examination on German Monday so 
when you get this letter you may think of 
me as poring over a hard, old German 
examination. I sincerely trust I will do 
myself credit on both. I don't see how 
anybody can stand an examination on 
German. (February 19, 1 a.m.) 

I dreamed last night that you came 
tomorrow morning and I was so over- 
joyed to see you that I failed flat on 
German examination. I would not be 
surprised if the latter part of my dream 
should come to pass for really I don't 
think a girl in the class will distinguish 
herself on the examination. I have not 
heard from my Physiology paper yet but 
suppose I got through. I never was so 
tired in my life and I guess by the time I 
get out of German tomorrow I will be so 
tired I can't move. (February 22) 

I wrote to Grandma Tuesday night 
and told her about the nice marks I got 
on my German &: Physiology. Don't you 
think I did well? I most assuredly do. 

(February 26) 

I have thought sometimes that 1 
would like to spend next Summer in the 
Seminary and then go home for good in 
the Fall. I think it would do me more 
good than a whole year's schooling to 
stay &: take a real heavy course of 
reading &: music. I have read so little in 
mv life &: if I staid [sic] here I would be 

obliged to read for Miss B. would look 
over it herself. If it were not for being 
away from home so long I would ask to 
do it. The girls who stay here in 
Summer will not have so good a time 
hereafter as they have heretofore owing 
to a little incident which occurred here 
last Summer. (March 5) 

On the scandal 

The paper I send in the same mail 
with this letter gives a full account of 
the affair. I knew of it several days ago, 
but thought it too disgusting to write 
about so I thought I would send you a 
paper &: let you see it there. Everybody 
was outraged. Poor Miss B. was morti- 
fied half to death. Just think! the 
creature has been married ever since 
last August & has been here in school 
with us apparently an innocent, unso- 
phisticated Miss & all that time a 
married woman. I have said ever since 
she first came here that I thought she 
was a f — 1 and now I don't think there 
is any doubt whatever on that point. 
(March 5) 

On weather 

1 ne\ er saw such a long warm spell 
this time of year in my life, or such very- 
warm weather. It has required a great 
effort to keep from taking off my shirt, 
but every body insists that there is going 
to be some more winter. I never saw such 
a warm place as the Church was this 
morning. (February 22) 

It snowed all day yesterday and day 
before. Is the deepest snow of the season 
and I have not seen a sleigh out today. I 
suppose the people think that the fun has 
grown monotonous there has been so 
much snow lately. (February 26) 

I have never seen a prettier day than 
this. I have just gotten back from a long 
walk. The teachers took us out to the 
"Deaf, Dumb and Blind Institution" this 
afternoon and every thing looks so lovely 
and beautiful just like Spring. Yesterday it 
sleeted nearly all day, so you see what 
changeable weather we are having up 
here as much so as the southern changes 
that these Virginians regard with such 
dislike. (March 17) 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spnng 2004 

Eugenia Gunn's letters have been transcribed and bound and are available on two-weeks loan to 
anyone interested in reading the complete correspondence. Contact William C. Pollard, College 
Archivist, Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, VA 24401; e-mail: 

Bill Pollard: Caretaker of MBC's Past 

By George Graves 

William C. Pollard, Mary 
Baldwin's volunteer archivist 
since he retired as college librarian 
emeritus in 1992, has a little wish list. 
He'd like to find a photo or other 

depiction of 
Mary Julia 
and he'd like 
to identify, 
the architect 
of the 

Administration Building, constructed 
in 1844 and one of the campus's old- 
est structures. Bill figures the 
building's elusive cornerstone, appar- 
ently obscured by later construction, 
contains the name — and more. Add 
the cornerstone to his list. 

Don't bet against Bill Pollard. His 
record of learning about key pieces 
of the college's past and tracking 
them down is remarkably good. 
Take the large, century-old stained- 
glass window commemorating Miss 
Baldwin's achievements and dis- 
played prominently in Grafton 
Library. Pollard came across a refer- 
ence to the window and eventually 
found it — in a coal bin in the base- 
ment of the old Bailey Hall, which 
was later removed to make way for 
the new Center for the Program for 
the Exceptionally Gifted. 

When Pollard became the col- 
lege's archivist, he found that 
"literally, things were in attics and 
closets around campus." Among his 
other discoveries — or recoveries — 
are a painting, of Baldwin's dog 
Beauty, used as a prop in a college 
theatrical production, and an MBC 
apple crate left over from the days 
when the college owned an orchard 

RufusW, Bailey's trunk 

that inspired Apple Day. Pollard spot- 
ted the crate at a nearby apple farm. 
'T knew what it was," he says. "I had 
seen a photograph." 

When he isn't adding to the col- 
lege's collection of artifacts that 
includes founder Rufus W. Bailey's 
trunk ("very nice, leather bound, 
brass nailed, with his initials") and 
Miss Baldwin's books and letters. 
Pollard fields all manner of questions 
from faculty, 
staff, alumnae/i, 
and others. 

"I do a lot 
of genealogical 
work," he says. 
"You'd be 
amazed at how 
many requests I 
get for names of 
grandmothers and great-grand- 
mothers." He often consults student 
records, in longhand and going 
back to the 19th century. (Yes, those 
grades really are forever.) The 
search for distant relatives can be 
complicated; Staunton once had 
four schools or "seminaries" for 
young women, including Augusta 
Female Seminary, which became 
Mary Baldwin College. 

Gracious and soft spoken. 
Pollard shares an office in the library 
with Patricia H. Menk, professor 
emerita of history and author of a his- 
tory of the college. He's from 
Farmville, North Carolina, a rural 
community about 60 miles east of 
Raleigh. Pollard has an undergradu- 
ate degree in comparative literature 
from the University of North 
Carolina at Chapel Hill and a mas- 
ter's degree from Florida State. Before 
becoming head librarian at MBC in 

1977, he held similar positions at the 
College of William and Mary and at 
what was then its Norfolk branch, 
now Old Dominion University. 
Earlier in his career, he was on the 
library staff at the University of 

Preceding Pollard at Mary 
Baldwin was one of three daughters, 
Elizabeth Pollard Hemeter '73, who 
earned a law degree at the 

University of 
Virginia and is in 
Tennessee. He and 
his wife, Betsy, live 
a short walk from 

One of 
Pollard's most 
notable efforts 
came when, after hearing alarming 
radio reports one icy day, he quickly 
made his way to campus to rescue 
from bursting pipes dozens of boxes 
of records and other papers stored 
in the enclosed area under the porch 
of the Administration Building. 
Pollard thinks he may have 
identified the Administration 
Building's architect, thanks to old 
photos and expert advice, as 
Thomas Blackburn, well known in 
his time. 

As for a portrait of Mary Julia 
Baldwin, Pollard is not so confi- 
dent. Yet, he knows that "she 
loved fine clothes" and was gener- 
ally "described as handsome." She 
certainly was prominent as head of 
the school that eventually bore her 
name. Could there be an attic, 
basement, or closet at MBC — or 
possibly elsewhere — sheltering 
her likeness? 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

Even for the most prepared stu- 
dents, those seemingly ready 
academically and socially for 
what are still referred to as the most 
important years in a life, college can be 
a big transition and usually is. Less 
structure, more homework, difficult 
homework. For residential students, 
that's just the beginning; for example, 
many students today have had the lux- 
ury of not sharing a room at home. 
What's more, Mary Baldwin students 
come from many different schools, 
many different backgrounds. About a 
fourth are the first members of their 
families to go to college. 

Like an increasing number of col- 
leges and universities, Mary Baldwin 
does more and more each year to antic- 
ipate what students need and want — 
and to make that assistance not only 
available but also inviting. That help 
might come first from a resident advi- 
sor, an RA. 

"They were always there for you," 
says Gloria Celespara '04 of Silver 

Spring, Maryland, an Asian studies 
major with a minor in business admin- 
istration. She was so impressed she 
decided to become an RA. "I decided to 
give back when I saw how nice people 
were to me." 

Celespara, co-chair of resident 
advisors this year, now knows just how 
demanding life as an RA can be. Other 
students depend on her. "You get expe- 
rience from A to Z," she says. "You 
meet different people. Some students 
need to call you 24 hours a day, seven 
days a week. They have access to you. 
They may have a roommate conflict. 
You have to make yourself available. 
You can't just say no. It can be rough. 
Sometimes you get really emotionally 

Kerrie Laughlin '05 of Graham, 
North Carolina, is the other RA co- 
chair. Laughlin, majoring in both 
psychology and religion and minoring 
in Asian studies, cautions that RAs "are 
not sent out into the college community 
to handle everything." Says Laughlin: 

"We're more of a resource" — pointing 
students toward the broad array of aca- 
demic, social, and career services the 
college provides through the Sena Center 
for Student Life and Career Development 
and in other ways such as the Learning 
Skills Center directed by Beverly 
Askegaard. (For the resolutely practical, 
there are business-etiquette dinners — 
learn how to "work a room," order wine, 
and sort out all those forks — as well as 
briefings on occupations, and coaching 
on how to interview for jobs and land 
internships that could lead to careers.) 

To encourage students to take advan- 
tage of what the college offers, RAs 
cultivate what Laughlin describes as 
"really an open atmosphere" in the resi- 
dence halls. Students know they can drop 
in on RAs for advice or just an ear. 
"Everyone feels comfortable," says 
Laughlin, who, like other resident advi- 
sors, must preserve enough time for 
herself to pursue a tv-pically heaw load of 
courses and activities. 

Students' having options, when it 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

'What made Mary 
Baldwin work for 
me was the fact 
that you had 
traditions that 
really empower 
women. At first it 
might sound silly, 
like weekly teas 
that we had. At the 
same time, we were 
empowered to start 
new traditions, 
through the 
student Senate.' 

comes to help, is important, 
says Keli Diewald '01, direc- 
tor of residence life. "Not 
everyone's going to love ori- 
entation," says Diewald, 
who was an orientation 
leader as a student. "Not 
everyone's going to love her 
RA." Overall, she says, "stu- 
dents need a comfortable 
environment in which to ask 
questions. They need a sup- 
port network that includes 

The resident assistants 
need support, too. "They 
deal with all the human 
issues," observes Diane Kent, 
dean for student life and 
career development. "All the 
human issues of society are 
here." Added Greg Meek, 
associate dean: "RAs are the 
front line. Anything we deal 
with, they deal with — often 
first. That's probably true of 
all student leaders, including 
the Honor Council and the 
Judicial Board. They're all 
dealing with issues in a stu- 
dent-run system and as an 
extension of this office." 

Sarah Gooch '04 of 
Richmond, Virginia, knows. 
She's president of the Student 
Government Association. 
Gooch marvels at not only the 
transition, but transformation, 
she has undergone since a 
first-year student. She credits 
friendships and not just those 
with student leaders. 

"I was really shy when I 
came to college," recalls 
Gooch, and was not particu- 
larly close to her roommates 
that year. "That actually 
encouraged me to go meet the 
people on my hall. Everyone 
was so friendly and asked, 
'What can we do for you? 
How can we help you?' It 
wasn't just the students 
whose roles were to help. The 
friends I made my freshman 

year — we live together now. 
We've been friends through- 
out our four years here. I 
think we'll remain friends the 
rest of our lives. They are my 
family. It was because of 
these people that I was able 
to grow and branch out and 
become less shy. It definitely 
changed my life." 

Gooch has confidently 
addressed the Board of 
Trustees. The history major 
hopes to go to graduate school 
— in England. As she com- 
pletes college, she is grateful to 
Kent for hearing her out on 
frequent visits to the student- 
life office. "There are days 
when I come to her office and 
sigh," says Gooch. "Student 
leaders are students, of course, 
and people as well." 

Lanae Hawkins '06 of 
Hampton, Virginia, is an ori- 
entation leader for incoming 
freshmen. Orientation is a 
thorough, comprehensive 
process these days. Students 
learn how to become good 
students and good citizens of 
the Baldwin community. 
Hawkins, pursuing a comput- 
er information systems major 
and a business administration 
minor, could easily serve as 
inspiration for both. Her 
advice starts with urging stu- 
dents to fight the seemingly 
inevitable temptation to skip 
a class every now and then. 
One class could easily lead to 
another and suddenly, or so 
it could seem, a student is 
too far behind and disen- 
gaged to catch up. 

"Some of my friends say, 
'Oh, I'm not going to class 
today.' I haven't missed a class 
since I've been here. If I'm 
coming to college, why should 
I waste my time and money. 
College is expensive. What I 
tell people is, don't pick 
classes just because. Pick 

classes that will interest you. 
You've got to do the home- 
work, and you don't want to 
be doing boring homework. 
Some students choose a class 
just because of the time slot 
or the day." 

Hawkins researches 
courses and instructors before 
signing up. And she allows 
herself no outs, no excuses. "I 
push myself for myself. " says 
Hawkins. Yes, she makes the 
Dean's List, but she doesn't 
crow about it. 

Ranyne Herbert '00 
remembers her freshman year 
as at least a little awkward. 
"My transition felt difficult 
my first year," she says. "The 
African-American population 
was small when I came here 
in 1996. It is different when 
you're the only person repre- 
senting a certain racial group 
in a classroom. Whenever a 
racial issue comes up, 
everyone in the class turns 
toward you to be the 
spokesperson as though 
you're the only black person 
in America. The Office of 
African-American Affairs 
[now the Office of African- 
American Affairs and 
Multicultural Under- 
standing] was a place I could 
turn to that was affirming, 
empowering, and 
embracing." Its director, 
now dean, Andrea Cornett- 
Scott, made her feel welcome 
and wanted. "But I also knew 
there were other staff members 
I could come to, like Diane, if I 
had problems." 

Herbert, who earned a 
master's degree in divinity at 
Howard University after grad- 
uating, is career counselor at 
the Sena Center. She found her 
footing fast enough at MBC, 
starting the Anointed Voices 
of Praise gospel group and 
becoming president of the 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

There are days when I come to her office and sigh.' 

Black Student Alliance. 

"What made Mary 
Baldwin work for me," she 
concludes, "was the fact that 
you had traditions that really 
empower women. At first it 
might sound silly, like weekly 
teas that we had. At the same 
time, we were empowered to 
start new traditions, through 
the student Senate." 

Herbert also was remind- 
ed that professors, at a small 
college with small classes, 
notice who shows up. "If I 
were slipping, faculty mem- 
bers would call me and say, 'I 
didn't see you in class today.' 
If you weren't sick, they'd 
ask, 'What's going on?' " 

The Sena Center was one 
of Herbert's first stops when 
she got to college. She knows 
career advice, early on, is 
important to many students 
today. "In career counseling, 
you see everybody, from 
freshmen to seniors. My pur- 
pose here is to help students 
find what their niche is." Her 
advice might surprise some. 

"My generation has 
been so driven: 'When I 
grow up, I want to be...' We 
didn't focus on who we are 
now to get to where we 
want to be. But you use 
your life, in incremental 
steps, to reach that goal. 
Listening to students, I 
want them to appreciate 
where they are now — I 
want them to focus on 
being college students." 

As transitions go. 
Brandy Tricia Caleb '03 had 
an especially big one when 
she left her native Guyana 
South America — the land 
of many waters, as she refers 
to it — to go to Mary 
Baldwin. She's something of 

a natural, however. Caleb 
was president of her fresh- 
man class and a student 
senator. She was involved in a 
variety of activities. Along 
with other Caribbean stu- 
dents, she started the 
Caribbean Student 
Association. Appropriately, 
Caleb is now director of 
freshman services. Think of 
her as part cheerleader, part 
guide, part nag. 

Caleb views her job 
ambitiously. She approaches 
new students as soon as they 
pay their deposits. "After she 
deposits, she's all mine," says 
Caleb. "1 help to equip and 
inform the future MBC stu- 
dent and her family." 
Sometimes that's not easy. 
First-generation college stu- 
dents, she says, may not 
know anyone who might help 
with what is a ritual, really, 
"involving students mentally, 
physically, emotionally, and 

During students' first 
semester, Caleb makes sure 
they know that the college is 
truly a community, one with 
traditions, standards. She 
wants them to understand 
"what it means to be a Mary 
Baldwin woman, a well-edu- 
cated Mary Baldwin woman 
of the third millennium." She 
even asks them whether they 
are making friends and get- 
ting involved in campus life 
— and she checks up on how 
they're doing in class. Caleb 
works with students to draft a 
four-year academic plan "and 
become very familiar with the 
Student Handbook and the 
Academic Catalog." 

By the second semester of 
freshman year, Caleb hopes to 
have all new students on a 

firm foundation, well versed 
in the ways of the college 
(including motto and hymn), 
and eager to "connect where 
they see fit and leave their 

Velma Carman '01 cer- 
tainly did. "I started getting 
involved because I wanted to 
have a say in what events we 
were having on campus," she 
says. Involved she got: chair 
of the Residence Hall 
Association, junior class pres- 
ident, and a member of the 
student government Executive 
Committee. Carman reflected 
what many experts say is 
often key to a successful and 
satisfying time at college: 
"The more I got involved at 
MBC, the more I loved my 
experience. I loved being able 
to see the difference I was 
making on campus." 

Carman is now director 
of student activities. And 
college may now be a career 
for her: "I realize that stu- 
dent affairs is a field that I 
find interesting, fun, and 

For all that Mary 
Baldwin College does to ease 
the transition into, through, 
and beyond college, the com- 
prehensive effort is sometimes 
a reminder that fit remains 
important. As Herbert says, 
"Mary Baldwin has a lot to 
offer, but it's not for every- 

Amplify that observation 
when it comes to student 
leadership, adds Kent: 
"Student leadership is about 
service more than power or 
ego. You come into this to 
gain something — certain 
knowledge and skills and 
experience. Everyone is invit- 
ed to the table, but we have 

expectations about how you 
behave when you come to the 
table. We value everyone — 
all communities." 

"The overriding tradition 
of the college is support and 
care," says Meek. "The stu- 
dents who fit best here are 
those who have the capacity 
to extend themselves, to sup- 
port one another, to care 
about one another, to make 
sure they're having a good 
experience. They address 
problems when they see that 
another student is in trouble, 
helping that student get the 
assistance she needs. I think 
that's what keeps the culture 
of the college going." 

MBC Advice: 
Soup to Nuts 

In addition to the broad array of 
assistance it offers on acade- 
mics and adjustment to college, 
Mary Baldwin provides the 
most practical of career advice: 
how to write a resume and 
cover letter, how to snare and 
prepare for an interview, how to 
assess job offers, how to antici- 
pate the demands of etiquette 
at a business lunch, how to 
work a room at a social func- 
tion, and how, if appropriate, to 
order wine in a restaurant. 

More important, of course, 
is the college's help in choosing 
majors and minors, learning 
about careers and related skills 
and knowledge, matching occu- 
pations with interests and 
abilities, creating a meaningful 
plan not only for success in col- 
lege but beyond — and relieving 
at least some of the stress of 
getting it all together. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spnng 2004 

How's This for Transition? 

From Maui to the Valley, 
No High School in Between 

By Lantana Hoke '04 

Going away to college is perhaps the 
most challenging transition a person 
must make. New people, new hous- 
ing, new food, new status, maybe 
even a new state — an entirely new 
life awaits the incoming freshman. 

Beginning Mary Baldwin College 
was the most radical adjustment of 
my life. I grew up on Maui, in 
Hawaii, and suddenly found myself 
in a small southern city at a women's 
college. What a striking change! Not 
only was I flying across an ocean and 
a continent to attend school in a 
place I'd never been before, I was 
doing it four years before I ever 
thought I would. 

Entering MBC's Program for the 
Exceptionally Gifted at age 14, 1 was 
excited and just a little scared about 
what awaited me. Dorms and room- 
mates, classes and professors, papers 
and finals, the dining hall — I wasn't 
sure what to expect of Mary Baldwin 
and PEG. Although being a PEG is a 
unique experience, every PEG student 
is, above all, a Mary Baldwin College 

But new PEGs, unlike other MBC 
students, have curfew, study hours, 
and required meetings with PEG staff. 
The PEG staff is very supportive. 
Though I've long since moved out of 
the PEG dorm, I often visit the staff. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

I remember my first nervous 
entrance into a college classroom, an 
algebra course. I had no idea what to 
expect, but since that first 8 a.m. class, 
my confidence has grown with my 
education. My first semester included 
freshman PEG English (dubbed 
Peglish) and other small classes that 
featured lively discussion. These cours- 
es helped me adjust to college work 
and also expanded my interests. The 
diversity of the academic offerings 
appealed to me; I could (and do) take 
classes in environmental studies, chil- 
dren's literature, and anthropology. I 
also try to take advantage of fun class- 
es, like yoga and guitar. Though 
choosing a major was difficult, I finally 
selected English because of my love of 
reading and writing. 

Through close interaction and 
collaboration with my professors, 
advisors, and campus employers, I've 
built relationships that have enabled 
me to develop. Various work-study 
jobs I've held on campus have also 
enhanced my life at Mary Baldwin. 
Through my work tutoring at the 
campus writing center, I can instill in 
my classmates some of the confidence 
I've gained. By performing a service 
meant to help others improve their 
writing skills, my own have been 

Before I'd come to Staunton, I had 
never seen snow. My first winter, I 
enrolled in a Mary Baldwin physical 
education class, Intro to Snow- 
boarding. I was actually getting 
credit to learn something I'd always 
wanted to do while bonding with the 
other MBC students in the class. I 
made fast friends as we conquered 
the bunny slopes at a nearby ski 

I've always been athletic, and I 
naturally gravitated toward athletics 
at Mary Baldwin. My freshman and 
sophomore years I played on the var- 
sity soccer team. The camaraderie 
that comes with being on any team 
really helped me get to know other 
students. Sweating through practices. 

winning and losing games, and tak- 
ing road trips in the MBC vans to 
New York allowed me to get to 
know my teammates well. Another 
major benefit of playing soccer was 
making friends with traditional stu- 
dents, sometimes difficult for PEG 
students because of the initial stay in 
the PEG dorm. Just going to the 
weight room on a Thursday night is 
a good excuse to hang out and talk 
to friends and classmates. Sports 
have played a major role in making 
my transition into Mary Baldwin 

Staunton has enriched my life as 
well. For example, working at a 
lunch eatery downtown has allowed 
me to learn more about the communi- 
ty and given me valuable experience. 
On campus, I've also taken advantage 
of several opportunities Mary Baldwin 
offers to prepare myself for life after 
college, including the aptly named 
Senior Transitions program. The semi- 
nars cover everything from career and 
interview advice and writing cover let- 
ters and resumes to researching, 
selecting and applying to graduate 

'Mary Baldwin has prepared me to 
make the transition out of college as 
smoothly as I made the transition 
into it. Perhaps more important, it 
has taught me what I need to know 
to do well and succeed once I am no 
longer a Mary Baldwin student.' 

When I pictured starting college, 
I didn't expect the little things to be 
most important in making life at 
Mary Baldwin colorful and fulfilling. 
Meeting a friend for lunch at the 
Pub, watching movies in Francis 
Auditorium, and going to watch 
friends perform in plays are just 
some of the ways I've made Mary 
Baldwin home. Concerts and poetry 
readings in the Nut House, the Mary 
Baldwin coffeehouse, have added 
texture and fun to my life at Mary 

The various events Mary 
Baldwin offers also provide opportu- 
nities to get into the flow: getting 
dressed up for Halloween mixers, 
going to hall programs to make T- 
shirts and eat pizza, and enjoying 
Apple Day. 

As a senior, I've become entirely 
situated and comfortable at MBC, 
but I know come May I'll have to 
make another transition into what 
they call the real world. Filling out 
graduate school applications with 
the help of my advisor and profes- 
sors, performing job searches on the 
Internet with my roommate, and 
planning a trip to backpack around 
Europe this summer are just some of 
the things I've been doing to pre- 
pare. Though I'm not sure what I'll 
eventually do, Mary Baldwin has 
prepared me to make the transition 
out of college as smoothly as I made 
the transition into it. Perhaps more 
important, it has taught me what I 
need to know to do well and suc- 
ceed once I am no longer a Mary 
Baldwin student. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

faculty and staff 

Alice Araujo, assistant professor 
of communication, presented a 
paper entitled "It's Not Really 
Foreign: the Classed Incorporation 
of the English Vernacular into the 
Social Discourse of Urban 
Brazilians" at the annual conven- 
tion of the Speech 
Communication Association of 
Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto 
Rico, December 5. 

Brand! N.Austin '02 and 
Rosemary A. Parsells '97 have 
joined the Office of Alumnae/i 
Activities as assistant directors of 
alumnae/i activities. Austin, of 
Stuarts Draft, majored in computer 
science and business administra- 
tion. Parsells, who completed her 
undergraduate work through the 
Adult Degree Program and lives in 
Lexington, has been event coordi- 
nator for the Alumni Office at 
Washington and Lee University. 
Julie Rankin Reid has moved 
from alumnae/i office coordinator 
to class notes editor, a part-time 
position. She coordinates and 
composes class notes for The 
Mary Baldwin College Magazine 
and updates alumnae/i biographi- 
cal information in addition to other 
related duties. 

Jeffrey Buller, vice president for 
academic affairs and dean of the 
college, presented "Putting the 
Pieces Together or ... Much Ado 
About Notung," the concluding lec- 
ture of Der Ring des Nibelungen: 
Wagner's Epic Vision, a sympo- 
sium co-sponsored by the 
Smithsonian Residents Program 
of the Smithsonian Institution and 
the Wagner Society of 
Washington, D.C., September 21. 

Mary Hill Cole, professor of histo- 
ry, gave a slide-illustrated talk on 
"The Progresses of Elizabeth I" to 
open The Queen Elizabeth Lecture 
Series at Agecroft Hall in 
Richmond, Virginia, September 17. 

Lane Crawford has joined 
Institutional Advancement as the 
senior associate director of annual 
giving. Crav\/ford, who holds a B.A. 
from Salem College, comes to 
MBC from the Glen Burnie 
Museum in Winchester, Virginia, 

where she was development and 
membership coordinator 

Patty Davis, director of financial 
operations; Pat Lawhome, securi- 
ty officer; and Sue Williams, 

assistant director of VWIL, attend- 
ed Rape Aggression Defense 
(RAD) instructor training in Norfolk, 
Virginia, September 8-10. They 
are now qualified instructors for 
this self-defense training exclu- 
sively for women. Classes are 
being offered at MBC. 

Karen Dorgan, associate profes- 
sor of education for ADP and Fay 
Kelle, associate professor of edu- 
cation for MAT spoke at the 
Association for Constructivist 
Teaching conference in 
Portsmouth, Virginia, October 18. 
Their presentation was entitled 
"Applying Constructivist Theory in 
the Education of Adults Entering 
the Teaching Profession" Dorgan 
also represented MBC at the 
statewide conference on 
Preparation of Middle School 
Science and Mathematics 
Teachers at James Madison 
University October 24-25. 

A paper that Louise Freeman, 

assistant professor of psychology, 
authored with two recent gradu- 
ates, Mary Poulin '02 and 
Rachael O'Connell '02, has been 
accepted by the journal Evolution 
and Human Behavior. 

Sociology 205: Death and Dying, 
taught by Merry Wyatt Hankel, 

psychology and sociology ADP 
adjunct who is a nationally certi- 
fied grief therapist, has earned the 
endorsement of the Association 
for Death Education and 

Sara Nair James, associate pro- 
fessor of art, attended a 
conference on Sixteenth Century 
Studies in Pittsburgh, 
Pennsylvania, October 

Jack Kibler, professor of psychol- 
ogy, presented a poster entitled 
"Physical Attractiveness as a 
Function of Perceived Ambition" 
October 23 at a meeting of the 

Virginia Psychological Association 
in Charlottesville. The presentation 
was co-authored by Lea M. 
Spencer '03. 

Nadia Kuley, director of counsel- 
ing and psychological services, 
has been appointed by Governor 
Mark R.Warner to the Virginia 
Board of Health Professions. She 
is also serving on the state Board 
of Psychology, which focuses on 
regulation of the practice of psy- 
chology, licensure, and disciplinary 

A photograph of a teacher reading 
a book to children in New Zealand 
and accompanying essay, both by 
James C. McCrory, professor of 
education, were presented at the 
Celebration of Teaching confer- 
ence at Radford University 
September 4. The conference was 
funded by the McGlothlin 
Foundation and Blue Ridge Public 

Dawn Medley, education 
reporter for the Staunton News 
Leader, has been named assis- 
tant director of strategic 
communication at Mary Baldwin 
College. Her responsibilities 
include being assistant editor of 
The Mary Baldwin College 
Magazine. A Staunton resident 
and native of Groveland in upstate 
New York, Medley succeeds 
Sherry R. Cox '99, director of mar- 
keting and communication at 
Stuart Hall, a preparatory school in 
Staunton. Medley is a 2000 grad- 
uate of Randolph-Macon Woman's 
College, where she was manag- 
ing editor of the student 

Daniel Metraux, professor of 
Asian studies, was the editor of 
the newly published Virginia 
Review of Asian Studies, featuring 
articles by Associate Professor of 
English Robert Grotjohn and 
Professor Emeritus of Sociology 
David Cary. Metraux also wrote 
the article "The Soka Gakkai in 
Australia: Globalization of a New 
Japanese Religion," published in 
The Journal of Global Buddhism, 
and "Aum Shinrikyo in Russia" in 
Japan Studies Review. 

Steven Mosher, professor of 
health care administration and 
political science, attended a 
Managed Access Partnership 
Consultant meeting sponsored by 
Pfizer Corp. in New Orleans 
September 16. 

Pamela Murray, professor of 
education (ADP), facilitated a 
roundtable discussion on advising 
adult students at the annual 
meeting of the Association for 
Continuing Higher Education in 
Charlottesville November 10-12. 
She is president-elect of the 

Roderic Owen, professor of phi- 
losophy, was appointed the 
2004 chair of the program com- 
mittee for the North American 
Association for the Study of 
Welsh Culture and History. He 
presented the paper "Children 
as Consumers: An Issue for 
Moral Education" at the Duke 
University conference 
September 19-21 on Moral 
Education in a Diverse Society. 
He also gave a presentation on 
"Science and Religion Honors 
Colloquium" at the Virginia 
Honors Collegiate Honors 
Program fall directors meeting 
September 27. He joined fellow 
faculty members Rick Plant, 
Judy Klein, and Amy Diduch at 
the gathering at MBC. 

Paul Ryan, associate professor of 
art, and James Sconyers, assis- 
tant professor of art, have been 
awarded $1 ,400 by the 
Extramural Associates Program 
of the National Institutes of 
Health's National Institute of Child 
Health and Human Development, 
to develop the concept for the 
1W250 Project. The grant will go 
toward the cost of materials, sup- 
plies, and travel to develop plans 
and funding for a project, based 
in the visual arts, that explores 
issues of community, communi- 
cation, and collaboration. The 
project is named for the intersec- 
tion of U.S. routes 11 and 250 in 
Staunton. Ryan also reviewed the 
exhibition "Jae Ko: Ink and 
Paper" in the September/October 
issue of Art Papers Magazine. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

Daniel Stuhlsatz, assistant pro- 
fessor of sociology, has been 
awarded $3,600 for pilot work on 
his project "Racial Parity of 
Educational Attainment in the 
20th Century." The grant, from 
the Extramural Associates 
Program of the National Institutes 
of Health's National Institute of 
Child Health and Human 
Development, will pay the costs 
of a student research assistant 
and allow Stuhlsatz to write a pro- 
posal for funding. 

Jacqui Elliott-Wonderley '93, 

dean of admissions and financial 
aid, IS the new associate vice 
president of institutional 
advancement at Bridgewater 
College. Joining the Office of 
Admissions shortly after gradua- 
tion, she became director of 
volunteers in the Alumnae/i 
Office in 1996, returned to 
admissions as associate dean in 
1998, and later was named 
director of financial aid and dean 
of admissions and then dean for 
both. Applications and enroll- 

ment have set records in recent 
years, and the credentials of 
incoming students — including 
average GPAs and SATs — have 
steadily risen Lisa Branson '98, 
assistant dean, is acting dean. 
Ashley Clark Buchanan '00 is 
now assistant director of admis- 
sions and financial aid. Among 
her expanded duties is oversee- 
ing recruitment of graduate and 
transfer students. 

Creager New Director 
Of Grafton Library 

Carol Creager has been 
named director of the Martha 
S. Grafton Library at Mary 
Baldwin College. Creager, 
who has been with the col- 
lege for 10 

library systems adnninistrator. 
Creager helped coordi- 
nate the library's transition 
from a card catalog to an 
automated system, created 
Its electronic course-reserve 
system, developed an infor- 
mation literacy course, and 
established a student lab. 
She has a bachelor of arts 
from the College of William 
and Mary and a master of 
library science from the 
University of Maryland. 

L I \' I X 

Mary Baldwin College has begun a Living Rennembrance 
program to provide a way for friends and families to honor 
loved ones and help beautify our campus. With a gift of 
$500 or more, the college will plant a tree or shrub and 
install a marker next to it. An inscription might read 

"In Loving Memory of , Class of " or 

"In Honor of Professor Emerita." 

Your gift helps implement the master landscape plan for the col- 
lege. A portion of your gift will be added to the Mary Baldwin 
endowment to ensure the ongoing beauty of the campus. 

Contact Carey McCallum, 

administrative assistant for capital gifts and planned giving, 
540-887-7386 or 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

A T H 


In the Swim: Jennifer Kukla '04 
Is a Leader Wherever She Goes 

By Lantana Hoke '04 

'The second I found out 

we had a swim team 

here I knew I wanted to 

be a member of it.' 

During swimming season in the winter, 
Jennifer Kukla '04 is in the water by 6 a.m. 
For most people, that would seem jarring. But 
Kukla, a captain of Mary Baldwin's swim team 
and a cadet in the college's Virginia Women's 
Institute for Leadership, is accustomed to the 
pre-dawn start. 

"It's hard to get up that early if you don't 
love what you're doing," said Kukla of practice 
in the nearby Staunton YMCA pool. Her hard 
work pays off in the pool — Atlantic Women's 
College Conference all-conference team two 
years in a row — and in VWIL. As first captain, 
she's the top-ranking student, commanding the 

Kukla has been on the swim team since 
freshman year, and she's captained it since her 
sophomore year. "The second I found out we 
had a team here I knew I wanted to be a mem- 
ber of it," she said. Though her schedule is tight, 
Kukla still finds time to practice on her own in 
addition to team practices. "I have a member- 
ship and go to the Y and swim on my own to get 
more pool time," she said. 

"I come from a family full of swimmers and 
lifeguards," said Kukla, from Richmond, 
Virginia. She started swimming seriously "as soon 
as I could swim a full length of the pool" — 
before she was old enough to go to school. 

Kukla says MBC's swim team "is fun and 
team oriented. It's hard to slack off when I know 
that I will be letting teammates down." As a cap- 
tain, Kukla said her experience "has taught me to 
really work with people — to learn their strengths 
and weaknesses and help them to improve." 

Thanks to VWIL as well as swimming, 
Kukla acknowledges that "I have had a lot of 
leadership experience." Though she says she has 
always been driven, she said she "had to learn to 
nourish that drive in order to meet my goals." 

Kukla plans to commission in the Marine 
Corps and undergo the basic training required of 
all new Marine officers. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

Fall Sports Highlights 

Field hockey, soccer and volley- 
ball teams wrapped up their fall 
seasons with respectable records 
and top-four or higher finishes in 
end-of-season tournament play. 
Nearly a dozen athletes were 
chosen for all-conference recog- 

The Squirrels soccer and 
field hockey teams earned trips 
to the semifinal rounds of the 
Atlantic Women's Colleges 
Conference tournaments at the 
College of Notre Dame in 
November. The soccer team was 
defeated 5-0 by Chestnut Hill 
College to finish the season 
9-8-3 and third in the confer- 
ence tournament. The field 
hockey team lost to the College 
of Notre Dame 4-0 for a 6-7 
overall record and a fourth-place 
finish in the tournament. 

The volleyball team placed 
third in the AWCC tournament 
with a 14-14 record for the season. 

Named to all-conference first 
teams were juniors Ashley Kizler 
and Brantley Scott for field hock- 
ey, freshmen Catherine Christian 
and Jessica Lankes for soccer, 
and senior Ebony Alexander and 
junior Ashley Ragland for volley- 
ball. Junior field hockey player 
Kathleen Nevin earned a spot on 
the all-conference second team, 
and classmates Stephanie Hatlem 
and Eme Hurley received honor- 
able mention, as did senior Karla 
Stewart for soccer. 

Scott was ranked third in the 
AWCC in goals 
and points per 
game and fourth 
in overall points. 
She scored nine 
goals for 19 points 
during the season. 

The cross- 
country team had a strong 
second year of competition. The 

Brantley Scotl 

team participated in four invita- 
tionals in addition to state and 
regional competitions. It finished 
its season with four runners quali- 
fying for the NCAA Southeast 
Regionals in Atlanta: Jessica 
Leccadito '07, Kate Melson '05, 
Angie Pacheco '07 and Kelly 
Pecotte '06. Junior Jessica Nevins 
holds school records in the 5K 
and 6K distances and was ranked 
in the Top 30 in Virginia. 

Top Soccer Coach 

In just his first year of coaching 

the Fighting 

Squirrels soccer 

team, head coach 

Andrew Green 

was named the 

2003 Atlantic 

Women's Colleges 

Conference Andrew Green 

Soccer Coach of the Year. 

After a difficult start against 
tough teams. Green said fourth 
place with a conference record of 
5-2-3 "exceeded his expecta- 

"If there's one thing I have 
to say about this award, it's that 
I couldn't have done it without 
Shep [Critzer], my assistant 
coach," Green said. Critzer's 
familiarity with some of the 
players' styles from working 
with them in previous seasons 
"got me up to speed," Green 

The AWCC, NCAA Division 
III, is composed of eight women's 
colleges on the East Coast. 

When Green was a trainer 
and assistant coach for Spring 
Valley High School in South 
Carolina, his team placed second 
in state competition. The com- 
petitive clubs he coached also 
took home several State 
Challenge Cups and often made 
it to the state finals. 

This spring will be Green's 

first season leading the boys soc- 
cer team at Robert E. Lee High 
School in Staunton, where he is 
also a math teacher. 

In 2002-03, Mary Baldwin's 
Michelle Lawrence was recog- 
nized as the AWCC volleyball 
coach of the year. 

Long Road Trip a First 

An early-season trip to Tampa, 
Florida, gave the college's bas- 
ketball team a taste of how it 
feels to be a traveling sports 

Head coach Jackie Bryan 
said the mid-December excur- 
sion was the first time the 
basketball team traveled so far 
for regular-season competition. 
The team squeezed in visits to 
Disney World, Raymond James 
Stadium where the National 
Football League Tampa Bay 
Buccaneers play, and the 
International Mall. 

"It was pretty interesting to 
play in the midst of the circum- 
stances of travel and 
excitement," said Bryan. "It def- 
initely makes me appreciate 
those teams that do it on a regu- 
lar basis. It takes a lot to remain 

Although the results on the 
court were not all that the play- 
ers hoped for, Bryan said the 
experience was worthwhile. The 
team raised money during fall 
semester to cover transportation 
and lodging. 

The Squirrels lost 76-43 to 
Webber International University, 
a Division II team in the 
National Association of 
Intercollegiate Athletics. Mary 
Baldwin was also defeated 
97-53 in a scrimmage — a 
game that does not figure in its 
overall record — against 
Hillsborough Community 
College of Tampa. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

The Alumnae/i Association funds pro- 
jects and events for the college through 
the proceeds from MBC Gift Shop sales. 
Recent projects have included the 
Library Leisure Reading Program, the 
Spring Fling for the senior class, and 
continued renovation of Spencer 
lounge. Every purchase from the Gift 
Shop allows the association to con- 
tribute to the success of Mary Baldwin. 


check (payable to Mary Baldwin College) 
money order, MasterCard or Visa 


$5 on orders under $100 
$10 on orders above $100 
For chairs, $50 each 
For rockers, $100 each 

VA residents pay 4.5 % sales tax 

Allow 2-4 weeks for shipping on charms; 
6-8 weeks shipping on miniatures, chairs 
and rockers. All prices are subject to change. 


This popular 100% cotton preshrunk T-shirt is 
perfect for all ages. 
Babv's T-Shirt 

18-24 pounds XA2J\ $12 

Child's T-Shirt 

Small 16-8) X-42TCS $12 

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Adult's T-Shirt 

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Ivledium X-42TAM $16 

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This 100% cotton, 7 oz white pique polo is an 
instant classic, featuring the new college logo 
with alunnna in black and gold embroidery. 

Small PS-1 $25 

Medium PS-2 $25 

Large PS-3 $25 

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Extra Extra Large PS-50 $25 


Warm and cozy for cool days and evenings. 
Light grey fleece with side pockets and zip-up 
collar. IVIBC logo embroidered in green. 100% 

Small PM $45 

tvledium PF2 $45 

Large PF3 $45 

Extra Large PF-4 $45 


This white one size fits all T-shirt is perfect for 

sleep or sun. 

One size X-47 $18 


Keep yourself warm when the cold weather 
arrives in this hunter green sweatshirt with the 
college seal. 

Medium X-46M $20 

Large X-46L $20 

Extra Large X-46XL $20 


Not too long, not too short, our navy gym shorts 
fit just right for any activity 100% pre-shrunk cot- 
ton With inside drawstring and two side pockets. 
MBC logo silk-screened in white. "Cotton 
Deluxe" fabric made in the U.S.A. 

Small GS-1 $20 

Medium GS-2 $20 

Large GS-3 $20 

Extra Large GS-4 $20 

Extra Extra Large GS-5 $20 


Run, walk, and play in style. Each ankle band fea- 
tures the MBC logo in green embroidery Ultra 
plush "Cushees" are 85% Hi-Bulk cotton, 15% 
nylon, and fit shoe sizes 6 to 10, Made in the U.S. A, 
Socks SX-1 $10 


Brushed cotton baseball hat in white or khaki 
with green embroidery. 

White X-50W $12 

Khaki X-50G $12 


Full-length apron (20" x 30") with adjustable 
straps and two front pockets. 65/35 
polyester/cotton in forest green with MBC logo 
embroidered in white. 
Apron AP-1 $18 

Order Toll Free 800-763-7359 • Order By Fax 540-885-9503 • Shop Online 

26 Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 


^GE :: 2002-03 

The motivation to give to Mary Baldwin 
College is personal and as varied as the 
number of contributors — the hun- 
dreds of graduates and former students, 
parents, and friends whose names grace these 
pages. But they all share a goal: a Mary 
Baldwin College that is the best that it can be, 
now and in the future. A college that trans- 
forms the minds and lives of its students, 
engages accomplished and inspiring faculty, 
retains a highly 
competent, com- 
mitted staff, and 
serves as a national 
model for excel- 
lence in education 
through signature 
programs and inno- 
vative tradition. 

Mary Baldwin 
has long enjoyed 
wide respect, espe- 
cially among 
experts and 
authorities. Bol- 
stering its ranking 
as one of (J . S . 
News & World 
Report's top-tier 
master's-level uni- 
versities in the 
South is what the 
magazine calls 

"peer assessment" — the opinions of presi- 
dents, chief academic officers, and deans of 
admission at other colleges and universities. 

When it comes to peer assessment, 
Mary Baldwin is something of an over- 
achiever. We manage to score high in this 
key category, offsetting a small endowment 
and, as the accompanying chart shows, the 

Alumnae/i Giving 

(As reported to U.S. News & World Report for its 2003 


-04 rankings) 

Institution Annual Giving Rate 

(Percentage of alumnae/i) 

Davidson College 53 

Washington an(d Lee University 


Ran(dolph-Macon Woman's College 


Agnes Scott College 


Hollins University 


Sweet Briar College 


Mills College 


Hampiden-Sydney College 


Wells College 


Queens University of Charlotte 


Virginia Military Institute 


College of Notre Dame 


Presbyterian College 


Hood College 


Converse College 


Mary Baldwin College 


Meredith College 


modest percentage of alumnae/i who con- 
tribute to the Annual Fund. 

Increasing the proportion of givers will do 
considerably more than help MBC rise in the 
rankings. Donors listed here know that their 
support is just as important to Mary Baldwin's 
future as it is to us now. Whatever the size of 
individual gifts, the percentage of alumnae/i 
who participate in annual giving matters. 
As closely watched as some may be, rank- 
ings are not 
everything. But 
your support of 
Mary Baldwin is. 
The markets are 
going up again. 
Think of your con- 
tribution as an 
investment in the 
value of your 
degree, in the cer- 
tainty that someone 
else will have the 
opportunity that 
you did. 

Take a look at 
the charts on the 
page facing this 
one. Congratulate 
the classes with 
impressive percent- 
ages of givers. Take 
inspiration if yours 
is not among them. 
Scan the columns of donors on the following 
pages. If your name isn't there, please get in 
touch with Mary Baldwin. (And don't hesitate 
to give an MBC friend a nudge.) Giving is 
easy. You can do it online at 
(click on the cupola of Hunt Dining Hall at 
the bottom of the main page). Or call toll free: 

( 2 ) 

Annual Giving Participation by Reunion Class 

0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 


Five- Year Gifts and Pledges for Reunion Classes 


$50,000 $100,000 $150,000 $200,000 $250,000 $300,000 $350,000 

( 3 ) 


( 4 ) 


Fannie Royster Cooke Trust 


Estate of Mary Biedler Finer 


Estate of Sfiirley Haynes Hunter 


Estate of Emily Ramsey Thompson 


Dr Ruth Douglas See 


Alene Brewster Lamer 


Louise Randol Brooks 
H. Brehm Cottman 
Margaret Grabill Jones 
Mary Scanlon McCailie 
Ruth Edmunds Shepherd 
Margaret King Westcott 


Evelyn Wood Chatham 
Mildred Mawhinney Clements 
Estate of Katherine E, Drake 
Jacqueline Cnnkley Maddex 
Julia Gooch Richmond 


Martha Logan Cnssman 
M. Virginia Clark Marks 
Jane Barnes Ruffin 
Jean Clark Wnght 


Helen Wade Dantzler 
Katherine Dyer Dudley 
Estate of Ora Ehmling Ehmann 
Mary Elizabeth Gardner Glen 
Nancy Wallace Henderson 
Dorothy Douglass Kellam 
Dorothy Hooge King 
Harriet Schofield McLaughlin 
Elizabeth Vincent McMullen 
Nellie Hankins Schmidt 
Jean Blackburn Tipton 


Blessing Whitmore Brown 
Virginia Kyle Copper 
Margaret Hunt Hill 
Jean Holliday 
Jane Mather Parish 
Margaret Childrey Penzold 
Ethel Coffey Strawn 
Barbara Johnson von Reis 


Joan Ballard Bailey 
Winifred Young Bowman 
Janet Hollis Doswell 
Opal Newton Garrett 
Adele Gooch Kiesslmg 
Mary Lou Motfitt Knorr 
Agnes McClung Messimer 
Sarah Lacy Miller 

Peggy Hooven Murphy 
Margaret Keller Pearson 
Mary Hutcheson Ragland 
Dorothy Cohen Silverman 
Alice Moore Sisson 
Jane Mattox Turner 
Ruth Galey Welliver 
Lelia Huyett White 


Mary Kerr Brooks 

Estate of Elizabeth Boyd Caskey 

Janie Holman Edwards 

Frances Rue Godwin 

Myrtle Foy Hennis 

Elizabeth Banner Hudgins 

Sarah Maupin Jones 

Frances Perrottet Kresler 

Mildred Lapsley 

Maxine Dunlap Mclntyre 

Jean Young Moore 

Hazel Astin Nelson 

Ermagard Kruse Skaggs 

Nancy Owen Stuart 

Shirley Keelgar Williamson 

Mary Cronin Wolfe 

Helen HullYood 

Frederica Young 


Mary Kennedy Berry 
MarjorieTobin Burke 
Mary Cline 
Mary Van Atta Derr 
Katherine Holt Dozier 
Emma Padgett FitzHugh 
Virginia Hayes Forrest 
Alice Bitner Freund 
Thelma Riddle Golightly 
Margaret Herscher Hitchman 
Shirley Fleming Iben 
Elizabeth Clayberger Jones 
Jean Baum Mair 
Nita SoRelle Martin 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell 
Dorothy Baughan Moore 
Almeyda Spratley Peyton 
Molly Wagener Rice 
Sara Frances Ferrell Shay 
Alice Jones Thompsont 
Sally Cheney Walker 
Barbara Payne Webster 
Ellen Nicholson Williams 


Louise Kinkel Boehmke 
Dale Peters Bryant 
Martha Farmer Chapman 
Jane Raudenbush Coiner 
Virginia Evans Crapuchettes 
Anna Greenland Dortch 
Betty Kull Drumheller 
Lelia Dunlap 
Mary Clinard Flinn 
Malvine Paxton Graham 
Katherine Jarratt 
Harriet Angier Kuhn 
Dorns Withers McNeal 
Mary Thompson Molten 
Mary Thomas Moorhead 
Frances Sledge Nicrosi 


Margaret Williams Adams 
Elizabeth McGrath Anthony 
Mary Simpson Bailey 
Mary Lightner Bast 
Hannah Campbell Boatwnght 
Carolyn Norton Brushwood 
Pearl Epiing Gulp 
Anne Hayes Davis 
Mary Guerrant Dodson 
Mary Bartenstein Faulkner 
Jane Harris Gatling 
Clarissa Shepherd Gaylord 
Sara Mackey Godehn 
Inez Jones Hagaman 
Janet Werner Harris 
Nancy McWhorter Hurley 
Louise Vandiviere Mashburn 
Emily Eakle Morgan 
Jane Craig Morrison 
Jean Anderson Nicewander 
Kathryn Poerschke Stevens 
Laura Luck Stiles 
Eleanor Jamison Supple 
Dr. Leslie Syron 
Margaret McDonald White 
Elisabeth White Willard 
Caroline Murphy Winter 


Julia Logan Carvin 
Louise Jackson Green 
Margaret McMurray Hottel 
Mary Jane Lyies Houston 
Caroline Rose Hunt 
Meredith Jones Johnson 
Gladys Adams Link 
Betty Johnson Mix 
Mary Bullock Morris 
Dorothy Hundley Neale 
Anna Winslow Newbold 
Frances Knight Nollet 
Margaret Pnce Pinson 
Sally Wheat Porter 
Anna Lane Rogers 
Ruth Peters Sproul 
Martha Sprouse Stoops 


Laura McManaway Andrews 
Charlotte Craun Bishop 
Kathenne Kivlighan Carter 
Mary Cooke 
Eva Vines Eutsler 
Josephine Hannah Holt 
Dorothy Shelton Jones 
Ann Kivlighan MacLeod 
Anne Haneke McGough 
Joyce Goldstein Moseley 
Virginia Gochenour Reid 
Dorothy Cleveland Robb 
Frances Taylor Roberts 
Mildred Roycroft Teer 
Grace Dryden Venable 
Mary Dale Lott Wilson 


Margaret Earle Baker 
Mary Anne Rhame Bates 
Anne Churchman Brown 
Elizabeth McCampbell Burton 


( 5 ) 

Nelwyn Kirby Culbertson 
Anne Gard Kinzie 
Erah Hatten Kliewer 
Dorothy Whitmore Kurbjun 
Helen Cook McQuillen 
Julia Pancake Rankin 
Nancy Nettleton Rood 
Anne Sims Smith 
Ann Dowdell Stausst 
Mary Burr Stevens 
Ann Whitehead Thomas 
Betty NeislerTimberlake 
Nancy Townsend 
Mimi Mitchell Tufts 
Frances Tullis 
Sara Smith Wade 
Sarah Beale Weaver 
Mary Cox Whitmore 


Billie Joseph Ameen 
Sabine Goodman Andrews 
Mary Goodrich Baskin 
Velma Newbill Booth 
Janet Whitney Bowyer 
Rosemary Kearfott Bralley 
Joyce Craig Butterworth 
Peggy Hull Caldwell 
Virginia Bridgers Corrlgan 
Marjorie Moore Council 
Margaret Davis Evans 
Thelma Trigg Gannon 
Susan Stewart Goldthwaite 
Cornelia Adair Green 
Anne Martin Hobson 
Mary Brown Myrvik 
Dr. Beneta J. Peacock 
Anne Armstrong Piepenbrink 
Gladys McManaway Poindexter 
Jane Proftit Pruett 
Margaret Pollard Rea 
Margaret Miller Reynolds 
Emily Moore Seay 
Helen Black Sinnott 
Bertie Deming Smith 
Jean Bickle Smith 
Joan Moran Smith 
Jean DinkinsThomason 
Cecile Meats Turner 


George Ann Brown Bahan 
Elizabeth Dunn Barnes 
Mary Wright Bryan 
Nan Doney Clausel 
Betsy Forrest Dunwoody 
Jane Atkinson Dwyer 
Barbara Bixler Elliott 
Martha McMurry Ellis 
Marguerite Gaston Garrett 
Alice Summers Hale 
Mary Graves Knowles Hamilton 
Nancy Jones Hamilton 
Miriam Buckles Helmen 
Sarah Beals Holzbach 
Margaret Farris Huff 
Emily W. Hundley 
Kathryn Else Johnson 
Eleanor Armistead Knipp 
Marianna Jamison Leach 
Edith Lane McKay 
Jean Bailey McKinney 

Virginia Roseborough Morton 
F Walsh Read 
Lynne McNew Smart 
Mary Beth Reed Smyth 
Marquilla Stuckey Stringer 
Harriette Clarke Thorne 
Gloria DukeTngg 
Myrna Williams Vest 
Charlotte Fall Williams 
Marillyn Hoyt Yancey 

1948 Reunion 

Jean Wallace Blount 
Peggy Black Braecklein 
Geraldine Canby Carroll 
Anne Monyhan Chambers 
Helen Swortzel Earhart 
Harriet Hinman Eubank 
Elva Fifer 

Jo Bales Gallagher 
Pamela Burnside Gray 
Ellen Eskridge Groseclose 
Martha Brown Hamrick 
Virginia Albertson Hanks 
Heline Cortez Harrison 
Ruth McBryde Hill 
Ann Lucas Hite 
Ann Doyle Hopps 
Dorothy Hill Jefferis 
Jane Hammond Jervey 
Leone Bellingrath Jones 
Margaret Clarke Kirk 
Annie Beale Kornegay 
Dons Clement Kreger 
Bettie Barnett Lombard 
Elinor Weathersby McCorkle 
Martha Persinger Nowlin 
Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool P< 
Mary Graham Parkins 
Betty Gaston Patton 
Barbara Murray Perrin 
Helen Atkeson Phillips 
Elizabeth Blanchard Podesta 
Martha Godwin Saunders 
Harriet McLean Slaughter 
Janey Martin Tanner 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor 
Dorothy Wilson Vincent 
Lettalou Garth Whittington 
Betsy Berry Williamson 
Margaret Getty Wilson 
Katharine Adair Woods 


Julia Johnston Belton 
Mary Duke Blouin 
Emily Ogburn Doak 
Patricia Downing 
Peggy Reid Durden 
Jean Farrow 

Betty Farrington Felegara 
Caroline Sprouse Ghebelian 
Betty McLean Hopkins 
Jane Sebrell Irby 
Cynthia Betts Johnson 
Marjorie Runge Kelso 
Betty Harrell Kyle 
Vera Canaday Lupo 
Elizabeth Rawls Macklin 
Jean Quarles Mary 
Margaret Ryder Pence 
Beverly Harrison Rhodes 

Anne Millner Sager 
Carrie HamTarkington 
Katharine Makepeace Turner 
Vivienne HutchensVail 
Nancy Rawls Watson 
Katherine Potts Wellford 
Margaret Hooks Wilson 


Harriet Bangle Barnhardt 

Margaret Barrier 

Mary Stuckey Baxter 

Mane McClure Beck 

Anne Faw Bernard 

Elia Durr Buck 

Jean De Vore Calhoun 

Ann Jones Comley 

Pennie West Covington 

Mary Sue Gochenour Fowlkes 

Jeanne Ashby Furrh 

Anita Thee Graham 

Mary Carpenter Graham 

Joann Mitchell Grier 

Virginia Rose Hagee 

Frances Koblegard Harcus 

EmmeWingate Hawn 

Betty Anderson Jeffrey 

Gwendolyn Park Kelly 

Nancy Cohen Locher 

Johanna Westley Lucas 

Clara Burroughs McFarlin 

Barbara Payne Nolan 

Mary Matthews Park 

Alice Hunter Patterson 

Anna Cacciapaglia Peduto 

Frances Lankford Peek 

Mary White Richards 

Doris McClary Rollins 

Bess Plaxco Smith 

Virginia Rosen Strickler 

Helen HordTesterman 

Mary Horton Waldron 

Mary Wright Whaling 

Marilyn Simpson Williams 

Reverend Betty Jean Gilmer Young 


Martha McMullan Aasen 

Elsie Martin Andersen 

Jean Atkinson 

Mary Ann Tucker Barker 

Charlotte Jackson Berry 

Nancy Kunkle Carey 

Martha Kline Chaplin 

Jane Stanley Chislett 

Ouida Caldwell Davis 

Diane Prettyman DeWall 

Nancy Draper 

Ellen Underwood Eckford 

Marilyn Walseth Gano 

Mary Carolyn Hollers George 

Patricia Andrew Goodson 

Jacqueline McClenney Hamilton 

Jean Kyle Hedges 

Dr Alletta Jervey 

Wilma Hodge Obaugh 

Anne Poole 

Mary Lou Christie Schroeder 

Betty White Talley 

Lilian Bedinger Taylor 

Elizabeth Brinckerhoff Thomas 

Jane Moudy Van Dragt 


Adelia Hoefgen Baldwin 
Mary Wilson Benthall 
Jessica Gilliam Boatwright 
Evelyn Chapman Brown 
Elizabeth Blount Brundick 
Jeannette Woolford Byrd-Hansen 
Eriine Griffin Eason 
Helen Fletcher 
Peggy Shelton Fore 
Judith W. Godwin 
Mary McBryde Gray 
Margaret McLaughlin Grove 
Lynn Lytton Hamer 
Ann LeStourgeon Harris 
Florence Wimberly Hellinger 
Betty Scott Jones 
Ann Greer Kidd 
Constance Detrick Lamons 
Jane Woodruff Lucas 
Marjorie Gordon Manning 
Dorothy Payne Nash 
Ruth Ann Worth Puckett 
Dorothy Smith Purse 
Ruth Harrison Quillen 
Anne Stuart Richardson 
Mary Jane Gray Richardson 
Margaret Moore Ripley 
Betty Gwaltney Schutte 
Barbara Sanford Smith 
Margaret King Stanley 
Janet Russell Steelman 
Marjorie SykesTurnbul! 
Ann Brown Voss 
Alice Ball Watts 
Patricia Murphey Whitman 
Virginia Mann Ziegler 

1953 Reunion 

Dorothy Beals Ballew 

Martha Barnett Beal 

Jeanne Sherrill Boggs 

Margaret Gignilliat Carswell 

Betty Martin Close 

Mary Asbury Cobb 

Ellen Martin Coe 

Betty Jean Ralston Cook 

Margaret Garrett Corsa 

Jennie Evans Dille 

Kay Flippen Durham 

Mildred Sheridan Gaiilard 

Nancy Barron Gourley 

Ida Ryland Guthrie 

Mary Jane Laird Hammond 

Ann Taylor Hanak 

Ann Lee Harrison 

Nelson Fray Haskell 

Nancy Hendricks 

Marcia Mumma Hodges 

Marjorie Benton Hooper 

Marilyn Myers Lee 

Harriette Tebell Long 

M. Sue McManus 

Jane Tucker Mitchell 

Mary Sue Shields Koontz Nelson 

Alice Sykes Palmer 

Elma Rollins Proffitt 

June Auer Reed 

Charlotte Sheffer Reid 

Eva Pound Rothschild 

Jane Allen Rowe 

Patricia Tibbals Schnack 

( 6 ) 

Elizabeth Dahl Shaner 
Mary Jo Shilling Shannon 
Dr. Ethel Smeak 
Nelle McCants Smith 
Betty Eberhart Spillman 
JoAnne Vames Stamus 
Jo Ann Thacker West 
Suzanne Hill Willianns 


Ann Robinson Brown 

Dora Wiley Brown 

Jean Fear Clements 

M Elizabeth De Loach 

Constance Headapohl DeBerardinis 

Agnes Gray Dutf 

Johanna Paul Elder 

Eleanor Yeakley Gardner 

Marian Hollingswoah Green 

Nancy Rawles Grissom 

Jessie Carr Haden 

Mary McKee Hagemeyer 

Anne Oden Hall 

Janet Mitchell Harper 

Joan Davenport Haydon 

Virginia Eversole Herdman 

Louise Fowlkes Kegiey 

Betty Garter Lane 

Alma McCue Miller 

Ann Shaw Miller 

Mary Taylor Murray 

Winifred Boggs Myrick 

Addie McLaughlin Ours 

Anne Dosher Read 

Helene Rogers 

Betty Garrett Schmidt 

Elizabeth Biggadike Scroggin 

Mary Creswell Short 

Ashlin Wyatt Smith 

Cherie ParrishTurman 

M. MusserWatkins Warren 

Jane Edwards Wheeler 

Elizabeth Switzer Zirkle 


Ellen Stickell Bare 
Frances Hafer Chiles 
JoAnne Crouch Clark 
Mary Jamison Clarke 
Dorothy Martin Harris 
Elizabeth Robinson Harrison 
Amy Maloy Lindsly 
Patncia Pinkley Miller 
Mary Hornbarger Mustoe 
Margaret Berry Phillips 
Patty Tipton Pugh 
Tomlin Hornbarger Scott 
Eleanor Harwell Thomsen 
Gwendolyn Cooper Wamsley 
Najia Hassen White 


Margaret Adair Atmar 
Mary Baldwin 
Mary Beale Black 
Nancy Payne Dahl 
Patricia Bowie Davis 
Nancy Buston Downs 
Laura Clausen Drum 
Page Grey Dudley 
Martha Parke Gibian 
Anne Goode 

Susan Dozier Grotz 
Eloise Buntin Hovater 
Aline Powers Hudson 
Bettye Hurt Ingram 
Ann Dick Lovelady 
Elizabeth Malone 
Katherine Keller Maultsby 
Estate of Ann Ritchie McHugh 
Martha Stokes Neill 
Reid Strickland Nottingham 
Susan Andes Pittman 
Jeanette Fisher Reid 
Claire Fontaine Rice 
Virginia Hunt Roberts 
Mary Colonna Robertson 
Ellen Gibson Shaw 
Clare Trotti Stephens 
Patricia Lary Stevens 
Barbara Hunter Stone 
Ellawells Milligan Williams 
June Morrow Winslow 


Susan Wilson Cruser 
Frances Wills Delcher 
Paula Branch Holt 
Mettle Goodwin Jaynes 
Salenda Smith Kincaid 
Ann Denny Kinscherff 
Margaret Jorstad Lucas 
Ann Kennedy Melton 
Martha Robinson Meyer 
Shannon Greene Mitchell 
Jane Hogan Moses 
Mary Wells Powell 
Diane Alexis Riffelmacher 
Elizabeth Crawford Bobbins 
The Rev- Judith Gabel Reeling 
Helen Thompson Sharpley 
Barbara Bullock Williams 

1958 Reunion 

Judith Gallup Armstrong 
Emily Baker 

Janice Gregory Belcher 
Virginia Maxwell Burnett 
Kathleen Hand Carter 
Nancy Williams Deacon 
Margaret Teague Eaton 
Caroline Huffstutler Furr 
Kathryn Layne Hanna 
Marjone Hoge 
Anne Coleman Huskey 
Jettie Bergman Johnston 
Constance McHugh Kimerer 
Martha Thuiin Leynes-Selbert 
Patricia Schendel Loring 
H Wornom Moore 
A. Kay Humphrey Pancake 
Nancy McMullan Pauley 
Lydia Woods Peale 
Faye Smith Peck 
Patsy Messer Poovey 
Edith Martin Ruggles 
Carolyn Griffis Smith 
Patricia Sphar 
Patricia Gwynn Taft 
Margaret Flythe Teague 
Elizabeth Withrow Turner 
Merita Long Webster 
Bruce Suttle Winfield 


Anne McClung Anderson 
Rebecca Pierce Ansley 
Emory O'Shee Apple 
Ann Singletary Bass 
Martha Caplinger Brinkley 
Marie Hayward Collins 
Virginia Bruce Cooke 
Jane Reid Cunningham 
Margaret Foster Curtis 
Mary Phlegar Davis 
Julia Johnson Demler 
Ardys Hough Dodge 
Cornelia Davis Doolan 
Suzanne Stirling Duffey 
Virginia Hofler Duvall 
Anne Herbert Feathers 
Anne Wait Gardner 
Katherine Williams Gooding 
McChesney Mayer Grabau 
Gloria Gregory Hildebrand 
Elizabeth Williams Hoover 
Martha Moseley Johnson 
Carlana Lindstrom Lane 
Helen Smith McCallum 
Joyce Holt McDowell 
Ruth Hawkins Molony 
Dr Gwen Kennedy Neville 
Douglass Kellam Patterson 
H. Sue Ritchie Scherff 
Sandra Esquivel Snyder 
Lucy Fisher West 
Beverly Matthews Williams 
Patricia Henderson Williams 


Sara Armstrong Bingley 
Susan Warfield Caples 
Meredith Dunbar Carlson 
Carolyn Smith Clyburn 
Patsy Little Culpepper 
LoisWillard Daniel 
Nancy Mayer Dunbar 
Sara Squires Enckson 
Mary Cowan Grimshaw 
Elmore Bartlett Inscoe 
Muriel Smith Jones 
Sharon Hooks Knaus 
Rebekah Lewis Knvsky 
Nancy Hooker Manning 
Anne Fray McCormick 
Helaine Hobby McKenney 
Meryl Richardson Nolan 
Jane Shiflet Rexrode 
Sara Miller Richardson 
Vicky Hill Rimstidt 
Patricia Edwards Saunders 
Mary K, McConchie Schultz 
Carolyn Gilmer Shaw 
Jeannette Hervey Trice 
Florence Lee Daniel Wellons 


Barbara Reid Bailey 
Patncia Goshorn Ball 
Frances Kretlow Bedore 
Phebe Palmer Bishop 
Suzanne Sessoms Blair 
Dr. Mary Ellen Brown 
Katharine Bonfoey Burgdorf 
Susan Deibert Butler 
Barbara Williams Craig 


( 7 ) 

Elizabeth Burton Crusel 
Anne Ponder Dickson 
Eleanor Starke Evans 
Cynthia Hundley Fisher 
Olivia Rogers Guggenheim 
Nancy Klauder Hall 
Frances Purdom Hammonds 
Beverly Grear Hurt 
Wendy Coleman LeGardeur 
Shirley Corbin Menendez 
Karen Bass Mulder 
Patricia Liebert Riddick 
Susan Ely Ryan 
Emily Reeves Sloan 
Carol Wornom Sorensen 
Mary Vaughn Stanley 
Nancy Simpson Steinmiller 
Otey Hayward Swoboda 
Katherine Smith Tinker 
Cornelia Jenkins Ward 
Sylvia Scott Weaver 


Neilson Peirce Andrews 
Jane Coleman Balfour 
Elizabeth Dickerson Brown 
Susan Jennings Denson 
Elizabeth Scott Featherstone 
Sandra Sykes Gray 
Jennifer Wilson Green 
Linda Dolly Hammack 
Margaret Saunders Hayes 
Susan Johnson High 
Phyllis Boone Hill 
Susan Hooper Hogge 
Lacey Sanford Hudgins 
Vera Thomas James 
Antoinette Harrison Jamison 
Catherine Kavanagh 
Mary Anne Gilbert Kohn 
Iva Zeiler Lucas 
Phoebe McCain Luce 
Mary Nell Williams Mathis 
Martha Butler Matthews 
Judith Richardson Minter 
Carolyn Stover Modarelli-Adams 
Sally Heltzel Pearsall 
Sarah Mitchell Preddy 
Eugenia McCuenThomason 
Mary Whitinger Turner 

1963 Reunion 

Anne Hogshead Aleman 

Terry Alexander 

Helen Arrowood Arnold 

Sally Dupree Barnett 

Elizabeth Evans Baxter 

Betsy Fitch Benton 

Diana Rogers Block-Mauldin 

Sarah Livingston Brown 

Ingrid Carlson 

Faye Baker Clark 

Lane Wright Cochrane 

Mary Gould Coulbourn 

Reese Edmondson Currie 

Ann Booker Darst 

Linda Wyatt Duncan 

Mary Rutherfoord Mercer Ferguson 

Nancy Blood Ferguson 

Ann Geggie Fridley 

Patricia Berry Garner 

Mary Callaway Garrett 

Judy Lipes Garst 
Elizabeth Fisher Harris 
Judith Thompson Hatcher 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins 
Martha Fant Hays 
Roberta Gill Hefler 
Elizabeth Laird Hicks 
Holly Hanson Hill 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp 
Janet Bish Holmes 
Shirley Lewis Huffman 
Barbara Wishart Johnson 
Mary Roberts Judkins 
Carolyn Smith Kehler 
Ann King 

Penelope Kimbro Kraus 
Robbie Nelson LeCompte 
Shearer Troxell Luck 
Susan Sale Luck 
Rosalinda Roberts Madara 
Linda Fobes Marion 
Martha Singletary Marks 
Joan Stanley Maroulis 
Jane Coulbourn Marshall 
Keene Roadman Martin 
Virginia Hesdorffer Maxwell 
Mary Cochran McConnell 
Patricia Fisher McHold 
Ann Dial McMillan 
Becky Cannaday Merchant 
Dr. Page Putnam Miller 
Dorothea Bessire Morns 
Dr. Joann Brown Morton 
Melissa Kimes Mullgardt 
Margaret Woodson Nea 
Jean Wells Nelson 
Minta McDiarmid Nixon 
Carolyn Epperson Nolan 
Jerri Percival Palmer 
Gale Palmer Penn 
Kathenne Sproul Perry 
Mary Ellen Smith Perry 
Lynn Butts Preston 
Mary Parmelee Reid 
Macon Clement Riddle 
Martha Grant Rideout 
Jo Miller Robertson 
Eleanor McCown Robideau 
Sue Jordan Rodarte 
Rita Cooper Russ 
Emily Dethloff Ryan 
Rebecca Chambers Schwartz 
Gene Allred Smith 
Caryn FogartyTebbe 
Frances Davis TenBrook 
Margaret EngleTrumbo 
Emily Tyler 
Jane Vaughan 
Elizabeth White 
Anna Stuart Wise 


Byrd Williams Abbott 
Victoria Reid Argabright 
Mary Juer Barnwell 
Beverly Estes Bates 
Karen Appleby Baughan 
Sarah Alley Boney 
Jane Heywood Boylin 
Alice Farrior Butler 
Frances Sanders Davis 
Rebecca Bryant Davis 

Mary Kerr Denny 
Sally Dorsey 
Glenn Ellen Downie 
Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco 
Sarah Brennan Freeman 
Penelope Wev Frere 
Laura Holbrook Hardwick 
Ann King Harkins 
Helen Downie Harrison 
Susan Palmer Hauser 
Bess Alexander Johnson 
Margaret Thompson Johnson 
Anita Saffels Lawson 
Jo Ellen Jennette Luscombe 
Mary Ann Appleby Marchio 
Phyllis Short Marcom 
Eleanor Poole McCord 
Carolyn Clemmer McCulley 
Darlena Sizemore Mixon 
Fairfax Hardesty Montgomery 
Virginia Morton 
Pamela Milliken Reed 
Rebecca Quinn Schubmehl 
Linda Leeds Scott 
Wortley Davis Smith 
Martha Murchison Strickland 
Susan Thompson Timmons 
Jean Umberger Wertz 


Mary Gillespie Amos 

Frances Gilliam Armstrong 

Martha Peck Bolen 

Diane Cooper Byers 

Elizabeth Walker Gate 

Melanie Walthall Chambliss 

Elaine Knight Clarke 

Stuart Chapman Cobb 

Janice Jones Collins 

Janet Haddrell Connors 

Nan Davis 

Katherine Early Dougherty 

Anne Smith Edwards 

Carol Emory 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans 

Deborah Bulkley Fairiey 

Gary Flake 

June Early Fraim 

Marian Gordin 

Carta Russell Gregory 

Judith Payne Grey 

Carol Graham Hairston 

Emma Martin Halpert 

Nancy Terwilliger Harste 

Sara Beabout Hartman 

Mary Lewis Hix 

Judy Roy Hoffman 

Carol Gibson Kanner 

Paula Stephens Lambert 

Ann Mebane Levine 

Jean Lynn 

Margaret Hogenauer McCormick 

Elizabeth Brown McKell 

Kathryn Johnson McKinnie 

Charlotte Tyson Mewborn 

Nancy Jackson Miller 

Elizabeth Matthews Morgan 

Dr. Mary Newell 

Julie Willman Norman 

Meredith Carter Patterson 

Margaret Terrell Penick 

Adele Jeffords Pope 

Julene Reese Roberts 
Jeannie McLain Rubin 
Dorothy lafrate Rudy 
Gail McAlpin Schweickert 
Carol Stewart Shaw 
Judy Bryant Skinner 
Jane Doughtie Taylor 
Margaret Michael Thompson 
Mary Peach Upchurch 
Hannah Gatchell Webb 
Susan Browne Webb 
Margaret Malone West 
Elizabeth Dismer Yancey 


Lucy Lanier Adcock 

Julia Blanchard Batchelor 

Susanne Rayburn Bates 

Martha Ratchford Bean 

Mary Chenault Bomar 

Analeak Liipfert Bowers 

Elizabeth Shinnick Caldwell 

Dr. Janet White Campbell 

Mary Crittenden Catrett 

Pamela Wavell Clark 

Julia Barbee Crothers 

Carol Delbridge 

Carole Rednour Dixon 

The Rev. Eugenia Hedden Dowdeswell 

Sandra Zeese Driscoll 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham 

Mary Rainer Eanes 

Virginia Timbes Ewing 

Kay Puckette Felmlee 

Susan Mulford Gantly 

Glenda Norris George 

Ann Wade Godwin 

Virginia Gonder 

Alice Tolley Goodwin 

Sally Marks Goodwin 

Virginia Freeman Haile 

Joan Velten Hall 

Patricia Bilbo Hamp 

Gwynn McNaught Henderson 

Jane Via llli 

Esther Johnson 

Dr. Gail Apperson Kilman 

Rebecca Suter Lindsay 

Virginia Vaughan Longuillo 

Carey Goodwin Louthan 

Sammy Pnmm Marshall 

Lou Hartgraves McCarty 

Florence Merritt Percy 

Frances Davis Pollard 

Sandra Lennon Price 

Karen Cowsert Pryor 

Carol Storm Smith 

Laura Mauldin Stewart 

Alice Lippitt Steyaart 

June McLaughlin Strader 

M. Elizabeth Swope 

Hope RothertTaft 

Jo Ellen Turner Thompson 

Nancy Yates Woodall 

Anne Hutton Zimmerschied 


Dr. Ann Field Alexander 
Margaret Maddex Barnes 
Frances Gallion Bear 
Margaret Cuthbert Campbell 
Peggy Anderson Carr 

( 8 ) 

Margaret Turner Coleman 
Angela Blose Corley 
Elizabeth Allen Cushing 
Winton Mather Doherty 
Louise Tabb Edge 
Kathleen Myers Faust 
Nancy Rubright Gates 
Jean Lambeth Hart 
Ellen Martin Mass 
Rosa McLaughlin Heinsohn 
Wylyn Letson Hodnett 
Dixie Epes Hoggan 
Virginia Carter Holden 
Marione Gillespie Holt 
Ruth Linrell 

Kathryn Jackson Lohmiller 
Frances Harvey Mallison 
Mary Page Manning 
Charlotte McCormick 
Carey Cooley McDaniel 
Alice Moore 

Courtenay Green Mullen 
Nancy Falkenberg Muller 
Sally Stowers Oliver 
Virginia Taylor Otts 
Jacquelyn Stroupe Pace 
Margaret Allen Palmer 
Dr Susan Palmer 
Roberta Brent Peek 
M Elizabeth Preddy 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale 
Katharine Saffold Rapkin 
Elizabeth Barkley Ravenel 
Carolyn Newman Renner 
Ann Humphrey Sanders 
Sallie Chellis Schisler 
Carol Laws Slonaker 
Gail Alberts Stone 
Judith Pugh Stone 
Susan McKeown Waters 
Pamela Hyrne Wendt 
Dr. Sue McDowell Whitlock 

1968 Reunion 

E, Lawson Bonner Anderson 

Monnie Moore Armsworthy 

Kathleen Aure 

Virginia Watson Bernard 

Nancy Geiger Bondurant 

Judith Way Bouchard 

Barbara Brown Bowles 

Beverly Bland Branch 

Carolyn Martin Bryan 

Kathleen Kenig Byford 

V Patrice Campbell 

Dr Cathenne Walleigh Carnevale 

Georgeanne Bates Chapman 

Elise Palma Couper 

Judith Wells Creasy 

Susan Gamble Dankel 

Ellen Gaw Dean 

Anne Kinnier Driscoll 

Nancy Enksen Fogelson 

The Rev. Dr Margaret Anne Robertson Fohl 

Frances Ford 

Ann Whitten Gillenwater 

Sarah Robertson Gnilka 

Elizabeth Roper Golden 

Nancy Peyton Gresham 

Barbara Craft Hemphill 

Susan Vaughan Henry 

Leslie Watson Hill 

Barbara Lovill Hooks 
Barbara Penick Jimenez 
Susan Merklas Kahn 
Elizabeth Jolley Kobiashvili 
Nancy Kevan Lazaron 
Susan Powell Leister 
Susan Van Lear Logan 
Lynn Merritt MacEwen 
Ihrie Carr Means 
Sarah Sterrett Meyerhoft 
Sharon Miller Midland 
Caroline Smith Morton 
Margaret Lawrence Parkerson 
Martha Howard Patten 
Susan White Persak 
Judy Mauze Philpott 
Dorothy Lewis Primeau 
Elizabeth Slipek Pruitt 
Knstine Niehaus Revington 
Martha Blake Rex 
F Temple Roberts 
Patricia Thomas Robinson 
Alicia Rodon-Estefani 
Cornelia Green Roy 
Jane Starke Sims 
Martha Jernigan Sims 
Linda Goddin Smith 
Kathenne Martin Snider 
Mary Miller Sopher 
Susanne Dyer Stanley 
Edith A Stotler 
The Rev. Sherry Mason Taylor 
Cathy Turner Temple 
Tempe Grant Thomas 
Blanche Humphreys Toms 
Ray Castles Uttenhove 
Beth Free Van Fossen 
Virginia Reynolds Vogel 
Barbara Simmons Wainscott 
Alice Lacy Wareham 
Cynthia Knight Wier 
Rebecca Chapman Williams 
Dr. Suzanne Smith Williams 
Eleanor Harbrook Wilson 
Margaret Neille McRae Wilson 
Elisabeth Wise 
Peyton Wooldridge 


Valerie Lutz Angeloro 
Claire Lewis Arnold 
Neely Garrett Axselle 
Janet Turner Barrows 
Miriam Jones Beckwith 
Sandra Holliman Botton 
Cynthia Yeager Bouldin 
Mary Earle Brown 
Eda Hofstead Cabaniss 
Susan Campbell 
Mary Kennedy Caruso 
Angier Brock Caudle 
Abigail Robinson Coppock 
Elizabeth Floeting Davis 
Linda Dawe 
Suzanne Jones Duncan 
Linda Hite Durbin 
Judith Barnett Dutterer 
AnnTrusler Faith 
Susan Tram Fearon 
Sheryl Ameen Fiegel 
Martha Fowler 
Karen Marston Frank 

M. Jane Durant Fried 

Judith Galloway 

Carolyn Waike Gard 

Nancy Hill Haley 

Kathryn Bish Hanson 

Patricia Bmkley Haws 

Kay Culbreath Heller 

Dr. Sara Nair James 

E. Lindsay Jones 

Judith West Kidd 

Gail McLennan King 

Nora Leary 

Dr. Gayle Lester 

Margaret Livingston 

Elizabeth Newman Mason 

Martha Masters 

Elizabeth Maxwell 

Janet Rawlings McGraw 

Frances Thompson McKay 

Mary Ann Feil Morris 

Jane Sanders Mornss 

Grace Friend Mullen 

Mary Ellen Navas 

Sarah Cooke Newcomb 

Cissie Ellis Paddie 

Mary Hutcheson Pnddy 

Margaret Barranger Reid 

Sandra McQuarne Rigby 

Susan Robbins-Heaney 

Patricia Robertson 

Tia Nolan Roddy 

Come Smith Sargeant 

Elizabeth Helmken Schubert 

Lindley Moffett Small 

Edwina Smith 

Kathenne Quillian Solberg 

Ann Davis Spitler 

Sherri Miller Stephenson 

Rose Driver Stuart 

Anne Emmert Thompson 

Jane Collis Thornton 


Anne McLeod Turner 

Ann Lewis Vaughn 

Judith Wade 

Mary Ward 

Mary Gregory Wilson 


Kathrena Ravenhorst Adams 

Martha Kennedy Albertson 

Carolyn Bass Armentrout 

Kathenne Crawford Arrowsmith 

Jane Graves Bartlett 

Windon Blanton Biesecker 

Chris Ziebe Blanton 

Virginia Holmes Brown 

Julie Mays Cannell 

Mizza Saunders Conwell 

Mary McCaa Cothran 

Lynn Des Prez 

Whitney Hanes Feldmann 

Leslie Freeman 

Dale Smith Georgiade 

Elaine Rabe Giese 

Catherine Nease Gilbreath 

Minna Thompson Glenn 

Jean Grainger 

Sheryl Marshall Griffin 

Jo Ann Martin Gustafson 

Ann Harns 

Elizabeth Higginbotham 


( 9 ) 

Janice Shoemaker Hill 
J, Pennington Smith Hopkins 
Virginia Kintz 
Isabeile Turner Knight 
Elizabeth Rand Lemon 
Margaret Lake Lindsay 
Zanne Macdonald 
Louise Rossett McNamee 
Elizabeth Irzyk Mize 
Margaret Oxford Morgan 
Laura Croom Murray 
Margaret Hawkins Oosterman 
Emily Borden Ragsdale 
Jane Letherman Reilly 
Janice Coleman Robertson 
Janie Huske Satterfield 
Mary Wood Senechal 
Elizabeth Jennings Shupe 
Janis Krebs Smith 
Anne Hancock Teresa 
Elizabeth NesbittThomason 
Karen Pixley Trimble 
Daphne Walker 
Alice Franciso Wipfler 
Dorothy Jones Wrigley 


Laurel Catching Anderson 


Linda Rawlings Baker 

Leigh Suhling Barth 

Linda Winner Beville 

Sheryl Allen Blackford 

Reverend N, LeeWilley Bowman 

Louise Boylan 

Janet Dennis Branch 

Patricia Lamberth Bruce 

Ann Allen Czerner 

Catharine Dorrier 

Nancy Morse Evans 

Melissa Wimbish Ferrell 

Elizabeth Conner Flippen 

Barbara Leavitt Franklin 

Brenda Nichol Goings 

Jean Orne Gosling 

Mary McCauley Greathouse 

Elizabeth Francis Griffith 

Dr Jennifer McHugh Haase 

Dee Bowman Haggard 

Karen Kelly Hartley 

Ellen Porter Holtman 

Gray Thomas Langston 

Lucy Cunningham Lee 

Janice Booth Maner 

Ellen Johnson Massey 

Nancy Foster McGraw 

Nancy Winters Moore 

Shirley Frey Morris 

Antoinette Bond Morrison 

M. Merrick Twohy Murray 

Betsy Julie Marshall Nau 

Laura Sadler Olin 

Mary Pardue 

Brooke Hume Pendleton 

Marchant Starr Reutlinger 

Katherine Blackwell Roach 

Edith Schneider Roques 

Marion Catlett Rose 

Margaret Addison Shepard 

Catherine H. Stein 

Dons Fauber Strickler 

Caroline Struthers 

Katherine Terrell Svejnar 
Bonnie Brackett Weaver 
Julia Anderson Wilson 


Blanche Wysor Anderson 


Claudia Turner Bagwell 

Caroline Dixon Bartman 

Connie Lowrance Beach 

Penelope Patrick Biskey 

Angeline Mish Butler 

Carol Ditto Cary 

Patricia Click 

Patsy Hildebrandt Downer 

Sarah Crockett Eggleston 

Dr. Susan Ellett 

Elaine Henderson Fowler 

Lea Ayers Gilman 

Leah Waller Golden 

Linda Grinels Irby 

Elizabeth Cleveland Jamison 

Joanne Jones 

A. Talbott Jordan 

Dr. Frances Bleckley Kemp 

Page Price Lewis 

Major Caryn Gove Long 

Nina Reid Mack 

Jane Sheffield Maddux 

Susan Henry Martin 

Sara Allen Moody 

Carol Moore 

Kathleen Madigan Muehlman 

Elizabeth Goad Oliver 

Susan Rogers Parks 

Jill Butler Pendleton 

Mary Jim Moore Quillen 

Sandra Bremer Randolph 

Ann Richardson 

Carol Forrestel Roberts 

Elizabeth Smith 

Linda Verner Smith 

Susan Almond Smith 

Theresa Koogler Southerington 

Denise Craig Stafford 

Gwendolyn Gillaugh Stoecklein 

Mary Atkinson Stone 

Mary Barber Phipps Such 

Rebecca Bost Tucker 

Jacquelyn Hill Turner 

Susan Richards Tyler 

Melanie Gamble Walker 

Jane Inge Wallace 

Elizabeth Watts 

Kathy Young Wetsel 

Ann Wilkerson 

Jane Rayson Young 

1973 Reunion 

Linda Thorn Abele 
Susan Alexander Andrews 
Mary Jane Conger 
Margaret Wilson Doherty 
Georgia Robert Draucker 
Dr Annemarie Locke Evans 
Olivia Young Fisher 
Camille Gaffron 
Ginger Mudd Galvez 
The Rev. Mary Doyle Gaut 
Patricia Gonzalez 
Ruthie Ciraldo Grantham 
Betty Rabenhorst Greene 

Deirdre Dougherty Grogan 
Patricia Burnham Higgins 
Katherine Hewitt Holmes 
Meredith Kelly Houff 
Katherine Rodes Huffman 
Patricia Hughes 
Margaret Ivey Bacigal 
Carol Jackson 
Susan Buchanan Jacob 
Karen Burton Johnson 
Catherine Hood Kennedy 
Deborah Jobe Koehler 
Clare McMann Lancaster 
Mary Hotchkiss Leavell 
Helen Plummet Lee 
Elizabeth Riddler Lichenstein 
Margaret Baldwin Marks 
Carmen Holden McHaney 
Susan Dibrell Miller 
Elysa Maddox Montgomery 
Donna Deitz Mumby 
Sandra May O'Donnell 
Lois Siegfried Oglesby 
Carole Payne Pilcher 
Mary Ramkey 
Julie Clark Reedy 
Linda Forbes Riley 
Alice Hansbarger Rivas 
Barbara Knisely Roberts 
Carroll Royer Robertson 
Lane Winn Rothschild 
RobynTimberlake Ruth 
C. Lindsay Ryland 
Pamelia Bird Sanderlin 
Sarah Stallworth Sebrell 
Martha Hildebrand Sherwood 
Amelia Smith 
Maxine Matthews Smith 
Melanie Dexter Snoddy 
Sallie Brush Thalhimer 
Dorothy May Thompson 
Louise ReidThyson 
Barbara Phillips Truta 
Sarah McCormick Turner 
Julia Often Wangler 
Susan Simmons Weir 
Demaris Elsasser Wheeler 
Lynnette Yount 


Bliss Buford Abbot 
Betty Davis Anderson 
Karen Outlaw Atchison 
Carol Tilson Atwood 
Catherine Boynton Beazley 
Kristina Mallonee Buckingham 
Marguerite Ivy Crews 
Virginia Sproul Downing 
Elizabeth Ziebe Elliott 
Leigh Yates Farmer 
Martha Golden Foster 
Susan Englander Fraile 
Ruth Hill Goodpasture 
Helen Radcliffe Gregory 
Lisa Hamilton 
Agnes Harwood 
Sally Dillard Hauptfuhrer 
Sarah Hill 
Alice Hobson 
Susan Baughman Homar 
Deborah Jamieson 
Wanda Lewin Johnson 

Bonnie Kennedy Kant 
Patricia Lacy 
Julia Williams Layfield 
Catherine Lewis Maxwell 
Anne Robertson McAteer 
Judith Sydnor McNeel 
Katherine Hull Nowell 
Dr. Jamie Hewell Odrezin 
Betty Darwin Pirtle 
Dr Elizabeth Read-Connole 
Nina Cory Robertson 
Brenda Seymore Sanders 
Dr. Lisa Sloan-Levin 
Mary Temple Somerville 
Lynn McWhorter Speno 
Lossie Noell Wilkinson 
Claudia Williams 
Kathryn Payne Wueste 
Rebecca Jones Young 


Dee Brandon Allison 
Terry Huffman Arnold 
Constance Bak 
Pamela Shell Baskervill 
Sally Matthews Bryant 
Wade Walker Coleman 
Nancy Locke Curiee 
Susan Hamner Daoust 
Susan McGinley Eaton 
Pat Eldridge 
Lee Johnston Foster 
Linda Holder Gordon 
Ellen Lutz Hardin 
Patricia Piorkowski Hobbs 
Susan Lemon Hobbs 
Anne North Howard 
Molly Ely Hunter 
Blaine Kinney Johnson 
Mary Olivia Cox MacLeod 
Suzanne Maxson Maltz 
Deborah Moench 
M. Robin Neel-Prince 
Harriet Marrow Neldon 
Suzanne Higgins O'Malley 
Susan Bickerstaff Orne 
Pamela Patton 
Elizabeth Hughes Reisch 
Elizabeth Schulhof 
Sharon Keys Seal 
Martha Davis Shiffleft 
Dr. Katherine Smallwood 
Susan Heiner Steadman 
Eva Stimson 

Norwood Ricks Strasburger 
Kathryn Wafle 
Lynda Bergen Wheatley 


Vickie Reynolds Akelman 
Margaret Bryson Altman 
Anne Leatherbury Atwood 
Sylvia Baldwin 
Clarke Stanley Beckner 
Clair Carter Bell 
Susan Upshur Brown 
Katherine Hobbs Burnett 
Carolyn Moomaw Chilton 
Patricia Tuggle Collins 
Karen McConnell Daniel 
Shiriey Douglass 
Donna Neudorfer Earp 

( 10 ) 

Joan Ferrell 

Elizabeth Boggs Freund 

Cheryl Hydnck Guedri 

Cary Adkins Guza 

Mabel Fetterman Held 

Susan Hewin 

Carroll Blair Keiger 

Cynthia Vaughan Kerr 

Carol Howard Lawrence 

Mary Hollings McConnell 

Christina Beardsley McGaughey 

Nancy Lawler Milam 

Jane Miller 

Margaret Tuggle Miller 

Eleanor Gubbins Moore 

Mary Ann Naber 

Prince Carr Norfleet 

Mary Valerie Sutton Payne 

Laura Wall Phillips 

Elizabeth Grove Sayers 

Victoria Simons 

Mary Kay Schorn Stainback 

Susan DuganWeinig 

Shawn Keys Whitman 

Joanne Palmer Wood 


Alison Wenger Boone 
Eloise Clyde Chandler 
Lucile Jones Clyde 
Pamela Martin Comstock 
Mary Gannon 
Beverly Hall 
Judy Hanlen 

Dr. Sarah Lawrence Heald 
Cynthia Vaughan Lantz 
Mary Sue Mattox McAllister 
Melissa Rhodes McCue 
Pauline Patteson 
Patricia Nines Phoenix 
Page Branton Reed 
Debra Wolfe Shea 
Cathenne Gephart Shook 
Grace McCutchen Stelling 
Leslie Marfleet Terry 
Nancy Lipscomb Vanderbilt 
Claudia Woody 

1978 Reunion 

Anne Hall Allen 
S. McCausland Amos 
Laurie Scott Bass 
Pamela Williams Butler 
Nancy Clinkinbeard 
Jennifer Johnston Cobb 
Letia McDaniel Drewry 
Jane Ellington 
Whitney Dodd Godwin 
Melanie Goff Bradley 
Leigh Hamblin Gordon 
Elisabeth Truett Greenbaum 
Katherine Taylor Hill 
Mary Beth Lawrence Hill 
Margaret Green Home 
Lavalette Lacy Jennings 
Jane Chaplin Jones 
Elizabeth Smith Kirtz 
Cathenne Ferris McPherson 
Mary Mizell 
Ann Morriss 
Susan Neale 
Kathryn Bedford O'Mara 

Colonel Melissa Patrick 
Carol Paul Powell 
Betty Holmes Richardson 
Tracy Wright Richtand 
Deborah RexrodeTimberlake 
Debra Bowis Veghte 
Elizabeth HoeferWard 
Jennifer Reilly Yurina 


Jane Morris Alford 
Mary Anne Newbill Burke 
Martha Carr Crowley 
Barbara Strong Davis 
Mary Lehnertz Faulkner 
Mary Hamblin Getty 
Kimberly Baker Glenn 
Jennifer Pace Gray 
Cynthia Luck Haw 
Jane Harcus Hill 
Mary Letha Warren Jelinek 
Barbara Johnson 
Susan Ridout Jones 
Melissa Raider Keahey 
Debra Wilton Kipley 
Robin Jasiewicz Lafferty 
Sue Lollis 

Mary Nell McPherson 
Lisa Scott Pugh 
Susan Gordon Rosen 
Lisa Rowley 
Nancy Mann Sizemore 
Martha Krauss Smith 
Sarah Way Speaker 
Ann Stephens Talbott 
Nancy DanaTheus 
Mary Warren 

Barbara Barnes Wissbaum 
Susan Harris Witt 


Katherine Jackson Anderson 
Mary Griffin Bachmann 
Elizabeth Gulbenk Balentine 
Alexander Tucker Barfield 
Laura Reed Bivans 
Margaret Alford Cloud 
Kathenne Pierson Colden 
Martina Graham Creger 
Kelly Huffman Ellis 
Lynn Tuggle Gilliland 
Victoria Goodwin Hardy 
Dr. Josephine Hemphill Ullom 
Christina Holstrom 
Karen Emmet Hunt 
Margaret Chapman Jackson 
Marlene Denny Jones 
Sarah Jolley Kerr 
Carolina Woodard Landngan 
Alise Learned Mahr 
Dr. Elizabeth Locher 
Page Wooldndge Marchetti 
Sally Simons Molinari 
Trudy Meador Nelson 
Audrey Andrews Odd! 
Trudy Caskie Porter 
Diana Moore Rasnick 
Susan Martin Roberts 
Susan Walker Scola 
Frances Shirley Scruby 
Cynthia Wilson Shoemaker 
Langhorne McCarthy Stinnette 

Dorothy Butler Sutton 
Elizabeth Updegraff Vardell 
Pamela Roach Voight 
Jenifer Walker 
Jane Fritzmeier Wilken 


Elisabeth Alexander 

Mary Mitchell Amos 


Douglas Moncure Butler 

Susan Sherman Clore 

Michelle Howard Dase 

Margaret Wren de St. Aubin 

A. Whitney Markley Denman 

Dr. Julie Ewing 

Julia Hall Friedman 

Rebecca Vigil Gubert 

The Rev, Margaret Kincaid Haney 

Dena Aretakis Horn 

Amy Tracy Ingles 

Nancy Broyles James 

Nita Ann Knight Klein 

Sarah Snead Lankford 

Katherine Ketchum LeDoyen 

Rebecca Linger 

Dr. Grace Jones Long 

Kathy Hunt Marion 

Alice Stevens Marshall 

Genevieve Martin 

Kathryn Gravely Melo 

Carol McKenna Mongan 

Elizabeth Gates Moore 

Catherine Morey Nee 

Elizabeth Cundiff Pyron 

Glenda Ridgely 

Walter Ridgely 

Susan Fleet Lynch Roberts 

Elizabeth Trimble Robinson 

Diane Walczak Russell 

Kim Hernng Rutland 

Melissa Weyher Saunders 

Natalie Shoebndge 

Frances Diefendorf Swensson 

Elizabeth Nash Taylor 

Sara Poulston Tompkins 

Melissa Van Noppen 

Margaret Szeniawski Weidner 

Frances Garvey Wilson 

Rebecca Smith Wirt 


Jill Davis Barnes 
Sara Bearss 
Stephanie Becker 
Teresa Bigler 
Wendy Pfautz Blomberg 
Laura O'Hear Church 
Tracey Cones 
Jennifer Hall Costello 
Carolyn Duke Elkins 
Dana Flanders 
Cynthia Phillips Fletcher 
Bonnie Ford 
Judith Grosso Foy 
Eleanor Way Goode 
Margaret Healy 
Cathenne Henson Kinniburgh 
Melinda Middleton Knowles 
Anna Gibson Koon 
Elizabeth Dudley Landes 
Rebecca Lovmgood 

( 11 ) 

Ithough it's not a lot of money, I believe that 
my yearly contributions help secure the contin- 
uing development of Mary Baldwin College. 1 
hope that my example, 
following that of others, 
will prompt additional con- 
tributions. 1 want student life, 
both cultural and academic, 
to continue to be enhanced 
and modernized to meet the 
needs of today's students and 
prepare them for the chal- 
lenges they will face as 
women and as leaders in this 
world. 1 want to help MBC stay competitive with 
other institutions. 

This once-traditional women's college has grown 
and prospered, undertaking new programs while 
other women's colleges were closing. MBC provides 
an environment that encourages women to explore 
without judgment or fear of failure. I am committed 
to Mar>' Baldwin because it may be the only place 
where these women will have that opportunity. 

— Tracey Cones '82 

Ellen Moomaw 
Virginia league Nexsen 
Tamara Obaugh 
A. Anne Darby Parker 
Sarah Johnson Pitt 
Margaret Herbert Roach 
Madge Hooker Seuss 
Daphne Andrews Stickley 
Elizabeth Howard Young 

1983 Reunion 

Stephanie Irving Adanns 
Elizabeth Wyatt Ashe 
Linda Martin Ban 
Lt. Colonel Victoria Calhoun 
Elizabeth Hough Cole 
Mary Wilson Covington 
Susan Parker Drean 
Elizabeth Kay Dunn 
Laura LaGrow Durland 
Susan Wantz Evans 
The Honorable Anita Filson 
Helen Stevens Forster 
Laura Grantham 
Beth Slusser Hall 
Jill Johnson Horton 
Kathryn Rotty Jackson 
Anne McCormack Jones 
Jane G, Kornegay 
Patricia Kapnistos Leto 
Robin Rexinger Lutz 
Sylvia Lynn 
Or. Jane Mauk 
Christine Conway Maupin 

Gabrielle Gelzer McCree 
Margaret Pratt 
Anne Broyles Proctor 
Emily Shore Reeve 
Barbara Price Riley 
Kimberly McGee Roberson 
Frances Oxner Robertson 
Isabella Vince Roseme 
Loretta Vigil Tabb 
Frost Burnett Telegadas 
Charlotte R. Wenger 
Therese Rothe Witcher 
Sheila Young 


Mary Stuart Copeland Alfano 

Pamela Leigh Anderson 


Kern Glenn Byrne 

Martha Smith Collett 

Susan Shellenberger Cooper 

Elizabeth Fox Day 

Deidre Fleming Dougherty 

Amy Lawler Holloway 

Aimie Elliott Jones 

Dr. Sheila Kendrick 

Lee Beal Kirksey 

Robin Newcomb Lermo 

Sherry Duncan Miller 

Lisa McKenzie Millican 

Mary Katherine Moorman 

Mary Pollard Raith 

Dr. Saundra Eareckson Seifert 

Elizabeth Edgerton Summers 

Joanna Campbell Swanson 
Anne Cabell Birdsong Wentz 


Nadya Anderson 
Alice Hubbard Barber 
Audrey Bondurant Barlow 
DawnTusing Burris 
Genevieve Cagney 
Susan Crenshaw Gary 
Anne Thornton Fergusson 
Pattie Norton Gunter 
Sharon Hanger 
Alice Ingram Hickman 
Leslie Jividen Luxenberg 
Anne Ware Maloney 
Gretchen Haring McMinn 
Suzanne Woodfin Villani 
Dr. Jennelle Saunders Williams 
Sara Zimmerman 


Stacie Hamilton Baird 

Ann Renee Garrett Bell 

Alice Blair 

Amy Bridge 

Dreama Brown 

Leslie Brown 

Michele Schalow Clements 

Julie Ellsworth Cox 

Laura Beth Jackson DeHority 

Lynn Edmonds 

Judy Thompson Harper 

Lisa Carr Hogarth 

R.J. Landin Loderick 

Tamara Dingbaum Rib 

Juliana Hoff Sawyer 

Kimberley Dawson Schold 

Carolyn Smith Bryant 

Catherine Ellis Spencer 

A. Chrisley Baylor Voter 

Lois Wooten 


Louise Hall Bloxom 
MacKay Morris Boyer 
Barbara Grant Crosby 
Susan Everly Cummings 
Allison Guyton Dogan 
Carrie Anderson Eisenberg 
Susan Hostetter Gilvary 
Pamela Bryant Hewitt 
Rachel Gouyer High 
Virginia Jessup 
Margaret Brittingham Kieda 
Jennifer Parker Lake 
Karen Colaw Linkous 
JenanneYork Montgomery 
Dr. Trudy Rickman 
Colleen Morrissey Strong 
Claire Williams 

1988 Reunion 

Mary Blasser Brown 

Margaret Hartley Buchanan 

Mary Derby 

Lisa Dressier Garst 

Bobbye Mitchell Gery 

Rebecca Gibbs 

Monica Derbes Gibson 

Anne Holland 

Mallory Copeland Kahler 

Suzanne Lochner 
Joanne Reich 
Angela Shepherd Terrell 
Teresita Zapata Trigo 
Karin Whitl 


Genevieve Davis Adams 
Katherine Gallino Aleshevich 
Elizabeth Hammock Benjamin 
Mary Louise Bowman 
Shelby Powell Dnnkard 
Courtney Bell Frankowski 
Amy Aboud Goodlett 
Sarah Yeatts Gormley 
Jacqueline Nicholas Hott 
Anne Hess Mamon 
Jane Terrell Neer 
Cory Jones Phelan 
Diane Herron Ragan 
Kathleen Sale Shannon 
Martha Hendrickson Shelley 
Wendy Cudworth Van Fossen 
Ingrid Erickson Vax 
Holly Porter Vitullo 
Angela Favata Week 


Susie Morns Baker 
Rosina Bolen 
Jennifer Netting Cramer 
Kelly Morris Downer 
Susan Hyatt Ferrell 
Thomas Gathright 
Kourtney McMurdo Haake 
Allison James Hescock 
Tracy Coogan Kelly 
Katherine Brant Manning 
Saunders Vickery 
Kellie Warner 

Carroll McMath Weatherman 
Debra Wenger 
M. Melissa Woods 
Mary Irvin York 


Catherine Noyes Biringer 
Jennifer Brillhart Kibler 
Mary Shook Collins 
Mary Wexler Doyle 
RachelAnne Festa Fleming 
Margaret Hambrick Glaze 
Merry Wyatt Hankel 
Heather Wilcox Hoffman 
Hope Hollander 
Amy Hundley 
Kathenne Talbot Jones 
Barbara Welch Magee 
Suzanne Kierson Miller 
Dr. Sandra Mottner 
Kelly Thornburg Oberholzer 
Leslie Olson Scott 
Sarah Collier Andress Smith 
Mary Gassman Spivey 
Melissa Rogers Trent 
Sarah Penhallow Vostal 
Tracey Cronin Watson 
Karen Ponton Witham 


Dorian Akerman 
Wendy Wooden Barze 


( 12 ) 

Susan O'Donnell Black 

Katherine Brown 

Peggy Cooper 

Alitia Cross 

Margaret Stowe Dewey 

Brenda Fishel 

James Flenning 

Mary Hughes Hawkins 

Heather Jackson 

Alison Shiprek Kemper 

Ann Pendleton Kincer 

Paula Bush Krosky 

Leigh Jennings LIssard 

Angela Staats Manning 

Mary Cocke Read 

Nan Rothwell 

Tiffany Taylor Stroud 


Gail Thompson 

Robin Wilson Von Seldeneck 

Alice Washington 

1993 Reunion 

Michele Allen Angelo 
Mary Alice Bomar 
Patncia Collins 
Diahann DeBreaux-Watts 
Margaret Kluttz Dees 
Rita Richardson DeFrank 
Therese Dersch 
Jacquelyn Elliott-Wonderley 
Deborah Fischer Frickey 
Brittney Hall Gill 
Patricia Hylton Gregory 
Lisa Nichols Hickman 
Stephanie lies 
Evelyn Mills Irby 
Mary Witt Jamison 
Kelly Kennaly 
Tina Thompson Kincaid 
Sonja Musser Golladay 
Emily Oehler 
Catherine Odom Quick 
Sharon Scott 
Sandra Sprouse 
Honey JaffeTishgart 
Christina Andrews Walls 


Sabrina Rakes Fahey 
Leah Garcia 
Eugenia Gratto 
Jennifer Pollitt Hill 
Kristin Kokie 
Allison Lynn 
Jolyn Crim Nicholson 
Michele Cargain O'Connell 
Jennifer Eavey Oprison 
Jennifer Klopman Petramale 
Allison Hurley Predecki 
Elizabeth Elsing Robbins 
Jane Schofield 
Lori Broglio Severens 
Amanda Peebles Steere 
Gem WhittakerTimmons 
Julie Lodge Ustmck 
Heather Hill Washburne 
Sharon Wertz 


Julie Young Bayly 
Carrie Burke 

Allison Compton 

Laura Cross 

Jennifer Market Gardner 

Jennifer Cornelius Horstman 

Stephen Jordan 

Anne Kennan 

Kristan Dawson LaFon 

Ashley Leftwich Lowrey 

Elaine Hargrett Mauck 

Margaret E McDermid 

Mary Mornson 

Jennifer Goetz Nystrom 

Garnett Clymer Ogden 

Denise Lantz Phillips 

Alexis Grier Reid 

Caria Custis Russell 

Beth Saunders 

Sonia Sparks Smith 

Noshua Watson 


Chanty Lambea Baker 

Amy Griffith Berra 

Jane Briscoe 

Sydney Byrum 

Stephanie Baker Driscoll 

Melanie Entsminger Falls 

Heather Shuman Fox 

Joanna Vickery Herath 

Amanda Hodges 

Mary Evans Hogg 

Lisa Tansey Jones 

Allison Kelly 

Camala Beam Kite 

Melissa Leecy 

Kimberly Lockhart 

Lauren Logan 

Bronw/yn MacDonald-Schwegel 

Amy Charleston Mishra 

Elizabeth Pheil 

Ashley Tittle Snowden 

Tara Anderson Thompson 

Denise Clary Williams 

Yaminah Casey Williams 


Debra Bagwell 

Jennifer Thompson Barker 

Michele Lastovica Bronnenberg 

Rebecca Fifield 

Beth Gubbins 

Angela Hall 

Barbara Whitt League 

Meredith Mansfield 

Sara Morris 

M Elizabeth Silverman 

Donna Thompson 

Jennifer Walker 

Kristi" Williams 

1998 Reunion 

Kathleen Beck Andes 
Jennifer Deeds Angel 
Kathryn Clary Angus 
Kristen Bentzen 
Rebecca Laing Bower 
Elizabeth Calhoun 
Kristin Kickhofel Chmela 
Emily Alexander Douglas 
Maygan Lipscomb Elliott 
Katherine Langlois Faraci 
Holland Roberts Gibbs 

Glaceia Henderson 

Amy Woolston Hinkle 

Amanda Clark Hoffman 

Diane Kelsay 

Young-Ja Kim 

Heather Thomas Kmiecinski 

Katharine Hoge Koelsch 

Emily Barra Leffler 

Caitlyn Walz Marsh 

Carolyn Timmons McCandlish 

Holly Frazier McCormick 

Annie Andrews Minix 

Meredith Molteni 

Rebecca Mornson 

Victoria Freeland Rayburn 

Jennifer Robb 

Heather Rothwell 

Angela Amos Rowe 

Jane Rapier Spence 

Charissa Stouffer 

Courtney Straw 

Marian Tilman 

Caroline Wright 


Mary BIyer 
Cathryn Bruce 
Sarah Wilson Clepper 
Michal Zivan Coffey 
Sherry Robertson Cox 
Ramona David 
Amy Hartson Davis 
Frances Duty 
Lauren Dyson 

^^^ J/^^'^y Baldwin gave me an incredible gift. 

w^ My time there gave me the tools, confidence, 
and knowledge to become a creative and con- 
tributing member of society. I support MBC so 
that gift will continue to be passed on to other 
young women. 

— Helen Stevens Forster '83 

( 13 ) 

Lynne Wesley Eccard 

Aimee Favreau 

Heather Fulop 

Jessica Johnson Funk 

Emily Goetz 

Kim Reilly Graham 

Catherine Whitten Harrison 

Lisa Helfert Hart 

Sarah Grace Johnson 

Kelly Keadle 

Stephanie Lawiey 

Mary Margaret Kenney Marshall 

Nicole Napier 

Ubah Ansari Pathan 

Tiffany Richter 

Anne Saval 

Morgan Alberts Smith 

Rebecca Stevens 

Jennifer Vergne 

Greta Winn 


Jamie Baer 
Kelly Baughan 
Mansa Debowsky 
Christa Duncan 
Merissa Fiddyment-Mule 
Michelle Cobb Fitzgerald 

Ruth Bell Graham 
Diane Schnabel Gray 
Catherine Green 
Amy Mitchell Howard 
Carrie Warren Jones 
Kathryn McCormack 
Kathrine Stewart Messer 
Elizabeth Kobiashvili Nelson 
Hillary Newton 
Angela Dancy Peterson 
Stacey Cummings Shepherd 
Jennifer Donavant Shively 
Lieutenant Kelly Thorkilson 
BIythe Slinkard Wells 
Jill Westerman-Boyer 


Velma Carman 

Laura Clark 

Starling Crabtree 

Elizabeth Schroeder Craig 

Lisa Dockery-Boyce 

Rebecca Ford 

Anna Gilkey 

Joy Hull 

Tracy Jones 

Erin Kelly 

Elizabeth Plewes McKee 
First Lt. Christina Murray 
Tara Perrow 

Amberieigh Covell Powell 
Kara Reese 
Erika Wendt Roberts 
Anne Schaech 
Heather Viar 


Malissa DeWindt 

Donia Stevens Eley 

Julie Haislip 

Anna Henley 

Erin Hewitt 

Kimberly Kerr-Stinnett 

Elise LaSota Rhodes 

Rebecca Strickland Letellier-Spearman 

Emily Motley 

Alesandra Price 

Heidi Puffenbarger 

Emily Shadd Singletary 

Second Lieutenant Sarah Small 

Emily Ward 

2003 Senior Impact 

Diane Alford 
Stacey Berg 

Brandy Clark 
Lauren Eggleston 
Laurie Douglas Frye 
Joy Garrett 
Leah Griffith 
Cristina Jurach 
Katherine Macola 
Shana Meganck 
Kathryn Nelson 
Meredith Norris 
Meghan O'Reilly 
Anne Pontius 
Julie Schmidt 


Dr. Manorie B. Chambers 

Martha Stackhouse Grafton 

Mabel R. Hirschbiel 

Betty M, Kegley 

Dr. James. D. Lott 

Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 

Dorothy Mulberry 

Dr. Samuel R. Spencer Jr. 

Dr. Cynthia H.Tyson 


( 14 ) 




Giving Societies 


The Rufus Bailey Society 

$20,000 and up 

Agnes Gray Dufi 1954 
Alice Tolley Goodwin 1966 

and William H, Goodwin Jr, 
Caroline Rose Hunt 1943 
Gale Palmer Penn 1963 
Bertie Deming Smith 1946 
Janet Russell Steelman 1952 
Virginia Foundation for 

Independent Colleges 
Margaret C, Woodson Foundation 

The JVIary Julia Baldwin 

$10,000 to $19,999 

Katherine Dyer Dudley 1936 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp 1963 
Gabrielle Gelzer McCree 1983 
Dorothy Baughan Moore 1940 
Margaret Pollard Rea 1946 
Emily Dethlotf Ryan 1963 
JaneTownes 1969 
Barbara Simmons Wainscott 1968 
Caroline Murphy Winter 1942 

The President's Society 

$5,000 to $9,999 

Claire Lewis Arnold 1969 
Sara Armstrong Bingley 1960 
Susan Warfield Caples 1960 
Ouida Caldwell Davis 1951 
Laura Beth Jackson DeHonty 1986 
Mr Robert S Doenges 
Letia McDaniel Drewry 1978 
Mr. Allen Mead Ferguson 
Mary Rutherfoord Mercer 

Ferguson 1963 
Helen Stevens Forster 1983 
Mr. Robert Franklin Forster 
Mr, Richard Gilliam 
Pamela Burnside Gray 1948 
Mrs. Bertie Deming Heiner 
Virginia Eversole Herdman 1954 
Emily W. Hundley 1947 
Karen Emmet Hunt 1980 
Louise Fowlkes Kegley 1954 
Mr. S. VanVliet Lyman 
Margaret E. McDermid 1995 
Ms. Susan McLaughlin 
Louise Rossett McNamee 1970 
Mr and Mrs. P William Moore Jr. 
Mary Ellen Navas 1969 
Colonel Melissa Patrick 1978 
Patricia Hines Phoenix 1977 
Mrs. Mary Pool-Murray 
Carol Paul Powell 1978 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale 1967 
Anne Sims Smith 1945 
Mr. H. Gordon Smyth 
Mary Beth Reed Smyth 1947 
Synod of the Mid-Atlantic, 

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 
Harriette Clarke Thorne 1947 
Kellie Warner 1990 

The Hill Top Society 

$2,500 to $4,999 

Kathleen Aure 1968 
Susie Morris Baker 1990 
Beverly Estes Bates 1964 

Mary Kennedy Berry 1940 
Jane Heywood Boylin 1964 
Elia Durr Buck 1950 
Peggy Anderson Carr 1967 
Mary Gould Coulbourn 1963 
Margaret Wren de St. Aubin 1981 
Judy Lipes Garst 1963 
Minna Thompson Glenn 1970 
Patricia Andrew Goodson 1951 
Cynthia Luck Haw 1979 
Anne McCormack Jones 1983 
Constance Detrick Lamons 1952 
Page Price Lewis 1972 
Shearer Troxell Luck 1963 
Mr, and Mrs. Charles S. Luck III 
Elizabeth Newman Mason 1969 
Martha Masters 1969 
Cathenne Ferns McPherson 1978 
Mr. Gordon C Page 
Martha Anne "Mopsy" 

Pool Page 1948 
Martha Godwin Saunders 1948 
Second Presbytenan Church 

(Roanoke, Va.) 
Mary Jo Shilling Shannon 1953 
Carolyn Gilmer Shaw 1960 
Dr Ethel Smeak 1953 
M Elizabeth Swope 1966 
Mildred RoycroftTeer 1944 
Teresita Zapata Trigo 1988 
Holly Porter Vitullo 1989 
Mr. Rudy J. and Mrs Aremita R. 

Peyton Wooldridge 1968 
Jennifer Reilly Yurina 1978 

The 1842 Society 

$1,842 to $2,499 

Helen Arrowood Arnold 1963 
Dorothy Reals Ballew 1953 
Charlotte Jackson Berry 1951 
Louise Randol Brooks 1933 
Dr, Marjone B Chambers 
Georgeanne Bates Chapman 1968 
Mr, and Mrs. Calvin N. Clyde Jr 
Angela Blose Corley 1967 
Susan Parker Drean 1983 
Nancy Mayer Dunbar 1960 
Donna Neudorfer Earp 1976 
Mr. Dean S Edmonds III 
Lynn Dinger Edmonds 1986 
Frances Ford 1968 
LynnTuggle Gilliland 1980 
Betty Rabenhorst Greene 1973 
Nancy McWhorter Hurley 1942 
Mr. and Mrs Onza E. Hyatt 
Dr Sara Nair James 1969 
Kathryn Else Johnson 1947 
Gladys Adams Link 1943 
Jane Sanders Morriss 1969 
M. Elizabeth Preddy 1967 
C. Lindsay Ryland 1973 
Dr. Saundra Eareckson Seifert 1984 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor 1948 
Alice Jones Thompson 1940 
Ray Castles Uttenhove 1968 
Heather Hill Washburne 1994 
Dr. Sue McDowell Whitlock 1967 
Claudia Woody 1977 
Mary IrvinYork 1990 

The Columns Society 

$1,000 to $1,841 

Mrs. Mark L Allen 
Judith Gallup Armstrong 1958 
Mr. Gordon E. Arnold 
Mr, and Mrs Mark L, Atchison 
Elizabeth Gulbenk Balentine 1980 
Mary Ann and Bryan Barton 
Mary Anne Rhame Bates 1945 
Martha Barnett Beal 1953 
Julia Johnston Belton 1949 
Mr. J. Edward Belts 
Janet Dennis Branch 1971 
Evelyn Chapman Brown 1952 
Pamela Williams Butler 1978 
Joyce Craig Butter worth 1946 
Kathleen Kenig Byford 1968 
Mr. W. Bruce Byford 
Eda Hof stead Cabaniss 1969 
Frances Hafer Chiles 1955 
Mr. Doug Clark 
Stuart Chapman Cobb 1965 
The Hon and Mrs. George M Cochran 
Nancy Payne Dahl 1956 
Constance Headapohl 
DeBerardinis 1954 
Mary Derby 1988 
Sally Dorsey 1964 
Shelby Powell Drinkard 1989 
Suzanne Jones Duncan 1969 
Ellen Underwood Eckford 1951 
Kelly Huffman Ellis 1980 
Ann Gordon Abbott Evans 1965 
Ann Truster Faith 1969 
Sheryl Ameen Fiegel 1969 
Mr. Dudley Dean Flanders 
Virginia Hayes Forrest 1940 
Lee Johnston Foster 1975 
Ginger Mudd Galvez 1973 
Glenda Norris George 1966 
Ann Whitten Gillenwater 1968 
Judith W Godwin 1952 
Thelma Riddle Golightly 1940 
Leigh Hamblin Gordon 1978 
Jean Grainger 1970 
Judith Payne Grey 1965 
Mrs. Helen K. Groves 
Mr. Alexander Hamilton IV 
Linda Dolly Hammack 1962 
Patricia Bilbo Hamp 1966 
Martha Brown Hamrick 1948 
Judith Thompson Hatcher 1963 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins 1963 
Mabel Fetterman Held 1976 
Miriam Buckles Helmen 1947 
Barbara Craft Hemphill 1968 
Katherine Taylor Hill 1978 
Margaret Hunt Hill 1937 
Margaret Herscher Hitchman 1940 
Mr. and Mrs. John Ireland 
Meredith Jones Johnson 1943 
Sarah Maupin Jones 1939 
Dorothy Hooge King 1936 
Gail McLennan King 1969 
Elizabeth Jolley Kobiashvili 1968 
Jane G. Kornegay 1983 
Sarah Snead Lankford 1981 
Mildred Lapsley 1939 
Margaret Livingston 1969 
Settle Barnett Lombard 1948 
Catherine Lewis Maxwell 1974 

Ethelyn Jones Maxwell 1940 

Mr. and Mrs. William T Mclntyre Jr. 

Dorns Withers McNeal 1941 

Sarah Sterren Meyerhoff 1968 

Jane Miller 1976 

Elizabeth Gates Moore 1981 

Ms Dorothy Mulberry 

Laura Croom Murray 1970 

Harriet Marrow Neldon 1975 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parrino 

Mr, Joseph Pasini 

and Ms M Louise Scott 
Adele Jeffords Pope 1965 
Mr. and Mrs Michael J, Rapier 
F Walsh Read 1947 
Dorothy Cleveland Robb 1944 
Barbara Knisely Roberts 1973 
Susan Fleet Lynch Roberts 1981 
Edith Schneider Rogues 1971 
Ann Humphrey Sanders 1967 
Patricia Tibbals Schnack 1953 
Gail McAlpin Schweickert 1965 
Carol Stewart Shaw 1965 
Mr. and Mrs Charles H. Shuford Sr. 
Dr. Samuel R. Spencer Jr 
Shorn Miller Stephenson 1969 
Edith A. Stotler 1968 
Caroline Struthers 1971 
Nancy Owen Stuart 1939 
Dorothy Butler Sutton 1980 
Katherine Terrell Svejnar 1971 
Loretta Vigil Tabb 1983 
Frost Burnett Telegadas 1983 
Nancy DanaTheus 1979 
Susan Thompson Timmons 1964 
Honey JaffeTishgart 1993 
Cecile Mears Turner 1946 
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Turner 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
Nancy Lipscomb Vanderbilt 1977 
Myrna Williams Vest 1947 
Florence Lee Daniel Wellons 1960 
Charlotte R Wenger 1983 
Cynthia Knight Wier 1968 
Barbara Bullock Williams 1957 
Mrs Diane Wenger Wilson 
Margaret Neille McRae Wilson 1968 
Mary Cronin Wolfe 1939 

The Ham and Jam 

$500 to $999 

Martha McMullan Aasen 1951 
Dorian Akerman 1992 
Dr. Ann Field Alexander 1967 
Mary Mitchell Amos 1981 
Betty Davis Anderson 1974 
Blanche Wysor Anderson 1972 
Katherine Jackson Anderson 1980 
Laurel Catching Anderson 1971 
Pamela Leigh Anderson 1984 
Karen Outlaw Atchison 1974 
George Ann Brown Bahan 1947 
Emily Baker 1958 
Ellen Stickell Bare 1955 
Jennifer Thompson Barker 1997 
Sally Dupree Barnett 1963 
Caroline Dixon Bartman 1972 
Reverend N. Lee Willey Bowman 1971 
MacKay Morns Boyer 1987 
Mr. Norris A. Broyles Jr. 

( 17 ) 

Dr. Jeffrey L. Buller 

DawnTusing Burris 1985 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Calhoun 

Dr. Janet White Cannpbell 1966 

Susan Campbell 1969 

Julie Mays Cannell 1970 

Ingrid Carlson 1963 

Dr. Catherine Walleigh Carnevale 1968 

Margaret Gignilliat Carswell 1953 

Anne Monyhan Chambers 1948 

Eloise Clyde Chandler 1977 

Martha Kline Chaplin 1951 

Martha Farmer Chapman 1941 

Mary Jamison Clarke 1955 

Betty Martin Close 1953 

Ellen Martin Coe 1953 

Patricia Collins 1993 

Pamela Martin Comstock 1977 

Tracey Cones 1982 

Mary Jane Conger 1973 

Janet Haddrell Connors 1965 

Mr. Harold C. Cook 

Marguerite Ivy Crews 1974 

Ann Allen Czerner 1971 

Pathcia Bowie Davis 1956 

Mr. and Mrs. Fredehck E. Dorsey 

Kelly Morns Downer 1990 

Nancy Buston Downs 1956 

Sandra Zeese Driscoll 1966 

Linda Hite Durbin 1969 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham 1966 

Jane Atkinson Dwyer 1947 

Margaret league Eaton 1958 

Mr Fitzhugh Elder Jr. 

Carolyn Duke Elkins 1982 

Carol Emory 1965 

Nancy Morse Evans 1971 

Leigh Yates Farmer 1974 

The Honorable Anita Filson 1983 

Dana Flanders 1982 

Mr, and Mrs. James M. Forsythe 

Dr Virginia Royster Francisco 1964 

Elizabeth Boggs Freund 1976 

M. Jane Durant Fned 1969 

Susan Mulford Gantly 1966 

Mr. Charles E. Glenn 

Kimberly Baker Glenn 1979 

Martha Stackhouse Grafton 

Ruth Bell Graham 2000 

Diane Schnabel Gray 2000 

Cornelia Adair Green 1946 

Mary Cowan Grimshaw 1960 

Susan Dozier Grotz 1956 

Dr. Jennifer McHugh Haase 1971 

Dee Bowman Haggard 1971 

Emma Martin Halpert 1965 

Frances Koblegard Marcus 1950 

Victona Goodwin Hardy 1980 

Roberta Gill Hefler 1963 

Mr J. Roderick Heller III 

Kay Culbreath Heller 1969 

Phyllis Boone Hill 1962 

Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Hill 

Ann Lucas Hite 1948 

Mary Lewis Hix 1965 

Mr. William M, Hix 

Dixie Epes Hoggan 1967 

Susan Hooper Hogge 1962 

Virginia Carter Holden 1967 

Sarah Beals Holzbach 1947 

Susan Baughman Homar 1974 

Mr. W. Thomas Hudson 

Beverly Grear Hurt 1961 

Shirley Fleming Iben 1940 

Jane Sebrell Irby 1949 

Margaret Chapman Jackson 1980 

Blaine Kinney Johnson 1975 

Mr Glen N. Jones 

Marlene Denny Jones 1980 

Mr. and Mrs. William Clarke Jones 

A. Talbott Jordan 1972 

Mallory Copeland Kahler 1988 

Bonnie Kennedy Kant 1974 

Mrs. Betty M. Kegley 

Dorothy Douglass Kellam 1936 

Dr Sheila Kendnck 1984 

Sarah Jolley Kerr 1980 

Constance McHugh Kimerer 1958 

Betty Harrell Kyle 1949 

Paula Stephens Lambert 1965 

Clare McMann Lancaster 1973 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Vincent Lawrence 

Mr. and Mrs, W, L. Lemmon 

Susan Van Lear Logan 1968 

Dr and Mrs. James. D. Lott 

Carey Goodwin Louthan 1966 

Ashley Leftwich Lowrey 1995 

Phoebe McCain Luce 1962 

Elizabeth Malone 1956 

M, Virginia Clark Marks 1935 

Mary Margaret Kenney Marshall 1999 

Louise Vandiviere Mashburn 1942 

Dr. Sandra C. McClain 

Carey Cooley McDaniel 1967 

Ann Dial McMillan 1963 

Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 

Becky Cannaday Merchant 1963 

Ann Shaw Miller 1954 

Margaret Tuggle Miller 1976 

Jane Tucker Mitchell 1953 

Betty Johnson Mix 1943 

Eleanor Gubbins Moore 1976 

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Trudy Meador Nelson 1980 

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Garnett Clymer Ogden 1995 

Laura Sadler Olin 1971 

Jacquelyn Stroupe Pace 1967 

Margaret Allen Palmer 1967 

Dr, Susan Palmer 1967 

Douglass Kellam Patterson 1959 

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Dr Jane Turner Pietrowski 

Mr, and Mrs, Peter E, S, Pover 

Jane Proffit Pruett 1946 

Emily Borden Ragsdale 1970 

Mary Ramkey 1973 

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Elise LaSota Rhodes 2002 

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Dr. Katherine Smallwood 1975 

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Susanne Dyer Stanley 1968 

Nancy Simpson Steinmiller 1961 

Eleanor Jamison Supple 1942 

Mrs. William A, Sutherland 

Betty White Talley 1951 

Margaret FlytheTeague 1958 

Cathy Turner Temple 1968 

Sallie Brush Thalhimer 1973 

Lieutenant Kelly Thorkilson 2000 

Mrs, Virginia G. Thorn 

Betty NeislerTimberlake 1945 

Mr and Mrs. Richard L.Tusing 

Emily Tyler 1963 

Ann Lewis Vaughn 1969 

Mr, Hallie D, Warren III 

Mrs, Penny M. Warren 

Ruth GaleyWelliver 1938 

Jo AnnThackerWest 1953 

Dr, Suzanne Smith Williams 1968 

Betsy Berry Williamson 1948 

Shirley Keelgar Williamson 1939 

Mr, and Mrs, Somers M. Wilton 

Greta Winn 1999 

Dorothy Jones Whgley 1970 

The Apple Day Society 

$250 to $499 

Bliss Buford Abbot 1974 

Linda Thorn Abele 1973 

Margaret Williams Adams 1942 

Mary Stuart Copeland Alfano 1984 

Dee Brandon Allison 1975 

Anne McClung Anderson 1959 

Kathleen Beck Andes 1998 

Susan Alexander Andrews 1973 

Katherine Crawford Arrowsmith 1970 

Mrs. Beverly J, Askegaard 

Dr, Lewis Askegaard 

Barbara Reid Bailey 1961 

Mary Simpson Bailey 1942 

Constance Bak 1975 

Linda Martin Ban 1983 

Margaret Maddex Barnes 1967 

Harriet Bangle Barnhardt 1950 

Leigh Suhling Berth 1971 

Mary Goodrich Baskin 1946 

Julia Blanchard Batchelor 1966 

Susanne Rayburn Bates 1966 

Karen Appleby Baughan 1964 

Kelly Baughan 2000 

Julie Young Bayly 1995 

Sara Bearss 1982 

Marie McClure Beck 1950 

Clair Carter Bell 1976 

Elizabeth Hammock Benjamin 1989 

Windon Blanton Biesecker 1970 

Penelope Patnck Biskey 1972 

Alice Blair 1986 

Chris Ziebe Blanton 1970 

Jean Wallace Blount 1948 

Jeanne Sherrill Boggs 1953 

Alison Wenger Boone 1977 

Sandra Holliman Botton 1969 

Analeak Liipfert Bowers 1966 

Mary Louise Bowman 1989 

Amy Bridge 1986 

Jennifer Brillhart Kibler 1991 

Mary Blasser Brown 1988 

Cathryn Bruce 1999 

Elizabeth Blount Brundick 1952 

Carolyn Martin Bryan 1968 

Margaret Hartley Buchanan 1988 
MarjoneTobin Burke 1940 
Douglas Moncure Butler 1981 
Susan Deibert Butler 1961 
Genevieve Cagney 1985 
Elizabeth Calhoun 1998 
Lt, Colonel Victoria Calhoun 1983 
Margaret Cuthbert Campbell 1967 
Ms, Sharon G, Campbell 
Miss Susan Canfield 
Nancy Kunkle Carey 1951 
Meredith Dunbar Carlson 1960 
Kathleen Hand Carter 1958 
Elizabeth Walker Cate 1965 
Laura O'Hear Church 1982 
Mildred Mawhinney Clements 1934 
Nancy Clinkinbeard 1978 
Lane Wnght Cochrane 1963 
Wade Walker Coleman 1975 
Mizza Saunders Conwell 1970 
Virginia Bndgers Corrigan 1946 
Julie Ellsworth Cox 1986 
Mr, William Cox 
Susan Wilson Cruser 1957 
Reese Edmondson Currie 1963 
Susan Gamble Dankel 1968 
Michelle Howard Dase 1981 
Anne Hayes Davis 1942 
Nan Davis 1965 
M, Elizabeth De Loach 1954 
Margaret Kluttz Dees 1993 
Melissa DeWindt 2002 
Catharine Dorrier 1971 
Anna Greenland Dortch 1941 
Emily Alexander Douglas 1998 
The Rev, Eugenia Hedden 

Dowdeswell 1966 
Patsy Hildebrandt Downer 1972 
Laura Clausen Drum 1956 
Christa Duncan 2000 
Sarah Crockett Eggleston 1972 
Pat Eldridge 1975 
Jane Ellington 1978 
Jacquelyn Elliott-Wonderley 1993 
Margaret Davis Evans 1946 
Sabrina Rakes Fahey 1994 
Mary Lehnertz Faulkner 1979 
Joan Ferrell 1976 
Merissa Fiddyment-Mule 2000 
Cynthia Hundley Fisher 1961 
Olivia Young Fisher 1973 
Rebecca Ford 2001 
June Early Fraim 1965 
Penelope Wev Frere 1964 
Alice Bitner Freund 1940 
Ann Geggie Fridley 1963 
Jo Bales Gallagher 1948 
Judith Galloway 1969 
Mary Gannon 1977 
Eleanor Yeakley Gardner 1954 
Holland Roberts Gibbs 1998 
Elaine Rabe Giese 1970 
Brittney Hall Gill 1993 
Mary Elizabeth Gardner Glen 1936 
Emily Goetz 1999 
Leah Waller Golden 1972 
Susan Stewart Goldthwaite 1946 
Virginia Gonder 1966 
Manan Gordin 1965 
Kim Reilly Graham 1999 
Ruthie Ciraldo Grantham 1973 
Eugenia Gratto 1994 

( 18 ) 

Mr George Graves 

Louise Jackson Green 1943 

Patricia Hylton Gregory 1993 

Sheryl Marshall Gritfin 1970 

Nancy Rawles Gnssom 1954 

Margaret McLaughlin Grove 1952 

Jessie Carr Haden 1954 

Mr. and Mrs. Hampton H Hairfield Jr. 

Angela Hall 1997 

Sharon Hanger 1985 

Janet Mitchell Harper 1954 

Heline Cortez Harrison 1948 

Nancy Terwilliger Harste 1965 

Jean Lambeth Hart 1967 

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Harvey II 

Dr. Sarah Lawrence Heald 1977 

Florence Wimberly Hellinger 1952 

Dr. Josephine Hemphill Ullom 1980 

Gwynn McNaught Henderson 1966 

Rachel Gouyer High 1987 

Jane Harcus Hill 1979 

Leslie Watson Hill 1968 

Mrs. Mabel R. Hirschbiel 

Amanda Hodges 1996 

Wylyn Letson Hodnett 1967 

Christina Holstrom 1980 

Ellen Porter Holtman 1971 

Lacey Sanford Hudgins 1962 

Joy Hull 2001 

Bettye Hurt Ingram 1956 

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Heather Jackson 1992 

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Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Keck 

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Mr. Thomas P Kidd III 

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Dons Clement Kreger 1948 

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Christina Beardsley McGaughey 1976 

Janet Rawlings McGraw 1969 

Carmen Holden McHaney 1973 

Elizabeth Plewes McKee 2001 

Kathryn Johnson McKinnie 1965 

Mr William J. McMillan 

Mary Nell McPherson 1979 

Col. and Mrs. Efrain Medina 

Susan Dibrell Miller 1973 

Suzanne Kierson Miller 1991 

Deborah Moench 1975 

Mary Katherine Moorman 1984 

Elizabeth Matthews Morgan 1965 

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Dr. Sandra Mottner 1991 

Mr. John Murdoch 

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Dr. Gwen Kennedy Neville 1959 

Hillary Newton 2000 

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Dr. and Mrs, Michael O'Reilly 

Dr Roderic L. Owen 

Mr. and Mrs Xiaomang Pan 

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Mrs. Sylvia C. Payne 

Susan White Persak 1968 

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Sara Frances Ferrell Shay 1940 
Stacey Cummings Shepherd 2000 
Natalie Shoebridge 1981 
Jane Starke Sims 1968 
Martha Jernigan Sims 1968 
AshlinWyatt Smith 1954 
Gene Allred Smith 1963 
Morgan Alberts Smith 1999 
Sarah Collier Andress Smith 1991 
Carolyn Smith Bryant 1986 
Katherine Martin Snider 1968 
Katherine Quillian Solberg 1969 
Mary Temple Somerville 1974 
Mary Miller Sopher 1968 
Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Sparks 
Jane Rapier Spence 1998 
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JoAnne Vames Stamus 1953 
Laura Mauldin Stewart 1966 
Laura Luck Stiles 1942 
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June McLaughlin Strader 1966 
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Mr. William G. Such 
Hope RothertTaft 1966 
Ann Stephens Talbott 1979 
Lilian Bedinger Taylor 1951 
Frances Davis TenBrook 1963 
Ann Whitehead Thomas 1945 
Jo Ellen Turner Thompson 1966 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Toria 
Mr. and Mrs. William Troxell 
Margaret EngleTrumbo 1963 
Elizabeth Withrow Turner 1958 
Julie Lodge Ustruck 1994 
Jennifer Vergne 1999 
Suzanne Woodfin Villani 1985 
Virginia Reynolds Vogel 1968 
Judith Wade 1969 
Jenifer Walker 1980 
Mr. and Mrs. 0. L. Walker 
Sally Cheney Walker 1940 
Christina Andrews Walls 1993 
Julia Otfen Wangler 1973 
Elizabeth HoeferWard 1978 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Wenger Jr. 
Jean Umberger Wertz 1964 
Margaret KingWestcott 1933 
Dr. Patricia Westhafer 
Mary Wright Whaling 1950 
Demans Elsasser Wheeler 1973 
Jane Edwards Wheeler 1954 
Elizabeth White 1963 
Najia Hassen White 1955 
Lossie Noell Wilkinson 1974 
Claire Williams 1987 
Mr. Curtis C. Williams III 
Margaret Getty Wilson 1948 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Wilson 
Elisabeth Wise 1968 
Joanne Palmer Wood 1976 
Nancy Yates Woodall 1966 
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Woodfin 
M. Melissa Woods 1990 


Byrd Williams Abbott 1964 
Genevieve Davis Adams 1989 
Kathrena Ravenhorst Adams 1970 
Stephanie Irving Adams 1983 

( 19 ) 

^^rjL^ ary Baldwin provided me with a lib- 
^^ ^eral arts education that has given me 
choices. My varied career has fit together because 
of the things I learned at MBC: thinking for 
myself, writing, communicating, planning, team 
building, and taking things I learn along the way 
and applying them to different situations, 
including career, community work, family life and 
personal fulfillment. I am grateful for the confi- 
dence I gained there, the close relationships I had 
with faculty and staff, and the lifetime friendships 
I made. I feel strongly about the need for private, 
liberal arts education for women. 

1 also have supported the Mary Shuford 
Scholarship fund. Mary was my roommate and a 
beloved friend at MBC. She lives on through the 
many friends she had. At our 20th reunion, we 
remembered and celebrated her beautiful, charis- 
matic spirit. 

— Gabrielle "Gabby" Gelzer McCree '83 

Lucy Lanier Adcock 1966 

Vickie Reynolds Akelman 1976 

Martha Kennedy Aibertson 1970 

Anne Hogshead Aleman 1963 

Katherine Gallino Aieshevich 1989 

Elisabeth Alexander 1981 

Terry Alexander 1963 

Jane Morris Alford 1979 

Anne Hall Allen 1978 

Margaret Bryson Altman 1976 

Billie Joseph Ameen 1946 

Mr. and Mrs. Fisher Ames 

Dr. and Mrs. E. Giftord Amnriermann 

Mary Gillespie Amos 1965 

S. McCausland Amos 1978 

Elsie Martin Andersen 1951 

E. Lawson Bonner Anderson 1968 

Dr. and Mrs. J. P Anderson 

Nadya Anderson 1985 

Laura McManaway Andrews 1944 

Neilson Peirce Andrews 1962 

Sabine Goodman Andrews 1946 

Jennifer Deeds Angel 1998 

Michele Allen Angelo 1993 

Valerie Lutz Angeloro 1969 

Kathryn Clary Angus 1998 


Rebecca Pierce Ansley 1959 

Elizabeth McGrath Anthony 1942 

Emory O'Shee Apple 1959 

Victoha Reid Argabright 1964 

Carolyn Bass Armentrout 1970 

Frances Gilliam Armstrong 1965 

Monnie Moore Armsworthy 1968 

Terry Huffman Arnold 1975 

Elizabeth Wyatt Ashe 1983 

Jean Atkinson 1951 

Margaret Adair Atmar 1956 
Anne Leatherbury Atwood 1976 
Carol Tilson Atwood 1974 
Neely Garrett Axselle 1969 
Mary Griffin Bachmann 1980 
Margaret Ivey Bacigal 1973 
Jamie Baer 2000 
Claudia Turner Bagwell 1972 
Debra Bagwell 1997 
Joan Ballard Bailey 1938 
Stacie Hamilton Baird 1986 
Charity Lambert Baker 1996 
Linda Rawlings Baker 1971 
Margaret Earle Baker 1945 
Adelia Hoefgen Baldwin 1952 
Mary Baldwin 1956 
Sylvia Baldwin 1976 
Jane Coleman Balfour 1962 
Mr. Louis M. Balfour 
Patricia Goshorn Ball 1961 
Alice Hubbard Barber 1985 
Alexander Tucker Barfield 1980 
Mary Ann Tucker Barker 1951 
Audrey Bondurant Barlow 1985 
Elizabeth Dunn Barnes 1947 
Jill Davis Barnes 1982 
Mary Juer Barnwell 1964 
Margaret Barrier 1950 
Janet Turner Barrows 1969 
Jane Graves Bartlett 1970 
Wendy Wooden Barze 1992 
Ann Singletary Bass 1959 
Laurie Scott Bass 1978 
Ms. Michelle Bassett 
Mary Lightner Bast 1942 
Elizabeth Evans Baxter 1963 
Mary Stuckey Baxter 1950 

Connie Lowrance Beach 1972 

Martha Ratchford Bean 1966 

Frances Gallion Bear 1967 

Catherine Boynton Beazley 1974 

Stephanie Becker 1982 

Clarke Stanley Beckner 1976 

Miriam Jones Beckwith 1969 

Frances Kretlow Bedore 1961 

Janice Gregory Belcher 1958 

Ann Renee Garrett Bell 1986 

Mrs. Caroline Bell 

Rev. and Mrs. Frank Benson 

Mary Wilson Benthall 1952 

Betsy Fitch Benton 1963 

Kristen Bentzen 1998 

Suzanne Bergamo 2004 

Anne Faw Bernard 1950 

Virginia Watson Bernard 1968 

Amy Griffith Berra 1996 

Mr Barth A. Berry 

Mr Bill Betlej 

Linda Winner Beville 1971 

Catherine Noyes Biringer 1991 

Charlotte Craun Bishop 1944 

Phebe Palmer Bishop 1961 

Laura Reed Bivans 1980 

Mary Beale Black 1956 

Susan G'Donnell Black 1992 

Sheryl Allen Blackford 1971 

Suzanne Sessoms Blair 1961 

Ms. Louise W. Blaney 

Diana Rogers Block-Mauldin 1963 

Wendy Pfautz Blomberg 1982 

Mary Duke Blouin 1949 

Louise Hall Bloxom 1987 

Mary BIyer 1999 

Hannah Campbell Boatwright 1942 

Jessica Gilliam Boatwright 1952 

Louise Kinkel Boehmke 1941 

Dr Charles H, Boggs Jr 

Martha Peck Bolen 1965 

Rosina Bolen 1990 

Mary Chenault Bomar 1966 

Mary Alice Bomar 1993 

Nancy Geiger Bondurant 1968 

Sarah Alley Boney 1964 

Velma Newbill Booth 1946 

Judith Way Bouchard 1968 

Rebecca Laing Bower 1998 

Mr. Tim Bowers 

Barbara Brown Bowles 1968 

Winifred Young Bowman 1938 

Janet Whitney Bowyer 1946 

Louise Boylan 1971 

Peggy Black Braecklein 1948 

Rosemary Kearfott Bralley 1946 

Beverly Bland Branch 1968 

Ms. Elizabeth 0. Branner 

Martha Caplinger Brinkley 1959 

Jane Briscoe 1996 

Michele Lastovica Bronnenberg 1997 

Mary Kerr Brooks 1939 

Ann Robinson Brown 1954 

Anne Churchman Brown 1945 

Blessing Whitmore Brown 1937 

Dora Wiley Brown 1954 

Mr. Gary C. Brown 

and Dreama Brown 1986 
Elizabeth Dickerson Brown 1962 
Katherine Brown 1992 
Leslie Brown 1986 
Mary Earle Brown 1969 

Dr. Mary Ellen Brown 1961 
Sarah Livingston Brown 1963 
Susan Upshur Brown 1976 
Virginia Holmes Brown 1970 
Patricia Lamberth Bruce 1971 
Mrs. Charles F Bruny 
Carolyn Norton Brushwood 1942 
Mary Wright Bryan 1947 
Dale Peters Bryant 1941 
Sally Matthews Bryant 1975 
Kristina Mallonee Buckingham 1974 
Katharine Bonfoey Burgdorf 1961 
Carrie Burke 1995 
Mary Anne Newbill Burke 1979 
Kathehne Hobbs Burnett 1976 
Virginia Maxwell Burnett 1958 
Elizabeth McCampbell Burton 1945 
Alice Farrior Butler 1964 
Angeline Mish Butler 1972 
Diane Cooper Byers 1965 
Jeannette Woolford 

Byrd-Hansen 1952 
Kerri Glenn Byrne 1984 
Sydney Byrum 1996 
Ms. Crista R. Cabe 
Rev. and Mrs. Clifford Caldwell 
Elizabeth Shinnick Caldwell 1966 
Peggy Hull Caldwell 1946 
Jean De Vore Calhoun 1950 
Ms. Debra Campbell 
Mr and Mrs, J. W. Campbell 
Mr Lyie Thomas Campbell 
V Patrice Campbell 1968 
Velma Carman 2001 
Mr and Mrs. James P Carreras 
Geraldine Canby Carroll 1948 
Katherine Kivlighan Carter 1944 
Mary Kennedy Caruso 1969 
Julia Logan Carvin 1943 
Carol Ditto Gary 1972 
Susan Crenshaw Gary 1985 
Mary Crittenden Catrett 1966 
Angler Brock Caudle 1969 
Melanie Walthall Chambliss 1965 
Evelyn Wood Chatham 1934 
Carolyn Moomaw Chilton 1976 
Jane Stanley Chislett 1951 
Mr Kevin Chisnell 
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B. Chittum 
Kristin Kickhofel Chmela 1998 
Faye Baker Clark 1963 
JoAnne Crouch Clark 1955 
Laura Clark 2001 
Pamela Wavell Clark 1966 
Elaine Knight Clarke 1965 
Nan Doney Clausel 1947 
Jean Fear Clements 1954 
Michele Schalow Clements 1986 
Sarah Wilson Clepper 1999 
Patricia Click 1972 
Mary Cline 1940 
Susan Sherman Clore 1981 
Margaret Alford Cloud 1980 
Carolyn Smith Clyburn 1960 
Lucile Jones Clyde 1977 
Jennifer Johnston Cobb 1978 
Mary Asbury Cobb 1953 
Michal Zivan Coffey 1999 
Jane Raudenbush Coiner 1941 
Katherine Pierson Golden 1980 
Elizabeth Hough Cole 1983 
Margaret Turner Coleman 1967 

( 20 ) 

Mr. William B. Coleman Jr. 
Martha Smith Collett 1984 
Ms. Wendy Colley 
Janice Jones Collins 1965 
Mane Hayward Collins 1959 
Mary Shook Collins 1991 
PatnciaTuggle Collins 1976 
Ann Jones Comley 1950 
Allison Compton 1995 
Betty Jean Ralston Cook 1953 
Mary Cooke 1944 
Susan Shellenberger Cooper 1984 
Virginia Kyle Copper 1937 
Abigail Robinson Coppock 1969 
Margaret Garrett Corsa 1953 
Jennifer Hall Costello 1982 
Mary McCaa Cothran 1970 
H. Brehm Conman 1933 
Marjone Moore Council 1946 
Elise Raima Couper 1968 
Mary Wilson Covington 1983 
Pennie West Covington 1950 
Sherry Robertson Cox 1999 
Starling Crabtree 2001 
Mrs. Shirley T. Craft 
Barbara Williams Craig 1961 
Elizabeth Schroeder Craig 2001 
Jennifer Netting Cramer 1990 
Virginia Evans Crapuchenes 1941 
Judith Wells Creasy 1968 
Martina Graham Creger 1980 
Mr and Mrs. John F. Cremers 
Martha Logan Crissman 1935 
Barbara Grant Crosby 1987 
Alitia Cross 1992 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Cross 
Laura Cross 1995 
Julia Barbee Crothers 1966 
Martha Carr Crowley 1979 
Elizabeth Burton Crusel 1961 
Nelwyn Kirby Culbertson 1945 
Pearl Eplmg Culp 1942 
Patsy Little Culpepper 1960 
Susan Everly Cummings 1987 
Jane Reid Cunningham 1959 
Nancy Locke Curlee 1975 
Margaret Foster Curtis 1959 
Elizabeth Allen Cushing 1967 
Mr. Franklin R Cushman 
Karen McConnell Daniel 1976 
LoisWillard Daniel 1960 
Helen Wade Dantzler 1936 
Susan Hamner Daoust 1975 
Ann Booker Darst 1963 
Mr and Mrs Antonio H David 
Ramona David 1999 
Amy Hartson Davis 1999 
Barbara Strong Davis 1979 
Elizabeth Floeting Davis 1969 
Frances Sanders Davis 1964 
Mary Phlegar Davis 1959 
Mrs. Arthur Boyd Davis 
Rebecca Bryant Davis 1964 
Linda Dawe 1969 
Elizabeth Fox Day 1984 
Nancy Williams Deacon 1958 
Ellen Gaw Dean 1968 
Marisa Debowsky 2000 
Diahann DeBreaux-Watts 1993 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Degen 
Mr and Mrs. C. J. Deitz 
Carol Delbridge 1966 

Frances Wills Delcher 1957 
Julia Johnson Demler 1959 
A. Whitney Markley Denman 1981 
Mary Kerr Denny 1964 
Susan Jennings Denson 1962 
Mary Van Ana Derr 1940 
Therese Dersch 1993 
Lynn Des Prez 1970 
Diane Prettyman DeWall 1951 
Margaret Stov^e Dewey 1992 
Jennie Evans Dille 1953 
Carole Rednour Dixon 1966 
Emily Ogburn Doak 1949 
Lisa Dockery-Boyce 2001 
Ardys Hough Dodge 1959 
Mary Guerrant Dodson 1942 
Allison Guyton Dogan 1987 
Margaret Wilson Doherty 1973 
Winton Mather Doherty 1967 
Cornelia Davis Doolan 1959 
Janet Hollis Doswell 1938 
Deidre Fleming Dougherty 1984 
Katherine Early Dougherty 1965 
Mr and Mrs. William Douglas 
Shirley Douglass 1976 
Glenn Ellen Downie 1964 
Patricia Downing 1949 
Virginia Sproul Downing 1974 
Mary Wexler Doyle 1991 
Katherine Holt Dozier 1940 
Nancy Draper 1951 
Georgia Robert Draucker 1973 
Anne Kinnier Dnscoll 1968 
Stephanie Baker Dnscoll 1996 
Betty Kull Drumheller 1941 
Page Grey Dudley 1956 
Suzanne Stirling Duffey 1959 
Linda Wyatt Duncan 1963 
Lelia Dunlap 1941 
Elizabeth Kay Dunn 1983 
Betsy Forrest Dunwoody 1947 
Peggy Reid Durden 1949 
Kay Flippen Durham 1953 
Laura LaGrow Durland 1983 
Frances Duty 1999 
Virginia Hofler Duvall 1959 
Lauren Dyson 1999 
Mary Rainer Eanes 1966 
Helen Swortzel Earhart 1948 
Eriine Griffin Eason 1952 
Susan McGinley Eaton 1975 
Lynne Wesley Eccard 1999 
Louise Tabb Edge 1967 
Anne Smith Edwards 1965 
Janie Holman Edwards 1939 
Carne Anderson Eisenberg 1987 
Johanna Paul Elder 1954 
Dr. Susan Ellett 1972 
Barbara Bixler Elliott 1947 
Elizabeth Ziebe Elliott 1974 
Maygan Lipscomb Elliott 1998 
Martha McMurry Ellis 1947 
Sara Squires Enckson 1960 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Erikson 
Harriet Hinman Eubank 1948 
Eva Vines Eutsler 1944 
Dr. Annemarie Locke Evans 1973 
Dr Annette Evans 
Eleanor Starke Evans 1961 
Susan Wantz Evans 1983 
Dr. Julie Ewing 1981 
Virginia Timbes Ewing 1966 

Deborah Bulkley Fairley 1965 
Melanie Entsminger Falls 1996 
Ms. Marcia P Farabee 
Katherine Langlois Faraci 1998 
Jean Farrow 1949 
Mary Bartenstein Faulkner 1942 
Kathleen Myers Faust 1967 
Dr and Mrs Martin A. Favata 
Aimee Favreau 1999 
Susan Tram Fearon 1969 
Anne Herbert Feathers 1959 
Elizabeth Scott Featherstone 1962 
Whitney Hanes Feldmann 1970 
Betty Farnngton Felegara 1949 
Kay Puckette Felmlee 1966 
Nancy Blood Ferguson 1963 
Anne Thornton Fergusson 1985 
Melissa Wimbish Ferrell 1971 
Susan Hyatt Ferrell 1990 
Elva Fifer 1948 
Rebecca Fifield 1997 
Brenda Fishel 1992 
Michelle Cobb Fitzgerald 2000 
Emma Padgett FitzHugh 1940 
Gary Flake 1965 
James Fleming 1992 
RachelAnne Festa Fleming 1991 
Cynthia Phillips Fletcher 1982 
Helen Fletcher 1952 
Mary Clinard Flinn 1941 
Elizabeth Conner Flippen 1971 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F Flowers 
Nancy Enksen Fogelson 1968 
The Rev. Dr Margaret Anne 

Robertson Fohl 1968 
Bonnie Ford 1982 
Ms. Dennis Ford 
Peggy Shelton Fore 1952 
Martha Golden Foster 1974 
Elaine Henderson Fowler 1972 
Martha Fowler 1969 
Mary Sue Gochenour Fowlkes 1950 
Heather Shuman Fox 1996 
Judith Grosso Foy 1982 
Susan Englander Fraile 1974 
Karen Marston Frank 1969 
Barbara Leavitt Franklin 1971 
Courtney Bell Frankowski 1989 
Mrs. Judson Freeman 
Leslie Freeman 1970 
Sarah Brennan Freeman 1964 
Deborah Fischer Fnckey 1993 
Julia Hall Friedman 1981 
Mr. and Mrs, Alfred E. Fry 
Mr and Mrs. Gabor B. Fulop 
Heather Fulop 1999 
Jessica Johnson Funk 1999 
Caroline Huffstutler Furr 1958 
Jeanne Ashby Furrh 1950 
Camille Gaffron 1973 
Mildred Sheridan Gaillard 1953 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gallagher 
Ms. Valene D. Gangwer 
Thelma Trigg Gannon 1946 
Marilyn Walseth Gano 1951 
Leah Garcia 1994 
Carolyn Waike Gard 1969 
Anne Wait Gardner 1959 
Jennifer Markel Gardner 1995 
Patncia Berry Garner 1963 
Marguerite Gaston Garrett 1947 
Mary Callaway Garrett 1963 


( 21 ) 

do I give to Mary Baldwin College? I believe in giving back to 
those who inspire, uplift, and provide direction to others. MBC was 
instrumental in providing the education, confidence, and spirit of empow- 
erment that has taken me further in life than I ever thought possible. I 
know that if I had not worked through the challenges that MBC gave me to 
obtain my degree I would have settled for much less in life. I am honored to 
be able to provide some token of appreciation to such a fine institution as 
Mary Baldwin College. 

I learned the definition of tenacity firsthand at MBC from August 1988 
through August 1989. 1 finished 33 hours of credit in 12 months while 
holding a 25 hours-per-week job as a waitress, worked nights and attended 
school during the day. My focus was intense, 
and my goal was set on getting that degree. 
The Adult Degree Program made it all pos- 
sible. I had to pay rent, and 1 had to study. 
Those were my two major guiding forces. I 
kept them in check, and I won the race! 

Since graduation in 1990, 1 have held 
four different positions. Three of those were 
in the financial industry, and each one was a 
step up from the previous position. The last 
was as financial consultant for seven years 
with a major brokerage firm. It was challenging and fulfilling. The birth of 
my son two years ago led me to take a break from corporate America. When 
I am ready to return, I am confident that my MBC degree, years of business 
experience, and ability to work through great odds will land me right where 
1 want to be. 

It is a pleasure and an obligation to give back to the school that pro- 
vides tools to hundreds of women every year that will make them highly 
marketable and successful in today's economy. To finish a bachelor's degree 
at MBC gives one the power tosay '1 will not settle for less. 1 have learned 
to work hard for what I deserve. I am an MBC graduate!' 

— Kelly Downer '90 ADP 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Garrett 
Opal Newton Garrett 1938 
Lisa Dressier Garst 1988 
Ms. Karen M. Gates 
Nancy Rubright Gates 1967 
Jane Harris Galling 1942 
The Rev. Mary Doyle Gaut 1973 
Clarissa Shepherd Gaylord 1942 
Dr. W. Michael Gentry 
Mary Carolyn Hollers George 1951 
Dale Smith Georgiade 1970 
Bobbye Mitchell Gery 1988 
Mary Hamblin Getty 1979 
Caroline Sprouse Ghebelian 1949 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Gianakos 
Rebecca Gibbs 1988 
Martha Parke Gibian 1956 

Monica Derbes Gibson 1988 
Mrs. Dorothy D. Gifford 
Catherine Nease Gilbreath 1970 
Anna Gilkey 2001 
Lea Ayers Gilman 1972 
Susan Hostetter Gilvary 1987 
Margaret Hambrick Glaze 1991 
Sarah Robertson Gnilka 1968 
Sara Mackey Godehn 1942 
Ann Wade Godwin 1966 
Frances Rue Godwin 1939 
Whitney Dodd Godwin 1978 
Ms. Dana B. Goetz 
Melanie Goff Bradley 1978 
Brenda Nichol Goings 1971 
Mrs. Floylee Hemphill Goldberger 
Elizabeth Roper Golden 1968 

Patricia Gonzalez 1973 
Anne Goode 1956 
Eleanor Way Goode 1982 
Katherine Williams Gooding 1959 
Amy Aboud Goodlett 1989 
Ruth Hill Goodpasture 1974 
Sally Marks Goodwin 1966 
Linda Holder Gordon 1975 
Sarah Yeatts Gormley 1989 
Jean Orne Gosling 1971 
Nancy Barron Gourley 1953 
McChesney Mayer Grabau 1959 
Anita Thee Graham 1950 
Malvine Paxton Graham 1941 
Mary Carpenter Graham 1950 
Laura Grantham 1983 
Mr. Thomas R Gratto 

Jennifer Pace Gray 1979 

Mary McBryde Gray 1952 

Sandra Sykes Gray 1962 

Mary McCauley Greathouse 1971 

Jennifer Wilson Green 1962 

Marian Hollingsworth Green 1954 

Elisabeth Truett Greenbaum 1978 

Caria Russell Gregory 1965 

Helen Radcliffe Gregory 1974 

Nancy Peyton Gresham 1968 

Joann Mitchell Grier 1950 

Elizabeth Francis Griffith 1971 

Deirdre Dougherty Grogan 1973 

Ellen Eskridge Groseclose 1948 

Dr. Robert Grotjohn 

Ms, Carole Grove 

Beth Gubbins 1997 

Rebecca Vigil Gubert 1981 

Cheryl Hydrick Guedri 1976 

Olivia Rogers Guggenheim 1961 

Pattie Norton Gunter 1985 

Jo Ann Martin Gustafson 1970 

Ida Ryland Guthrie 1953 

CaryAdkins Guza 1976 

Kourtney McMurdo Haake 1990 

Inez Jones Hagaman 1942 

Mary McKee Hagemeyer 1954 

Virginia Freeman Haile 1966 

Carol Graham Hairston 1965 

Julie Haislip 2002 

Alice Summers Hale 1947 

Nancy Hill Haley 1969 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin W. Hall Jr. 

Anne Oden Hall 1954 

Beth Slusser Hall 1983 

Beverly Hall 1977 

Joan Velten Hall 1966 

Nancy Klauder Hall 1961 

Lynn Lytton Hamer 1952 

Jacqueline McClenney Hamilton 1951 

Lisa Hamilton 1974 

Mary Graves Knowles Hamilton 1947 

Nancy Jones Hamilton 1947 

Mrs. Irene Hammock 

Mary Jane Laird Hammond 1953 

Frances Purdom Hammonds 1961 

Ann Taylor Hanak 1953 

The Rev. Margaret Kincaid 

Haney 1981 
Merry Wyatt Hankel 1991 
Virginia Albertson Hanks 1948 
Judy Hanlen 1977 
Kathryn Layne Hanna 1958 
Kathryn Bish Hanson 1969 
Ellen Lutz Hardin 1975 
Laura Holbrook Hardwick 1964 
Ann King Harkins 1964 
Judy Thompson Harper 1986 
Ann LeStourgeon Harris 1952 
Ann Harris 1970 
Dorothy Martin Harris 1955 
Elizabeth Fisher Harris 1963 
Janet Werner Harris 1942 
Ann Lee Harrison 1953 
Elizabeth Robinson Harrison 1955 
Helen Downie Harrison 1964 
Lisa Helfert Hart 1999 
Ms. Marion B. Hart 
Karen Kelly Hartley 1971 
Sara Beabout Hartman 1965 
Mrs. Rebecca Harvill 
Agnes Harwood 1974 

( 22 ) 

Nelson Fray Haskell 1953 

Ellen Martin Hass 1967 

Sally Dillard Hauptfuhrer 1974 

Susan Palmer Hauser 1964 

Mary Hughes Hawkins 1992 

Emme Wingate Hawn 1950 

Patricia Binkley Haws 1969 

Joan Davenport Haydon 1954 

Margaret Saunders Hayes 1962 

Martha Fant Hays 1963 

Mr. and Mrs Edward H. Heacock 

Margaret Healy 1982 

Jean Kyle Hedges 1951 

Rosa McLaughlin Heinsohn 1967 

Glaceia Henderson 1998 

Nancy Wallace Henderson 1936 

Nancy Hendricks 1953 

Anna Henley 2002 

Myrtle Foy Hennis 1939 

Susan Vaughan Henry 1968 

Joanna Vickery Herath 1996 

Allison James Hescock 1990 

Erin Hewitt 2002 

Pamela Bryant Hewitt 1987 

Susan Hewitt 1976 

Alice Ingram Hickman 1985 

Lisa Nichols Hickman 1993 

Elizabeth Laird Hicks 1963 

Elizabeth Higginbotham 1970 

Patricia Burnham Higgins 1973 

Susan Johnson High 1962 

Glona Gregory Hildebrand 1959 

Holly Hanson Hill 1963 

Janice Shoemaker Hill 1970 

Jennifer Pollitt Hill 1994 

Ruth McBryde Hill 1948 

Sarah Hill 1974 

Amy Woolston Hinkle 1998 

Patricia Piorkowski Hobbs 1975 

Susan Lemon Hobbs 1975 

Alice Hobson 1974 

Anne Martin Hobson 1946 

Mrs, Jean B. Hockenbury 

Marcia Mumma Hodges 1953 

Amanda Clark Hoffman 1998 

Heather Wilcox Hoffman 1991 

Judy Roy Hoffman 1965 

Lisa Carr Hogarth 1986 

Mariorie Hoge 1958 

Mary Evans Hogg 1996 

Anne Holland 1988 

Mrs, G, Sterling Holland 

Hope Hollander 1991 

Jean Holliday 1937 

Amy Lawler Holloway 1984 

Janet Bish Holmes 1963 

Katherine Hewitt Holmes 1973 

Josephine Hannah Holt 1944 

Manorie Gillespie Holt 1967 

Paula Branch Holt 1957 

Barbara Lovill Hooks 1968 

Marjorie Benton Hooper 1953 

Elizabeth Williams Hoover 1959 

Betty McLean Hopkins 1949 

J. Pennington Smith Hopkins 1970 

Ann Doyle Hopps 1948 

Dena Aretakis Horn 1981 

Margaret Green Home 1978 

Jennifer Cornelius Horstman 1995 

Jill Johnson Horton 1983 

Jacqueline Nicholas Hott 1989 

Margaret McMurray Hottel 1943 

Meredith Kelly Houff 1973 
Mary Jane Lyies Houston 1943 
Eloise Buntin Hovater 1956 
Amy Mitchell Howard 2000 
Anne North Howard 1975 
Elizabeth Banner Hudgins 1939 
Aline Powers Hudson 1956 
Margaret Farris Huff 1947 
Katherine Rodes Huffman 1973 
Shirley Lewis Huffman 1963 
Patricia Hughes 1973 
Molly Ely Hunter 1975 
Anne Coleman Huskey 1958 
Stephanie lies 1993 
Jane Via llli 1966 
Amy Tracy Ingles 1981 
Elmore Bartlett Inscoe 1960 
Linda Grinels Irby 1972 
Carol Jackson 1973 
Kathryn Rotty Jackson 1983 
Susan Buchanan Jacob 1973 
Nancy Broyles James 1981 
Vera Thomas James 1962 
Deborah Jamieson 1974 
Antoinette Harrison Jamison 1962 
Elizabeth Cleveland Jamison 1972 
Mary Witt Jamison 1993 
Kathenne Jarratt 1941 
Mettle Goodwin Jaynes 1957 
Dorothy Hill Jeffens 1948 
Betty Anderson Jeffrey 1950 
Dr. Alletta Jervey 1951 
Jane Hammond Jervey 1948 
Virginia Jessup 1987 
Barbara Johnson 1979 
Barbara Wishart Johnson 1963 
Bess Alexander Johnson 1964 
Esther Johnson 1966 
Margaret Thompson Johnson 1964 
Martha Moseley Johnson 1959 
Mr. and Mrs, Raymond Johnson 
Sarah Grace Johnson 1999 
Wanda Lewin Johnson 1974 
Jettie Bergman Johnston 1958 
Rev. and Mrs. T Q. Johnston 
Carrie Warren Jones 2000 
E. Lindsay Jones 1969 
Elizabeth Clayberger Jones 1940 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Paul Jones Jr. 
Jane Chaplin Jones 1978 
Joanne Jones 1972 
Kathenne Talbot Jones 1991 
Leone Bellingrath Jones 1948 
Lisa Tansey Jones 1996 
Margaret Grabill Jones 1933 
Muriel Smith Jones 1960 
Tracy Jones 2001 
Mrs. Goodwin Shepherd Jordan 
Stephen Jordan 1995 
Mary Roberts Judkins 1963 
Susan Merklas Kahn 1968 
Carol Gibson Kanner 1965 
Catherine Kavanagh 1962 
Mr and Mrs. John Franklin Kay Jr. 
Mr and Mrs Michael E. Keck 
Carolyn Smith Kehler 1963 
Carroll Blair Keiger 1976 
Allison Kelly 1996 
Erin Kelly 2001 
Gwendolyn Park Kelly 1950 
Tracy Coogan Kelly 1990 
Diane Kelsay 1998 

Marjorie Runge Kelso 1949 
Dr. Frances Bleckley Kemp 1972 
Mr. Morns A. Kenig 
Anne Kennan 1995 
Catherine Hood Kennedy 1973 
Cynthia Vaughan Kerr 1976 
Mr. and Mrs. Sami Khoury 
Ann Greer Kidd 1952 
Judith West Kidd 1969 
Margaret Brittingham Kieda 1987 
Adele Gooch Kiessling 1938 
Dr. Gail Apperson Kilman 1966 
Young-Ja Kim 1998 
Salenda Smith Kincaid 1957 
Tina Thompson Kincaid 1993 
Ann Pendleton Kincer 1992 
Catherine Henson Kinniburgh 1982 
Ann Denny Kinscherft 1957 
Virginia Kintz 1970 
Anne Card Kinzie 1945 
Debra Wilton Kipley 1979 
Margaret Clarke Kirk 1948 
Elizabeth Smith Kirtz 1978 
Camala Beam Kite 1996 
Nita Ann Knight Klein 1981 
Erah Hatten Kliewer 1945 
Heather Thomas Kmiecinski 1998 
Sharon Hooks Knaus 1960 
Isabelle Turner Knight 1970 
Eleanor Armistead Knipp 1947 
Mary Lou Moffitt Knorr 1938 
Deborah Jobe Koehler 1973 
Katharine Hoge Koelsch 1998 
Mary Anne Gilbert Kohn 1962 
Anna Gibson Koon 1982 
Penelope Kimbro Kraus 1963 
Frances Perrottet Kresler 1939 
Paula Bush Krosky 1992 
Harriet Angler Kuhn 1941 
Dorothy Whitmore Kurb|un 1945 
Mrs. Jams R. Kvaternik 
Patricia Lacy 1974 
Knstan Dawson LaFon 1995 
Jennifer Parker Lake 1987 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lally 
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Lambeth 
Elizabeth Dudley Landes 1982 
R.J, Landin Loderick 1986 
Carolina Woodard Landrigan 1980 
Betty Garter Lane 1954 
Carlana Lindstrom Lane 1959 
Gray Thomas Langston 1971 
Cynthia Vaughan Lantz 1977 
Alene Brewster Larner 1932 
Stephanie Lawley 1999 
Carol Howard Lawrence 1976 
Anita Saffels Lawson 1964 
Julia Williams Layfield 1974 
Nancy Kevan Lazaron 1968 
Marianna Jamison Leach 1947 
Barbara Whitt League 1997 
Alise Learned Mahr 1980 
Nora Leary 1969 
Robbie Nelson LeCompte 1963 
Ms. Patricia N. LeDonne 
Katherine Ketchum LeDoyen 1981 
Lucy Cunningham Lee 1971 
Marilyn Myers Lee 1953 
Melissa Leecy 1996 
Wendy Coleman LeGardeur 1961 
Susan Powell Leister 1968 
Robin Newcomb Lermo 1984 

( 23 ) 

Patricia Kapnistos Leto 1983 

Mr. W. Roger Levering 

Ann Mebane Levine 1965 

Martha Tiiulin Leynes-Selbert 1958 

Elizabeth Riddler Lichenstein 1973 

Margaret Lake Lindsay 1970 

Rebecca Suter Lindsay 1966 

Leigh Jennings Lissard 1992 

Dr. Elizabeth Locher 1980 

Suzanne Lochner 1988 

Kimberly Lockhart 1996 

Lauren Logan 1996 

Kathryn Jackson Lohmiller 1967 

Sue Lollis 1979 

Mrs. Virginia R. Lollis 

Major Caryn Gove Long 1972 

Dr Grace Jones Long 1981 

HarrietteTebeil Long 1953 

Virginia Vaughan Longuillo 1966 

Patricia Schendel Loring 1958 

Ann Dick Lovelady 1956 

Rebecca Lovingood 1982 

Mr. and Mrs. A. John Lucas 

Jane Woodruff Lucas 1952 

Margaret Jorstad Lucas 1957 

Susan Sale Luck 1963 

Vera Canaday Lupo 1949 

Robin Rexinger Lutz 1983 

Leslie Jividen Luxenberg 1985 

Allison Lynn 1994 

Jean Lynn 1965 

Sylvia Lynn 1983 

Zanne Macdonald 1970 

Bronwyn MacDonald-Schvi/egel 1996 

Lynn Merritt MacEwen 1968 

Nina Reid Mack 1972 

Elizabeth Rawls Macklin 1949 

Mary ONvia Cox MacLeod 1975 

Rosalinda Roberts Madara 1963 

Jacqueline Crinkley Maddex 1934 

Jane Sheffield Maddux 1972 

Mr. John E. Maddux 

Barbara Welch Magee 1991 

Jean Baum Mair 1940 

Frances Harvey Mallison 1967 

Anne Ware Maloney 1985 

Anne Hess Mamon 1989 

Katherine Brant Manning 1990 

Marjorie Gordon Manning 1952 

Mary Page Manning 1967 

Nancy Hooker Manning 1960 

Meredith Mansfield 1997 

Page Wooldridge Marchetti 1980 

Mary Ann Appleby Marchio 1964 

Phyllis Short Marcom 1964 

Kathy Hunt Marion 1981 

Margaret Baldwin Marks 1973 

Martha Singletary Marks 1963 

Joan Stanley Maroulis 1963 

Mr. Anderson L. Marsh 

CaitlynWalz Marsh 1998 

Alice Stevens Marshall 1981 

Jane Coulbourn Marshall 1963 

Sammy Primm Marshall 1966 

Genevieve Martin 1981 

Keene Roadman Martin 1963 

Nita SoRelle Martin 1940 

Susan Henry Martin 1972 

Jean Quarles Mary 1949 

Ms. Pia Mason 

Mary Nell Williams Mathis 1962 

Martha Butler Manhews 1962 

Elaine Hargrett Mauck 1995 

Katherine Keller Maultsby 1956 

Mary Sue Mattox McAllister 1977 

Anne Robertson McAteer 1974 

Mary Scanlon McCallie 1933 

Mr. Carey McCallum 

Ms. Elaine E. McCarrick 

Lou Hartgraves McCarty 1966 

Mary Cochran McConnell 1963 

Mary Hollings McConnell 1976 

Eleanor Poole McCord 1964 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee McCord 

Elinor Weathersby McCorkle 1948 

Anne Fray McCormick 1960 

Holly Frazier McCormick 1998 

Margaret Hogenauer McCormick 1965 

Carolyn Clemmer McCulley 1964 

Mrs. Kathy Riddle McDaniel 

Joyce Holt McDowell 1959 

Clara Burroughs McFariin 1950 

Anne Haneke McGough 1944 

Nancy Foster McGraw 1971 

Patncia Fisher McHold 1963 

Maxine Dunlap Mclntyre 1939 

Edith Lane McKay 1947 

Frances Thompson McKay 1969 

Elizabeth Brown McKell 1965 

Helaine Hobby McKenney 1960 

Jean Bailey McKinney 1947 

Harnet Schofield McLaughlin 1936 

M. Sue McManus 1953 

Gretchen Haring McMinn 1985 

Elizabeth Vincent McMullen 1936 

Judith Sydnor McNeel 1974 

Mr. and Mrs. Angus A. McQueen III 

Helen Cook McQuillen 1945 

Ihrie Carr Means 1968 

Kathryn Gravely Melo 1981 

Ann Kennedy Melton 1957 

Shirley Corbin Menendez 1961 

Kathnne Stewart Messer 2000 

Agnes McClung Messimer 1938 

Dr Daniel Metraux 

Mrs. Judy Metraux 

Charlotte Tyson Mewborn 1965 

Martha Robinson Meyer 1957 

Sharon Miller Midland 1968 

Nancy Lawler Milam 1976 

Alma McCue Miller 1954 

Nancy Jackson Miller 1965 

Dr. Page Putnam Miller 1963 

Patricia Pinkley Miller 1955 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Miller 

Sarah Lacy Miller 1938 

Sherry Duncan Miller 1984 

Lisa McKenzie Millican 1984 

Annie Andrews Minix 1998 

Judith Richardson Minter 1962 

Amy Charleston Mishra 1996 

Shannon Greene Mitchell 1957 

Darlena Sizemore Mixon 1964 

Elizabeth Irzyk Mize 1970 

Mary Mizell 1978 

Carolyn Stover Modarelli-Adams 1962 

Sally Simons Molinari 1980 

Ruth Hawkins Molony 1959 

Mary Thompson Molten 1941 

Meredith Molteni 1998 

Carol McKenna Mongan 1981 

Elysa Maddox Montgomery 1973 

Fairfax Hardesty Montgomery 1964 

JenanneYork Montgomery 1987 

Sara Allen Moody 1972 

Ellen Moomaw 1982 

Alice Moore 1967 

Carol Moore 1972 

H.Wornom Moore 1958 

Jean Young Moore 1939 

Nancy Winters Moore 1971 

Mary Thomas Moorhead 1941 

Emily Eakle Morgan 1942 

Dorothea Bessire Morris 1963 

Mary Bullock Morris 1943 

Mary Ann Fell Morris 1969 

Sara Morris 1997 

Mrs. Wanda K. Morris 

Mary Morrison 1995 

Rebecca Morrison 1998 

Ann Morriss 1978 

Caroline Smith Morton 1968 

Dr. Joann Brown Morton 1963 

Virginia Roseborough Morton 1947 

Virginia Morton 1964 

Ms. Judith A. Mosedale 

Joyce Goldstein Moseley 1944 

Jane Hogan Moses 1957 

Emily Motley 2002 

Mr. David Mowen 

Kathleen Madigan Muehlman 1972 

Karen Bass Mulder 1961 

Courtenay Green Mullen 1967 

Grace Fnend Mullen 1969 

Nancy Falkenberg Muller 1967 

Melissa Kimes Mullgardt 1963 

Donna Deitz Mumby 1973 

Peggy Hooven Murphy 1938 

First Lt. Chnstina Murray 2001 

M. Merrick Twohy Murray 1971 

Mary Taylor Murray 1954 

Dr. Pamela Murray 

Ms. Anne G. Musser 

Sonja Musser Golladay 1993 

Mary Brown Myrvik 1946 

Mary Ann Naber 1976 

Mr. R. Edward Nance 

Nicole Napier 1999 

Betsy Julie Marshall Nau 1971 

Dorothy Hundley Neale 1943 

Mr. H. E. Neale 

Susan Neale 1978 

Catherine Morey Nee 1981 

Jane Terrell Neer 1989 

Martha Stokes Neill 1956 

Hazel Astin Nelson 1939 

Jean Wells Nelson 1963 

Mary Sue Shields Koontz Nelson 1953 

Anna Winslow Newbold 1943 

Sarah Cooke Newcomb 1969 

Dr. Mary Newell 1965 

Mrs. Gretchen Newman 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Newton 

Virginia Teague Nexsen 1982 

Jean Anderson Nicewander 1942 

Frances Sledge Nicrosi 1941 

Barbara Payne Nolan 1950 

Carolyn Epperson Nolan 1963 

Meryl Richardson Nolan 1960 

Prince Carr Norfleet 1976 

Julie Willman Norman 1965 

Katherine Hull Nowell 1974 

Martha Persinger Nowlin 1948 

Jennifer Goetz Nystrom 1995 

Wilma Hodge Obaugh 1951 

Kelly Thornburg Oberholzer 1991 

Michele Cargain O'Connell 1994 

Audrey Andrews Oddi 1980 

Sandra May O'Donnell 1973 

Dr. Jamie Hewell Odrezin 1974 

Lois Siegfried Oglesby 1973 

Elizabeth Goad Oliver 1972 

Sally Stowers Oliver 1967 

Kathryn Redford O'Mara 1978 

Margaret Hawkins Oosterman 1970 

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Opie Jr 

Jennifer Eavey Oprison 1994 

Susan Bickerstaff Orne 1975 

Virginia Taylor Otts 1967 

Addie McLaughlin Ours 1954 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Dow Owens 

Cissie Ellis Paddie 1969 

Alice Sykes Palmer 1953 

Jerri Percival Palmer 1963 

Ms. Roberta Palmer 

A. Kay Humphrey Pancake 1958 

Miss Emily Pancake 

Mary Pardue 1971 

Jane Mather Parish 1937 

Mary Matthews Park 1950 

A. Anne Darby Parker 1982 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Parker 

Margaret Lawrence Parkerson 1968 

Mary Graham Parkins 1948 

Susan Rogers Parks 1972 

Alice Hunter Patterson 1950 

Meredith Carter Patterson 1965 

Pauline Patteson 1977 

Betty Gaston Patton 1948 

Pamela Patton 1975 

Mary Valerie Sutton Payne 1976 

Dr Beneta J. Peacock 1946 

Lydia Woods Peale 1958 

Sally Heltzel Pearsall 1962 

Margaret Keller Pearson 1938 

Faye Smith Peck 1958 

Anna Cacciapaglia Peduto 1950 

Frances Lankford Peek 1950 

Roberta Brent Peek 1967 

Margaret Ryder Pence 1949 

Brooke Hume Pendleton 1971 

Jill Butler Pendleton 1972 

Margaret Terrell Penick 1965 

Margaret Childrey Penzold 1937 

Florence Merritt Percy 1966 

Barbara Murray Perrin 1948 

Tara Perrow 2001 

Katherine Sproul Perry 1963 

Mary Ellen Smith Perry 1963 

Angela Dancy Peterson 2000 

Mr and Mrs. Michael Peterson 

Jennifer Klopman Petramale 1994 

Almeyda Spratley Peyton 1940 

Cory Jones Phelan 1989 

Denise Lantz Phillips 1995 

Margaret Berry Phillips 1955 

Ms. Ruth Burnett Phillips 

Judy Mauze Philpott 1968 

Anne Armstrong Piepenbrink 1946 

Carole Payne Pilcher 1973 

Margaret Price Pinson 1943 

Betty Darwin Pirtle 1974 

Sarah Johnson Pitt 1982 

Susan Andes Pittman 1956 

Elizabeth Blanchard Podesta 1948 

Gladys McManaway Poindexter 1946 

Frances Davis Pollard 1966 

Ms. Lallon Pond 

( 24 ) 

Mr. and Mrs. Don Pontius 
Anne Poole 1951 
Sally Wheat Poaer 1943 
Trudy Caskie Porter 1980 
Amberleigh Covell Powell 2001 
Mary Wells Powell 1957 
Dr and Mrs Charles B, Pratt III 
Margaret Pratt 1983 
Sarah Mitchell Preddy 1962 
Allison Hurley Predecki 1994 
Dr. and Mrs. Herman J. Preseren 
Lynn Butts Preston 1963 
Alesandra Price 2002 
Sandra Lennon Price 1966 
Dorothy Lewis Pnmeau 1968 
Anne Broyles Proctor 1983 
Elma Rollins Proffitt 1953 
Elizabeth Slipek Pruitt 1968 
Heidi Puffenbarger 2002 
Lisa Scott Pugh 1979 
Patty Tipton Pugh 1955 
Elizabeth Cunditf Pyron 1981 
Dr and Mrs. William F Quillian Jr. 
Diane Herron Ragan 1989 
Mary Hutcheson Ragland 1938 
Sandra Bremer Randolph 1972 
Julia Pancake Rankin 1945 
Katharine Saffold Rapkin 1967 
Diana Moore Rasnick 1980 
Elizabeth Barkley Ravenel 1967 
Victoria Freeland Rayburn 1998 
Mary Cocke Read 1992 
June Auer Reed 1953 
Page Branton Reed 1977 
Pamela Milliken Reed 1964 
Julie Clark Reedy 1973 
Kara Reese 2001 
Emily Shore Reeve 1983 
Dr. and Mrs William W, Regan 
Joanne Reich 1988 
Alexis Grier Reid 1995 
Charlotte Sheffer Reid 1953 
Jeanette Fisher Reid 1956 
Mary Parmelee Reid 1963 
Jane Letherman Reilly 1970 
Elizabeth Hughes Reisch 1975 
Carolyn Newman Renner 1967 
Marchant Starr Reutlinger 1971 
Knstine Niehaus Revington 1968 
Martha Blake Rex 1968 
Jane Shiflet Rexrode 1960 
Margaret Miller Reynolds 1946 
Tamara Dingbaum Rib 1986 
Claire Fontaine Rice 1956 
Molly Wagener Rice 1940 
Ann Richardson 1972 
Anne Stuart Richardson 1952 
Betty Holmes Richardson 1978 
Mary Jane Gray Richardson 1952 
Sara Miller Richardson 1960 
Julia Gooch Richmond 1934 
Tracy Wright Richtand 1978 
Tiffany Richter 1999 
Dr Trudy Rickman 1987 
Patncia Liebert Riddick 1961 
Martha Grant Rideout 1963 
Ms. Virginia Ridge 
Glenda Ridgely 1981 
Walter Ridgely 1981 
Diane Alexis Riffelmacher 1957 
Sandra McQuarne Rigby 1969 
Linda Forbes Riley 1973 

Kathenne Blackwell Roach 1971 

Margaret Herbert Roach 1982 

Jennifer Robb 1998 

Elizabeth Elsing Bobbins 1994 

Elizabeth Crawford Bobbins 1957 

Susan Robbins-Heaney 1969 

Kimberly McGee Roberson 1983 

Ms Anne Roberts 

Carol Forrestel Roberts 1972 

Erika Wendt Roberts 2001 

F Temple Roberts 1968 

Frances Taylor Roberts 1944 

Susan Martin Robens 1980 

Virginia Hunt Roberts 1956 

Carroll Royer Robertson 1973 

Janice Coleman Robertson 1970 

Jo Miller Robertson 1963 

Nina Cory Robertson 1974 

Patricia Robertson 1969 

Eleanor McCown Robideau 1963 

Elizabeth Trimble Robinson 1981 

Patricia Thomas Robinson 1968 

Tia Nolan Roddy 1969 

Alicia Rodon-Estefani 1968 

The Rev. Judith Gabel Reeling 1957 

Anna Lane Rogers 1943 

Helene Rogers 1954 

Dons McClary Rollins 1950 

Nancy Nettleton Rood 1945 

Mr and Mrs T PT Roper 

Susan Gordon Rosen 1979 

Lane Winn Rothschild 1973 

Heather Rothwell 1998 

Mr. E. B. Rouse 

Angela Amos Rowe 1998 

Jane Allen Rowe 1953 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rowe 

Lisa Rowley 1979 

Jeannie McLain Rubin 1965 

Dorothy lafrate Rudy 1965 

Jane Barnes Ruffin 1935 

Edith Martin Ruggles 1958 

Caria Custis Russell 1995 

Diane Walczak Russell 1981 

RobynTimberlake Ruth 1973 

Kim Herring Rutland 1981 

Ms. Dinah Ryan 

Mr. Paul Ryan 

Susan Ely Ryan 1961 

Pamelia Bird Sanderlin 1973 

Corrie Smith Sargeant 1969 

Beth Saunders 1995 

Melissa Weyher Saunders 1981 

Patncia Edwards Saunders 1960 

Juliana Hoff Sawyer 1986 

Elizabeth Grove Sayers 1976 

Anne Schaech 2001 

H. Sue Ritchie Scherff 1959 

Betty Garren Schmidt 1954 

Nellie Hankins Schmidt 1936 

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley H. Schmidt 

Jane Schofield 1994 

Kimberley Dawson Schold 1986 

Mary Lou Christie Schroeder 1951 

Elizabeth Helmken Schubert 1969 

Rebecca Quinn Schubmehl 1964 

Mary K. McConchie Schultz 1960 

Betty Gwaltney Schutte 1952 

Rebecca Chambers Schwartz 1963 

Susan Walker Scola 1980 

Leslie Olson Scott 1991 

Linda Leeds Scott 1964 

Sharon Scott 1993 
Elizabeth Biggadike Scroggin 1954 
Frances Shirley Scruby 1980 
Sharon Keys Seal 1975 
Emily Moore Seay 1946 
Sarah Stallworth Sebrell 1973 
Dr Ruth Douglas See 1931 
Mary Wood Senechal 1970 
Lori Broglio Severens 1994 
Kathleen Sale Shannon 1989 
Helen Thompson Sharpley 1957 
Ellen Gibson Shaw 1956 
Martha Hendrickson Shelley 1989 
Margaret Addison Shepard 1971 
Ruth Edmunds Shepherd 1933 
Martha Davis Shifflett 1975 
Jennifer Donavant Shively 2000 
Cynthia Wilson Shoemaker 1980 
Cathenne Gephart Shook 1977 
Mary Creswell Short 1954 
Mr and Mrs. David T Shufflebarger 
Elizabeth Jennings Shupe 1970 
Dorothy Cohen Silverman 1938 
Victona Simons 1976 
Emily Shadd Singletary 2002 
Helen Black Sinnott 1946 
Alice Moore Sisson 1938 
Nancy Mann Sizemore 1979 
Ermagard Kruse Skaggs 1939 
Judy Bryant Skinner 1965 
Harriet McLean Slaughter 1948 
Emily Reeves Sloan 1961 
Dr. Lisa Sloan-Levin 1974 
Carol Laws Slonaker 1967 
Lindley Moffetf Small 1969 
Lynne McNew Smart 1947 
Amelia Smith 1973 
Barbara Sanford Smith 1952 
Bess Plaxco Smith 1950 
Carol Storm Smith 1966 
Carolyn Griffis Smith 1958 
Edwina Smith 1969 
Elizabeth Smith 1972 
Jams Krebs Smith 1970 
Jean Bickle Smith 1946 
Joan Moran Smith 1946 
Linda Goddin Smith 1968 
Martha Krauss Smith 1979 
Maxine Matthews Smith 1973 
Nelle McCants Smith 1953 
Sonja Sparks Smith 1995 
Susan Almond Smith 1972 
Wortley Davis Smith 1964 
Melanie Dexter Snoddy 1973 
Ashley Tittle Snowden 1996 
Sandra Esquivel Snyder 1959 
Dr. Frank R. Southenngton 
Theresa Koogler Southenngton 1972 
Dr. and Mrs W. F Sowers 
Sarah Way Speaker 1979 
Catherine Ellis Spencer 1986 
Lynn McWhorter Speno 1974 
Ann Davis Spitler 1969 
Mary Gassman Spivey 1991 
M. Elizabeth Silverman 1997 
Denise Craig Stafford 1972 
Mary Kay Schorn Stainback 1976 
Margaret King Stanley 1952 
Mary Vaughn Stanley 1961 
Ann Dowdell Stauss 1945 
Susan Heiner Steadman 1975 
Amanda Peebles Steere 1994 

( 25 ) 

Catherine H. Stein 1971 
Grace McCutchen Stelling 1977 
Clare Trotti Stephens 1956 
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Stevens 
Kathryn Poerschlce Stevens 1942 
Mary Burr Stevens 1945 
Patricia Lary Stevens 1956 
Rebecca Stevens 1999 
Alice Lippitt Steyaart 1966 
Daphne Andrews Stickley 1982 
Eva Stimson 1975 

Langhorne McCarthy Stinnette 1980 
Gwendolyn Gillaugh Stoecklein 1972 
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas R Stokes 
Gail Alberts Stone 1967 
Judith Pugh Stone 1967 
Mary Atkinson Stone 1972 
Martha Sprouse Stoops 1943 
Chanssa Stouffer 1998 
Norwood Ricks Strasburger 1975 
Courtney Straw 1998 
Ethel Coffey Strawn 1937 
Martha Murchison Strickland 1964 
Doris Fauber Strickler 1971 
Virginia Rosen Strickler 1950 
Marquilla Stuckey Stringer 1947 
Colleen Morrissey Strong 1987 
Tiffany Taylor Stroud 1992 
Elizabeth Edgerton Summers 1984 
Joanna Campbell Swanson 1984 
Frances Diefendorf Swensson 1981 
Otey Hayward Swoboda 1961 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Kendall Sydnor 
Dr. Leslie Syron 1942 
Janey Martin Tanner 1948 
Carrie Ham Tarkington 1949 
Elizabeth Nash Taylor 1981 
Jane Doughtie Taylor 1965 
Caryn FogartyTebbe 1963 
Mr. Charles TenBroeck 
Anne Hancock Teresa 1970 
Angela Shepherd Terrell 1988 
Leslie Marfleet Terry 1977 
Helen Hord Testerman 1950 
Elizabeth Brinckerhoff Thomas 1951 
Mrs. William I.Thomas 
Tempe Grant Thomas 1968 
Elizabeth NesbittThomason 1970 
Eugenia McCuenThomason 1962 
Jean DinkinsThomason 1946 
Anne Emmert Thompson 1969 
Donna Thompson 1997 
Dorothy May Thompson 1973 
Margaret Michael Thompson 1965 
Tara Anderson Thompson 1996 
Eleanor Harwell Thomsen 1955 
Jane Collis Thornton 1969 
Louise ReidThyson 1973 
Marian Tilman 1998 

Deborah RexrodeTimberlake 1978 
GerriWhittakerTimmons 1994 
Katherine Smith Tinker 1961 
Jean Blackburn Tipton 1936 
Dr. and Mrs. William H.Tomlinson 
Sara Poulston Tompkins 1981 
Blanche Humphreys Toms 1968 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Tonissen Jr. 
Nancy Townsend 1945 
Melissa Rogers Trent 1991 
Jeannette Hervey Trice 1960 
Gloria Duke Trigg 1947 
Karen Pixley Trimble 1970 
Gail Trussell 2000 
Barbara Phillips Truta 1973 
Rebecca Bost Tucker 1972 
Mimi Mitchell Tufts 1945 
Frances Tullis 1945 
Cherie ParrishTurman 1954 
Marjorie SykesTurnbull 1952 
Anne McLeod Turner 1969 
Jacquelyn Hill Turner 1972 
Jane Mattox Turner 1938 
Katharine Makepeace Turner 1949 
Mary Whitinger Turner 1962 
Sarah McCormick Turner 1973 
Susan Richards Tyler 1972 
Mary Peach Upchurch 1965 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F Urquhart III 
Vivienne HutchensVail 1949 
Jane MoudyVan Dragt 1951 
Beth Free Van Fossen 1968 
Wendy Cudworth Van Fossen 1989 
Melissa Van Noppen 1981 
Mr. Richard T. VanBreemen 
Elizabeth Updegraff Vardell 1980 
JaneVaughan 1963 
Ingrid Erickson Vax 1989 
Debra BowisVeghte 1978 
Grace Dryden Venable 1944 
Heather Viar 2001 
Saunders Vickery 1990 
Dorothy Wilson Vincent 1948 
Pamela Roach Voight 1980 
Barbara Johnson von Reis 1937 
Robin Wilson Von Seldeneck 1992 
Ann Brown Voss 1952 
Sarah PenhallowVostal 1991 
A. Chrisley Baylor Voter 1986 
Sara Smith Wade 1945 
Kathryn Wafle 1975 
Mary Horton Waldron 1950 
Daphne Walker 1970 
Jennifer Walker 1997 
Melanie Gamble Walker 1972 
Jane Inge Wallace 1972 
Mrs. Gwendolyn Walsh 
Gwendolyn Cooper Wamsley 1955 
Cornelia Jenkins Ward 1961 

Emily Ward 2002 

Mary Ward 1969 

Mr. and Mrs. Earle R. Ware II 

Alice Lacy Wareham 1968 

M. MusserWatkins Warren 1954 

Mary Warren 1979 

Alice Washington 1992 

Susan McKeown Waters 1967 

Nancy Rawls Watson 1949 

Noshua Watson 1995 

Tracey Cronin Watson 1991 

Elizabeth Watts 1972 

Carroll McMath Weatherman 1990 

Bonnie Brackett Weaver 1971 

Sarah Beale Weaver 1945 

Sylvia Scott Weaver 1961 

Hannah Gatchell Webb 1965 

Susan Browne Webb 1965 

Barbara Payne Webster 1940 

Merita Long Webster 1958 

Angela FavataWeck 1989 

Margaret Szeniawski Weidner 1981 

Susan DuganWeinig 1976 

Susan Simmons Weir 1973 

Dr. Robert J. Weiss 

Judge Harry W. Wellford 

Katherine Potts Wellford 1949 

Pamela HyrneWendt 1967 

Debra Wenger 1990 

Anne Cabell Birdsong Wentz 1984 

Sharon Wertz 1994 

Lucy Fisher West 1959 

Margaret MaloneWest 1965 

Mr. Robert J. Westerman 

Jill Westerman-Boyer 2000 

Kathy Young Wetsel 1972 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Wetzel Jr. 

Lynda Bergen Wheatley 1975 

Leiia Huyett White 1938 

Margaret McDonald White 1942 

Patricia Murphey Whitman 1952 

Shawn Keys Whitman 1976 

Mary CoxWhitmore 1945 

KarinWhitt 1988 

Ms. Margaret Whitten 

Lettalou Garth Whittington 1948 

Jane Fritzmeier Wilken 1980 

AnnWilkerson 1972 

Elisabeth White Willard 1942 

Beverly Matthews Williams 1959 

Charlotte Fall Williams 1947 

Claudia Williams 1974 

Denise Clary Williams 1996 

Ellawells Milligan Williams 1956 

Ellen Nicholson Williams 1940 

Dr. Jennelle Saunders Williams 1985 

Kristin Williams 1997 

Marilyn Simpson Williams 1950 

Patricia Henderson Williams 1959 

Rebecca Chapman Williams 1968 

Suzanne Hill Williams 1953 

Yaminah Casey Williams 1996 

Mrs. Virginia K. Willis 

Eleanor Harbrook Wilson 1968 

Frances Garvey Wilson 1981 

Julia Anderson Wilson 1971 

Margaret Hooks Wilson 1949 

Mary Gregory Wilson 1969 

Mary Dale Lott Wilson 1944 

Mrs. Orme Wilson Jr. 

Bruce Suttle Winfield 1958 

June Morrow Winslow 1956 

Alice Franciso Wipfler 1970 

Rebecca Smith Wirt 1981 

Anna Stuart Wise 1963 

Barbara Barnes Wissbaum 1979 

Therese RotheWitcher 1983 

Karen Ponton Witham 1991 

Susan Harris Witt 1979 

Mr. and Mrs. Pieter H. Woodcock 

Kathanne Adair Woods 1948 

Caroline Wright 1998 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward T Wright 

Jean Clark Wright 1935 

Mr. and Mrs. William M.Wright 

Kathryn Payne Wueste 1974 

Mr. and Mrs. Landon R. Wyatt Jr. 

Elizabeth Dismer Yancey 1965 

Marillyn Hoyt Yancey 1947 

Helen HullYood 1939 

Reverend Betty Jean Gilmer Young 1950 

Elizabeth Howard Young 1982 

Frederica Young 1939 

Jane Rayson Young 1972 

Rebecca Jones Young 1974 

Sheila Young 1983 

LynnetteYount 1973 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Zagora 

Virginia Mann Ziegler 1952 

Anne Hutton Zimmerschied 1966 

Elizabeth Switzer Zirkle 1954 

Senior Impact Program 

Diane Alford 2003 
Stacey Berg 2003 
Brandy Clark 2003 
Lauren Eggleston 2003 
Laurie Douglas Frye 2003 
Joy Garrett 2003 
Leah Griffith 2003 
Cristina Jurach 2003 
Katherine Macola 2003 
Shana Meganck 2003 
Kathryn Nelson 2003 
Meredith Norns 2003 
Meghan O'Reilly 2003 
Anne Pontius 2003 
Julie Schmidt 2003 


in Kinc 

Ms. Crista R. Cabe 

Miss Bonnie M. Hohn 

Louise Rossett McNamee 1970 

Mr. Douglas Roller 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reid Cabe 

Margaret McMurray Hottel 1943 

Mr. Robert H. Meyerhoff 

Dr. Ethel Smeak 1953 

Mr. and Mrs. William Douglas 

Mrs. Nancy Keaton 

Sarah Sterrett Meyerhoff 1968 

Staunton Fabnc Center, Inc. 

First Presbyterian Church 

Kimberly Kerr-Stinnett 2002 

Ann Shaw Miller 1954 

Alice Ball Watts 1952 

(Staunton, Va.) 

R.J. Landin Loderick 1986 

Nancy Falkenberg Muller 1967 

Mr and Mrs. William W, Gibbs 

Shearer Troxell Luck 1963 

Mr. Brian T O'Connor 

Leigh Hamblin Gordon 1978 

Mr. Richard McLaughlin 

Mr. Gordon C. Page 

( 26 ) 


\m> ' \ . '■^'^.*'Vi^^T.; 





Honorary Gifts 

in honor of a friend, relative, classmate, instructor, or someone else who is caring and generous. 

Mr. Mark L Atchison 

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Shufflebarger 

Mr and Mrs. John Brook 

Mr. Robert S. Doenges 

Anne Byford 1989 

Kathleen Kemg Byford 1968 
Mr, W. Bruce Byford 

Elizabeth Crawford Engle 1931 

Mr. Richard Hunter Trumbo 

Kerry Gates 2003 

Ms. Karen M, Gates 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp 1963 
andW. Hayne Hipp 

Mr, Robert S. Doenges 

Miss Bonnie M. Hohn 

Ellen Porter Holtman 1971 

Dr. Mary E. Humphreys 


Janet Russell Steelman 1952 

Elizabeth Withrow Turner 1958 

Mr. and Mrs.W. H. Kirkpatrick 

Mr. Robert S. Doenges 

Jane G. Kornegay 1983 

Margaret Hambrick Glaze 1991 

Shearer Troxell Luck 1963 

Lane Wright Cochrane 1963 
Mary Gould Coulbourn 1963 
Ann Geggie Fridley 1963 
Judith Thonnpson Hatcher 1963 
Holly Hanson Hill 1963 
Ann Dial McMillan 1963 
Becky Cannaday Merchant 1963 
Dorothea Bessire Morris 1963 
Minta McDiarmid Nixon 1963 

Gale Palmer Penn 1963 
Lynn Butts Preston 1963 
Emily Dethloff Ryan 1963 
Margaret Engle Trumbo 1963 

Anne Ware Maloney 1985 

Mr. and Mrs. Earle R, Ware II 

Dr John F. Mehner 

Ellen Porter Holtman 1971 

Dr Patricia Holbert Menk 

JaneTownes 1969 

Becky Cannaday Merchant 1963 

Lane Wright Cochrane 1963 
Mary Gould Coulbourn 1963 
Ann Geggie Fridley 1963 
Judith Thompson Hatcher 1963 
Holly Hanson Hill 1963 
ShearerTroxell Luck 1963 
Ann Dial McMillan 1963 
Dorothea Bessire Morris 1963 
Minta McDiarmid Nixon 1963 
Gale Palmer Penn 1963 
Lynn Butts Preston 1963 
Emily Dethloff Ryan 1963 
Margaret Engle Trumbo 1963 

Dr James B. Patrick 

Colonel Melissa Patrick 1978 

Lottie Rosen 

R.Wallace Rosen Trust 

Larlssa Sager 1998 

Mrs. Sylvia C. Payne 

Dr. Cynthia H.Tyson 

Genevieve Davis Adams 1989 
Col. and Mrs. EliT S. Alford 
Claire Lewis Arnold 1969 
Mr. Frederick Aun and Mrs. Jan 

Mr. Charles T Baskervill 

and Pamela Shell Baskervill '75 
Ms. Crista R. Cabe 
Capt. and Mrs. John W, Carman 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Cerri 
Circuit City Foundation 
Mr. James E. Clemens 
The Hon. and Mrs. George M. 

Cochran Family Foundation 
Compass Group, USA Division 
Nancy Payne Dahl 1956 
David Berger Foundation 
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Davis Jr. 
Margaret Wren de St. Aubin 1981 
Marisa Debow/sky 2000 
Leigh Yates Farmer 1974 
Dr. and Mrs Ed Ferreol 
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift 

Michelle Cobb Fitzgerald 2000 
Ginger Mudd Galvez 1973 

and Mr. Jose L. Galvez III 
Judy Lipes Garst 1963 
LynnTuggle Gilliland 1980 
Judith W. Godwin 1952 
Patricia Andrew Goodson 1951 
Anita Thee Graham 1950 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Griffith 
Mrs. Helen K. Groves 
Linda Dolly Hammack 1962 
Ms. Marion B. Hart 
Cynthia Luck Haw 1979 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins 1963 
Virginia Eversole Herdman 1954 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp 1963 
Margaret Herscher Hitchman 1940 
Wylyn Letson Hodnett 1967 
Virginia Carter Holden 1967 
Caroline Rose Hunt 1943 
Beverly Great Hurt 1961 
Mr. and Mrs. John Ireland 
John W. Deming and Bertie Murphy 

Deming Foundation 

Sarah Maupin Jones 1939 
Mr. and Mrs, Michael E, Keck 
Louise Fowlkes Kegley 1954 
Marjorie Runge Kelso 1949 
Gail McLennan King 1969 
Paula Stephens Lambert 1965 
Martha Masters 1969 
MBC Student Alumnae Relations 

Society (STARS) 
Sarah Sterrett Meyerhoff 1968 
Mr. and Mrs. R William Moore Jr. 
Susan Rogers Parks 1972 
Mr. Joseph Pasini 

and Ms. M. Louise Scott 
Gale Palmer Penn 1963 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P Perich 
Margaret Pollard Rea 1946 
Mr. and Mrs. William 0. Reuther 
C, Lindsay Ryland 1973 
Sands Foundation 
Carol Stewart Shaw 1965 
Mr, Thomas M, Shea 

and Debra Wolfe Shea 1977 
Second Lieutenant Sarah Small 2002 
Mr, and Mrs, William L. Small 
Dr. Ethel Smeak 1953 
Bertie Deming Smith 1946 
Mr. William H. Smith Jr. 

and Linda Verner Smith 1972 
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P Stokes 
Mr. Frank E. Telegadas 

and Frost Burnett Telegadas 1983 
The Community Foundation 
Betty NeislerTimberlake 1945 
Ray Castles Uttenhove 1968 
Mr. Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 
Judith Wade 1969 
Barbara Simmons Wainscott 1968 
Dr. Sue McDowell Whitlock 1967 
Wren Foundation, Inc. 

Katharine Potts Wellford 1949 

Judge Harry W. Wellford 


t the causes and institutions I help financially, none gives me more pleasure to support 
than Mary Baldwin because it is so genuinely appreciative. I like that. My late wife, 
Adriane Heim Lyman '50, certainly attended the right college. 

— S. VanVliet Lyman 

Memorial Gifts 

. . in remembrance of those who inspired or helped others. 

Wilhelmina Eskridge Beard 1930 

Dr Graham E Beard 

Brandy, dog of Donna Polsinelli 
Sickler 1991 

Ms Anne G Musser 

Grace Brooks 2004 

Allergy Immunizations Clinic 
Mr. Frederick Aun 

and Mrs Jan Jernigan 
Ms Polly Aun 

Mr and Mrs Larry W. Bartoi 
Mr Greg Bemy 

Mr and Mrs Clifton M. Brooks Jr. 
Cold Harbor Elementary School 
Hauni Richmond Technical Service 

Hauni Richmond. Inc. 
The Home Depot 
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall B. Johnson 
Mr Matthew Jordan 
MBC Alumnae/i Association 
MBC Student Government 

Ms. Lonanne Newmes 
Mr Donovan Olinc 
Mr David Reese 
Mr and Mrs. William W. Sedr Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. Charles TenBroeck 
Mr and Mrs John B Wiltshire 

Eric Matthew Brown 

Mr Gary C. Brown 

and Dreama Brown 1986 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cox 
Mr and Mrs Joe Danner 
Mr. David W Desper 
Mr and Mrs. John F Dillon 
Mr. and Mrs L G. Kimmett 
MBC Admissions and Financial Aid 
Ms. Anne G Musser 
Tamara Obaugh 1982 
Real Estate Plus 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T B Smith 
Staunton-Augusta Association 

of Realtors. Inc 

Susan Carter 2001 

Mr and Mrs David W Carter 

Cecelia Flow Collins 1961 

Phebe Palmer Bishop 1961 

Nell Cun-y Corte 1991 

Katherine Talbot Jones 1991 

Carol Cogdell Courtney 1978 

Jane Ellington 1978 
Whitney Dodd Godwin 1978 

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges 1963 

Claire Lewis Arnold 1969 
Oxiey Foundation 
Mr John Y.Williams 

Mr Arthur J. DuLac 

Burnt Tree Grange 

Mr and Mrs. Malcolm J. Davis 

David and Christine DuLac 

Mr and Mrs George DuLac 

Mr and Mrs. George A. DuLac 

Mr Gregory DuLac 

Mr Leonard H Dykes 

Mr Heber M. Fisher 

Mr and Mrs Don Lawson 

Mr and Mrs Fredrick L. Silski 

Mr and Mrs Paul R Stnckland 

Enc. Ann and KatyTapman 

Mr and Mrs Robert B.Thomas Jr 

Mr and Mrs Coleman W. Utz 

Ms. Susan Duvall 

Virginia Bruce Cooke 1959 
Helen Smith McCallum 1959 
Ruth Hawkins Molony 1959 
Patricia Sphar 1958 
Patricia Henderson Williams 1959 

Dr EInora May D. Estampador 

Kathryn Tatterson 1992 

Catherine Green 2000 

Altria Group. Inc. 

Cynthia Yeager Bouldin 1969 

Dr. Karen Dorgan 

Mr and Mrs. J. Dent Goodyear 

Blondell M. Jones 

Mr G. Hoban Jones Jr 

Tim Jones and Family 

Mr Timothy M Michel 

Dr Roderic L. Owen 

Mr and Mrs John Quale 

^^ ^^y devotion to my mother was 
my motivatioii in establishing the 
Marguerite Fulwiler Livy Scholarship 
award. She had an abiding love for 
Mary Baldwin, and it was my love for 
her that inspired me. 

— Robert Bruce Livy 

Ms. F Elizabeth Roberts 

The Department of Radiology Iredell 

Memorial Hospital 
Mr L D Safenght 

Mrs. F. Edna Haldenby 

Mrs. Gwendolyn Walsh 

Mr. Gordon L. Hammock 

Mrs. Irene Hammock 
Angela Staats Manning 1992 

Ann Graham Hazzard 1943 


Mary Graham Parkins 1948 

Maaha Sprouse Stoops 1943 

Mrs. Roland G. Hohn 

Miss Bonnie M Hohn 

Mr.T. D. Huntley 

Dr and Mrs William H Tomlinson 

Emily Wirsing Kelly 1963 

Emily W. Kelly Foundation 
Mr Timothy A. Kelly 

Frederica Weinberg Kronsberg 1931 

Mr Abram J Kronsberg 

Catherine Dewees Launt 1942 

Ms. Vivian Knight Jenkins 

Marion McBumey Levering 1945 

Mr W Roger Levering 

Levering Investment Company, Ltd 

Marguerite Fulwiler Livy 1917 

Mr Robert Bruce Livy 

Adriane Heim Lyman 1950 

Mrs. Ethel M. Heim 

Anne J. McAllister 1965 


Or. James L. McAllister 

Mrs. James L McAllister 

Mrs. Carolyn R Meeks 

Miss Susan Canfield 

MBC Student Government 

Suzanne Kierson Miller 1991 
Dr Pamela Murray 
Mr Gordon C. Page 
Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page 194J 
Mrs. Gwendolyn Walsh 

Dr. Kari R Menk 

Dr Patricia Holbert Menk 
JaneTownes 1969 

Jane Barnes Ruffin 1935 

Ms Martha G. McCallister 
Ms Etta McElroy 
Ms. Josephine B Strong 
Ms. BarbranellTaubensee 
Washburne/Skokie PTA 

Mr. Charles E. Rutenber 

Mr and Mrs Hampton H. Hairfield Jr 
Dr James B Patrick 

Mr Curtis B. Sayer 

Mrs Charles J. Adams 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel D. Blough 

Mr and Mrs. Miguel R Champion 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas W. Donlon 

Mr Nat D. Fast 

Mr John B. Ficklin Jr Family 

Ms Helen Kerrick Hawkins 

Mr and Mrs. William Kline 

Ms. Joyce E. Kougl 

Mr and Mrs. Joel Martin 

Ms. Renee J. Mason 

Mr and Mrs. Rick D. Morelos 

Mr and Mrs John R Ransome 

Mr and Mrs. Pembroke T Rathbone 

Mr and Mrs. James Michael Roberts 

Ms Rosalie J. Roy 

Mr and Mrs. Jeff A Saleen 

Ms. Judith Saleen 

San Luis Obispo County Department 

of Agriculture 
Santa Barbara Agricultural 

Commissioner's Office 
Mrs Curtis Sayer 
Mr and Mrs. Patrick W, Sheehy 
University of California Cooperative 

Extension Office 
Mr Edwin Newhall Woods Jr 

Mary Shuford 1983 

Mr and Mrs James D. Coleman 
Helen Stevens Forster 1983 
Emily Shore Reeve 1983 
Mr C. Hunt Shuford Jr 

Annie Walker St. Clair 1881 

Margaret Moore Ripley 1952 

Dr Jen7 R. Venn 

Margaret Bryson Altman 1976 

Mary LamontWade 1952 

Johnson and Johnson Family 

of Companies 
Janet Russell Steelman 1952 

Consuelo Slaughter Wenger 1918 

Henry E and Consuelo S. Wenger 

Mrs. Diane Wenger Wilson 

Mr Edward J. Wildring 

Mr Leonard H. Dykes 

Mr Orme Wilson Jr. 

Mrs Orme Wilson Jr 

Mr. Bob Wimer 

Margaret Hambrick Glaze 1991 

Alice Jones Wire 1957 

Shannon Greene Mitchell 1957 

( 29 ) 

Corporations, Foundations, Organizations 


Aetna Foundation, Inc. 

Agua Fund, Inc. 

Alcoa Foundation 

Alexander, Haas and Martin Partners, Inc. 

Allergy Immunizations Clinic 

Allison Building and Renovation, Inc 

Altria Group, Inc. 

Andersen Foundation 



Armstrong Foundation 

ART + Specialists, LC 

AT&T Foundation 

Austin Community Foundation 


The Ayco Charitable Foundation 

Bank of America 


David Berger Foundation 

Brent Family Foundation 

Burnt Tree Grange 

The Capital Group Companies, Inc. 

Capital One Services, Inc. 

Cartref Communications 

Caterpillar Foundation 

Central Carolina Community Foundation 

CFW Communications Foundation 

Charles f. ColeTrust Fund 

Chauncey and Marion Deering McCormick Foundation 

Chesterfield Yarn Mills, Inc. 

Chiles Survivors Tnjst 

Circuit City Foundation 

The City Farmer 

Clariant Corporation 

Coca-Cola Company 

Cochran Family Foundation 

Cold Harbor Elementary School 

The Community Foundation (Richmond, Va.l 

Community Foundation of Greater Memphis 

Compass Group, USA Division 

Concierge Services of Atlanta. Inc. 

Constellation Energy Group, Inc. 

Fannie Royster Cooke 1900 Trust 

Coming Incorporated Foundation 

Thomas and Mary Coulbourn Family Fund 

of the Community Foundation 
Court Reporting Associates, LLC 
Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc. 
The Overton and Katharine Dennis Fund 
Dean S. Edmonds Foundation 
The Norfolk Foundation 
Dorothy B. Moore Charitable Lead Trust 
Dominion Foundation 
The Duke Energy Foundation 

E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation 
Emily W. Kelly Foundation 
ExxonMobil Foundation 
Fannie Mae Foundation 

Fenviiick Foundation 

Fidelity Foundation 

Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund 

First Presbyterian Church (Staunton, Va.) 

Foundation for the Carolinas 

The Joseph L. and Ray L. Freund Foundation 

Gap Foundation 

GE Foundation 

General Re Corporation 

Gertz and Moore 

Graham and Dunn PC 

The Garland and Agnes Taylor Gray Foundation 

Greening-Ellis Insurance 

The Haggard Foundation 

Hauni Richmond, Inc. 

Hauni Richmond Technical Service Department 

Henry E. and Consuelo S. Wenger Foundation 

Hershey Fund 

Hill Foundation 

HLH Architects, Inc. 

The Home Depot 

Hooker Furniture Corporation 

IBM Matching Grants Program 

Illinois Tool Works Foundation 

J. M. Turner and Co., Inc. 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund 

John W. Deming and Bertie Murphy Doming 

Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies 

Kentucky Derby Hosiery 

Kiplinger Foundation 

Kuehn Foundation 

Levering Investment Company, Ltd. 

Lucent Technologies 

Luck Stone Foundation 

Adriane Lyman Trust 

Malone Family Foundation 

May Department Stores Company Foundation 

MBC Admissions and Financial Aid 

MBC Alumnae/i Association 

MBC Student Alumnae Relations Society (STARS) 

MBC Student Government Association 

McKee Foods Corporation 

MeadWestvaco Foundation 

Merck Company Foundation 

Mernll Lynch and Company Foundation, Inc. 

Metropolitan Life Foundation 

Microsoft Giving Campaign 

Miller Foundation, Inc. 

Morgan-Worcester, Inc. 

Morris Communications Corporation 

Murphy Oil Corporation 

Norfolk Southern Foundation 

Nuclear Medicine Dynamics, Inc. 

Oxiey Foundation 

Peachtree House Foundation 

Pharmacia Foundation, Inc. 

Potomac Asset Management, Inc. 

PPL Electric Utilities Corporation 

Progress Energy 

Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program 

R. Wallace Rosen Trust 

R.T Vanderbilt Trust 

The Department of Radiology Iredell Memorial 

Reader's Digest Foundation 
Real Estate Plus 

Robert Haywood Morrison Foundation 
Roberts Real Estate LLC 
John and Mary Robertson Charitable Gift Fund 
The Rosewood Corporation 
T Ragan Ryan Foundation. Inc. 
Salisbury Community Foundation 
San Luis Obispo County Department of Agriculture 
Sands Foundation 

Santa Barbara Agricultural Commissioner's Office 
Sara Lee Foundation 
Schley and Lang Knight Foundation 
The Schneider Foundation 
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving 
Second Presbyterian Church (Roanoke, Va.) 
Shivers Trading and Operating Company 
Siemens Information and Communication Network, Inc. 
Smyth Foundation 
Somers M. Wilton Real Estate 
South Florida Science Museum, Inc. 
Spanish Works Inc. 
The Spartanburg County Foundation 
Sprint Foundation 
State Farm Companies Foundation 
Staunton Fabric Center, Inc. 
Staunton-Augusta Association of Realtors, Inc. 
The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation 
SunTrust Bank Mid-Atlantic Foundation 
SunTrust Bank, Atlanta Foundation 
SunTrust Mid-Atlantic Foundation 
Suto Corp 

Synod of the Mid-Atlantic, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 
Sysco Corporation 
Sarah BrushThalhimer and William B.Thalhimer III 

Endowment of The Community Foundation 
U.S. Bancorp Foundation 
Unilever United States, Inc. 
United Way of The National Capital Area 
University of California Cooperative Extension 
Verizon Foundation 

Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 
Wachovia Foundation 
Washburne/Skokie PTA 
Watson W. Wise Foundation 
Wells Fargo Foundation 
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 
Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation 
The Sherwin Williams Foundation 
The Winston-Salem Foundation, Inc. 
Margaret C, Woodson Foundation 
Wren Foundation, Inc. 
Xerox Corporation 

( 30 ) 

Capital Gifts 

Wilhelmina Eskridge Beard Scholarship 

Dr Graham E. Beard 

Loma Beers Chambers Scholarship Endowment 

Dr Marione B Chambers 

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges Visiting 
Artist/Scholar Endowment Fund 

Mr Robert S Doenges 
Oxley Foundation 

Katherine E. Drake 1934 Scholarship Endowment 

Katherine E Drake Trust 1934 

Endowed Scholarship for the Program 
for the Exceptionally Gifted 

Mrs. Charles J. Adams 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Blough 

Mr. and Mrs. Miguel R. Champion 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cohen 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Donlon 

Mr. Nat D. Fast 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ficklin Jr. 

Ms. Helen Kernck Hawkins 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hopkins 

Mr. and Mrs. William Kline 

Ms. Joyce E. Kougl 

Mr. Franklin Laemmlen 

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Martin 

Ms. Renee J. Mason 

Mr. and Mrs Rick D. Morelos 

Mr and Mrs. John R. Ransome 

Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke T Rathbone 

Mr and Mrs. James Michael Robeas 

Ms. Rosalie J. Roy 

Mr and Mrs. Jeff A. Saleen 

Ms. Judith Saleen 

San Luis Obispo County Department of Agriculture 

Santa Barbara Agricultural Commissioner's Office 

Mrs Curtis Sayer 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Sheehy 

University of California Cooperative Extension 

Mr. Edwin Newhall Woods Jr 

Endowment for Student Aid 

The Overton and Katharine Dennis Fund 

Elizabeth Crawford Engle Scholarship Endowment 

Mr. Richard Hunter Trumbo 

General Endowment 

Blanche Wysor Anderson 1972 

Kathleen Beck Andes 1998 

Estate of Miss Mildred W. Davis 

Kelly Morns Downer 1990 

Mr Dwight M. Dunlevie 

Judith Barnett Dutterer 1969 

Mary Elizabeth Gardner Glen 1936 

Brenda Nichol Goings 1971 

Cathenne Whitten Harrison 1999 

Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies 

Kentucky Derby Hosiery 

Cathenne Ferns McPherson 1978 

Merck Company Foundation 

Mr and Mrs. William S. Morns III 

Morris Communications Corporation 

Shivers Trading and Operating Company 

Susan Thompson Timmons 1964 

Kitty Green and Hobart Jones Master of Arts in 
Teaching Scholarship for Inquiry Teaching and 
Cooperative Learning 

Altria Group, Inc 

Cynthia Yeager Bouldin 1969 

The Department of Radiology Iredell Memorial Hospital 

Dr Karen Dorgan 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Dent Goodyear 

Cathenne Green 2000 

Blondell M. Jones 

Mr. G. Hobaa Jones, Jr 

Tim Jones and Family 

Mr Timothy M. Michel 

Dr. Rodenc L. Owen 

Mr and Mrs. John Quale 

Ms. F Elizabeth Roberts 

Mr L. D. Safenght 

Frederick and Florence Edna Haldenby 
Scholarship Endowment 

Robert Haywood Morrison Foundation 
Mrs. Gwendolyn Walsh 

Hohn Family Memorial Endowment for Study Abroad 

Miss Bonnie M. Hohn 

Leadership Initiative Capital Gifts 


The Ayco Charitable Foundation 

Beverly Estes Bates 1964 

The Community Foundation 

Mary Gould Coulbourn 1963 

Thomas and Mary Coulbourn Family Fund 

of the Community Foundation 
Letia McDaniei Drewry 1978 
IBM Matching Grants Program 
Clare McMann Lancaster 1973 
Page Price Lewis 1972 
Mr and Mrs. P William Moore, Jr 
Progress Energy 
Mr and Mrs. Michael J. Rapier 
Sherri Miller Stephenson 1969 
Eugenia McCuen Thomason 1962 
Mr and Mrs. Terry Turner 
Wachovia Foundation 
Mr. Rudy J. and Mrs. Aremita R. Watson 
Elisabeth Wise 1968 

Marguerite Fuiwiler Livy Scholarship 

Mr Robert Bruce Livy 

Master of Arts/Master of Fine Arts in Shakespeare 
and Renaissance Literature in Performance Program 

Patricia Andrew Goodson 1951 
Sarah Sterrett Meyerhoff 1968 

James L. McAllister Jr Preparation 
for Ministry Scholarship Endowment 

Mrs James L McA.lister 

Karl and Patricia Menk Fund 

for Faculty Development Endowment 

Dr Patricia Holbert Menk 
JaneTownes 1969 

Dr. James B, Patrick Leadership Award 

Kathleen Kenig Byford 1968 
Mr W. Baice Byford 
Colonel Melissa Patrick 1978 

Patricia Mines Phoenix Art Scholarship Endowment 

Fenwick Foundatic" 

Residence Hall Renovation 

Alice Tolley Goodwin 1966 and William H Goodwin Jr 

Richmond Chapter Scholarship 

Shirley Frey Morris 1971 

Charies E. Rutenber and James B. Patrick 
Endowment for Excellence in Chemistry 
and Physics 

Mr and Mrs Hampton H Hairfield Jr 
Dr James B Patrick 

Mary Kathleen Shuford Memorial Scholarship 

Mr and Mrs. James D. Coleman 
Helen Stevens Forster 1983 
Emily Shore Reeve 1983 
Mr C. Hunt Shuford Jr 

Smyth Mathematics and Science Scholarship 

Mr H- Gordon Smyth 

Mary Beth Reed Smyth 1947 

Smyth Foundation 

Annie Walker St. Clair Scholarship Endowment 

Margaret Moore Ripley 1952 

Fannie B. Strauss Scholarship Endowment 

Mr Abram J Kronsberg 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation Endowed 

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation 

Emily Ramsey Thompson Scholarship 

Estate of Emily Ramsey Thompson 1926 

Cynthia Haldenby Tyson Endowment for 
Leadership Development 

Claire Lewis Arnold 1969 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins 1963 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp 1963 
Caroline Rose Hunt 1943 
Margaret Pollard Rea 1946 
Sands Foundation 

Second Lieutenant Sarah Small 2002 
Mr and Mrs William L Smal 

Cynthia Haldenby Tyson Scholarship Endowment 

Ms Cnsta R. Cabe 

The Community Foundation (Richmond, Va.) 

Nancy Payne Dahl 1956 

Leigh Yates Farmer 1974 

Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund 

Judy Lipes Garst 1963 

Judith W. Godwin 1952 

Anita Thee Graham 1950 

Mrs. Helen K. Groves 

Linda Dolly Hammack 1962 

Cynthia Luck Haw 1979 

John W. Deming and Bertie Murphy Deming 

Gail McLennan King 1969 
Mr. and Mrs. William 0. Reuther 
C. Lindsay Ryland 1973 
Bertie Deming Smith 1946 
Betty NeislerTimberlake 1945 
Ray Castles Uttenhove 1968 
Mr Waller M. Vannoy Jr. 
Dr Sue McDowell Whitlock 1967 

Patricia Hmes Phoenix 1977 


( 31 ) 

Annual and Non- Annual Restricted Giving 

ADP Loyalty Fund 

Dr. Ann Field Alexander 1967 

Altria Group, Inc. 

Teresa Bigler 1982 

Peggy Cooper 1992 

Sherry Robertson Cox 1999 

Rita Richardson DeFrank 1993 

Lisa Dockery-Boyce 2001 

Dr. Jean M. Donovan 

Dr. Karen Dorgan 

Mr. Dan Dowdy 

Dcnia Stevens Eley 2002 

Dr. Annette Evans 

The Honorable Anita Filson 1983 

Dr. D. Stevens Garlick 

Thomas Gathright 1990 

GE Foundation 

Dr. Susan Blair Green 

Dr. Robert Grotjohn 

Dr. James J. Harrington 

Mary Beth Lawrence Hill 1978 

Amy Hundley 1991 

Ms. Fay Kelle 

Rebecca Strickland Letellier-Spearman 2002 

Amy Maloy Lindsly 1955 

Mrs. Dudley B. Luck 

Dr. Jane Mauk 1983 

Dr. Judy DeLeau McMahon 

jf^om early childhood, I remember Mamma speaking of her 
^days at Mary Baldwin. It was in many ways a Camelot experi- 
ence. After my father died, Mamma went back to teaching and 
then into administration. I felt we owed Mary Baldwin. The 
scholarship presented a most appropriate way of showing our 

Dr. Graham E. Beard, son of Wilhelmina Eskridge Beard '30 
The Wilhelmina Eskridge Beard Scholarship 

A he Wilhemina E. Beard Scholarship was awarded to me in my 
senior year at Mary Baldwin College. As a theatre major, I truly 
felt honored to be chosen for this named scholarship. I knew 1 was 
doing well academically, but I wanted to do better. This award 
helped me strive to achieve all 
I could as a student. The educa- 
tion that I received at MBC 
was more than 1 expected. I 
honestly believe I could not 
have gained the education 1 
received from Baldwin any- 
where else. 

Meeting Mr. Beard at the 
annual Hot Chocolate Social for 
donors and recipients of named 
scholarships was wonderful. As I 
sat sipping hot chocolate, I 

heard stories of Mr. Beard's memory of his mother. 1 felt like 1 got 
to know her through his stories. 

I am very thankful to have been chosen for such an out- 
standing named scholarship! My dreams were made reality at 
MBC, and I owe that in part to Mr. Beard and his generosity. 

— Jill Keagy '03 
MBC Admissions staff 

Jill Keagy '03 and Dr. Graham E. Beard 

Dr. Pamela Murray 

Elizabeth Pheil 1996 

Dr. Jane Turner Pietrowski 

Ms. Lallon Pond 

Amberleigh Covell Powell 2001 

Ms. Anne Roberts 

Nan Rothwell 1992 

Anne Millner Sager 1949 

Carol Wornom Sorensen 1961 

Sandra Sprouse 1993 

State Farm Companies Foundation 

Dr. Kathleen Stinehart 

The Rev. Sherry Mason Taylor 1968 

Gail Thompson 1992 

Teresita Zapata Trigo 1988 

Ms. Marion Ward 

LoisWooten 1986 

Sara Zimmerman 1985 


Mrs. Gwendolyn Walsh 

Eric M. Brown Art Award 

Mr. Gary C. Brown and Dreama Brown 1986 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cox 

Mr, and Mrs. Joe Danner 

Mr. David W. Desper 

Mr. and Mrs. John F Dillon 

Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Kimmett 

MBC Admissions and Financial Aid 

Ms. Anne G. Musser 

Tamara Obaugh 1982 

Real Estate Plus 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T B. Smith 

Staunton-Augusta Association of Realtors, Inc. 

Susan E. Carter Memorial Scholarship 

Mr and Mrs. David W. Carter 

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges Visiting 
Artist/Scholar Program 

Claire Lewis Arnold 1969 
Mr. John Y. Williams 

Ashley DuLac Mathematics Memorial Award 

Burnt Tree Grange 

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm J. Davis 

David and Christine DuLac 

Mr. and Mrs. George DuLac 

Mr. and Mrs. George A. DuLac 

Mr. Gregory DuLac 

Mr. Leonard H. Dykes 

Mr. Heber M. Fisher 

Mr, and Mrs, Don Lawson 

Mr, and Mrs, Fredrick L, Silski 

Mr, and Mrs. Paul R. Strickland 

Eric, Ann and KatyTapman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B.Thomas Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Coleman W. Utz 

Jessie Ball duPont Foundation Environmental 

Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 

( 32 ) 

Environment-Based Learning: Using the School 
Grounds and Local Community to Enhance Stu- 
dent Learning about the Environment 

Agua Fund, Inc 

Faculty Development Fund 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund 

General Scholarship Fund 

R. Wallace Rosen Trust 

Gordon Hammock Mentor Award 

Mrs Irene Hammock 
Angela Siaats Manning 1992 

Hohn Family Memorial for Study Abroad 
Restricted Fund 

Miss Bonnie M, Hohn 

Dr. Mary Emily Humphreys Lecture Series 
in Biology 


Janet Russell Steelman 1952 

Elizabeth Withrow Turner 1958 

Hunter Environment Grant 

Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 

Anne Jackson Memorial Award 


Betty Jean Award 

Ms. Julie D. Murphy 

Emily Wirsing Kelly Scholarship in Fine Arts 

Emily W. Kelly Foundation 
Mr. Timothy A. Kelly 

Marguerite Fulwiler Livy Scholarship 

Mr Robert Bruce Livy 

Malone Scholars Program Fund 

Malone Family Foundation 

Master of Arts/Master of Fine Arts 

in Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature 

in Performance Program 

E Rhodes and Leona B Carpenter Foundation 
Charlotte McCormick 1967 
Chauncey and Marion Deenng McCormick 

Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fund 

Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 

Music Department Support 

Mrs Mabel R Hirschbiel 

Nelson County ADP Scholarship 

Mr H Gordon Smyth 

Mary Beth Reed Smyth 1947 

Smyth Foundation 

Parents Council Presidential Portrait 

Col and Mrs EliTS Alford 

Mr. Frederick Aun and Mrs Jan Jernigan 

Mr. Charles T Baskervill 

and Pamela Shell Baskervill 1975 
Capt. and Mrs. John W Carman 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Cerri 
Mr. James E. Clemens 
Dr and Mrs. Kenneth Davis, Jr. 
Dr and Mrs Ed Ferreol 
Mr and Mrs. Joseph Griffith 
Mr and Mrs. John Ireland 
Mr and Mrs. Kenneth P Perich 
Mr Thomas M, Shea and Debra Wolfe Shea 1977 
Mr William H. Smith, Jr. 

and Linda Verner Smith 1972 
Mr and Mrs Nicholas P Stokes 

PEG Residence Hall 

Dr. and Mrs. M. Alfred Akerman 
J. M.Turner and Co., Inc. 
Mr and Mrs. Xiaomang Pan 
Noshua Watson 1995 

The Potomac- VWIL Scholarship 

Mr Thomas F Musso 

Potomac Asset Management, Inc. 

Presidential Farewell Event 


Beverly Estes Bates 1964 

Compass Group, USA Division 

Program Development 

Mrs Annabelle Fetterman 
Mr Lewis M Fetterman 

Shakespeare Book Fund 

Mr Brian T O'Connor 

Smyth Leadership Lectures 

Ivl' H Goi'iv Smyth 

[ylary Beth Reed Smyth 1947 

Smyth Foundation 

Staff Development Fund 

Dr Sue McDowell Whitlock 1967 

Mary M. Sullivan Scholarship Endowment 

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation 

Summer Science Program 

Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 

Tree Fund 

Estate of Ann Ritchie McHugh 1956 
Ms. Anne G Musser 
Dr Cynthia H.Tyson 

VFIC Ethics Initiative 

Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 

VFIC Faculty Technology Initiative 

Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 

VFIC Handicap Grant 

Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 

VFIC Library 

Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 

VFIC Scholarship Fund 

Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 

Virginia Health Services Scholarship 


Mr Jeffrey L. Mendelsohn 

VWIL Band Instruments 

Brigadier General N Michael Bissell 
BlytheSlinkard Wells 2000 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Scholarship 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 

Non- Annual Unrestricted Giving 

Allergy Immunizations Clinic 


Mr Fredenck Aun 

and Mrs. Jan Jernigan 
Ms Polly Aun 

Austin Community Foundation 
Mr and Mrs. Larry W. Bartol 
Mr Greg Bemy 

Mr and Mrs. Clifton M. Brooks Jr 
Mr James E. Carson 
Estate of Elizabeth Boyd Caskey 1939 

Cold Harbor Elementary School 

Virginia Bruce Cooke 1959 

Estate of Ora Ehmling Ehmann 1936 

Virginia Rose Hagee 1950 

Hauni Richmond Technical Service 

Hauni Richmond, Inc. 
Mrs Ethel M. Helm 
The Home Depot 
Ms. Vivian Knight Jenkins 
Mr and Mrs. Marshall B. Johnson 

Mr Matthew Jordan 

Ms. Martha G. McCallister 

Helen Smith McCallum 1959 

Ms Etta McElroy 

Estate of Ann Ritchie McHugh 1956 

Shannon Greene Mitchell 1957 

Ruth Hawkins Molony 1959 

Ms. Lorianne Newmes 

Mr Donovan Olinc 

Mary Graham Parkins 1948 

Estate of Mary Biedler Piner 1921 

Mr David Reese 

Mr and Mrs. William W. Sedr Jr. 

Patricia Sphar 1958 

Ms. Josephine B Strong 

Kathryn Tanerson 1992 

Ms. BarbranellTaubensee 

Mr and Mrs. Charles TenBroeck 

Washburne/Skokie PTA 

Pathcia Henderson Williams 1959 

Mr and Mrs, John B. Wiltshire 

( 33 ) 

The Kiracofe Society 

The Kiracofe Society is for deferred giving: charitable remair\der trusts, charitable lead trusts, charitable gift 
annuities, life estates in real property, life insurance, or bequests. Gifts may be designated for certain uses or 
left for the college to decide what's best. Many donors direct their gifts to Mary Baldwin's endowment. 


Helen Snyder Farrar 


Evelyn Baker Arey 


Dr. Ruth Douglas See 


Margaret Grabill Jones 


Mildred Mawhinney Clements 
Margaret Schneider Conzett 
Anne Holman Hinckley 


Virginia Weaver Macomber 


Mary Elizabeth Gardner Glen 
Raquel Fajardo Ross 


Jean Holliday 


Eleanor Cely Carter 
Mary Anne Wilson Gibbs 
Ruth Welliver 


Sarah Maupin Jones 

Mildred Lapsley 

Elizabeth Gronemeyer Wise 


Virginia Hayes Forrest 
Margaret Herscher Hitchman 
andWilliann R. Hitchman 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell 
Hilda Brovi^n Ziegler 


Anna Greenland Dortch 
Joyce Albright Greig-Denis 
Nina Sproul Wise 


Ann Atwell 
Anne Hayes Davis 
Nancy McWhorter Hurley 
Anne Pendleton Phillips 
Dr. Leslie Syron 


Ruth Peters Sproul 


Vonceil LeGrand Chapman 
Mildred RoycroftTeer 
and R. DillardTeer 


Gail Riley Blakey 
Nancy Nettleton Rood 
Anne Sims Smith 
Betty NeislerTimberlake 
Frances Tullis 


Bonnie Wheeler Hanchett 

I give to Mary Baldwin College? You bet! 
I not only give to the Annual Fund, but I also 
have set up a trust fund that will benefit MBC 
upon my death. This is my way to thank MBC for 
giving me the education that lasts a lifetime. 

1 am proud of what Mary Baldwin College has 
become over the 5 1 years since my graduation. 
How can 1 not be proud of a school that estab- 
lished a highly successful program that trains 
women for leadership positions — the Virginia 
Women's Institute for Leadership? How can I not 
be proud of the innovative master's degree pro- 
grams in teaching and in Shakespeare studies? 
How can I not be proud of the college's offering the best liberal arts education 
for women of all ages, from the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted to the 
Adult Degree Program? And how can I not be proud that I, in a small way, 
have been part of these accomplishments by contributing what 1 can to Mary 
Baldwin College? 

MBC gave me the opportunity for a successful life, and now I enjoy 

returning the gift. 

— Janet Russell Steelman '52 

Alice Parson Paine 
Margaret Pollard Rea 
Betty Ott Smallwood 
Bertie Doming Smith 


George Ann Brown Bahan 
Emily W. Hundley 
Virginia Guthrie Linscott 
Mary Beth Reed Smyth 
and H. Gordon Smyth 


Elizabeth Blanchard Podesta 


Julia Johnston Belton 
Martha Hobson Crowder 
Jean Farrow 

The Reverend Forrest Johnson 
and Cynthia Betts Johnson 
Elizabeth Starr Owen 
Nancy Rawls Watson 


Jeanne Ashby Furrh 
Virginia Rose Hagee 
Frances Koblegard Harcus 


Charlotte Jackson Berry 
Ouida Caldwell Davis 
Anne Poole 
Jane Moudy Van Dragt 


Florence Wimberly Hellinger 
Constance Detrick Lamons 
Janet Russell Steelman 


Elma Rollins Proffitt 
Mary Jo Shilling Shannon 
Dr. Ethel Smeak 
Margaret Smith Windsor 


Louise Fowlkes Kegley 


Laura Clausen Drum 
Reid Strickland Nottingham 
and Dr. Maurice Nottingham Jr. 


( 34 ) 


Emily Baker 
Ann Cooke Britt 
Patricia Sphar 

Margaret Flythe league and 
Francis I, league 


Jane Reid Cunningham 


Sara Armstrong Bingley 
Nancy Mayer Dunbar 
Nancy Bartley Leonard 
and Dame! Leonard 
Carolyn Gilmer Shaw 
Elizabeth Engle Stoddard 


Suzanne Burch 
Anne Ponder Dickson 
Mary Cloud Hamilton 


Linda Dolly Hammack 
Mary Nell Williams Mathis 


Sarah Livingston Brown 
Mary Gould Coulbourn 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp 
Becky Cannaday Merchant 
Martha Grant Rideout 
Emily Dethloff Ryan 
Frances Davis TenBrook 
Emily Tyler 


Beverly Estes Bates 
Sarah Warren Baynes 
Julia Carrington Bemis 
Mary Kerr Denny 
Sally Dorsey 
Susanne Eve Fowlkes 
Sarah Head Hendricks 
Carolyn Clemmer McCulley 


Eleanore Eckel Brough 
Judith Payne Grey 
Emma Martin Halpert 


Ann Alexander Crane 
Mary Ellen Killinger Durham 
Dr. Gail Apperson Kilman 
Carey Goodwin Louthan 


Peggy Anderson Carr 
Anne Cooke 
Ivy Koster 

Charlotte McCormick 
Dr. Susan Palmer 
M. Elizabeth Preddy 


Georgeanne Bates Chapman 
Angelina Painter Eschauzier 
Margaret Evans 
The Rev. Dr. Margaret Anne 

Robertson Fohl 
Susan Van Lear Logan 
Jeannette Norfleet 
Edith A. Stotler 
Ray Castles Uttenhove 
Barbara Simmons Wainscott 
Peyton Wooldridge 


Abigail Robinson Coppock 
Sydney Marshall Turner Elsass 
Susan Train Fearon 
E. Lindsay Jones 
Gail McLennan King 
Martha Masters 
Mary Ellen Navas 
Margaret Thorn Rawls 
Aleda Hays Rickelton 
Virginia Moomaw Savage 
Ann Lewis Vaughn 
Judith Wade 


Jean Grainger 

Zoe Kerbey Holmes 

Louise Rossett McNamee 


Marcia Williams Bohannon 
Wendy Kane 
Laura Sadler Olin 
Mary-Bacon Johnson Williams 


Blanche Wysor Anderson 
Rogene Elkins Laserna 


Mary Jane Conger 
Barbara Knisely Roberts 
C. Lindsay Ryland 
Sallie Brush Thalhimer 


Leigh Yates Farmer 
Susan Baughman Homar 
Bonnie Kennedy Kant 
Dr. Elizabeth Read-Connole 


Suzanne Maxson Maltz 
Pamela A. Patton 
Deborah Dull Walker 


Sylvia Baldwin 
Clarke Stanley Beckner 
Mabel Fetterman Held 
Carroll Blair Keiger 
Dana Leckie 


Patricia Larson Lane 
Frances Lawrence 
Vanessa Traynham 
Claudia Woody 


Carol Paul Powell 
Susan Walker 


Jane Harcus Hill 


Victoria Goodwin Hardy 
Susan Walker Scola 
Jenifer Walker 


Mary Wray Conner 
Margaret Wren de St. Aubin 
Judith Easterly Lockridge 
Susan Taylor Sims 
Valerie Lynn Wenger 


Laura O'Hear Church 


Cynthia Ryan Allen 
Laura LaGrow Durland 
Anne McCormack Jones 
Charlotte R. Wenger 


Margaret Troutman Balanowski 
Dr. Sheila Kendrick 


Michele Schalow Clements 
Carol Vaughn Surratt 


MacKay Morris Boyer 


Pamela Clark 
Joanne Reich 


Edward Daniel 
Sarah Yeatts Gormley 
Dr Dorothy Holian 


M. Melissa Woods 


Donna Polsinelli Sickler 
Jennifer Webb 


Susan O'Donnell Black 


Emily Oehler 


Jonathan Grace 


Kathleen Beck Andes 


Ms. Carole Lewis Anderson 

Mrs. Elizabeth P Campbell 

Miss Bonnie M. Hohn 

Mr. and Mrs. Lyie Koogler 

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Lemmon 

Mr and Mrs. Walter M. Lipes Sr 

Mrs. Dudley B. Luck 

S, Van Vliet Lyman 

Mr. R William Moore Jr. 

Ms. Valerie Netting 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Pancake 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Shuford Sr. 

Dr. A. Erskine Sproul 

Mrs. William A. Sutherland 

Honorary Alumnae/i 

Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 
Mrs. Martha S. Grafton 
Mrs. Mabel R. Hirschbiel 
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Lott 
Dr. Cynthia H.Tyson 

( 35 ) 

^ ^ • ^. 

^. *; 



Office of Institutional Advancement :: Staunton, Virginia 24401 :: 540-887-7011 :: 

iii.ul.. c\LTV L-ffuit to li^r ;ill J( mors fully and accurately. Our apologies for any omissions or errors. 
ii. , ii.-n- -h(>ul>l he ilirectccl to the Office of Institutional Advancement, Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, VA 24401. 


Add one of these gold or silver charms to a 
necklace or bracelet to remember your MBC 
days. Great gift idea, too. Allow 2-4 weeks 
for delivery 

10 Karat Gold 

Acorn . .T-AC10 $130 

Apple T-AIO , $95 

Squirrel T-S10 $95 


14 Karat Gold 

Acorn . .T-AC14 $195 

Apple , . .T-A14 $125 

Squircel . T-S14 $125 

MBC Seal . T-M14 

Sterling Silver 

Acorn T-ACS $30 

Apple T-AS $30 

Squirrel T-SS $18 

MBC Seal T-MS $30 


Handcrafted m Virginia, this beautiful pewter 
lewelry box is perfect for your class ring, 
charms, and other keepsakes Lined with blue 
velvet and engraved with MBC seal, 3,5 inches 
in diameter. 
Pewter Jewelr/ Box G-3 $25 


Frame your memories in this pewter frame 
decorated with a raised brass squirrel- 
Horizontal or vertical available, 
4x6 Vertical Frame X-52SV $25 

4x6 Horizontal Frame X-52SH $25 

5x7 Vertical Frame X-52LV $35 

5x7 Honzomal Frame X-52LH $35 


Small but sturdy brass keychain with green 

MBC seal, 

Keychain X-5I $10 


Put MBC on your tree with these hand-crafted 
3-D miniature ornaments showing the Alumnae 
House and the Administration Building. 
Available in sparkling 24k gold finish. Purchase 
separately or as a pair Gift boxed. 
Administration X-38 $10 

Alumnae House 
Collect Both X-38A $18 


This handsome wall mirror features the 
Administration Building, artfully hand-painted 
on reverse glass using a centunes-old tech- 
nique known as eglomise painting. The wood 
frame has an antiqued silver finish that is 
appropriate for home or office 
Painted Mirror EDPM $195 


The glass paperweight features a pen and ink 
scene of the Administration Building and is cast 
from pure American glass. An optional date or 
message can be added for an additional charge 
of $10 Each paperweight comes in a custom- 
fitted black velvet pouch for gift-giving. Felt base. 
Pen & Ink Paperweight EDPW $30 


This desk box makes a handsome addition to 

any home or office. Made of poplar wood 

hand-finished in deep cherry, it features an 

eglomise hand painting of the Administration 


Painted Box EDPB $195 

Please visit 

www. eglomisedesigns. com 

to see a beautiful vanety 

of additional Mary Baldwin 

commemorative gifts, 

including a painted picture, 

pen and ink desk clock, 

a photoframe. and more. 

To order, please call 

DO-763-7359 or 540-887-7007 


Order Toll Free 800-763-7359 • Order By Fax 540-885-9503 • Shop Online 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 


Select your favorite campus building, and 
Elizabeth Robinson Harnson '55 will handcraft a 
realistic miniature just for you. Allow 6-8 weeks 
for delivery Please specify the building(s) you 
want- (Administration Building, Alumnae House, 
Grafton Library, Hunt Hall, Pearce Science 
Building, Bell House, Bowman House, 
Edmondson House, HillTop, Memorial, North 
Bailey, Rose Terrace, South Bailey Spencer, 
Tullidge, Woodrow Terrace Apartments, 
Woodson, Train Station, Woodrow Wilson's 

Miniature R-1 $12 

Set of 4 Miniatures R-2 $40 


One of the prettiest renderings ever created of 
the Mary Baldwin campus by the famous Virginia 
artist Eric Fitzpatrick. 
Print (17" x11") X-1 $25 


Mary Baldwin's beloved professor, Dr, Thomas 
Grafton, compiled his favorite prayers in "Make 
Meaningful These Passing Years," originally print- 
ed in 1 946. This makes a nice addition to any 
Book X-35 $10 


Beautiful thoughts to enrich your spiritual journey. 
A collection of sermons and prayers by Mary 
Baldwin's chaplain, the Rev. Patricia Hunt. 
Book X-54 $10 


The black lacquer finish and hand-painted gold 
trim combined with a timeless design make an 
elegant chair. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery 
Shipping is $50 per chair. 

Boston Rocker 

Black Arms JRl $250 

Cherry Arms JR2 $275 

Captain's Chair 

(shown above) 

Black Arms JC3 $245 

Cherry Arms JC4 $270 


Show your school spirit wth this handsome 

green and white flag. 28"x 42" 

Flag FG-1 $25 


Gourmet Virginia peanuts are great for 

entertaining and for gifts. 


1-1/2 lbs E-1 $10 

2-1/2 lbs E-3 $15 


1-1/2 lbs E-2 $10 

2-1/2 lbs E^ $15 


Perfect for your home, this 100% cotton afghan 
features nine campus scenes. Navy or hunter 
green bordered with jacquard woven design. 
Machine washable. Care instructions included. 

Green (48" x 70") X-45G $40 

Navy (48" X 70") X-45B $40 


Protect yourself from those showers with a clas- 
sic golf umbrella in evergreen and white with 
MBC seal. 
Golf Umbrella X-55 $25 


Back by popular demand I Black cast iron book- 
ends by Virginia Metalcrafters. Shipping $10.00. 

Bookends HJB-1 $50 


Sturdy canvas tote with front pocket and single 
snap closure. Trimmed in green. 16"x21" 
Tote Bag TB-1 $15 


Very cute I Set of four spreaders with resin apple 

handles by Boston Warehouse. 

Apple Spreaders AS-1 $10 


Lovable 6-inch plush squirrel holding an acorn. 
Squirrel SQ-2 $8 

Order Toll Free 800-763-7359 • Order By Fax 540-885-9503 • Shop OnWne 

28 Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spnng 2004 


Allow 2-4 weeks for shipping on charms: 6-8 weeks shipping on miniatures, chairs and rockers All prices are subject to change 



























SHIPPING IS5 on orders under SlOO; SIO on orders over S100I 





Order Toll Free 800-763-7359 • Order By Fax 540-885-9503 • Shop Online 

Office of Alumnae/i Activities • Mary Baldwin College • Staunton, VA 24401 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spnng 2004 


Mary Baldwin College thanks the following volunteers 

- ' i|^^^^HP9p^ 

for their assistance with fall 2003 college fairs: 


Martin Favata, former MBC parent 

Garnett Clymer Ogden '95 

'r^^^^K^ 'i^^^ 

Tampa, FL 

Dallas, TX 

^^QB^V kc^^^^^ 

Robert Barr "Pete" Keplinger, former 

Michelle Zwingman Carpenter '96 

'^hHK\ 'ifli^^^^^^ 

MBC parent 


"-fjJ^Hr ' ' '- ^^^^^^^^ 

Canton, OH 

Susan Smith Alsdorf '97 

'^^Bf l^^^^^^B 

Betty Ward, current MBC parent 

Wayne, NJ 

'fW- ■ l^^^^^^F 

Greensburg, PA 

Cait Black '98 


FrankieWillard Daniel '60 

Nashville, TN 


Lexington, KY 

Elizabeth Calhoun '98 


Susan Jennings Denson '62 

Nashville, TN 

Danville, PA 

Kristin Kickhofel Chmela '98 

Minta McDiarmid Nixon '63 

Savannah, GA 

Augusta, GA 

Emily Alexander Douglas '98 

Jan Haddrell Connors '65 

Nashville, TN 

Tampa, FL 

Jane Rapier Spence '98 

Mary Margaret Buvinger '68 

New Orieans, LA 

Melbourne Beach, FL 

Tara Thurston '98 

Ann Truster Faith '69 

Philadelphia, PA 

Ridgefield, CT 

Anne Marie Ivey Rogers '99 

JaneTownes '69 

Kaiserslauten. Germany 


Emily Stewart '00 

Isabelle Turner Knight '70 

Tallahassee, FL 

W^ y^ ♦'^x^ /^ W. /^ y'^ <>• /^^"/^ / m ^>« /^ 

Lagrange, GA 

Erin Kelly '01 

.lOmc .iccrcts Arc 

Betty Wright '77 

York, PA 

V^VyXXJ-V^ V^ W^'-L V^ L^^ X XX w 

Tulsa, OK 

Alesandra Price '02 

-^ -y- -w"^ -w- ^ 

George Woodbury Johnson '78 

Raleigh, NC 

X /^'t- wlr^n'i- 1/ r\t^'i- 

Jackson, MS 

iNOt DCSt IvCDt 

Mary Lauren Lehnertz Faulkner '79 

Don't forget — application fees are 

-*- 1 V-/ V -*— ^ Xi/ v^ V -*. %^X^ |-/ v 

Tyler, TX 

waived for prospective students 

Katherine Jackson Anderson '80 

referred to Mary Baldwin College by 

(Psst! Help Spread the 

Columbia, SC 
Pamela Roach Voight '80 
Fort Worth, TX 

an alumna. Does your neighbor have 
a daughter in high school? A member 
of your church perhaps? Let us know 

Word About MBC) 

America de la Garza '81 
Houston, TX 

about the fine young women in your 
area. You will find a prospective-stu- 

Gary Goodrich Osborne '81 ADP 

dent referral card in this magazine, or 

There may be a college fair near you! 

Norman, OK 

you can visit our website at 

Ann Hays Petro '81 and click on 

Mary Baldwin College receives hundreds of invita- 

Pipersville, PA 

Student Referral Form. 

tions to college fairs every year. Without the help of 

Charlotte Wenger '83 

people like you, many young women throughout the 

San Antonio, TX 
Lynn Martin Appel '84 
Dover, DE 

Thanks to the following for 

United States would not have the opportunity to 

referring students last fall: 

learn about what Mary Baldwin can offer them. 

Tomi Hoisopple Shmaisani '84 

George W. Reich, former MBC parent 

Volunteers play a crucial part in admissions recruit- 

Houston, TX 

Margy Hall White '40 

ing. We would love to have your help. If you are 

Lisa Carr Hogarth '86 

Patricia Murphree Honea '49 

interested in attending a college fair on behalf of 

Orlando, FL 
Angela Favata Week '89 

Martha Booth Bernhardt '53 
Nelle McCants Smith '53 

Mary Baldwin College, please let us know. The 

Tampa, FL 


process is easy and lots of fun. The Office of 

Michelle Corder '91 

Carol Emory '65 

Alumnae/i Activities will handle all of the paperwork 

Grapevine, TX 

AnnTrussler Faith '69 

and send you the materials. All you have to do is 

Collier Andress Smith '91 

Suzanne Maxson Maltz '75 

attend the fair and talk about how much you love 

Mary Cocke Read '92 

Katherine Jackson Anderson '80 
Dana Campbell Kingrey '86 

your alma mater. Please contact Ryn Bruce '99, 

Memphis, TN 

Cassandra "Connie" Pair '88 

director of volunteers, at 1-800-763-7359 or 

Staci Buford Amonette '93 

Collier Andress Smith '91 


Houston, TX 

Elizabeth "Chris" Hillsman Holdaway '97 

Kristan Dawson LaFon '95 

Jennifer Colson '99 


Kelly Baughan Green '00 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spnng 2004 

alumnae/i news 
and class notes 
















Dear Friends, 

As president of the association, I go to campus sev- 
eral times a year for meetings. During these trips, I 
sometimes build in extra days so that I can enjoy 
more of what Mary Baldwin offers. The college is 
such a welcoming and dynamic place. 

As a lifelong learner and a retired professional 
educator, I look for\vard to attending classes. I 
review the academic catalog, an intriguing smorgas- 
bord. I pick a course in one of the combined majors 
such as Health Care Administration or Marketing 
Communication, which were not available in my 
era. Then I select a course available during my col- 
lege years that I didn't take. Finally, if time permits, I 
sample a class in my major, English. 

Some things never change. I take notes along 
with the students I many of them use computers to 
do so) and make a list of recommended readings. In 
a marketing course, I joined students in an in-class 
project. ^Tiat fun that was! A Man. Baldwin educa- 
tion is as challenging and exhilarating as ever. 

An avid walker, I like to hike the campus's hills 
(yes, really! ) and take in the remarkable vistas. 
During chilly predawn strolls, I have heard roll call 
as I come upon the X'^XIL Corps of Cadets prepar- 
ing for morning activities. Late-afternoon walks 
sometimes include the track next to the Physical 
Activities Center, where intercollegiate teams prac- 
tice. Dawn and dusk are particularly beautiful times 
in the valley, and the view from the lawn of the pres- 
ident's house is spectacular. Staunton's restored 
downtown, with shops and restaurants, is another 
terrific place to meander. 

In my travels around the country, I have found 
that Mary Baldwin alumnae/i typically are lifelong 
learners. I ha\e also heard from many of you that 

Mary Baldwin's impressive setting helped you make 
up your mind about where to go to college. VCTiy not 
come back — to learn and reconnect? 

Each June, the Women's Institute for 
Leadership Development invites women to focus 
on where they have been in life and where they 
want to go, whether personally or professionally 
or both. The intensive on-campus program — 
Sunday, June 20, through Thursday, June 24 — 
includes developing plans for health and fitness 
and just about everything else to make life more 
meaningful, fulfilling, and balanced. 

I know. I was in WILD several years ago. 
(Many participants are alumnae.) With the help 
of caring, enlightened instructors and the other 
participants, I put together a comprehensive 
action plan that I have followed since. In WILD, I 
met fine women with interesting life stories. Some 
became close friends. To learn more about WILD, 
go to u'U''ild. 

Consider, too, periodic alumnae/i events such 
as the Continuing Education Experience on a 
recent weekend in March. The theme, reflected in 
a wide range of discussions led by MBC faculty 
and others, was "Recharge your Mind, Relax you 
Body, and Renew your Spirit." 

I hope that in the near future you and your 
college friends will make plans to return to 
Staunton. The beaurv' of the campus and out- 
standing learning opportunities await you! 

With warm regards. 


Sue McDowell Whitlock '6~ 


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The Office of Alumnae/i Activities sends out periodic updates about news and events at Mary 
Baldwin. So, please, help us help you. Make sure we use the e-mail address that you use. 
Send changes to /\nd thanks! 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 


Sue McDowell Whitlock '67, president, Lansdale, PA; Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65, vice president and president elect, Hampton, VA; 
LynnTuggle Gilliland '80, executive director, Office of Alumnae/i Activities, Staunton, VA; Dorian Akerman '92, Arlington, VA; Katherine 
Jackson Anderson '80, Columbia, SC; Pamela Leigli Anderson '84, Jefferson, GA; Alice Blair '86, Alexandria, VA; Nancy Kunkle Carey '51 , 
Staunton, VA; Mary Derby '88, Alexandria, VA; Donia Stevens Eley '02, Pulaski, VA; AnnTrusler Faith '69, RIdgefleld, CT; Virginia Royster 
Francisco '64, Staunton, VA; Leigh Hamblin Gordon '78, Richmond, VA; Jean Grainger '70, New York, NY; Charon Wood Mines '95, 
Washington, DC; Christina Holstrom '80, Wyckoff, NJ; Anne Kennan '95, Baltimore, MD; Kathryn Ann McCormack '00, Glen Allen, VA; 
Garnett Clymer Ogden '95, Dallas, TX; Alexis Grier Reid '95, Staunton, VA; Fleet Lynch Roberts '81 , Valentines, VA; Carolyn Gilmer Shaw 
'60, Charlotte, NC; Elizabeth Jennings Shupe '70, Richmond, VA; Janet Russell Steelman '52, Lottsburg, VA; Debbie Felgin Sukin '92, The 
Woodlands, TX; M. Elizabeth Swope '66, Arlington, VA; JaneTownes '69, Shelbyvllle,TN; Kellle Warner '90, Charlotte, NC. 

class notes 



Farmville VA enjoyed attending a 
Biackstone High School reunion as the 
oldest graduate. She also celebrated 
the birth of great-grandson Alexander 
Garth Davis February 1, 2003. 
Alexander's paternal great-grandmother 
IS ROSA LEE OTT Davis '33 


MARGARET KING HardmanWestcott 

of Cincinnati OH circumnavigated the 
British Isles and spent a Christmas in 
Baja CA and on the Sea of Cortez. She 
writes: "Living in our motor home and 
enjoying life on the road. We're in 
Florida for the winter and New 
Hampshire for the summer We don't 
do cold anymore." 



Harnsonburg VA writes: " My husband 
Jack and I celebrated our 64th anniver- 
sary, and I've turned 90 years old, 
praise the Lord. We have three great- 
grandchildren and are expecting three 
more, including twins!" 


NELUE HANKINS Schmidt writes: 
"My dear husband Louis W. 'Ray' 
Schmidt died on Good Friday 2003. His 
ashes were buried at Hebron 
Presbyterian Church in Augusta County 
VA in October I have a cottage in a nice 
retirement home in Savannah GA." 


RUTH ROSE GALEY Welliver of 

Columbia MO writes: "Though I'm 
legally blind from macular degenera- 
tion, I'm still cooking and getting 
around. On May 8, 2003, we lost our 
beloved middle daughter Caria Stone, 
56. from a bloodstream infection." 


Middleville Ml writes: "For the past two 
years I have been blessed with five 
great-grandchildren. I have 12 grandchil- 
dren, ages 11 to 33." 

SARAH LACY Miller and husband Gil 
moved into The Highlands at Sunnyside 
Retirement Community in Harrisonburg 
VA. She writes: "We are delighted! I 
hope to visit Dr Martha Grafton very 
soon, in another part of this big campus." 

ALICE MOORE Sisson continues to 
work part time as a clinical social work- 
er Alice and husband William live in 
Wnghtsville Beach NC, 

miles from San Francisco. Two birds 
with one stone!" 



Antonio TX writes: "My husband Sam 
died in January 2003. I'm doing okay, 
but it has been hard. One grandson is a 
major in the Army serving in Baghdad 
and another, a major in the Air Force, 
has returned from Afghanistan. I hope 
to attend the reunion in May" 

JEAN YOUNG Hupman married 
Richard Hupman October 15, 2003, in 
Bridgewater VA, where they reside. 


SALLY CHENEY Walker of San 

Antonio TX writes: "In April 2003, I 
exhibited my paintings at the Salon 
Mijangos. I will have an exhibition 
April 8 to June 5 at the Southwest 
School of Art and Craft. I've been 
named Artist of the Year 2004 by the 
San Antonio Art League Museum and 
will have a retrospective exhibition at 
the museum in September." 


Linthicum Heights MD stays busy with 
her family, friends and community. She 
writes: "I took an Elderhostel trip to San 
Francisco CA during Christmas and vis- 
ited with my No. 1 grandson Don 
Rutledge, who serves in the Coast 
Guard and is stationed at Petaluma, 35 


DALE PETERS Bryant of Hanover NH 

continues taking and teaching classes 
at the Institute for Lifelong Education at 
Dartmouth (ILEAD). She writes: "My 
third great-grandchild was born in 2003. 
I still swim and do deep water aerobics, 
lead book discussions, and travel. I 
went back to Mexico." 

MARIE ULMER Wolfe of West 
Columbia SC moved last May to Laurel 
Crest, a Presbyterian retirement home. 
Husband Oliver died in May 2002. Marie 
writes: "I fixed Christmas bags for 31 
family members to distribute after 
dessert on Christmas day. Children, 
spouses, grandchildren, and great-grand- 
children were all together I am blessed." 



Hendersonville NC writes: "Nothing is 
new with me. I'm just getting older but 
enjoying every minute of life. Only one 
sad part — in April of 2002, I lost the 
love of my life, Don Godehn, whom I 
met when I was at MBC. He attended 
W&L and graduated in 194i;' 



DallasTX is the grandmother of 16, with 
one married over the summer She 
writes: "I'm active in the affairs and min- 
istry of seniors and toddlers at our 
Presbyterian church (PCA). Praise the 
Lord for good health and activity." 


Miniclier continues to make and exhibit 
miniatures. She writes: "We moved to 
Mount Dora FL and into a seniors gated 
community — really a smart move on 
our part. My husband John and his 
friend made over 1 ,000 racing cars for 
the Boggy Creek Gang — the camp Paul 

Newman and General Schwartzkopf 
started for chronically and terminally 
ill children. We went on a 21-day 
cruise through the Panama Canal to 
Vancouver, Canada. I also )ust 'redid' 
the assisted living miniature suite. 

ANNE HANEKE McGough of Lima OH 

wntes: "I live rather quietly in a condo 
but keep quite busy playing bridge, 
going to club meetings, and doing a lit- 
tle traveling, I see my family here in 
Lima and in Columbus." 

Defiance VA writes: " Life has been 
good! I have 13 'grands' and am expect- 
ing a 'great.' I still play tennis and my 
daughter Bev Coffman is coaching the 
Mary Baldwin tennis team." 

EVA VINES Eustlerof Mechansicsville 
VA writes: "Since June. I've enjoyed 
getting to know Lori Criswell, an R.N. 
completing her degree in health care 
administration through Mary Baldwin's 
ADP She was amazed at some of the 
pictures I showed her from my years at 
MBC (1940-1944). In those years, mar- 
ried students were enrolled for the first 
time. Dances were held for the first 
time in the old dining hall." 



Bronxville NY writes: "Had a wonder- 
ful cruise from San Francisco CA 
through the Panama Canal that includ- 
ed stops in Mexico. Guatemala. 
Nicaragua, Curacao, Aruba and the 
Bahama Islands. I played duplicate 
bridge on the days at sea." 


says she has more great-grandchildren 
and lots of graduations to attend. She 
writes: "Two sets of twins and one set 
of triplets — all smart and beautiful, of 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spnng 2004 


KIVLIGHAN Carter '44 nested a goifig-away 
party for Dr Cynthia H Tyson last April PicturetJ 
(I to r) are Diana. Dr. Tyson, and Kit. 

Enjoying a mini-reunion atop Mount Washington in 
New Hampshire are 1959 classmates II to rl ELIZA- 

EDWARDS Woodard 

A number of reunion participants from the Class of 1963 had a a 1 n-theronMay 

14, 2003, several days before Homecoming weekend Piclu- , ■ ■ :.' Hawlsbill 

!.:lj J -p , ; , ■.,■ , :■:,■■ ■ L- ,, •: SHEARERTROXELL Luck SUEJOR- 


Morris . ; SALLY DUPREE Bamett JANE 

Becky fylerchant writes " Pretty youthful group of 60-year-olds, wouldn't you say ' " 

JOYCE CRAIG Butterworth-Engler of 

Birmingfiam AL writes "I married Paul 
Engler, a widower and old friend. 
August 11, 2003. My fiusbandTed 
Butter woah died in 1998." 

JOAN MORAN Smith of Farmville NC 
reports tfiat son David is still in Kiev, 
Ukraine, working as a missionary and 
teacher for The Navigators. 

Beacf-. • leatti of husband 

Charie; E "•■: ; _ / '■ 9, 2003 Frances 
and Charles were married 56 years. 


GLORIA DUKE Trigg of Tampa FL 
wntes: 'I've had a bad year with chemo. 
but I'm getting along fine now. I visited 
my sister. MARY DUKE Blouin '49, in 

Maine this past summer. 


PAMELA BURNSIDE Gray of Hopewell 
VA wntes. "We have a red Australian 
temer named Rufus, who drives all over 
the states with us. He's been to almost 
all, and everyone loves him!" 


Charlotte NC writes; "Nothing earth 
shaking is new with me. I keep in touch 
with the 'old Hilltop crowd.' My son Jim, 
his wifeTonia. and grandchildren Sarah 
(driving and cheerleading) and George 
(plays everything with any ball) live in 
Raleigh. Son Bob and his wife Martha 
are fabulous and live in town. Daughter 
Kat and her husband Norman also live 
in town withT.J. Sykes, 1. Life is good. 
Y'all come!" 


Brammer of Highlands NC writes: "It is 
good to remember the good years at 
MBC. Harold and I are in Florida for the 
winter, enjoying the weather and nice 

people We now have three in LA 'in 
the business,' Daughter KAREN 
BRAMMER AUSTIN '72 and her 

daughter have a Sylvan Learning 
Center commercial, and our grandson 
Brendan (Leah's soni is creating 
music for major television shows. Our 
daughter Leah and her daughter are 
back from Japan, where they studied 
music and concert performance. We 
are blessed" 


Warwick Neck Rl writes. "Maria came 
east for the summer with son William 
and daughter Sali. My four children 
have sired eight grandchildren. I'm 
sorry to see Cynthia Tyson leave 


Greensboro NC writes "My husband 
IS still working as minister of pastoral 
care at Greensboro First Presbytenan 
Church. My oldest grandson gradu- 
ates from Dartmouth in May, I stay 
busy doing volunteer work" 



ALICE HUNTER Patterson of Dublin 
GA writes, "We have a daughter and 
son-in-law enrolled at Columbia 
Seminary in Decatur GA. We're very 
proud of them and their three little 
boys ages 5, 7, and 9" 


Fort Pierce FL remembers ELEANOR 
TOWNES Leath '50. who died last 
March, She writes: "She had not 
been well for some time. She and 
husband Tom had 52 wonderful years 
together He was devoted to her." 

GWEN PARK Kelly of Thomasville GA 
writes; "Mother and I moved into a 
condominium in town after my hus- 
band Daniel died. The house in the 
country was much too large Mother 
will be 99 in April and still plays bridge 
four times a week. I manage to stay 
busy looking after the two of us." 

JEAN KYLE Hedges of Arlington VA 

keeps busy with church, community 
activities, and playing lots of bndge. 
Jean says she enioys visits with class- 
Chaplin when husband Lewis is in 
Arlington on business. 

BETTY WHITE Talley of Petersburg 
VA says she's having a wonderful 
time with her grandchildren Bill Talley 
IV graduated from VMI in May 2003. 
Elizabeth Talley attends UVA. Drew 
Talley is 14, and twins Borden and 
Anna McKinnon are 12. 



writes "I moved back to Salem VA 
and am so happy to be home! " 

LORNA COWLE Wass of Gloucester 
VA says she is "still pushing" the 
Virginia Flora project when not busy 
excavating the home of colonial 
botanist John Clayton, clerk of the 
Gloucester County Court for 53 years. 
She wntes: "Clayton did the first 
Flora of Virginia, and we are rather 
late in finishing it. Perhaps by 2007 it 
will be available for every college and 
university in the Old Dominion." 


Charlottesville VA enjoyed attending a 
luncheon with Mary Baldwin's new 
president. Pamela Fox. and her hus- 
band. Dan Layman. She wntes: "They 
are dynamic and excited about MBC, 
and we are enthusiastic about them! " 

ANNE STUART Richardson of 

Gloucester VA wntes: "All is well 'on 
the river,' although it was a bit damp 
last spring, I keep busy and visit my 
children from time to time in 
Maryland and Virginia. I hope every- 
one else in the Class of '52 is doing 

JANE WOODRUFF Lucas of Charlotte 

NC writes " I became the proud grand- 
mother of our ninth grandchild last year 
— a beautiful little MBC candidate for 
the future." 



Ford PA reports she was widowed in 

2000 and cnppled by Lyme's Disease in 

2001 but IS "fighting my way back." 

MARY WHITE Johnson of Virginia 
Beach VA reports that after a long ill- 
ness husband William died March 16, 

1954 Reunion 

HEADAPOHL DeBerardinis and hus- 
band Tony of Athens OH celebrated 
their ninth wedding anniversary in 
October 2003, She writes: "We contin- 
ue to enjoy traveling, sightseeing, and 
visiting friends and family along the 
way. Looking forward to attending the 
50th class reunion in May." 


Manon SC writes: "I'm sorry I will miss 
the reunion this year Best wishes to all." 


Malvern PA met the following Mary 
Baldwin friends in Coolfont WV for a 
few days in September M, ELIZABETH 
"PAGE" SMITH Hartley "55 ana MAR- 
GARET QUERY Keller "55 Jan writes: 
"It was a fun mmi-reunion." 

ANN SHAW Miller of Raleigh NC 
writes: "I'm looking forward to my 50th 

IDA SUMNER Red of San Francisco CA 
writes: "I'm busy taping old women's 
oral histories and facilitating a women's 
writing group " 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

DORA LEE WILEY Brown of Charlotte 
NC reports that daughter Lee Ann 
Brown, assistant professor of English at 
St. John's University in Queens NY 
gave birth to a daughter Lee Ann also 
had her second book of poetry pub- 
lished, entitled The Sleep That Changed 
Everything. Son-in-law Tony Torn com- 
pleted a role in the film remake of The 
Stepford Wives, to be released this 
year. Younger daughter Beth teaches 
Suzuki violin to 20 students, and her 
husband exhibits his art in several gal- 
leries in the Charlotte area. 




Sandwhich IL wntes: "My husband 
George passed away August 6, 2003. 
We had been married 46 years. I have 
10 grandchildren, including 2-year-old 
quadruplets! Lots of fun!" 


ELEANOR CAHILL retired June 30, 
2003. after 20 years as an assistant dis- 
trict attorney 

JEAIMETTE FISHER Reid loves living in 
Highland Farms Retirement Community 
in Black Mountain NC. 

MARTHA PARKE Gibian of Siasconset 
MA writes: "Paul and I had a good winter 
in Prague last year. I am co-membership 
chairman of the International Women's 
Association of Prague. Susie, Br/an, Paul 
and I are going on a cruise to Marseille 
from Lyons, France and will spend three 
days in Paris." 

DIANA REDE Cabell of Staunton VA 
enjoyed a visit from BARBARA 
HUNTER Stone '56 and her husband 
Jerry last summer Diana and [CATHER- 
hosted a going-away party for Dr 
Cynthia H. Tyson last April. She writes: 
"We miss her a lot!" 


BlacksburgVA writes: "Mostly retired 
— still do some consulting for the exec- 
utive committee of the American 
Health Care Association. I have two 
grandchildren — girls that are future 
MBC students!" 


PATRICIA "PAT" SPHAR of Pittsburgh 
PA retired and now works part time as 
a administrator for a school support ser- 
vices agency. 

MARTHATHULIN Leynes-Selbert 

retired from Hospital Corporation of 
America. She lives in Powhatan VA with 
husband Lawrence, has four grandchil- 
dren, and is training a young horse for 
long-distance trail nding. 

1959 Reunion 

SANDRA ESQUIVEL Snyder of Dallas 
TX volunteers in education and health, is 
a grandmother of two boys, and enjoys 


Memphis TN published a book of 
short stones in collaboration with 
another writer, entitled Way Down 
South: Stories from the Heart of 
Dixie. Beverly says it's getting good 
reviews, and the experience was a lot 
of fun. 

EMORY O'SHEE Apple of Louisville 
KY writes: "I've been given three 
grandsons and one granddaughter in 
two years (includes one set of twins: 
a boy and a girl). I live 10 minutes 
from each. I'm president-elect of the ■ 
University of Louisville Woman's Club 
and have been a tax aide for AARP for 
10 years, which I enjoy thoroughly" 


GorhamTX en|oyed a September visit 
with classmates ELIZABETH "ANN" 
"BETSY" EDWARDS Woodard She 

writes: "I'd seen Betsy a few years ago 
but hadn't seen Ann for at least 40 
years. They came up to see New 
Hampshire, the foliage, and our new 
retirement home. We had a great time 
showing them as much of the state as 
we could, a little of Vermont, and a taste 
of Maine as well" 

HELEN RITCHIE Scherff moved to 
Pinehurst NC in June 2003. She writes: 
"I deep-sixed my alarm clock when I 
retired from teaching last year As 
Martha would say, 'It's a good thing.'" 


VICKY HILL Rimstidt of SomervilleTN 
enjoys life on her farm, especially horse- 
back nding. She holds major 
responsibilities with a local dressage 
organization and an investment club 
Vicky has "three precious grandchil- 
dren" in Ohio and one in North Carolina. 


JULIA HICKSON Crim of Lynchburg VA 
writes: "I am a widow. My husband, the 
Reverend Dr Keith R. Cnm, died in 
2000. I'm a commisioned lay pastor in 
the Presbyterian Church (USA) and work 
as chaplain at a nursing facility in 
Lynchburg, I have four children: Thomas 
M. Campbell III. the Rev David H 
Campbell, William H. Campbell, and 
Laura Ronn Cnm." 


Anniston AL says she's "trying" to retire 
from a small decorating business. She 
has three grandchildren: ages 1 . 3. and 
12. "Such a joy!" 


moved to Providence Rl in 2002. She 
writes: "New adventure and closer to 

NANCY SIMPSON Steinmiller of 

Mooresville NC writes: "In addition to 
my 2-year-old grandson Sawyer, we 
have an 8-month-old granddaughter. 
Summer Husband Bill becomes more 
retired each year, so we travel more." 


HARRIET HOPE Howard of Tucson AZ 
lives on Pawley's Island SC January 
through March. 

SUSAN JOHNSON High of Maple 
Glen PA reports that daughter 
Amanda married David Moos last 
June, and they are now parents to son 
Dylan Alexander. "All well and happy! 
Finally living in our country." 


Richmond VA is enjoying her grandchil- 
dren: Vaden, 4, and Latane, 1. She 
writes: "I'm in my 27th year of resi- 
dential real estate and still love it" 

Sherrill of Pensacola FL writes: "A 
year ago, in '02, I went through radia- 
tion for breast cancer Now healed 
and living every moment to the 
fullest. I'm leading a cancer support 
group at our Presbyterian church that 
IS very meaningful and inspirational. 
Charlie and I have four sons and seven 

SANDRA SYKES Gray of Alexandna 
VA says she's been "happily retired" 
from teaching for four years. She and 
husband Jon are thoroughly enjoying 
four little grandchildren who keep 
them traveling to Heidelberg 
Germany, Denver CO, and "interesting 
places along the way." 


HHr ^ 

MARIAN "SUE" MCDOWELL Whitlock '67 and friends from 
the Class of 1967 enjoyed reuniting for afternoon tea in Tfie 
Englisti Garden in RichmondVA July 17 2003. Pictured (I to r) are 


pictured witfl classmate KATHRENA "KATHY" RAVEN 
HORST Adams, operator of Rave- ■ 
NorthfieldVT where she exhibits her ov.' .-.r-' ,, ■ r i 
pastels. The two enjoyed visiting during a business trip 
Kathy Arrowsmith took to Vermont in last May. 

ANN BOOKER Darst '63 (1) of Williamsburg VA and NANCY 
WILSON Johnston '70 of Georgetown SC celebrate the chris- 
', ' ' I ' irandson Grayson Tompkins Keyser in Richmond VA 
I'- ,1 not pictured were Richmond alumnae CARLA RUS- 
SELL Gregory '65 and MARY TOMPKINS Miller '72 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spnng 2004 

Surrounded by the beauty ot LakeTahoe NV while attend- 
ing an annual hand bell conference at Zephyr Point 
Presbytenan Conference Center are (I to rl LAURIE 
SCOTT Bass '78 3' J SUSAN CHRIST Campbell 69 

ALLISON JAMES Hescock '90 and classmate CAROLINE 
MAY Echols , ■ r -efl in San Francisco last fall and visited 
JULIA "JULIE" HICKEY '90 in her new Berkeley home 
Pictured (I to r| are Allison, Caroline GRETCHEN CARTER '90 
and Julie 

KATHERINE LOUISE "BEBE" BOLEN MacKellar '92 married Brjce 
MacKellar May 17 2003, at All Soul's Episcopal Church in Oklahoma City OK. 
Mary Baldwin classmates celebrating at the reception held at Oklahoma City 
; ' ■■ ' t: 3'e ■ : ' LESLIE BOLEN Evans ANGELA PAYNE 

Reynolds SARAH TURNER Hallmark ;;. i . ABBIE MULLEN Tomlin 


Austin TX celebrated the birth of her 
first grandchild in 2003 "What a 


ANN DIAL McMillan of Birmingham 
AL writes: "My 40th reunion was won- 
derful! Thanks to everyone who worked 
so hard" 


Orlando FL writes: "Jim and I have 
been redecorating our house since he 
is now semi-retired. We adopted a kit- 
ten we call Perkins, found at Perkins 
Restaurant. We've been seen hiking 
with the Florida Trail Association." 

JULIA POND Brady of Manakin-Sabot 
VA says that she and husband Gerald 
Will be moving this year. They have two 
new grandchildren. 

1964 Reunion 

SENAH BUCHANAN Seagle contin 
ues to work full time as a real estate 
broker and enjoys being a grandmother 
to "two fine boys." Senah lives in 
Gainesville FL. 

writes: "My life hasn't had a lot of tradi- 
tional success, but I've spent much time 
trying to overcome my weaknesses so 
that I could contribute more to life." 

SALLY DORSEY is executive director at 
the national headquarters of Animal 
Health Trust US. in Atlanta, where she 
resides. The charity, which onginated 
in the United Kingdom and has Queen 
Elizabeth II as its royal patron, sup- 
ports research on companion animals 
Idogs, cats, horses), 

ALICE FARRIOR Butler retired in 
October as a civilian employee of the 
Navy. She was a computer scientist 
for SPAWAR at the Naval Base in 

Norfolk VA. Husband Paul retired last 
year, and they look forward to "great 
adventures, including this year's 
reunion at MBC" 


writes: "I feel I'm at a great place in my 
life — enioying my four grandchildren, 
traveling with my husband, and still 
working a bit as a real estate appraiser" 
Cynthia lives in Fredericksburg VA. 


Kenilworth IL says that daughter Sara 
received her master's in education from 
Vanderbilt University and that she and 
her husband bought a home in Nashville 
IN. Son Bert is now in his first year at 
New York University School of Law. 


Greensboro NC retired from the 
University of North Carolina-Greensboro 
in December. Anita plans to en)oy trav- 
eling, gardening, and renewing old 


Fairley moved from Oregon to Punta 
Gorda FL. She writes: "I'm delighted 
to be on the East Coast and in the 
South again after eight years I heard 
'65 and am excited for both Judy and 
Mary Baldwin about her new |ob 
there [in development]. What a win- 
ning combination!" 

McCormick of Acme Ml enjoys retire- 
ment, volunteering as a youth friend 
at a local school, and working with the 
Women's Resource Center, an agency 
that assists victims of domestic vio- 
lence. She wntes: "It's wonderfully 
rewarding " 

EMMA "EMY " MARTIN Halpert of 

Philadelphia PA loves grandmother- 
ing. Her two daughters gave birth to 

daughters of their own, and her step- 
son had a son, all in 2002. Emy says 
when she's not babysitting she enjoys 
a lot of physical activity, including 
yoga and rowing. She visited with 
classmate KATHRYN 'KAK" JOHN- 
SON McKinnle in "her beautiful 
home" in California last May. 

ANN MEBANE Levine of Atlanta GA 
writes "I retired from West Virginia 
University in January after 23 years of 
working there (and 31 years in 
Morgantown WV). I returned to Atlanta, 
where my daughter Cindy and her fami- 
ly live. Cindy and her husband Matt 
have a daughter Hannah, 3. I can't wait 
to be a full-time grandma!" 


Schroon Lake NY and New Port Richey 
FL writes "We're full-fledged 'snow- 
birds,' thoroughly enjoying time spent in 
the Adirondack Mountains of New York 
and in Florida All five children are mar- 
ried, and we have the joy of five 


ried Bobby A Chambliss July 10, 2002 
The couple live in Prattville AL and enjoy 
traveling. Melanie is an elementary 
school counselor. She writes: "I have 
three grandchildren with one on the 
way and aquired six more grandchildren 
with the marriage." 


CAREY GOODWIN Louthan writes 
"Still in Atlanta Frank IV and Jennifer 
are expecting baby No. 3, Kathenne is 
here and fabulous, and Louise is a junior 
at Wake Forest University and went to 
London in the fall. Frank III gets to travel 
all over the country, Europe, and the Far 

ANNE HUTTON ZImmerschied of 

Sheridan WY continues to work as a 
real estate sales agent for The Powder 
Horn Golf Community. Anne celebrated 

the birth of her daughter's little boy, her 
sixth grandchild, in September 2003. 

retired from the federal government in 
January 2003, leaving her computer 
specialist career for a new career as an 
advocate of affordable housing in 
Northern Virginia 


Miami FL writes: "Still marned to Bill 
with two grown daughters: one in L.A. 
and one in Philadelphia. I continue to 
own a portrait business and am involved 
in Miami community organizations." 


Virginia Beach VA writes "After raising 
two sons, we finally got our daughter 
when Andrew married in November 

2002. I'm looking into retirement after 
23 years of school fundraising for The 
Reader's Digest'.' 


Hilton Head Island NC had an art exhibi- 
tion entitled "Reflections — Near and 
Far" at the Hilton Head Art League 
Gallery in Pineland Station in June 

2003. The works were a reflection of 
her life experiences and included pas- 
tels, watercolors. and ink sketches 
done on location. 


ANGELA BLOSE Coriey of Carmel IN is 

in her eighth year of school board ser- 
vice. She wntes: "I had the pnvilege of 
presenting on a panel at a state school 
board meeting and at a national confer- 
ence in Washington DC, Bill and I enjoyed 
a fabulous two-week tour of Alaska, and I 
also visited with ANNE DINGLEDINE 
Stribling '67 m New York City" 


Portsmouth OH writes "Still loving my 
work at the hospital Our older son mar- 
ried in December and our younger son 
IS now engaged. Dick and I were 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spnng 2004 

ordained vocational Episcopal deacons 
in October 2002 after three years of 
study. I serve a small parish in Ironton 
OH. Life is good and full." 

SANDRA GRIZZARD Brooks and hus- 
band Graham of Hamilton Parish, 
Bermuda, purchased a second home, in 
Columbia SC. Son Manton Grier Jr. is 
practicing law there, and daughter 
Berkeley lives in Greenville SC, Sandra 
says they will keep Bermuda as their 
main home. 


Greenville NC writes: "First grandchild 
Storm Hayden Mallison was born April 
17 2003, to son Mark and Allison 
Mallison. Daughter Myra is working in 
Raleigh for PPD as a clinical research 
associate. Tom and I both retired and are 
having fun!" 

CAROL LAWS Slonaker of Richmond 
VA writes: "My husband of almost 33 
years, C.L., died March 25, 2003, of 
congestive heart failure. He worked 36 
years as an elementary administrator 
and 40 years as a church organist and 
choirmaster I retired after 26 years as 
a high school social studies teacher. 
My daughter Sarah, 28, returned to 
college and is an ADP student earning 
her teaching certification. I have one 
granddaughter, Preston. 2, who has 
been a special joy to us this year. I had 
major surgery in September 2002, and 
my husband died six months later." 

Doherty of Haverford PA writes: "At 
last we have completed the rebuilding 
of our summer house in Weekapaug 

Rl.With our daughter Brooke still 
working for J.R Morgan in New York 
City, we anticipate frequent visits 
from her NY crowd. Fortunately, my 
job as liaison to the board of trustees 
at Episcopal Academy permits me to 
have summers off, so I look forward to 
Rl after a very stressful year of building 
a house long distance! " 

Whitlock of Lansdale PA enjoyed an 
afternoon tea atThe English Garden in 
Richmond VA July 17 2003, with class- 
mates ANN HUMPHREY Sanders, 

ALICE MOORE of Columbia SC reports 
that daughter Elizabeth Gertz is a fresh- 
man at Davis & Elkins College in WV. 
Hill NC wntes: "I'm very busy with 
community work and am on the board 
of The Women's Center, chairing their 
primary fundraiser, The Art Show, i'm 
vice chair on the advisory board of 
Orange County Affordable Housing, and 
a pro bono consultant with Executive 
Service Corps, which works with non- 
profits in theTnangle" 

SYLVIA SHEPHERD Daike and hus- 
band Bill of Whitefield ME work for the 
United Church of Chnst, leading pre- 
retirement seminars for clergy, lay 
workers, and their spouses or partners. 


Woodbridge VA writes: "We have two 
granddaughters: Sarah, 2, and 

Morgan, 3. Randolph and I and both of 
our sons live in Northern Virginia and 
enjoy boating" 


JANE CRANE McSwain of 

ShepherdstownWV writes: "In April 
of this year, I will become a grand- 
mother for the first time. So exciting! " 

writes: "Our son Christopher married 
Jennifer Eve Brandos. They live in Los 
Angeles, where they write for TV and 
movies, most recently for The 
Agency. Our older son. Brian, lives in 
Manassas and works for the same 
technology company I do." 

ALICE LACY Wareham writes: "I've 
been blessed this year to be a discus- 
sion leader in Bible Study Fellowship 
(BSF), international, interdenomina- 
tional Bible study. Three of my four 
children are married, and my 
youngest son attends the University 
of Georgia, Ron and I still live in 

SARAH STERRETT Meyerhoff of 

Greenwich CT has worked five years 
on the Breast Cancer Alliance Board of 
Directors and has been actively 
involved with its annual fashion show 
luncheon that raises $1 million for cut- 
ting-edge research and mammograms 
for undennsured women. Sarah won 
Best in Show for her watercolor "River 
Music," shown in Silvermine Art 
School's student exhibition. 


How can you thank those whose love, 
support, and ideas helped to shape your 
character, your values, your very life? 

For information about memorial opportunities 
at Mary Baldwin College, call or write; 

Martha Masters '69 

Director of Capital Support and Planned Giving 

Mary Baldwin College 

Staunton, VA 24401 



Littleton NC celebrated the marriages of 
both daughters in 2003. Her younger 
daughter married on May 31, and her 
older daughter married on August 2. 

1969 Reunion 

SUSAN CHRIST Campbell of Payson 
AZ spent three weeks in England and 
three days in France this past fall tour- 
ing the D-Day beaches in Normandy. "I 
had the time of my life." Susan met 
LAURIE SCOTT Bass 78 of Roswell 
GA last year at an annual hand bell 
conference at Zephyr Point 
Presbyterian Conference Center in 
LakeTahoe NV. She writes: "We were 
playing in the same ensemble group, 
and Laune was wearing her MBC 
baseball cap. That's all it took! It's a 
small world." 

KAY CULBREATH Heller writes: "I 
continue to travel to Haiti working 
with schools, orphanages, and hospi- 
tals. In April 2003, I selected arts and 
crafts for a charity show and sale — all 
MBC alums are most welcome! It's 
great living in Washington DC and 
closer to MBC." 

ROSE DRIVER Stuart and husband 
Wick of Prosperity SC celebrated their 
37th anniversary in January. They 
spent Christmas with their grandchil- 
dren and cruised the Greek isles last 


Winston-Salem NC says she's still bal- 
ancing "a retired husband with 
wanderlust" with her real estate 
career. She also announces the birth 
of first granddaughter Grace Brooking 
Wilson December 19, 2002, who 
joined grandsons Fleet and James. 
She writes: "Life is good!" 


Columbia SC continues to work as 
executive director of McKissick 
Museum at the University of South 
Carolina and directs the museum stud- 
ies program. Lynn co-wrote The 
Governor's Mansion of South Carolina 
1855-2001. published in 2002. 


Arrowsmith of Lexington SC is a 
career consultant with Lee Hecht 
Harrison in Columbia, helping those 
who have been outplaced because of 
company downsizing. Daughter Jane 
Crawford graduated from Columbia 
College in May and son Nathan works 
in the athletics department at 
Davidson College. Kathy writes: 
"While on a business trip to beautiful 
Vermont in May I visited with class- 
RAVENHORST Adams and her hus- 
band Mel, VMI '69, at her art studio, 
where she displays beautiful watercol- 
ors and pastels" 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

DIANE DARNELL Hughes of Warrenton 
VA IS a first-time grandmotfner, 


of Richmond VA went outside her "com- 
fort zone" to portray TessieTura the Texas 
Twirler with Lorna Luft in Gypsy, a 
University of Richmond production. She 
wntes, "A hoot!" Her 25-year-old son is 
managing the Cast Iron Filter Band, and 
husbandTom "is still a honey." 

Morgan of Charlotte NC is happy to 
announce the birth of granddaughter 
Barbara "Barne" Alden Barto 


LaGrange GA wntes: "I have a little 
grandson. Hooper Swilling Hammond, 
born August 12, 2003. It is wonderful 
being a grandmother." 

Crenshaw writes "I've retired twice, 
once from Henrico County Public 
Schools and again from Franklin City 
Public Schools, where I worked part 
time. I've been a middle school guid- 
ance director and high school counselor 
for 30 years. In December, my husband 
W.C. Crenshaw IV, became the plant 
manager of Hercules Chemical Plant in 
France We now live in Vernon, which is 
about 60 miles northwest of Paris. Our 
children, Lillie, Joey and Quint, are in 
their twenties, and we have one grand- 
child, Audrey Elizabeth" 

NANCY WILSON Johnston of 

Georgetown SC and ANN BOOKER 

Darst '63 of Williamsburg VA celebrated 
the chnstening of their grandson 
Grayson Tompkins Keyser in Richmond 
VA. Also present were Richmond alum- 
nae CARLA RUSSELL Gregory '65 and 


their seven children! I've never been 
happier or busier! Working on a book 
entitled The First Seven Rules of the 
Universe, or How My Magic 
Refrigerator Sent Me to Paris Free! I 
en|oy my |ob as director of development 
at the National Cowboy Museum, but 
it's a tough fundraising environment." 

LLOYD GATHER Dickson of Midlothian 
VA teaches English at Robious Middle 
School. She writes "In October, David 
and I celebrated the wedding of our 
daughter Amanda, who lives in Fairfax 
with her husband John Siddon. Our son 
Tyler is still in New York City, so we 
have fun places to travel." 

ELLEN PORTER Holtman of Salem VA 
writes: "I'm still teaching biology and 
ecology at the community college in 
Roanoke and take a student group to 
the tropics every summer. This past 
summer was Costa Rica, and next sum- 
mer will be Belize.You are all invited!" 



Charleston WV is a public school 
teacher, taking WET (water education 
for teachers) as part of the statewide 
science curriculum K-12. 

MARY ROGERS Field of Greencastle 
IN wntes "A highlight of my summer 
was taking my daughters to Staunton ir 
July to visit Dr John Mehner" 


Anderson of Oklahoma City OK writes: 
"I'm enioying my new family: Mike's 
four daughters, their husbands, and 

TERESA CRISER of Wilmington NC 
writes "I've moved and am en|oying 
my new home." 

SARAH BELLE EASON Parrott reports 
that daughter Sarah Boxley graduated 
from Wake Forest University in '02 and 
lives and works in Norfolk VA Son Jack 
graduated in May from Woodberry 
Forest School and is a freshman at 
UVA. Sarah Belle and husband John live 
in Roanoke VA 

ANNE MARIE LOCKE Evans of Raleigh 
NC writes: "I hated to miss the 30th 
reunion of the Class of 1973, but I was 
recovering from my second back 
surgery in 2003! All better now." 


Mechanicsville VA was quoted in a 
Richmond Times-Dispatch article enti- 
tled "Overheard — From the 'you go, 
girl' department." The article reads: "'I 
went to my 30th college reunion at 
Mary Baldwin College and entered the 
one-mile walk/run race at the encour- 
agement of a former coach,' reports 
Lindsay Ryland of the Episcopal Diocese 
of Virginia. Then she laughs. 'I walked. 
And I won! I was so surpnsed: 16 min- 
utes, 36 seconds. And there were a lot 
of people from more recent classes I 
|ust made up my mind I was going to try 
to win'" 


of Flora MS received an award for her 
nonfiction book. Younger Than That 
Now A Shared Passage From the 
Sixties, at the 2003 Mississippi Library 
Association's Mississippi Authors 
Awards Gala Co-authored with Jeff 
Durstewitz, Younger Than That Now 
was the subject of an article in the win- 
ter 2001 Mary Baldwin College 
Magazine Ruth has now completed her 
first novel. White Girl 

1974 Reunion 


NC now works for Chautauqua Airlines 
(USAirways Express) after being fur- 
loughed from USAirways in May 2003. 
Elizabeth hopes to return to Mary 
Baldwin for her 30th reunion in May if it 
doesn't conflict with her son's gradua- 
tion from Washington & Jefferson 

MARIE DIENST Perry of Augusta GA 
continues to teach language arts to sev- 
enth graders at a local public school. 
Mane has three children: Pat, Chris, and 
Kathryn, 19. She writes: " Kathryn is at 
Auburn University. My oldest are 26- 

year-old twins; one is a CPA working for 
a firm in Atlanta, and the other a finan- 
cial consultant for Wachovia" Mane's 
"new love" is foxhunting with her 
Percheron saddlebred named Bristol. 

Smith of BeltonlX writes: "There were 
two graduations in our family in May 
2003: my daughter Ellen from Notre 
Dame and my son Craig from high 
school here in central Texas Ellen is 
now much closer to home at Texas 
A&M Medical School, and Craig is 
attending the University of Arizona, also 
hoping to be in the medical field one 
day." Marna had cancer surgery in 
December, and before that wrote, "I 
expect this to be nothing more than a 
detour along life's highway." She sends 
her best wishes for a successful class 



Richmond VA continues to work as 
director of training and staff develop- 
ment at Virginia Blood Services 


of Chappaqua NY writes: "There is 
always room for visitors, though we are 
downsizing. With oldest son Eric, a 
musician now living in the Williamsburg 
section of Brooklyn NY, and second son 
Ryan, a junior at Gettysburg College, 
we can consolidate and focus on Kyle, a 
high school freshman, and Drew, our 
seventh-grader! I'm still a toy store 
owner — Penny Auntie 5 & 10 is quite a 
hot spot! Husband John is managing 
Geiner-Maltz, the family industrial real 
estate business 

TERRY RIEVE Senechal and husband 
Roland live in Thousand Oaks CA. Terry 
writes: "We both have worked for 
Farmers Insurance Group for 24 years 
(I'm in commercial training, and Roland 
is in claims) No children — one sailboat 
and one cat. Vacation home in Sequim 

t their wedding reception 
Howell '93 andlrae A Howell. Ttie couple 
married September 27 2003, in League 

f^ary Baldwin College is ,i * ■ ■ 

Pictured '..... ,.- ' ■•• row, : to n JENNIFER GOETZ 
Nystrom '95 Hjghter Ivlargarel "IVIqIIv" Elmore 

Nystroiv •■■ EMILY GOETZ '99, and (back rowl mother 

mellow PEG alumnae (I to rl COURTNEY WRIGHT '97 ANITA BLANCO '96 and 
NOSHUA WATSON '95 are pictured with bride ELIZABETH KIME-Krigas 97 and triend 
fvlana fvlikkelson Elizabeth and Steven Kngas were married November 1 , 2003 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

SUSAN SMITH Alsdorf '97 of Wayne NJ r 
-- ■ ■ -:-■'■ :003 MBC alumnae pictured are (I tor) 
the Dride, WENDY BARNES Mc Entee '97. and bridesmaid 

JENNIFERWALKER Procise '97 and Lawrence "Larry" Wayi 
married October 25, 2003, in Richmond VA Celebrating their marriage 
are (front row, I to r) MARY HOUSTON WRIGHT Wipfler '00 LEIGH 
ANN MANNING Atkins '97 EMILY ALEXANDER Douglas '98, 
SUZANNA FIELDS '97, (back row, I to r) KATHRYN DAVWatkins '97, 
MINDY WYTTENBACH-Lindsey '97, TOTTY EDWARDS '99, the bride, 

Mary Baldwin friends attending a bridesmaid luncheon honoring 

CYNTHIA "HAVEN" LECLER llgenfritz '98 at Commanders 
Palace in New Orleans LA are (I to r) ERIN CASAROTTI '98, 
SUSAN MAJOR '98 the bride, BLANCHE "CHAD " BOLLES '97, 

EVA STIMSON of Louisville KY 
was named Presbyterian Writer of 
the Year 2004 by tfie Presbyterian 
Writers Guild. The honor is pre- 
sented at the annual General 
Assembly in Richmond VA, In 1997 
Stimson became the editor of 
Presbyterians Today. She has writ- 
ten feature articles on the 
Presbyterian Church in China and 
high-profile Presbyterians such as 
Fred Rogers and Anne Lamott. 

more heritage research in Halifax and 
York, England. She writes; "Otherwise, 
most of my time is spent supporting 
my sons' basketball programs. 
Nathaniel and Jonathan attend the 
Bolles School here in Jacksonville." 


JANE FISHER Vagt of Oakton VA 
works in the tile and marble business in 
Rockville MD and is renovating a home 
in St, Michaels on the Chesapeake Bay. 
Jane has a 19-year-old son at UVA, 


Jacksonville PL and her family partici- 
pated in the annual general meeting of 
the Stewart Society in Edinburgh, 
Scotland, in September, She also did 


GENE BALCH Limbaugh of 

Birmingham AL writes: "We are empty 
nesters! Son Tyler is in his second year 

The Alumnae/i Association is ... 

■ MBC graduates 

■ Former MBC students who attended 
one semester or longer 

■ More than 12,000 members 

The association is led by a board of directors — 
representative alumnae/i who meet twice a year, 
supporting the college with activities and pro- 
jects and contributions to the Annual Fund. 
Become a candidate for board membership or 
pass along the name of someone else. Notify the 
Office of Alumnae/i Activities: 1-800-763-7359 

at Georgia Tech, and daughter Gene 
Austin is in her first year at the 
University of Alabama inTuscaloosa." 


Mcpherson of Glen Allen VA was 
appointed president for the 
2003-2004 year of the Richmond 
chapter of the American Marketing 
Association. Cat is director and 
associate professor of business 
administration for the Mary Baldwin 
Regional Center in Richmond. 


llfracombe, North Devon UK writes: "I 
started a new |ob in March 2003 as edi- 
tor of Catalogue & e-Business, a 
monthly business journal aimed at the 
home shopping/mail order/e-commerce 
industry. It's a terrific job, and I was so 
pleased to be offered something right 
here in llfracombe. I attended the 
European Catalogue and Mail Order 
Days conference and exhibition in 
London, hosted by our publisher and 
sister company, Synergy, It was a great 
opportunity to meet many of the people 
I communicate with on a fairly regular 
basis (and put on my 'glad rags' for the 
awards dinner at the Paragon Hotel), 
Daughter Caroline, 16, is in her first 
year of A-levels, hoping to be offered a 
place at the University of Bath to study 
psychology. That would please me so 
much, as I spent my junior year there. I 
play darts on my pub's ladies' team and 
enjoy Monday nights out with the girls. 
Finally getting my English driving 
license so I can travel a bit more. 
Hoping to get back to Staunton in 

1979 Reunion 


founding director of Seigle Avenue 
Partners, a nonprofit organization serv- 
ing inner-City children at risk of school 
failure through after-school and summer 
camp programs, Mary Nell lives in 
Charlotte NC and reports that the orga- 
nization began its fourth school year 
With great success. 

LISA ROWLEY writes: "After 12 years 
With the attorney general's office, I left 
state service and opened my own law 
firm on historic Main Street in North 
Wilkesboro NC I love living in the 
foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 
Life is good." 

SARAH "SALLY" WAY Speaker of 

Birmingham AL writes: "My husband 
Gary has been the pastor at Mt. Brook 
Presbyterian Church for one year. Son 
Preston, 20, is a freshman at North 
Carolina School of the Arts in Winston- 
Salem, studying technical theatre 
direction. Son Edward, 15, is in the 10th 
grade, I'm full time at Barnes & Noble 
and have worked there for five years! " 



Naleehu HI wntes: "Well, after almost 
20 years in Los Angeles and Seattle 
WA, it was too wet, cold and dark for 
us, so we moved to the big island of 
Hawaii. We decided to slow down and 
leave the corporate rat race behind. So 
far, so good I" 

LOUISE HEMPHILL Ullom moved back 
to Washington state and lives in Yakima. 

ALISE LEARNED Mahr of Elmira NY 
writes: "In October 2001, we moved 
across the street into a 90-year-old 
English Tudor, We are loving it! 
Daughter Amanda, 17, was elected 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

SARAH SPENCE Royer '99 and Quentin Rover wete 
married September 6, 2003 MBC classmates celebrat- 
ing the wedding are II to rl COURTNEY "BROOKE" 

Celebrating the September 22, 2001, wedding of ELIZA- 
BETH "BETSY" HOOVER Bailey '00 to Bryan Bailey in 
rh.-^ter VA 3,e II to rl MBC classmates STEPHANIE GIT- 

ANDREA SLAUGHTER Betton '00 (I), friend Abby Buckley (rl. Hood College 
'00, and Abby's son Tyler visited The Great Wall in Beiiing, China, November 
28, 2003 Andrea writes "We took the opportunity to show school spirit, 
wearing sweatshirts from our rival alma maters We also saw the Forbidden 
City, Tiananmen Square, and experienced a Beijing duck dinner. It was an 
amazing trip I" 

senior class president, and daughter 
Maggie, 15, is a member of the student 
council. I'm employed as a family reuni- 
fication parent educator. Bill and I have 
been happily married for 20 years' " 

LAURA REED Bivans of Darnestown 
MD wntes "We got the floors done in 
the living room, dining room and front 
hall and finished up those rooms. I'm 
working three and a half hours a day at 
the elementary school as an aide We 
kept our last Guiding Eyes puppy and 
now have two labs" 

ROSIE SABALA of San Antonio gave 
birth to daughter Pauline Sabala 
September 24, 2002. She wntes; 

"My first!" 


BRENOA HAGG moved to Glen Ellyn 
IL, in the Chicago area, in 2003. 


husband Bobby live in Mt Pleasant SC 
With their children: Robert, 15, Richard, 

13, and Kathryn, 11. All children are 
active in soccer, basketball, and tennis 
Pam also enioys playing tennis, water 
sports, and being with her family 

REBECCA VIGIL Gubert of Gotha FL is 
deputy manager at Reedy Creek 
Improvement District Environmental 
Services (the county government at 
Walt Disney World) Son Kenneth, 16, is 
driving and is summa cum laude for his 
GPA. Rebecca visited with sister 
LORETTAVIGILTabb '83 in Richmond 
VA and "had a wonderful time" She 
also spent a relaxing vacation in the 
Florida Keys with husband Alex and 


COURTNEY CROOKS Many of Virginia 
Beach VA wntes "I help to operate a 
family business with my husband, Mark, 
but spend most of my time raising 
Radker, 5, and Margaret, 4 

JENNIFER HALL Costello of Norfolk 
VA says that husband Rob calls her |ob 

at the Norfolk Botanical Garden "her 
hobby" She writes: "I'm a garden 
teacher in the children's eduation 
department and it's a lovely setting, so 
he might have a point. My boys Ian, 
15, andTim, 13, were 'volunteered' to 
work at the garden last summer" 

ANN MARIE HAVNES Vanderhout of 

Newark DE reports that daughter Tara 
graduated from high school last year, 
and son Dutch is in the second grade. 

VA. a judge on Richmond Juvenile and 
Domestic Relations District Court, 
became a member of a nationwide 
network that analyzes research on 
adolescents and luvenile justice. 
Kimberiy was the only judge among 
the network's 16 members, largely 
made up of lawyers, social scientists 
and mental-health professionals. 

Okoye and her family relocated from 
Adana, Turkey, to Washington 
Township OH Elizabeth works for 

Aeronautical Systems Center at 
Wright Patterson AFB. 



of Severn MD was recognized as 
one of 19 Anne Arundel County 
residents to be honored by coun- 
ty executive Janet S, Owens as 
"exemplary women in the mili- 
tary" Vicky IS an Army lietenant 
colonel and loint staff officer in the 
joint education branch of the 
Directorate for Operational Plans 
and Joint Force Development 
under the Joint Chiefs of Staff at 
the Defense Department 

ANNE MCCORMACK Jones reports 
that twins Charlotte and Walter are in 
kindergarten at St Stephen's and St, 
Agnes School in Alexandria VA, where 
they live. 

STARLING CRABTREE Nowell '01 strikes a pose with 
husband Brad Nowell on their wedding day, November 
22, 2003. 

Celebrating the marriage of ELVSE RICHARDSON Barnard 
'02 to Jesse Barnard Mav 24, 2003, are Marv Baldwin friends 

Braving Hurricane Isabel to help build a home for Habitat for Humanitv on the 
nonhside of Richmond VA are il to r) MEREDITH "MERIT'TOWNSEND '02 and 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spnng 2004 

1984 Reunion 

BONNIE HAUFE of Williamsburg VA 
writes: "I've met a lot of beautiful people 
who I have really enjoyed over the past 
15 years. I value encouraging others!" 

AMY LAWLER Holloway of Macon GA 
won the Rick Perkins Award for 
Excellence inTechnical Instruction for the 
state of Georgia. Amy will spend this 
year serving state-wide as technical edu- 
cation ambassador, 

PAMELA "PAM" LEIGH Anderson and 

husband Neville of Jefferson GA moved 
into a rental home in the fall while await- 
ing construction of their new home. 

LESLIE LEWIS Granben^ writes: "I'm 
living in Atlanta GA with my adorable 
husband Marc and our two precious 
girls: Whitney, 7 and Francesca, 5. I work 
part time as a sales and marketing dis- 
tributor for D.R. Research Int. The 
company manufactures an acid-free 
exfoliant called Beginnings" 

ROBIN NEWCOMB Lemio enjoys time 
at home with daughter Leslie, 3, and 
son Peter, 2. The family lives in 
Springfield VA. 


NADYA ANDERSON of Charleston SC 
writes: "On September 14, 2003, Kurt 
Allen Prater asked me to marry him, and' 
I said 'Yes!' We will have the ceremony 
in October." 

UNDA "ANN" EVERETT Rentiers and 

husband Joseph of Columbia SC wel- 
comed the birth of son Joseph Kenneth 
Rentiers III September 24, 2002. Ann is 
the administrative assistant to the 
Senate Agriculture and Natural 
Resources Committee and has held the 
position for six years. 

KAREN HALL Swortzel of Greenville 
VA worked for 15 years as a high 
school English and drama teacher. 
Karen is now assistant professor of 
education at Bridgewater College and 
continues to work on her doctorate in 
education at UVA. 

WYNN HARRIS Jones and husband 
Jeffrey of Ophir CO celebrated the 
birth of second son William Clixby 
Jones March 11 , 2003. He joined big 
brother Colby Barrett, 2. Wynn works 
part time at theTelluride Foundation, 
a community foundation serving San 
Miguel County Colorado. 


SeymourTN writes: "I'm staying busy 
with my children: John, 16, Nathan, 
14, and Megan, 12, who are wonder- 
ful students and beautiful singers. I 
volunteer and substitute teach in their 
schools. We are all involved with 
many church activities. My husband 
John works with Cole Vision as a 
manufacturing engineer." 

PA owns four health clubs and a busi- 
ness consulting firm. She specializes 
in total mind and body fitness for 
business professionals, training and 
development for employees and man- 
agers, program design, and needs 
and performance analysis for busi- 
ness owners. 


SUSAN EVERLY Cummings of 

Bnstow VA teaches second grade at All 
Saints Catholic School in Manassas VA 
and will receive her master's in educa- 
tion from Marymount University this 
spring. Susan has two daughters: 
Alexandra, 12, and Judith, 8. Husband 
Brian was promoted to a U.S. Army 
lieutenant colonel in December. 

ALLISON GUYTON Dogan and hus- 
band Patrick of St. Paul MN announce 
the birth of son Weldon Edward April 2. 



writes: "After 15 years of living in 
California, I relocated to Atlanta to be 
closer to my family." 

GA continues to teach at Marshpoint 
Elementary. She writes: "Very happy!" 


of Griffin GA writes: "I began a new job 
in Georgia in 2003, closer to home in 
New Orleans and closer to MBC! I still 
teach seventh grade social studies as 
well as reading. I'm also in charge of 
the yearbook and the drama club, 
which has already had two productions. 
It's nice to be back east from the West, 
where we've been for the last 11 years 
with the Navy. In January, my husband 
Carl transferred to the Army to finish 
out his military career!" 

1989 Reunion 

ANGELA FAVATA Week and husband 
Robert of Tampa FL celebrated the birth 
of third child Elizabeth Jackson Week 
December 18, 2002. 

Hott of Winchester VA is director of 
career development and service 
learning at Shenandoah University, 
where she worked before the birth of 
her son in 2001. Jackie continues to 
run Hedgebrook Farm &The Herds 
Inn in partnership with her mother 
and sister. 

Johnson moved from the 
Washington DC area to Short Hills NJ 
three years ago when her husband 
took a |ob in New York City. Jenny is 
in her sixth year as a gift planning offi- 
cer with the American Red Cross. 
She wntes: "We have three darling 
girls: Sally, 3, Alice, 2, and Mary 
Malone. 17 months I took a trip to 
Florida last spring with MARY 
Dyke '88, and PAIGE WILLHITE 
Woolwine '88, and enjoyed seeing 
over the summer." 


Mobile AL is a resource teacher for 
kindergarten through 12th grade at 
Bayside Academy in Daphne AL. 
Kathrine and husand Warren have two 
children: Kathrine "Parker," 8, and 
"Danner" Warren, 5. 


KRISTEN BARNER Saade is director 
of youth ministry at First Presbyterian 
Church in Charlottesville VA. Kristen 
writes: "The move to Charlottesville 
has been successful, and I love my job I 
The church has 1,700 members. My 
first night of youth group included 20 
middle school kids and 42 high school 
kids! Wow! I'm always busy!" 


Richmond VA is enrolled at Union 
Theological Seminary and Presbyterian 
School of Chnstian Education. 

AMY FISCHER Power of Frisco TX 
writes: "My husband Ken and I are 
doing well. We love Texas. Our son 
Carson turned 4 in October, and our 
daughter Caroline (named after CARO- 
LINE MAY Echols '90) turned 1 in 

received her master's in business 
administration December 14, 2003, 
through a joint degree program with 
Columbia University and the University 
of California at Berkeley (The Berkeley- 
Columbia Executive MBA), While taking 
a full load of classes to earn her MBA, 
Julie worked full time at Intuit Inc., 
where she remains in corporate strategy 
and development- 

ALLISON JAMES Hescock of New 

Orleans LA en|oyed an October vacation 
with classmate CAROLINE MAY Echols 
in San Francisco. While in California, they 
got together with classmates 
"JULIE" HICKEY at Julie's new home in 

George of Reston VA wntes: " Chip and I 
are delighted to announce that we have 
a new addition to our family! Colin 
Edward George arrived June 30, 2003. 
He joins his big brother Peter, 3." 


marned Matthew Robert Grommesh 
October 25, 2003, at St. Ann Catholic 
Church in Coppell TX, where they 
reside. Saunders is a member of the 
Junior League of Dallas and is 
employed by Microsoft Inc. as a techni- 
cal support professional in Irving TX. 
Matthew is a certified technician for 
Apple Macintosh and PCs and works 
for Internet American, an Internet ser- 
vices provider in Dallas. 

Pictured are Patrick Hendrik Heijmen and his bride 
ELIZABETH WRIGHT Heijmen '02 of Middleburg 
VA. The couple married August 16. 2003, in Hot 
Springs VA, 

2003 classmates gathered around KELLY GURLEY Roberts '03 and husband Shawn at 
their wedding June 14, 2003, are (I to rl DIANE ALFORD, KATHERINE "KATIE" MACO- 
CRISTINA"CRISSY" JURACH ; . ; i : , ■ n ' , . ! - i. m - :i. KATIE 


Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 


Qive l/ie Qiff'ofd ^jc/m/ars/np 

"Do I give to Mary 
Baldwin College? You het! 
Mary Baldwin gave me the 
opportunity for a successful 
life , and now I enjoy 
returning the gift." 
— Janet Russell Steelman '52 

Send for our brochure Memorials and Endowments: 
Gifts That Transcend Time, obligation tree, and learn 
how you can help deserving students achieve their 
educational goals through an endowed scholarship. 

Martha Masters '69 

Director of Capital Support and Planned Giving 

Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, VA 24401 


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a.m. /p.m. 


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Lumberton NC is employed by the 
state as a 4-H agent in Robeson 
County- Her 4-H program is the largest 
in North Carolina 


Norwalk CT gave birth to second 
daughter Sophia "Sophie" Rose 
LaManna November 30, 2002 She 
writes; "Liza. 4. is very excited about 
having a sister" 


husband John of Jackson MS wel- 
comed the birth of first child George 
Sturgis Giddens June 10, 2003 
Sandra continues to work as an artist. 
John is an attorney 

band Allen of Arlington VA announce 
the birth of son Qumn Harless 
Octobers, 2002, 

AMYTUNSTALL Burieson and hus- 
band Eddie of Midlothian VA 
celebrated the birth of daughter 
MacKenzie Lee Burleson December 6, 
2002. MacKenzie was welcomed 
home by big brother Trey. 4, and sister 
Ashley 2 


Potts married Travis S Potts July 20, 
1996, and gave birth to twins Caroline 
and Dennis December 10, 1998. The 
family lives in Richmond VA where 
Mattie works for Richmond Public 

Rogers writes: "I married Dan 
Rogers September 27 2003, in 
Baton Rouge LA. Dan and I now 
live in Maggie Valley NC, where 
he IS a district executive with the 
Boy Scouts of America. Daniel 
Boone Council. I'm a technical 
writer with InterAct Public Safety 
Systems in nearby Asheville. My 
first book, 50 Hikes in Louisiana: 
Walks. Hikes, and Backpacks in 
the Bayou State, was published 
by The Countryman Press (a divi- 
sion of WW, Norton Co,) in 
January My husband and I have 
also begun wntmg a book on hik- 
ing trails in western North 
Carolina, which is planned for 
publication in late spring." 

BOLEN MacKellar married Bruce 
MacKellar May 17 2003. at All Soul's 
Episcopal Church followed by a 
reception at the Oklahoma City Golf 
& Country Club Classmates attend- 
ing the wedding were LESLIE 
Hallmark ABBIE MULLEN Tomlin, 
Connolly. Bebe is the proprietor of 
Bebe's in Oklahoma City, where she 
and Bruce reside. 

KRISTI COLEMAN Schumacher lives 
in Parker CO, a suburb of Denver She 
writes: "I'm marned and have a son 
Hunter, 2. Husband Ron is an assis- 
tant principal of a high school, and I'm 
a stay-at-home mother, keeping busy 
with play groups, Gymboree, etc," 

CATHERINE GREEN Lynch and hus- 
band Monty live in Manassas VA. She 
writes: "We've been blessed with a 
baby boy Chandler Montgomery 
Lynch, born February 14, 2003" 

GINA GROOME moved to Herndon 
VA from Jacksonville FL in July 2003. 
Gina continues to work for Amenca 

ANN PENDLETON Kincer and hus- 
band Mark of Douglasville GA 
celebrated the birth of son Mark 
Allen Kincer Jr. November 20, 2003, 
She writes: "We are calling him by 
his initials, 'Mak'" 

Perez-Foster of San Diego CA reports 
that husband Paul died January 8, 


of Woodstock GA writes- "I marned 
June 8, 2002. bought a house in 
March 2003, moved in July, and am 
having a wonderful time decorating 
It. I've been working as an interior 
designer for Expo Design Center, a 
Home Depot company, for the last 
three years, i have a wonderful hus- 
band, family, extended family, and a 
|0b that I love Things couldn't be 
any better!" 

NAN ROTHWELL of Faber VA teaches 
pottery classes and workshops in her 
Nelson County studio. Her works are 
sold at Spruce Creek Gallery in 
Nellysford VA and can be viewed on 
Its Web site, 

LEE WALLACE Reid of Richmond VA is 
married with two children: Vaden. 4, 
and Latane, 22 months She writes: 
"I'm 3 stay-at-home mom and love it!" 

ROBIN WILSON von Seldeneck and 

husband Eric of Staunton VA wel- 
comed the birth of second son Wade 
Hampton March 21, 2003, Big brother 
Wilson Wood celebrated his third 
birthday in January, 


Sadlack of Alexandria VA married 
Jason Sadlack September 20, 2003, 
and began a new job as legislative 
affairs and communiations manager 
for Stewart & Stevenson in 

Howell and Trae A. Howell of 
Schaumburg IL were married 
September 27 2003. in League City 
TX and honeymooned in Hawaii. 
Bradburn was a member of the 
wedding party. Both Trae and 
Christy work in information technol- 
ogy and were relocated to Sears 
corporate offices near Chicago. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

STEPHANIE ILES writes; "I successful- 
ly completed my MBA. I live in Virginia 
Beach VA with my 4-year-old daughter, 
Marisa Beth, and work as an associate 
underwriter for an insurance agency" 

CHERYL JONES Jolley and husband 
Eddie of Petersburg VW are parents to 
son KyleThomas. 1. Cheryl is employed 
by EACHS Head Start Program as an 
early childhood services coordinator 


and husband Jay of Salisbury NC wel- 
comed the birth of daughter Margaret 
"Maggie" Scott Dees June 15, 2003. 
Maggie joins older brother William 
"Archie" 111,2, 

HEATHER SMITH Harvison of 

Lutherville MD was featured in 
the January 2003 edition of 
Baltimore Magazine for her work 
with My Sister's Circle, a non- 
profit organization she founded in 
2000. My Sister's Circle provides 
intensive mentoring to academi- 
cally promising fifth-grade girls 
from disadvantaged neighbor- 
hoods in Baltimore. Professional 
female volunteers serve as acad- 
emic tutors and personal 
mentors, committed to following 
the girls through middle school. 
Weekly meetings, book discus- 
sions and cultural events are just 
a few activities offered. Baltimore 
Magazine quotes elementary 
school principal Irma Johnson: 
"...while the city has many 
important remediation programs 
for kids who are performing 
below expectations, brighter stu- 
dents crave cultural and social 
enrichment. Through My Sister's 
Circle, these economically disad- 
vantaged inner-city girls are 
attending the opera, going on 
hayrides, and visiting museums. 
They're being exposed to so 
many different activities they 
would never have a chance to do 
otherwise." The article also con- 
veys the thoughts of Shaniqua 
Warfield, a sixth-grader at The 
Barclay School, about the pro- 
gram. "Shaniqua says she enjoys 
her Saturday visits with her men- 
tor, Ava Sewell, who is 'like a 
friend' to her They go to parks 
and playgrounds, or go to 
Sewell's house, bake and talk. 'It 
helps me sometimes to get out 
of the house and have fun,' says 
Shaniqua, who lives with her 
grandparents, one of whom is 
disabled. 'She listens to me. She 
doesn't boss me around.'" 

1994 Reunion 


Atlanta GA married Chadwick Parker 
Lesley August 23, 2003, at St. 
Stephen's Episcopal Church in 
Richmond VA. Lee is co-founder ofTurq 

Jewelry and Design in Atlanta, and her 
husband is a commercial land broker 
with Resource Real Estate Partners. 

MOLLY CONDRON Musso marned 
Joe Musso m October 1998. They live in 
Marlton NJ, where Joe is an attorney 
and Molly previously managed a tem- 
porary staffing agency On May 21, 

2002, they welcomed the birth of 
Madeline Elizabeth Musso. Molly 
writes: "I am now loving being a stay- 
at-home mom." 

LISA DOERING of Orlando FL earned a 
master's in human resource manage- 
ment from Rollins College in Winter 
Park FL. She specialized in organization- 
al development as well as recruitment, 
retention, and selection. Lisa is a senior 
human resource specialist and technical 
recruiter for Science Applications 
International Corp. 

JENNIFER EAVEY Oprison writes: "We 
relocated to Edwards Landing in 
Leesburg VA after living in NC, TX, and VT 
over the last six years. I'm a stay-at-home 
mother to twins Charlie and J.P, 4, and 
Emma, 1. My husband, Chris, works for 
the law firm Skadden Arps in Washington 
DC. Excited to be back in VA! " 

LEAH GARCIA of Winter Park FL is 
engaged to marry Christopher Busick. A 
July 2004 wedding in Orlando FL is 


Arlington VA continues to work for the 
International Brotherhood ofTeamsters 
in Washington DC. Outside of manag- 
ing its Web site, she performs as 
vocalist and keyboardist for Stranger 
Things, a local rock band. 

teaches third grade for Henrico 
County Schools while pursuing a 
master's in education administration 
and supervision. 

WENDY JAMERSON Walter and hus- 
band Chns of Smithfield VA celebrated 
the birth of first child CalebThomas 
June 4, 2003. 

JULIE LODGE Ustruck and husband 
Chns of KatyTX are proud to announce 
the birth of second child Logan 
Alexander Ustruck October 22, 2003. 
Logan was welcomed home by big 
brother Jack. 

ALICE NORMAN Saunders and hus- 
band Brent of Danville VA celebrated the 
birth of first child Lucy Myers May 19, 

2003. Both Alice and Brent work in 
Danville; Alice teaches fifth grade, and 
Brent is assistant commonwealth's 

SABRINA RAKES Fahey of Coppell 
TX writes "My roommate of all four 
years, PATRICIA HOBSON Moore, 

moved down to Texas with her family 
in 2003. She lives only 30 minutes 
away, and it's great to see her more 
than just once a year." 

SARAH SHELOR Verdrager and David 
Carlton Verdrager married May 17 2003, 
in a garden ceremony at Bates Mansion 
at Brook Farm in Cavendish VI Sarah is 
the daughter of REBECCA DUDLEY 
Shelor '63 of Greensboro NC. After a 
wedding tnp to Martha's Vineyard, the 
couple took up temporary residence in 
Hyde Park NY 

MYRA SKIDMORE Leiand and hus- 
band Jarrod of Cleveland MS proudly 
announce the birth of son Jack 
Hambleton Leiand. "We are so excited 
that he will be growing up with Jayson 
Agate, classmate PATRICIA "TRISH" 
JENKIN Agate's second child, and 
Soren Severens, first child of classmate 
LORI BROGLIO Severens They were 
all born within weeks of each other," 
Shepardson and husband David of 
Richmond VA are the proud parents of 
William Montague Shepardson, born 
August 19, 2002. 



Richmond VA started a baby-china com- 
pany called VenusBee with Mary 
Baldwin fnend JANET BOYKIN '96 
VenusBee's whimsical gifts are dis- 
played on Baby Panache, a Web site 
featuring a variety of items for babies. 
Allie also started her own portraiture 
business in 2003, 


writes; "In November 2002, 1 marned 
Josiah Bennett, whom 1 met while at 
Mary Baldwin and dated for 10 years. 
We are living happily in Richmond VA 
with our many cats!" 


of Midlothian VA moved into a new 
home and loves it. She writes; "My 
husband John and 1 are celebrating 
seven wonderful years of marriage." 

LUCIA MORGAN Saperstein writes; 
"Konichiwa from Okinawa, Japan! 1 
moved here with my husband Adam 
and our son Noah. Adam is a family 
practice doctor in the Navy, and we are 
looking forward to many wonderful 
Asian adventures over the next three 
years. Noah was born February 9, 2003. 
It's a blessing to have him in our lives, 
and we are truly enjoying life as a new 
family. We spent the Thanksgiving holi- 
days visiting the Japanese town where 
I worked as an English teacher while in 
the JET program from '95 to '96. I'm 
looking forward to our upcoming 10th 
reunion and would love to hear from fel- 
low classmates, especially those who 
might be traveling in Asia" 

"I've moved to Ivy VA with husband 

GRETA SCOTT Selden married 
Stephen Fitzgerald Selden September 
13, 2003, at Lane Memorial United 
Methodist Church in Altavista VA. Greta 

is an interior designer with Williams & 
Sherrill in Richmond VA, and Stephen 
practices dentistry in Mechanicsville 
VA, where the couple reside. 

CHARON WOOD Hines of Washington 
DC writes: "I'm a second-year Catholic 
elementary school pnncipal in the DC 
area, happily married for two years, and 
a new member of the MBC Alumnae/i 
Association Board of Directors and con- 
tinuing education committee." 


TARA ANDERSON Thompson of 

Keedysville MD writes; "On April 11, 
2003, my husband Lantz and I were 
blessed with a son, Luke Anderson 
Thompson. He was welcomed home 
by our daughter, Julia Grace, who 
turned 2 on July 13." 

TAMARA AVIS Smith and husband 
Jason of Wilmington NC are pleased to 
announce the birth of first child Vivian 
Clara Smith September 1, 2003. 

AMY CHARLESTON Mishra writes; 
"2002 was filled with many changes! I 
married Arnab Mishra September 21, 

2002, and we relocated from Boston 
MA to Buriingame CA. We love living in 
the Bay Area, and I'm enjoying a new 
career in advertising sales." 


Stuarts Draft VA graduated from UVA in 
May 2003 with a master's in education. 
Last summer she was appointed vice 
principal at Maury River Middle School 
in Lexington VA. 


John Chandler Hogg were marned April 
12, 2003, at First United Methodist 
Church in Hampton VA Mary Katherine 
is the daughter of ANN GORDON 
ABBOTT Evans '65, who hosted the 
wedding reception at the family's sum- 
mer home at Buckroe Beach. Mary 
Katherine is a financial advisor with 
Morgan Stanley in Newport News and 
lives with her husband inVorktown VA. 

REBECCA FIFIELD of Pallisades Park 
NJ IS assistant manager of the Antonio 
Ratti Textile Center in New York City's 
Metropolitan Museum of Art. 


married her high school sweetheart 
David "Dave" Tran in 1996. Their first 
daughter, Brittanie Alexis, was born 
April 21 , 2001 , and second daughter 
Brianna Ashlyn was born March 1 1 , 

2003. Jeni is a stay-at-home mother in 
Dumfries VA. 

EMILY JOHNSON Lindsay of Clinton 
SC writes; "In November of 2002, 1 
was hired as director of church relations 
for Montreat Conference Center in 
Montreat NC. More important, my hus- 
band David and 1 are parents to twins 
Eliza Hope and Hank, born May 25, 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 


Staunton VA writes; "The past 
few years have been quite a 
whirlwind! On April 12. 2001, I 
eloped with Stephen Justin 
Leslie inWhichita Falls TX (while 
he was serving m the Armyl. On 
April 13, 2002, we had a Christian 
ceremony with our family mem- 
bers. For the past two years I 
taught math at Robert E. Lee 
High School in Staunton. This 
past summer I was named assis- 
tant principal for the Virginia 
School for the Deaf and the Blind, 
where I will work primarily with 
the deaf. This is an exciting move 
after earning my administrative 
and supervision degree from 
JMU in July 2000 Now I will earn 
my special education/hearing 
impairment certification through 
Radford University. I also look for- 
ward to continuing Amencan sign 
language classes through 
Gallaudet each year as I did this 
past summer." 

JOANNA VICKERY Herath of Raleigh 
NC was appointed gastroenterology 
and hepatology service line administra- 
tor for the University of North Carolina 
School of Medicine in Chapel Hill in 
October 2003 

REBEKAH WISER Collette of Chapel 
Hill NC married John R. Collette 
January 10, 2004 She writes: "We 
were married by my father in Charleston 
SC and honeymooned in Monterey CA 
John IS a doctoral candidate in biochem- 
istry at UNC-Chapel Hill." Rebekah 
earned a master's in community coun- 
seling and received a school counseling 
certification in December 2003 from 
Regent University She plans a career as 
a school counselor and may work 
toward her licensure as a professional 


SARAH BARLOW married Joshua 
Newton of Abingdon MD May 10, 2003, 
in the bride's hometown of Roanoke VA 
LAURA CONOVER '98 was maid of 
honor, and wedding guests included 
WARD '98. The couple live in Manassas 
VA, where Sarah works for Synergy One 
Federal Credit Union as a member ser- 
vice representative 


Mt Crawford VA wntes: "Kevin and I 
are happy to announce the birth of 
daughter Anneliese Catherine born 
August 1 1 , 2003, weighing 9 pounds, 9 
ounces CAMALA BEAM Kite '96 is a 
very proud and new aunt. I will return to 
work as a registered nurse at 
Rockingham Memorial Hospital. Kevin 
IS a math teacher at Turner Ashby High 

"I moved to Manchester NH, home of 
the nation's first primary to work for for- 
mer Vermont governor Howard Dean's 
presidential campaign. I'm the New 
Hampshire communications director" 

REBECCA JACKSON Tucker and hus 

band Toby of Norfolk VA celebrated the 
birth of daughter Victoria Jane April 14, 


Washington DC married Steven 
Krigas November 1, 2003 Anending 
the wedding were Mary Baldwin 
friends and fellow PEG alumnae 

SUE MILAM Heneberger of Verona 
VA works for Kerus Global Eduational 
Services in Harrisonburg VA. 

ANGELA PRADO Austin and hus 

band Danny of Corpus Christi TX 
welcomed the birth of first child Jake 
Austin April 10, 2003, Angela is a 
medical social worker for Christus 
Spohn Hospital in Corpus Christi 

SUSAN "SUE " SMITH Alsdorf mar 

ried John P Alsdorf of Allendale NJ 
October 4, 2003 They honeymooned 
in Aruba The couple purchased a 
home in Wayne NJ in December 2002 
and are "working round the clock" to 
fix It up. Susan received her master's 
in history from Fairleigh Dickinson 
University and has been employed 
with Blue Sky Data Corp for the past 
SIX years 


Lawrence "Larry" Wayne Procise 
married October 25, 2003, in 
Richmond VA, where they live. 
Jennifer is a marketing coordinator 
with Performance Food Group in 
Richmond, and Larry, Hampden- 
Sydney '96, works for Philip Morris 


Career network 


Go to our Web site,, 
and click on "Alumnae/i." Then follow the directions. 


and husband Shelton of Mechanicsville 
VA celebrated the birth of second son 
Tanner Mitchell League September 24, 
2003. Tanner was welcomed home by 
big brother Patrick, 4 


writes "This past year has been an 
eventful one In January 2003, I visited 
my former MBC roommate ERIN 
KENNEDY Lewin "97 and her husband 
Brad in Alberta, Canada I finished a 
master's in art in Japanese studies at 
the University of Pennsylvania in May 
and in September began a Ph D pro- 
gram in Japanese literature at Harvard" 



Beverly NJ was commissioned in 
2000 by the Air Force Officer 
Training School. She writes: 
"Currently stationed in NJ as a 
USAF intelligence officer. I provide 
support to two airframes: KC- 
lOA Extender (tanker platform) 
and C-141 Starlifter (cargo airlift) 
with unit-level intelligence brief- 
ings. I also provide two weekly 
briefings to wing commander 
Maj. Gen. Theresa M. Peterson, 
the first female to command an 
Operational Flying Wing in Air 
Force history. I did two tours in Al 
Udeid AB, Qatar, during Operation 
Enduring Freedom, and a third 
tour in United Arab Emirates dur- 
ing Operation Iraqi Freedom." 

"I moved to Savannah GA in 1999 
Kevin and I were married in 2001 — a 
small ceremony at a beautiful bed and 
breakfast. On May 8, 2002, we were 
blessed with Miss Afton Anne Chmela," 


of Metaine LA married Carter 
Thompson llgenfntz September 6, 
2003, in New Orleans Haven, formerly 
an income development representative 
for the American Cancer Society was 
employed as an account executive for 
Biz New Orleans Magazine in January. 

JANET DEFIBAUGH Hylton married 
Jeffrey I Hylton April 17, 1999, and 
celebrated the birth of son Parker 
Jeffrey February 13, 2003 Janet has 
worked for the past five years as a 
bankruptcy paralegal in Danville VA, 
where the family resides 

JENNIFER FLOYD Martin of Natural 
Bndge VA is a reading specialist at 
Natural Bridge Elementary School 
She teaches Title I reading and coordi- 
nates the school's Book Buddies 
Tutoring Program. Jennifer is also 
working on her master's in reading 
education at UVA. 


husband Steven announce the arrival 
of "another potential squirrel." Ma|a 
Elena, November 30, 2003. She 
writes: "Her big sister, Madeline, 
adores heri " Victoria and her family 
iive in southwest Germany, near 
Ramstein Air Base. 

ERIN GRUMBACH Loving wntes "I 
moved from the 'hustle and bustle' of 
northern Virginia back to Nelson County, 
where I reside with my new husband, 
Lenny. I'm working with Tectonics II 
Ltd., a custom home building company 
n Wintergreen VA. Enjoying the slow 
pace and getting back in touch with old 

VA was featured in an article last 
fall in The Hill, a Capitol Hill news 
publication, regarding her promo- 
tion to legislative director for 
Representative Paul Gillmor (R- 
Ohio). Enn had been a legislative 
assistant in Gillmor's office for 
three years. She is quoted as say- 
ing: "My relationship with Gillmor 
IS my favorite aspect of being leg- 
islative director. He knows so 
much, like the 'ins and outs' of the 
issues, and I can sit down, and 
we can do a lot of give and take," 


Carey Shannon Keyes, Eastern 
Mennonite University '98, married 
September 27, 2003. Both Courtney 
and her husband are employed by 
Ntelos, where she is a customer 
communications coordinator, and he 
IS an area channel manager. The cou- 
ple reside in Waynesboro VA. 

TENEA WATSON of Rochester NY 
earned her Ph D in toxicology from the 
University of Rochester in July 2003. 

1999 Reunion 

CHANTEL BRAFORD of Natural Bridge 
Station VA is an operations supervisor 
for Miss Utility (Virginia Utility 
Protection Services) She is also con- 
templating returning to school to earn 
teaching certification 


Sean Foss, a Navy aviator, married 
May 3, 2003, in the chapel at 
Dahlgren Naval Base in King George 

ALLYSON HATFIELD ana classmates 
LEY Spitzer and KIMBERLY 

PRIMERANO ran in the annual Manne 
Corps Marathon last October in 

Washington DC. 

AIMEE HERRERA Kozick married 
Victor "Jamie" Kozick July 15, 2003, at 
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in 
Lake Ridge VA, 

KELLY KEADLE of Alderson WV 
earned her master's in public and 
healthcare administration from West 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

Virginia University. She worlds for 
Genesis Health Ventures Inc. as a 
regional contract manager in the man- 
aged-care contracting department. 


married physician Douglas Frederick 
Aukerman, Vanderbilt University '93, in 
a private ceremony May 15, 2003. In 
January, the couple moved to State 
College PA, where Douglas works for 
Penn State University Orthopedics. 

SARAH SPEIMCE Royer of Bristow VA 
and Quentin Royer married September 
6, 2003. MBC classmates celebrating 
the wedding were COURTNEY 
became engaged to Robert Teoff in 
June 2003. They are planning a wed- 
ding in August. 


ANGELA DANCY Peterson and hus- 
band Lars celebrated the birth of son 
Anders Neilson Peterson June 12. 
2003. Angela wrote at the time: "We 
are all doing well except for some 
jaundice and sleep deprivation. We 
can't wait for you all to meet him!" 

KERRI DEAL Burton of Chester VA 
writes: "My husband, Todd, and I wel- 
comed our son, Justin Todd, into the 
world September 22, 2002." 

INGRID FLOWERS moved to Lexington 
KY and will attend graduate school at 
the University of Kentucky for the next 
two years, where she intends to earn a 
master's in social work. 


Annandale VA earned her master's in 
social work from the University of 
Maryland at Baltimore in May 2003. 
She passed her licensing exam in July 
and is a case worker in adoption and 
foster care at DC Children and Families. 


married Bryan Bailey September 22, 
2001, in Chester VA, where the couple 
reside. Attending the wedding were 
MBC classmates STEPHANIE GIT- 
matron of honor KERRI DEAL Burton, 
WARD Beeney Betsy is a French 
tee-,' -■ 5- ::-in,-/iddie County High 

HESUK SUSAN KIM of Woodbridge 
VA works as senior research analyst for 
Department of Defense Health Affairs. 


Port Jervis NY and Mark Richard Von 
Oesen married August 23, 2003, at The 
Eagle's Nest in Bloomingburg NY. 

BETTINA LOEWL Remington of 

Waynesboro VA joined VWPT in 
Harrisonburg as a graphic artist, where 
she is responsible for graphic support 
for ail departments. Bettina won the 

Pictured with Brenda Bryant, Virginia 
Women's Institute for Leadership direc- 
tor ttiird from left, at a VWIL seminar 
last fall on careers in security and intelli- 
gence were panel participants, from 
left, Lt CHARLYIMDA KELLY '00, Air 
Force intelligence officer: Agent 
STACEY BERG '03, Air Force Office of 
Special Investigations: LEAH GRIFFITH 
'03, National Ground Intelligence 
FOSS '99, Naval Intelligence Center, 
Defense Intelligence. 

American Marketing Association's 
Excellence in Marketing Award in 2001 
and 2002. 

LALE MAMAUX of Springfield VA 
works on Capitol Hill in Washington DC 
as press secretary for Flonda congress- 
man Robert Wexler 

AMY MITCHELL Howard of Madison 
Heights VA started the master's in 
teaching program at UVA in fail 2003. 
Amy plans to teach special education 

CRYSTAL NEWCOMBE Nosal and hus- 
band Todd Joseph Nosal of 
Fredericksburg VA married October 4, 
2003, in Strasburg VA, at the home of 
her parents, Carl and Sherry Newcombe. 
Crystal is a police officer for the Arlington 
County Police Department, 

SAMANTHA OEHL was named 
senior associate at the Baltimore, 
Maryland, firm of Warschawski Public 
Relations in January. Samantha han- 
dles media relations and marketing 
for the firm's sports and consumer 
products clients. She will lead a new 
effort to reach travel and tourism 
clients. Warschawski was recognized 
as the top boutique public relations 
agency in the country for 2004 by the 
Holmes Report, and its clients include 
Under Armour performance apparel. 
The Hair Cuttery, and the Washington, 
D.C., 2012 Olympic Bid Coalition. 

ed with friend Abby Buckley, Hood 
College '00, and Abby 's son Tyler in 
Beijing, China, November 28, 2003. 
Andrea writes: "We took the opportu- 
nity to show school spirit, weanng 
sweatshirts from our rival alma maters. 
We visited the Great Wall and saw the 
Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and 
experienced a Beijing duck dinner. It 
was an amazing trip! " 

BLYTHE SLINKARD Wells of Hampton 
VA married Jason Wells in Petersburg 
VAJune 14,2003. 

AMANDA YOUNG McCray married 
Ryan Taylor McCray Virginia Tech '99 
(major in forestry products), September 
22, 2001, and has resided in Staunton 
VA since November 2000. She was 
employed with the state as a proba- 
tion and parole officer in Augusta 
County from July 2000 to August 
2003, and now teaches a high-needs 

special education class at Stuarts 
Draft Elementary School. Amanda 
writes: "These students have signifi- 
cant disabilities like cerebral palsy and 
Down Syndrome. I supervise three 
instructional aides and am enjoying 
my new job with great kids!" 


Reger and husband James of Stafford 
VA celebrated the birth of third child 
Felicity Su on Father's Day, June 15. 
2003. Chnsty writes: "James was able 
to make it back in time from Iraq to see 
the baby." 

ried Brad Nowell November 22, 2003. 
Classmates NENA ADAMS and ASH- 
LEY LEONARD served as two of her 
bridesmaids. Starling is employed as a 
broker by FTC Mortgage and enjoys 
helping customers purchase homes. 
She writes: "Brad and I live in Nashville 
TN and look forward to a great life 
together. Congrats to all my MBC sis- 
ters on their engagements, marriages 
and new children!" 

SARAH MITCHELL lived in Turkey upon 
graduating from Mary Baldwin. She 
now resides in Winston Salem NC and 
attends graduate school at Wake Forest 
University on a full scholarship. 

was promoted to first lieutenant in the 
Air Force, working for the Department 
of Defense Cyber Crime Center. 


Sandyville WV works as the assistant 
administrator at a skilled nursing facility 
in Parkersburg WV. She writes: "I mar- 
ried Jeremy Amos in September of 
2001 in Elizabeth WV and we had 
Branson Ray on May 8, 2003." 

LAURA TAYLOR Hart and husband 
Matthew of Raleigh NC announce the 
birth of first child Lindsey Ann July 30, 
2003. She writes: "The new mom and 
dad are having fun with their new little 
gift from God" 


and husband Steven of Williamsburg VA 
celerated the birth of daughter Savanah 
Vail St. Clair September 21, 2003. 

AMANDA WILLIAMS of Virginia Beach 
VA taught for two years in Cairo, Egypt, 
at Sakkard Language School, where 
she worked as an ESL teacher in the 
KG! department, preparing a basic pho- 
netic alphabet, math, and science 
curnculum as well as instructing stu- 
dents in music, theatre, and art. Amanda 
was accepted at the University of 
London School of Oriental and African 
Studies to earn her master's in art histo- 
ry and archeology. She began her course 
this past fall and hopes for a successful 
and exciting year in London. "Thanks, 
MBC, for inspiring my travels!" 


KATE ANNABLE Feist writes: 
"Enioying the 'aloha life' here in 
Hawaii while my husband is stationed 
aboard the USS Los Angeles. My 
greatest joy in life is being a mother 
to my daughter, Sabrina Claire, born 
April 15, 2003. I'm following the 
career path of motherhood and find 
that my education and experiences I 
had at MBC have an impact on my 
everyday life greatly." 

GINA BRUBAKER Henderson and 

Dustin Henderson married January 25, 
2003, at Finely Memorial Presbyterian 
Church in Stuarts Draft VA, where they 
reside. Gina is a kindergarten teacher at 
Berkley Glenn School, and Dustin is 
employed by Moran's Contracting. 

KRISTEN BRYANT Gould and hus- 
band Les moved to Manassas VA in 
August Kristen lives within walking 
distance of former roommate DION- 

KYLENE CRAIG Thompson spent her 
first year out of college as a middle 
school art teacher for Henrico County 
Schools in Richmond VA. After moving 
to Arlington VA with husband Ryan, 
Kylene was excited to work this past 
summer for the Department of Parks 
and Recreation as a teacher for its 
Creative Arts Camp. She writes, "I'm 
learning that my undergraduate degree 
in fine arts from Mary Baldwin has 
given me confidence and has the 
power to open up a lot of doors for my 
career as an art educator" 

AMANDA DAVIS of Glen Allen VA 
teaches sixth-grade special education at 
TC. Boushall Middle School in 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

Richmond. She writes: "I'm also excit- 
ed to announce that I'm in my first year 
of the master of arts in teaching excep- 
tional students program at Mary 
Baldwin's Richmond regional center! I 
hope that everyone is doing well! " 

WINDSOR HALL Johnson and William 
Scott Johnson of Centreville VA married 
July 19, 2003, at Falmouth Baptist 
Church in Stafford VA. They honey- 
mooned in Aruba 

ANNA HENLEY of Wichita KS is in her 
second year of graduate school at 
Friends University in Wichita, pursuing a 
master's in environmental studies. Anna 
also worlds part time at the Kansas 
Humane Society as an adoption coun- 
selor She writes. " I miss my girls ! " 

ELISE LASOTA Rhodes of Alexandria 
VA married Jeremy Rhodes June 2. 
2003, and gave birth to daughter 
Josephine Ryan October 6. 2003. Elise 
is an accountant; Jeremy is a manager 
for a security company 


Jesse Barnard, VMI '02, married May 
24, 2003, in their hometown of Galax 
VA. Elyse is the volunteer outreach 
coordinator at Project Horizon, a bat- 
tered women's and children's shelter 
in Lexington VA. Elyse says it's her 
"dream |ob" Jesse works as an adver- 
tising representative for The News 
Leader \n Staunton, where the couple 

EMILY SHADD SIngletary of 

Alexandria VA married David 
Singletary August 29. 2003. Emily 
works at the Kingsbury Center, a non- 
profit institution for learning disabled 
children in Washington DC, 

is in her first year at Union Theological 
Seminary and Presbyterian School of 
Christian Education, working toward 
her master's in Christian education. 

ERINN SINGMAN is a platoon leader 
in Korea for the 55th Military Police 


Richmond VA works for The 
Richmond Times-Dipatch as a graphic 
designer. She writes: "Loving 
Richmond — loving life. I'm enjoying 
the ample freelance opportunities 
Richmond has to offer, with plenty of 
fun on the side" Merit, along with 
classmates COURTNEY LEARD, 
BRENT, braved Hurricane Isabel to 
help build a home for Habitat for 
Humanity on Richmond's north side. 
Merit writes: "With no power or 
water, work was harder than usual; 
nevertheless, we helped paint, con- 
struct, and deconstruct scaffolding on 
three new homes We hope in years 
to come the MBC Richmond Build 
Day will grow into a tradition we 
alums can be proud of" 


Patrick Hendrik Heijmen of Middleburg 
VA were married August 16. 2003, at 
WRIGHTWipfler '00 was her sister's 
matron of honor Elizabeth is employed 
by Mountain Graphics in Middleburg, 
Patrick works for The Fauquier Bank in 

MELISSA WRIGHT Aleshire of Crimora 
VA writes. "I married Sgt Derrick 
Aleshire October 13, 2002, in a private 
ceremony two weeks before my hus- 
band was deployed on a one-year tour to 
Guantanomo Bay, Cuba, with the Army 
National Guard." Melissa is employed at 
Worldstndes in Charlottesville VA as an 
account manager. 


KELLEY CLEMENS McElroy married 
her college sweetheart second leuti- 
nant Colin McElroy VMI '03, November 
15, 2003. She writes: "We are going to 
live in Germany for the next few years. 
We enjoyed the wedding greatly as 
some of my MBC girls were there They 
included BETSY MCLEOD '03, SARAH 
hope everyone is doing well I miss 
MBC but am glad to be done with 
classes! Take care!" 

LAURIE DOUGLAS Frye and husband 
Andrew Sterren Frye, MAT '03, were 
married July 5, 2003, at Blue Grass 
United Methodist Church in Blue Grass 
VA.The couple reside in Staunton VA, 
where Andrew is an eighth-grade 
English teacher at Shelburne Middle 

NiCHOLE FOREMAN of Virginia Beach 
VA enjoyed a cruise to Key West PL and 
Kiawah Island SC m December 
KELLY GURLEY Roberts and Shawn 
Roberts of Virginia Beach VA were mar- 
ned June 14, 2003, at Belmont Baptist 
Church in Charlottesville Classmates 
atte-iT .i —■- .-.e;:- -:: ..v- DIANE 


Washington DC is state coalitions man- 
ager for Amencans for Tax Reform. She 
wntes: "I see Representative Goodlatte 
and Senator Allen all the time I always 
remind them to support VWIL, thank 
them for their help, and they always 
comment on my good handshake." 

SAMANTHA MUNCY married Phillip 
Orndorff June 7 2003, in Mountain City 
TN The couple spent their honeymoon 
in New York City and live in Raleigh NC, 

BRANDI SAMUELS writes: "I moved 
from my parent's home in Stuarts Draft 
VA to Richmond in Apnl 2003. I'm work- 
ing as a project coordinator, helping to 
design and sell kitchens and baths at 
Reico Kitchen & Bath." 


1979 Reunion 


Charlottesville VA reports that grand- 
daughter Dana Van Deman graduated 
simultaneously from Canada 
Community College and Merlo- 
Atherton High School in California. She 
was inducted into the National Honor 
Society as one of four vice presidents 
and toured the country for one year 
before going to Bentley College in 
Boston MA 



LESLIE BROWN of Richmond VA 
reports the biah of her sixth grandchild, 
in December 2002 She writes: 
"Retired in December 2003, Finally 
time to paint'" 

JACKIE SCRUGGS of Roanoke VA is 
director of professional and continuing 
studies for the adult education program 

at Ferrum College 

1989 Reunion 

JANE NEER and husband Ernie of 
Richmond VA are enjoying retirement. 
She writes: "We travel frequently and 
went to Nova Scotia last summer 
Chnstmas was spent at The Grove Park 
Inn Resort and Spa and the Biltmore 
Estate in Asheville NC." 


GLADYS TOWNSEND of South Boston 
VA IS the owner of Sweet Hots, a busi- 
ness located m the Virginia Avenue Mall 
in Clarksville.The store's slogan reads: 
"Some things are sweet, some things 
are hot, some things are not." Sweet 
Hots sells a variety of goods (mostly 
homemade): pickles, preserves, can- 
dies, cakes, pies, jellies, dnnksand 



Lexington VA received her master's 
degree and will co-teach in a reading 
program with ELIZABETH "BETTE" 
LOCHER '80 ADP, also of Lexington 


JUDY MOORE of Wylliesburg VA con- 
tinues to work in public relations and as 
a tour guide at The Central High 
Museum in Charlotte Court House VA. 
Her articles to promote the museum 
have been published in The Charlotte 
Gazette newspaper Her poem 
"Battered" was published in the August 
2003 newsletter of The Southside 
Center for Domestic Violence 
Prevention Inc. and she is working on 
getting a poetry manuscnpt entitled 
Moore of Me published. 

SABRA GEAR of Boydton VA writes: 
"My son is planning to attend 
Hampden-Sydney College m 2004 as a 
freshman I am very excited for him" 

Mary Baldwin Office of Alumnae/i 
Activities in January as an assistant 
director. She had been working as 
event coordinator for the Alumni Office 
at Washington and Lee University in 
Lexington. She and her daughter 
Melissa, who will be an MBC freshman 
and a VWIL cadet this fall, plan to move 
to Staunton this summer. 


received her master's in social work 
from West Virginia University. She 
writes. "Thank you, Dr Harrington, Dr. 
Little, and Mary Baldwin for getting me 
moving in the right direction! " 

became a certified public accountant m 
January 2003. 


BETH MARTIN of Fishersville VA is a 
licensed insurance agent account man- 
ager for BB&T Insurance Services. 



MARGARET BAYS of Beckley WV is a 
Title One reading teacher at Stanaford 
Elementary School. She and husband 
Jerry moved into a new home they 
designed and contracted themselves. 


JUANITA EDDY taught for Albemarle 
County Public Schools for four years. In 
August, Juanita relocated to 
Fredericksburg VA. where she teaches 
third grade for Stafford County Public 


completed her second year of teaching 
sixth-grade English at Christianburg 
Middle School. She writes: "I love every 
moment. My daughters Kelly and Amy 
VanDeusen are growing into beautiful 
young women. Kelly received a VNS 
implant to help control her seizures and 
is now a very active participant in the 
community. Amy is a third year student 
at UVA. volunteers with Big Siblings 
through Madison House, and is also a 
volunteer with the Epilepsy Foundation 
of Virginia." 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spnng 2004 


JEAN YOUNG '39 to Richard Hupman, October 15, 2003 

JOYCE CRAIG Butterworth '46 to Paul Engler, August 1 1 , 2003 

MELANIE WALTHALL '65 to Bobby A. Charmbliss, July 10, 2002 

SAUNDERS VICKERY '90 to Matthevi/ Robert Grommesh, October 25, 2003 

JANINA "NINA" BAXLEY '92 to Dan Rogers, September 27 2003 

KATHERINE LOUISE "BEBE" BOLEN '92 to Bruce MacKellar, May 17, 2003 

ABIGAIL "ABBY" RHOADES '92 to Mark David Henry June 8, 2002 

PATRICIA "TRISH" GREGORY '93 to Jason Sadlack, Septennber 20, 2003 

CHRISTYN "CHRISTY" HAWKINS '93 toTrae A. Howell, September 27 2003 

MARION "LEE" ADDISON '94 to Chadwick Parker Lesley August 23, 2003 

SARAH SHELOR '94 to David Carlton Verdrager, May 17 2003 

GRETA SCOTT '95 to Stephen Fitzgerald Selden, September 13, 2003 

AMY CHARLESTON '96 to Arnab Mishra, September 21. 2002 

MARY KATHERINE EVANS '96 to John Chandler Hogg, Apnl 12, 2003 

REBEKAH WISER '96 to John Collette, January 2004 

SARAH BARLOW '97 to Joshua Newton, May 10. 2003 

ELIZABETH KIME '97 to Steven Kngas, November 1. 2003 

SUSAN SMITH '97 to John R Alsdorf. October 4, 2003 

JENNIFER WALKER '97 to Lawrence "Larry" Wayne Procise. October 25. 2003 

CYNTHIA "HAVEN" LECLER '98 to CarterThompson llgenfritz. September 6, 2003 

COURTNEY STRAW '98 to Carey Shannon Keyes. September 27 2003 

AMALIE CHARBONNET '99 to Sean Foss. May 3. 2003 

AIMEE HERRERA '99 to Victor "Jamie" Kozick, July 15, 2003 

MELISSA MCMANAMA '99 to Douglas Fredenck Aukerman, May 15, 2003 

SARAH SPENCE '99 to Ouentin Royer, September 6, 2003 

ELIZABETH "BETSY" HOOVER '00 to Bryan Bailey, September 22, 2001 

JENNIFER LANGER '00 to Mark Richard Von Oesen. August 23, 2003 

CRYSTAL NEWCOMBE '00 to Todd Joseph Nosal, October 4, 2003 

BLYTHE SLINKARD '00 to Jason Wells, June 14. 2003 

STARLING CRABTREE '01 to Brad Nowell, November 22, 2003 

GINA BRUBAKER '02 to Dustin Henderson, January 25. 2003 

WINDSORHALL'02toWilliamScott Johnson. July 19. 2003 

ELISE LASOTA '02 to Jeremy Rhodes, June 2, 2003 

ELYSE RICHARDSON '02 to Jesse Bamard, May 24, 2003 

EMILY SHADD '02 to David Singletary August 29, 2003 

ELIZABETH WRIGHT '02 to Patnck Hendnck Heijmen, August 16, 2003 

MELISSA WRIGHT '02 to Derrick Aleshire, October 13, 2002 

SARAH CERRI '03 to Leonard Cowherd, June 28, 2003 

KELLEY CLEMENS '03 to Colin McElroy November 15, 2003 

KELLY GURLEY '03 to Shawn Roberts, June 14, 2003 

SAMANTHA MUNCY '03 to Phillip Orndorff, June 7 2003 

LAURIE DOUGLAS '04 to Andrew Sterrett Frye, July 5, 2003 


ROSIE SABALA '80: a daughter. Pauline. September 
24. 2002 

LINDA EVERETT Rentiers '85 and Joseph: a son. 
Joseph Kenneth III, September 24, 2002 

WYNN HARRIS Jones '85 and Jeffrey: a son, William 
Clixby March 11,2003 

SUSAN STOVER '85 and "Jo Jo" Whilden: a boy 
William Porter Stover Whilden, August 26, 2003 

HELEN LETTUNICH Chaney '86 and Rick: a son, 
George Hays, October 10, 2003 

ALLISON GUYTON Dogan '87 and Patrick: a son, 
Weldon Edward, April 2, 2003 

MONICA DERBES Gibson '88 and Tom: a son, 
Joseph "Max" Maximilien. June 18. 2003 

ANGELA FAVATA Week '89 and Robert: a daughter. 
Elizabeth Jackson. December 18. 2002 

SUSAN SIPPLE Elliott '89 and Douglas: a son. 
Colledge Barnwell. June 18. 2003 

ROBERTA TRESCOTT George '90 and Chip: a son. 
Colin Edward. June 30. 2003 

ALICE EARLE LaManna '91 and Fred: a daughter. 
Sophia "Sophie" Rose. November 30. 2002 

PATRICIA SPURLOCK Hodges '91 and C.A.: a son. 
William Charles. May 18, 2003 

SANDRA STURGIS Giddens '91 and John: a son, 
George Sturgis, June 10, 2003 

KATHERINETALBOT Jones '91 and Allen: a son, 
Ouinn Harless, October 3. 2002 

KELLYTHORNBURG Oberholzer '91 and David: a 
son. Andrew Logan, November 6. 2003 

AMYTUNSTALL Burieson '91 and Eddie: a daughter. 
MacKenzie Lee, December 6, 2003 

CATHERINE GREEN Lynch '92 and Monty: a son, 
Chandler Montgomery, February 14, 2003 

ANN PENDLETON Kincer '92 and Mark: a son, Mark 
Allen "Mak," November 20, 2003 

ROBIN WILSON von Seldeneck '92 and Enc: a son. 
Wade Hampton, March 21, 2003 

MARGARET KLUTTZ Dees '93 and Jay: a daughter, 
Margaret "Maggie" Scott , June 15, 2003 

MOLLY CONDRON Musso '94 and Joe a daughter, 
Madeline Elizabeth, May 21, 2002 

PATRICIA HOBSON Moore '94 and Paul: a son. 
Henry Wilson, May 30, 2002 

WENDY JAMERSON Walter '94 and Chris: a son, 
Caleb Thomas, June 4, 2003 

JULIE LODGE Ustruck '94 and Chris: a son, Logan 
Alexander, October 22, 2003 

ALICE NORMAN Saunders '94 and Brent: a daugh- 
ter, Lucy Myers, May 19, 2003 

MARGARET WILSON Shepardson '94 and David: a 
son, William Montague, August 19, 2002 

CARLA CUSTIS Russell '95 and John: a daughter, 
Madison Faye, September 17 2003 

TARA ANDERSONThompson '96 and Lantz: a son, 
Luke Anderson, Apnl 11, 2003 

TAMARA AVIS Smith '96 and Jason: a daughter, 
Vivian Clara, September 1, 2003 

JENNIFER GORDONTran '96 and Dave: a daughter, 
Bnanna Ashlyn, March 11, 2003 

EMILY JOHNSON Lindsay '96 and David: twins, Eliza 
Hope and Hank, May 25, 2003 

REBECCA BEAM Perkins '97 and Kevin: a daughter, 
Anneliese Catherine. August 11 , 2003, 

ELIZABETH COMPTONVan BuskirkWinckler '97 

and Robert: a son. Wade Porter, March 18, 2003 

REBECCA JACKSON Tucker '97 and Toby: a daughter, 
Victona Jane, April 14, 2003 

ANGELA PRADO Austin '97 and Danny: a son, Jake 
Austin, April 10, 2003 

ELIZABETH TROMBLEY Saunders '97 and Mark: 
twin sons, George Scott and Walter Kenneth, June 
7 2002 

BARBARA WHITT League '97 and Shelton: a son. 
Tanner Mitchell, September 24, 2003 

JANET DEFIBAUGH Hylton '98 and Jeffrey: a son, 
Parker Jeffrey February 13, 2003 

VICTORIA FREELAND Rayburn '98 and Steven: a 
daughter, Maja Elena, November 30, 2003 

KRISTIN KICKHOFEL Chmela '98 and Kevin: a daugh- 
ter, Alton Anne, May 8, 2002 

CAITLYN WALZ Marsh '98 and Anderson: a son, 
Jacob Anderson, August 30, 2003 

MEGAN MCELROY Hughes '99 and Jason: a son, 
Connor Antony September 7 2003 

ANGELA DANCY Peterson '00 and Lars: a son, 
Anders Neilson, June 12, 2003 

KERRI DEAL Burton '00 and Todd: a son, Justin Todd, 
September 22, 2002 

CHRISTIAN BONITTO Reger '01 and James: a daugh- 
ter. Felicity Su, June 15, 2003 

TANATHA PURSLEY Amos '01 and Jeremy: a son, 
Branson Ray May 8, 2003 

LAURA TAYLOR Hart '01 and Matthew: a daughter, 
LindseyAnn, July 30, 2003 

CYNTHIA WARREN St, Clair '01 and Steven: a daugh- 
ter, SavanahVail, September 21, 2003 

KATE ANNABLE Feist '02 and Matt: a daughter, 
Sabrina Clarie, Apnl 15, 2003 

ELISE LASOTA Rhodes '02 and Jeremy: a daughter, 
Josephine Ryan, October 6, 2003 

PAULA WILSON '03: a son, Christopher Blake, 
September 11, 2003 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 


MARY HARDING Ragland '18, August 12, 2003 

SUSAN HERRIOTT Rozelle '25, May 17, 2003 

ETHEL FINNEY Rew 27 July 7 2003 

VIRGINIA MASON Wood '33, August 22, 2003 

PAGE NELSON Welton '34. October 10, 2003 

MARGARET JANCOVIUS Pearce '36 April 15, 2003 

JANE '■ JANIE" HOLMAN Edwards '39, September 23, 2003 

FRANCES JENNINGS Cannon '39, September 27 2003 

SHIRLEY KEELGAR Williamson '39, December 7 2003 

ALICE JONES Thompson '40, July 2, 2003 

CATHERINE DEWEES Launt '42, March 19, 2003 

MARY BULLOCK Morris '43, July 7 2003 

HARRIET HARRINGTON Connolly '43, July 15, 2003 

REED MUNSON Beveridge '43, November 11, 2003 

ANNIE BEN BEAL Kornegay '45, January 5, 2004 

ANN DOWDELL Stauss '45 June 13, 2003 

EMILY GRIFFIN Buchanan '48 October 20, 2002 

BETTY BUCHANAN Thullbery '49, September 4, 2003 

MILDRED " MINA" HILL Parker '51, July 26, 2003 

SARAH HELEN KARNES Zunes '51, June 8, 2003 

ELSIE " SIS" NELMS Nash '52, October 12, 2003 

ALICE JONES Wire '57, July 20, 2002 

ANN ATHEY Barroll '59, August 5, 2003 

BETTY BREEDEN '80, October 9, 2003 

JOAN " CLAIRE" MARKHAM Collins '81, June 10, 2003 

SHARON MENZIES '87, August 6, 2003 

SARAH CHANDLER '00, October 23, 2003 

NORMA RUFFIN '05, November 15, 2003 


In the fall 2003 magazine, the 
name of the husband of Elizabeth 
"Liz" Trombley Saunders '97 was 
Incorrect. It's Mark. Also incorrect 
In that magazine were the higher- 
education affiliations of Todd Louis 
Gifford, husband of Ginger Payton 
GIfford '01. He's a 2001 graduate 
of Hampden-Sidney College and 
attends the University of 
Richmond School of Law 

Share your milestones and create new memories with 

The Grafton Society 
And the classes of 1949, 1954, 1959, 1964, 1969, 
^ l/f \^ - 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999 

HOMECOMING 2004 K you .ire interested inhelpmgwnh your reunion 

May 1 4-1 6 °' "^^"^ further information, please contact the Office of Aluninae'i Activities 

at 1 -800-763-7359 or 




We appreciate your 
continued support. 
If you haven't made 
a gift this year, 
please consider doing so. 

Try online giving 

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NTON,VA 24401 




Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 



Brooklyn Beckons Myers '72 
To Claim Place in Print 

By Dawn Medley 

Susan Myers '72 has found her niche. 

The hip, glossy quarterly about 
Brooklyn, New York, she co-publishes 
burst onto the world of custom, 
specialized magazines — familiarly 
called "niche magazines" 
— last fall. 

BKLYN magazine 
(pronounced "Brooklyn") 
draws its name from the 
subway abbreviation for 
the borough and its 
content from the cultural, 
culinary and other 
contemporary interests of 
Brooklyn's more than 2 
million residents. Heart of Brooklyn, a 
group of six cultural organizations, 
sponsors the periodical. 

For Myers, a native of Woodstock, 
Virginia, launching a magazine about 

part of the city she adopted as a 
second hometown 20 years ago was a 
culmination of the passion for writing, 
editing and publishing she started to 
develop with her first column in 
seventh grade. 

"This is what I love 
to do," Myers said by 
phone from her office on 
West 27th Street in lower 
Manhattan. Her apart- 
ment, she said, is "a brisk 
14-minute walk" away, 
uptown near Bryant Park. 

"Custom publica- 
tions are what many 
industries are moving to now," said 
Myers. "To be able to talk to people 
about very specific topics that speak 
directly to them and interest them is 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

Myers grew up in a family in 
which one older sister, Betty Myers 
Kegley, became a professor at Mary 
Baldwin, and the other, Kathy Myers 
Faust '67, became a student. The 
college was a natural choice for her. 
But she did not labor in the shadow of 
her older siblings while on campus or 
after graduation. 

"She has always been the creative 
one," said Faust, who lives in Raleigh, 
North Carolina. 

Kegley, professor emerita of phys- 
ical education and health, taught at 
Mary Baldwin for 38 years, through 
both of her sisters' stints at the college. 

Today, Myers' individuality is 
evident in her signature collection of 
stylish hats. Myers quipped that she 
might be single-handedly supporting 
the hat-making industry. 

'T think it started with my mother, 
who told us 'There is no excuse for a 
lady to leave the house without a hat 
and gloves, even if it's just to hang the 
wash,'" Myers said. 

Serving as the editor in chief of 
Mary Baldwin's student newspaper. 
Campus Comments, honed Myers' 
editorial skills while she worked on her 
major in German. Myers applied her 
English and German to translating and 
editing telexes — an early version of 
the fax — for a NATO-related organi- 
zation during more than two years in 
Munich, Germany. 

"When she started her own busi- 
ness, we were a little surprised, but it 
really took off," Faust said, referring to 
the firm Underline Communications 
that Myers 
began in 2001 
with BKLYN 
partner Susan 
Berman. About 
a year ago, 
Myers and 

founded its sister company. Underline 
Magazines, which publishes BKLYN. 

"I'm very impressed," Faust said 
about BKLYN. "It's a real magazine." 

"This notion of having a company 
is a terrific realization for me, and a 

BKLYN Basics 

Title: BKLYN— the subway abbreviation for the borough 

Content: The Winter 2003 issue features an interview with author Phillip 
Lopate and an excerpt from his book Waterfront, an article about how 
Brooklyn rock musicians balance gigs and parenthood, and a four-page cul- 
tural calendar. The Spring 2004 magazine includes an interview with 
American Woman author Susan Choi and an essay she wrote for BKLYN. 
the Brooklyn Museum of Art's show titled Open House: Working in 
Brooklyn, Urban Gardening 101, and "hot new 'hoods." 

Availability: Copies delivered free to 85,000 residences in central Brooklyn 
and lower Manhattan, with 15,000 available at Heart of Brooklyn institu- 
tions. Subscriptions outside the city are $15 yearly 

Sponsor: Heart of Brooklyn, a consortium of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, 
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Prospect Park Alliance, Prospect Park Zoo, 
Brooklyn Public Library and Brooklyn Children's Museum. 

Web site: 

Says Susan Myers: "As a topic for a custom publication, Brooklyn is per- 
fect. There is so much to cover and so many stories to tell. It's great." 

tremendous challenge," Myers said. 

Before BKLYN's debut, Myers 
worked in sales and public relations 
for major hotel chains such as 
Marriott and Flyatt. She also edited 
hundreds of captions and blocks of 
text for the public exhibition portion 
of the Ronald Reagan Presidential 
Library as a member of the design 
firm Donovan and Green. Myers' 
longest-running client is American 
Express, for whom she began editing 
and publishing customer newsletters 
19 years ago. 

Myers and Berman, under the 
umbrella of Underline Communications, 

also create online newsletters for 
Verizon that target its customers with 

In the midst of the Brooklyn 
bustle, Myers regularly makes it to 
Mary Baldwin alumnae/i gatherings 
in New York City and back to 
Staunton for reunions. 

"The thing that appealed to me 
then and now about Mary Baldwin 
is its devotion to liberal arts," she 

"It never occurred to me not to 
go to a liberal arts college. In my 
opinion, life is a liberal art; mine is, 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

Staunton, Virginia 

Legacy Luncheon 
August 29, 2003 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Evening Reception for President Fox and Dan Layman 
Home of Ross and Claire "Yum" Lewis Arnold '69, 

chair of Board of Trustees 
September 29, 2003 

Sally Cannon 71 , President Fox, Sally Dorsey '64 

Pamela Leigh Anderson '84, Betty Gulbenk 
Balentine '80, B.J, Felton deGolian '79 

Staunton, Virginia 

Evening Reception for President Fox and Dan Layman 
October 9, 2003 

Claire "Yum" Lewis Arnold '69, Board of Trustees 
chair; Clair Carter Bell '76 

Jane Sanders Morriss 'i 

7 Judy Payne Grey '65, MBC capital support officer, 
Trustee Michael Rapier; Carol Emory '65 

Roanol<e, Virginia 

Dinner with President Fox and Dan Layma 
October 15, 2003 

George Kegley, Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54, 
President Pamela Fox, Dan Layman 

Lisa Dresler Garst '88, Reid Ashby Garst, Judy 
Lipes Garst '63, Reid Garst, Evie Chapman 
Brown '52 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

10 Jeff Fletcher, Cyndi Phillips Fletcher '82, Kelly 
Huffman Ellis '80 

11. Ginny Moomaw Savage '69, Elizabeth Lawson 
Nelson '94, Brenda Atkins '90, Cyndi Phillips 
Fletcher '82 

Richmond, Virginia 

Evening Reception for President Fox and Dan Layman 
October 21, 2003 

12 Dan Layman, Dr Fox, Cynthia Luck Haw '79, 
Shep Haw 

13. Sally Armstrong Bingley '60, Vickie Reid 

Argabnght '64, Alice Tolley Goodwin '66, Gwen 
Cooper Wamsley '55 

14 Sarah Wilson Clepper '99, Susan Covington '00, 
Dollie Marshall Kelly '00 

15 Erika Giraldo '04, Vicky TenBroeck '05, Dr. Fox, 
Lindsey Lieberman '04 

Brattonsville, South Carolina 

Day at Historic Brattonsville® 
October 25, 2003 

Front row Guillermo Giraldo, current parent; Jordan 
Armstrong '04; Dr Cynthia H Tyson, former presi- 
dent; Sue McDowell Whitlock '67 president, 
Alumnae/i Association; Enko Giraldo '04; Suzanne 
Warner; Katharine Jackson Anderson '80 
Middle row: Jules Moss '92, Bernice Warner, 
Frances Jackson 

Back row: Corrine McDowell, Shannon Greene 
Mitchell '57 Lindsay Mitchell Scarisbrick '86, Kellie 
Warner '90 

Staunton, Virginia 

Sophomore Sit-Down Dinner 
October 29, 2003 

17 Front row Marisol Euceda '04, Lindsey Lieberman '04 
Middle row: Nichole Farquhar '04, Drew Jacobus '05, 
Tammy Newcomb '05, Charmice Hardy '06, Enko 
Giraldo '04 

Back row: Megan Jones '07 Erin Baker '07 Lisa 
Skillman '05. Ana-Milena Fandino '05, Susanna 
Baskervill '04, Megan Kadilac '06, Jordan 
Armstrong '04, Vicky TenBroeck '05 

IVIcLean, Virginia 

Evening Reception for Dr Fox and Dan Layman 
Hosted by Bill and Mollie Moomaw Prominski '78 
November 5, 2003 

18- Mollie Moomaw Prominski '78, Dr. Fox, Dan Layman, 
Bill Prominski 

19. Genie Grotto '94, Kathy Mauermann Kerley '94. 
Den-eth Schott Painter '88 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spnng 2004 

Keswick, Virginia 


Hosted by H. Gordon and Mary Beth Reed Smyth '47 

November 6, 2003 

20. Front row: Ann Roberts, Trustee H. B. Roberts, 
Dr Fox: Mary Beth Reed Smyth '47, former 
Trustee H. Gordon Smyth, Byrd Williams 
Abbott '64 

Back row: Trustee Richard Gilliam 

21. Mary Beth Reed Smyth '47 Dr Fox, H. Gordon 

22. Cort Abbott, Byrd Williams Abbott '64, Leslie 
Gilliam, Trustee Richard Gilliam, Dr Fox, Dan 

Charleston, West Virginia 

November 7, 2003 

23. Kathy Madigan Muehlman '72, Nell Chilton 
Dixon '88, Kirsten Berg Lafollette '84, Judy 
Hanlin '77 Antoinette Bond Morrison '71. Jill 
Beymer Stevens '77 Rebekah Conn Foster '93 

NewYorl<, NewYorl< 

Evening Cocktails 

Hosted by Jean Cameron Grainger '70 

November 20, 2003 

24. LynnTuggle Gilliland '80. executive director, 
alumnae/i activities: Jean Cameron Grainger '70: 
Sue McDowell Whitlock '67 


Sylvia Cuellar Luedtke '61, Polly Murphy 
Winter '42 

26. Jonathon Eccard, Lynne Wesley Eccard '99 

Nashville, Tennessee 

Evening Reception for President Fox 

December 8, 2003 

Hosted by Hagan and Laura McCarter Stone '98 

27 Emily Alexander Douglas '98, Dr Fox, Laura 
McCarter Stone '98 

28. John Cowan, Tom Harlin, Dakie Cowan, Harry Lee 
Thompson Billington '47 

29. Mary Chenault Bomar '66, Georgeanne Bates 
Chapman '68, JaneTownes '69 






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Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Spring 2004 

about it 

Samantha Sprole '06, editor in chief 

From Duxbury, Massachusetts, she came to Mary 
Baldwin through the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted 
and was one of the youngest college newspaper editors 
in the country when chosen at age 16. 

Editor in chief appealed to me as a student interested in 
writing, developing leadership skills, and connecting with 
people on a professional level, I've felt that journalism is 
an integral facet of our society as well as an exciting and 
fulfilling job opportunity. From the first student publication 
and journalism conventions that I attended as a high 
school student, I've maintained a love for newspapers and 
the work involved in producing them. 

I've learned a lot working for Campus Comments, 
and I look forward to the challenges. I'm thankful for all 
the advice and support from the newspaper staff and fac- 
ulty advisors: they're helping me grow as a leader, 
coordinator and person. The lessons are invaluable. 

Through Campus Comments, students are encour- 
aged to connect with one another and their community in 
a meaningful way. By informing our fellow students, we 
are learning ourselves and expenmenting with ideas and 
practices that will help us in later years. Conversations 
between newspaper staff and the rest of the Mary 
Baldwin community make each issue better than the last. 

Theresa Rollison '04, art director 

From Woodbridge, Virginia, she made redesign of Campus 
Comments her senior project and has earned distinction 
in her major, art. 

As a freshman, I knew I wanted to major in Graphic 
Design, I was always on the look out for a really impres- 
sive senior project. Eventually I decided to make my 
contribution to the college community by redesigning our 
campus newspaper and laying out each issue. 

Changing the paper's format from tabloid to newslet- 
ter meant it could be produced inexpensively and more 
frequently — and on campus. It also could be posted on 
the college Web site. 

I sought to create a stronger and more contemporary 
identity for the paper, one that would speak to the student 
body I didn't want the paper to be ignored. The editors 
and I standardized the organization of articles and other 
information. We established sections and design ele- 
ments that students could expect to see week to week. 

Initially students had mixed responses to the new 
look. It was a big departure. But as the first semester pro- 
gressed, their reaction was largely positive, and 
readership increased dramatically 

Campus COm/T/enfS has prompted plenty 
of comment on campus this year — for all the right reasons. 
Redesigned and refocused, thanks to its top editor and its chief 
designer, the paper has informed and engaged students as rarely 
before. Campus Comments, in its ninth decade and appearing 
every other week during the academic year, is truly a student 
production from start to finish, as the sometimes bleary-eyed staff 
knows all too well. To view this year's editions on the MBC Web 
site, go to and click on "Campus 
Comments" under "Publications" at lower left. 






PERMIT #714 

The Shenandoah Valley had another snowy winter, dressing up our land- 

mark architecture, including the renovated President's House in the large g, m 
photo above. Everyone seems readier than ever for May Term and the 
campus glories of lush lawns, graceful trees, and blooming plants of a 
sorts. Can Commencement and Homecoming be far off?